Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!


Exciting news!

Terrence, the latest new resident of Pet Society, has opened a brand new store selling all kinds of rare and exotic items! After many years of scouring the world for the most interesting and obscure artefacts, the exotic items which Terrence stocks in his new Cash Shop are more rare and more exciting than any you’ve ever seen before. Many even have magical powers — you can find out what powers an item has by clicking them, you may be surprised!

A significant aspect of Terrence’s Cash Shop is that all of the items can be bought using brand new Playfish Cash! You may notice an ATM in the store. You can get Playfish cash by clicking on the machine, which allows you to buy anything you like in the shop.For more detailed information on Playfish Cash, please refer to our knowledge base.

What kind of items can you buy at the Cash Shop? How about a pair of magical shoes which allow you to run more quickly, adorned with the feathers of a spine tailed swift? Or a teleporter device which will transport you to a random location? Or perhaps you’d like a charm which increases your luck at shaking trees for coins, fashioned from Himalayan rudraksh shells? Or better still, walk over to the store and see for yourself. There’s bound to be something you’ll love!

Terrence and his cash shop may be the talk of the town today, but talk is circulating of even more changes to come! A green fingered pet is rumored to be planning to move into the neighborhood and is sure to make an even bigger splash soon!

Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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334 Responses to “Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!”

  1. Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] as you will know from ‘Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!’, the Cash Shop has arrived in town! Here is everything that is available […]

    • lolandea Says:

      I, too, am dissapointed that cash monies are needed for the new items. I will not be using that feature. I would take surveys, etc, for the cash but cannot spend money on this game at this time.

    • Odalina Says:

      This is dumb…. who wants to spend real money on a game

    • barbara Says:

      they spent more time making cute items that you have to pay for. i did give in and spent the money but i dont think it is fair to make us pay for these items. they shouldnt have this shop at all! i dont like it

  2. Jen Says:

    ohh tooo bad you really need to pay real money! baaah!

  3. wat the heck pet society roxlolz Says:

    COOL but need real money

  4. ykara Says:

    put the indications in spanish,please.I can’t nothing that put. thanks !!!

  5. ren Says:

    what a load of bullocks,
    just cos we were beta testers.
    im so disappointed in you playfish.

  6. Muffelduffeln Says:

    I hate Playfishs greed! It’s getting more worse each day!
    I am NOT going to pay real cash for that stupid stuff! >.<

  7. Kylie Says:

    what a rip off… can you expect people to pay…so much for waiting….T-T

  8. Maggie Neff Says:

    WOW!!! Very exciting n… BUT … does that mean that you only buy those items with your credit card???? Is there a way you can use your (normal) coins to buy the new playfish coins???? Will you please reply to this Sonya!!! ❤

  9. tritch Says:

    @ Jen .. baaah is right! now trading is going to be more costly with folks who will ask a ton for these cash items!

  10. Francesca Says:


  11. Emily Says:

    I think this is terrible. What about the countries without Paypal? What about players without credit cards? How about the recession? Unnecessary classes now available in Pet Society :/

  12. hina ali Says:

    why is playfish getting so greedy??? real money tooo bad!!! 😦

  13. Newtry Says:

    what a pity. we love this game, but we can’t spent real money :’-(

  14. Nick Chew Says:

    Yea, Playfish is getting greedier. And this is such a disappointment rather than a surprise.

  15. Elli Says:

    Oh come on!Real cush???Isn’t there any other way???It SUCKS!!!

  16. maria Says:

    hahaha they must be joking! im not going to pay real money. i play pet to relax not to get more stressed.

  17. PinayMom Says:

    i’m sure a lot of people will be turned off with this new store 😦

    2nd to bank, this is the next place that players won’t visit at all.

  18. Carol Says:

    That is just not fair. I struggle to buy luxury items as it is. I am certainly not using my own money to buy items. Big mistake Playfish

  19. empress Says:

    its really nice but why do u have to use real money? 😀

  20. lai Says:

    i won’t pay real money for in-game items!!!…..this is a joke…

  21. NON Says:

    this is junkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk SHAME ON U PLAYFISH U GREEDY PEOPLE

  22. Disappointed Says:

    Sorry, But this is just load of crap.
    Very disappointed with Playfish. All they want now is money. This is very greedy.

  23. Renee Says:

    aww.. we are forced to use real money if we want to buy these stuff now 😦

  24. John Says:

    So bad to should use real money to get items. All the nice will maybe cost cash from now.

  25. mai Says:

    why do we have to pay real money for the new items, that’s just wrong.. 😡

  26. mai Says:

    now playfish is getting greedy 😡 😡

  27. nik Says:


  28. Sarah Says:

    I hope to God no one uses real money to pay for these. Maybe if you sorted out the game, made it quicker etc people might be more tempted. But it seems you have added this shop for your own greed, not for our enjoyment of the game.

  29. tinapica Says:

    ma non vi vergognate neanche un pò ? voi della playfish siete PIRATI !

  30. Nono Says:

    It’s a shame to encourage people to give money to enjoy the game. So sad… It has to be removed.

  31. esther Says:

    it’s too bad that Playfish wants us to play real money to get the cash…….it’s already too hard to earn the coins for late players like me…….PS is fun and cute, but i think for me it’s getting near the time to pack this game, sigh!

  32. Caroline Says:

    The stuff you can buy is really cool, but it’s stupid you’ll have to use real money to buy them. And that tha playfishmoney are so expencive, if they were cheaper I’d might buy some, but they aren’t . I think Playfish would earn much more if they made it cheaper, cause than people would maybe buy some coins now and then instead of never buy them ever.
    Less is more?..

  33. djoka potrk Says:

    and what should do people who lives in countries where you can’t buy on line? we can omly dream about this application!

  34. jinko Says:

    how about children? they cant use credit cards! how can they buy these items from terrence?

  35. Liz Says:

    not fair! my parents didn’t like this idea when I wanted to pay!! why need to use real money? =.=” I feel like I do not want to play this game anymore =( need to search other online games, i guess~

  36. monay Says:


  37. peungnoi Says:

    such a shame that we have to pay money for everything

  38. leni Says:

    you have a very nice forum for at lot of people, take care of that and be proud instead of letting greed take over and loose what you what you have build

  39. Hateie Says:


  40. pino Says:

    this could make me forget all about PetSociety – this is much too greedy. How could Playfish do something this stupid – an absolutely turn off

  41. Vercinge Says:

    Is only for take real money to the player!!!
    Before the Luxury, where is impossible buy, now this one!
    If play fish want money why don’t market the game?

  42. tashya Says:

    so cool.. but why must use real money? its not fun anymore…

  43. chris Says:

    I think this would be a cuter idea if maybe coins we could use the coins from running races or something in the new store… 😦

  44. Aman Says:

    So bad!! now people buy items from Cash shop as gift and SELLING FOR A TON OF 4999!!!!

  45. nattie Says:

    you have to sort out free online game .. not expecting they paid for that … na-ah .. too many youngster play for this .. and they dont have real cash for this .. too bad dear

  46. darwin Says:

    ‘ow. we really need real cash. ayt…

  47. Ziralka Says:

    oh come on! you dont have to buy this stuff, it is something extra that you dont need to have to play and enjoy the game… Well, the game is for free for everybody who wants to play, not every game is free! Have you been playing Warcraft etc…? The amounts are pretty high and still millions of people play.
    So yes, i am also angry that i cant have that classy new stuff, because i dont have money for that and also havent account at paypal…but remember that palyfish has to pay to its employees who works all night and day to fix problems, create new stuff and features and also they have a lot of work with banning the damn hackers.
    It is only 1 shop there, so dont be angry, in every other game (which has the same level – dont mean chess or tetrisXD) you have to pay for everything…

    Thats my opinion

  48. rachel Says:


  49. simona Says:

    New cash is a stupid and greedy nonsense.
    think that many people will’ll give up game, they can’t afford it.


  50. moor knee Says:

    its getting more ridiculous playin a game need real money,it will invite more cheating in e future….

  51. Cat Says:

    No way, Playfish. Paying with real money is out of the question.
    Your greed is killing the game and probably will make many people stop playing for good. I won’t – not just yet. But if this is where you’re taking the game I’ll be out soon.

  52. Nancy Says:

    I am not happy with the new shop!! It’s a shame that we have to pay for these extra special items!! Some ppl don’t work – or have paypal.
    The game is fun!! Don’t ruin it!!

  53. Lorynator Says:

    That FIGURES. They just HAD to come up with a way to get people to dig into their pockets to support their addiction to PS. I will NEVER let a game dig into my pockets! Shame. PS will only be played by the well off & wealthy soon.

  54. manooela Says:

    cool but, i’m not going to pay for playing pet society… usually it gives a free (long lasting) chance and a faster one (paying), and it’s ok.
    pet society it’s really getting greedy. 😐

  55. Sayer Says:

    I can’t believe I was excited just for this??!!so greedy….

  56. Lyn Says:

    No way to use cash, its just a game…

  57. Kira Says:

    Yess. I was so excited just to know the news that you’ll need real money for the game 😦 It’s supposed to be free game for everyone..

  58. Mars Says:

    This is such a rip off…left Fluff because of their greed, and now its here as well…and Please stop telling us its for better servers…you should have invested in the best servers BEFORE. And besides its not always the servers that make a difference, there are other factors.

  59. jonathan Says:

    that sucks , how bout’ for the ones who doesnt have dollars and credit cards cant we just it and not pay real money ,for example if we win 5 races we get like 50 playfish coins i love pet society but this is what it will be i’d rather protest by blog

  60. joycepang Says:

    how to earn the money

  61. Mikhail Delfin Says:

    Okay, I will let this pass on, I know having a Cash Shop would help Playfish, but if they remove the new items in other stores and only new items in the Cash Shop, I’ll quit.

  62. Arwin Says:

    Double, triple Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!! You suck Playfish!! If everyone boycotts this maybe they will smarten up and make more ways to earn coins and spend them in shops.

    GREEDY Bstardos!!!

  63. passerby Says:

    nobody cares if u quit! -.- we can do without you

  64. Ysiti Says:

    To me the cash shop is very exciting and its too bad to use real money but still I’ve bought the teleport. I find its not very useful cause everytime my pet visited houses (at random sent by the teleport) and its does not have any coins and paw points received. I suggest pls add on the coins n points to the teleport on each and everytime the pets visited. Pls also allowed us to send as gift to someone as we feel not useful enough as I think its fun and exciting if u add some points and coins to every items we bought frm the cash shop. 🙂

  65. myrna Says:

    why..? it’s just a game right…why must use real money ?
    It’s soooo wrong….

  66. alveah Says:

    oh man. this sucks. really.

  67. Inuchan Says:

    I will never pay real money…don’t like this new shop

  68. hatim Says:

    what the ………………….i cant say that word…..playfish is getting selfish day by day and now they r asking about real money…

  69. mae Says:

    Thats too bad….getting greedy…I may have to find a new game to play! You shouldn’t have to pay for this stuff, how about creating new ways to earn coins.

  70. azela Says:

    I hate iT! I HAVE WAITED FOR SO LONG TO SEE THE SAID “Exciting changes”. I was so disappointed with the new shop..

  71. sinegmax Says:

    Pet Society used to be a funny game,but it`s evident now…no kredit card-no fun.It`s such a pity….

  72. kate and ork Says:

    ork and i love this new shop and we were really dissapointed that playfish money was real money! We had kind of hoped that you had found a way of using money made on all playfish games to exchange in this special shop for play fish money for example : £1000 rc money could have been worth an exchange rate of £10 playfish money , which would have encouraged us to try more of your games. Happy and Sad !?!?! kate and ork xx ps its not to late to consider this option. (hoping)

  73. marchela Says:

    booooo!!!! pet society uses us to gain money.. I wont pay real cash for this stupid game.

  74. An Says:

    Waiting for such a long time for the new items BUT this turns out to be so disappointed 😦

  75. Anna Says:

    They are right!You should at least make an alternative way to earn playfish coins without having to give our OWN money!!!It’s so awful cause: hey, it’s just a one will give their money for it;i’d rather quit….

  76. Kaikana Says:

    Damn it! Tooooo baaaad!!! Real money in free game???!!! I HATE IT!!! I will not really pay in this game never!

  77. Pauline Says:


  78. jivi Says:

    so disappointed…real money 2 buy those stuff…noooooooooooo!

  79. Diane Says:

    I think you should incorporate a way to earn this cash like the coins. I too am disappointed. Takes the fun out of the game, again it’s all about $$$$$$. I won’t be buying anything. That just spoiled the game for me.

  80. Sun Says:

    I didn’t know how to add the playfish coin ?? Does it need to pay the real money to add it ???
    If real, then I think that new store same meaning of the “Bank” ……

  81. hannah Says:

    I will not spend my money for that 😐 Who would really dare to do that ?!

  82. Adam Says:

    ugly idea, we have to pay for those BOOOOOO

  83. Biboy Says:


  84. ellen Says:

    nobody will buy from there you greedy people… pet society was just for having fun,not spending money…

  85. janda0808 Says:

    I completely agree with all the above comments. I will NOT spend one cent on any of the Cash shop items!!! I like the idea of those new items but seriously who is going to pay to play? People who actually pay are either rich or just plain dumb.

    Please come up with a real exciting change because I am getting bored with this game!!!

  86. banus Says:

    Too Bad!! My Family is not using credit card and not paypal. So, I wont be able to purchase anything right?

  87. Claudia Says:

    The news is that you want more money. Exciting.

  88. ingel bingel Says:

    really dissappointed. they are trying to commercialise on everything now.
    please stop or we will stop playing!!

  89. Sophia Says:

    This is just not fair i can ot ply with real money……pl. give us some other alternate..

  90. Maggie Neff Says:

    All of my friends and myself are very disappointed!!!!!!
    We also do spend a lot of money and time to be on the internet!!!!! 😥 😦

  91. sne Says:

    MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!…damn!!!…..I am nevaaa! goin 2 pay REAL cash jus for that thing….ehhh

  92. Guishy Says:

    geee,,, its just a waste of money:(…its cool though

  93. jieanne Says:

    duuhhh.!! you can only bought those things using your credit card!!! GREEDY!!!!

  94. eva Says:

    real money for a game? :S i dont think so,

  95. emzzy Says:

    i am not gonna pay money to get stuff on a game… that is just to much

  96. charlie Says:

    im not happy about this you play a game for a while and they always have to bring things down to money soon they will do it with all the games i think facebook is becomeing so boring with all these changes that they think are better for us who comes up with this rubbish

  97. brendaa Says:

    i knew this was going to happen i mean pet society was becaiming to cool to be free it is a shame but i’ll wont spend my money thre and may neither as my time i duuno but many people will quit

    im so dissapointed

  98. Kook Says:

    too bad. This is a game and a game is for FUN, after all.

  99. aiyowei Says:

    playfish team really brainless
    i saying this because they do, no others reason
    they really wan us bath/visit/race everyday few tens times or hunds time?
    i saw most of player do saying this is stupid around other side

    making game for earning money was a normal thing, but
    a game with so many bug/ hackers, still want to earn our cash?
    i bet there will be hack for blue cash soon,
    as we all know those team has much skill then playfish team now days
    playfish team really need to learn from them seriously

    no people will play your game if there is another better host
    much people will like to pay for a good server, even an expensive payment
    no people will play for a hacks game, example? everyone saw it

    PS: you do earn much more just by using blog, greedy with no brain is just rudiment

  100. yakmo Says:

    c’mon ?? let our happiness be free !

  101. Pinku Says:


  102. Sugus Says:

    I’m afraid this is exciting only for Playfish owners 😡

  103. Sahara Says:

    If Pet Society keeps following this path, I think I won’t the only one quitting…

  104. Asahina Says:

    So u mean there won’t be new item in stores anymore??
    Dats stupid!!
    I also found dat this store is not gud!
    Wth with the shoes?? To increase ur speed while racing??
    Dats cheating!

  105. Marychase Says:

    I’m very dissapointed on playfish, there should be a different way to get the new points. The new prizes are great , but it’s stupid that you have to pay for them…where’s the fun in that?

  106. purple-girl Says:

    i was so excited but now i’m disappointed with that news
    i won’t pay money to buy these new items 😦

  107. Gracie Says:

    A green fingered pet planning to move into the neighbourhood??Another way to get real money don’t ya? Enough…!!!

  108. Johanna Says:

    wow, you actually have to pay money to get the cash shop items? that sucks.

  109. mundomariah Says:

    I’m not going to pay real money for that.

  110. yun Says:

    you should change your name to greedyfish

  111. Reis Says:

    why use real money? dissappointing!!

  112. Honey Says:

    thats very bad…. stupid idea… to get money from the free game.. they should think of something better than this.

  113. lilly Says:

    it’s silly 2 put a new shop with no option dt i can play n get cash i only hve 2 pay!!
    petsociety is a game not more than that

  114. caro Says:

    i’m soooooo disappointed

  115. sherwyn Says:

    tsk..tsk..tsk.. =(

  116. tania Says:

    I agree with everyone of you: it is disappointing. there’s no news except for the fact Playfish wants money from us! I’m not going to pay for play!

  117. jim Says:

    i think this is a free game ????? Will Playfish put all good stuff into the new store, so that everyone has to pay in real money ? thats no fun at all !!!

    btw, after the upgrade, i cant login to the game, i have tried for more than an hour ….

    so disappointed !

  118. sherwyn Says:

    cant log in too.. *sigh*

  119. Kim Says:

    Boooooo! We’re not idiots. We know that there IS no Terrence and these “rare” items are as easy to create as the stupid old normal items. Why should we pay real money? Again, BOOOOO!

  120. Marian Says:

    This game is getting worse instead of better, why would we want to use real money to play a game. We can’t earn enough coins to use in the shops we have already.
    I think the Playfish team are getting greedy, who in their right mind would want to pay for stuff like that. I was told there would be some really good improvements to this game, if this is a sample of what they are doing I think I will stop playing. It’s a complete waste of time.

  121. Rozina Says:

    This is still unbelievable 2 me! I actually HAVE to buy em! Neva will i do such an insane thing… Pet society has bcum greedy. Its reccession tym n no one wud eva go 4 such a silly investment… [:@]

  122. wei Says:

    really soooo disappointed !!!!

  123. len Says:

    We just want to play and enjoy the game!!!! If that’s so, we’re using real money….we’re not playing already….it’s gambling and i don’t think my children must have to be exposed in this kind of game!!!!

  124. miya Says:

    wow we have to pay now?
    how awesome.. that totally kills the fun in this game :X

  125. Gabby Says:

    Yay new items. but seriously money?
    This just stinks i just want it for entertainment
    and a fun game to play.. Now you are trying to
    make money off a it? Shame Shame Shame!

  126. o-three Says:

    Paying real money for these stuff just make no sense!! If it is indeed true that Playfish only adds new items to this store, I will boycott this game.

  127. Tara Says:

    Every internet game does this really. Maybe they’ll actually add a storyline to the game with the new staff they’ll be able to pay for.

  128. bea Says:

    i’m really dissappointed to… 😦

  129. ChoCho Says:

    stuffs so cool!!!! but so not cool to use real money!!! i must be crazy to spend money on that!! SIAO!!

  130. Used to be pets fan Says:

    One word D I S S A P O I N T M E N T. Terrence it wasn’t a pleasure meeting you. Pack your bags and leave!!
    Playfish you have let us down.

  131. amber Says:

    yes.. yes.. they’re right.. that’s just so disappointing.. 😦

  132. adaman Says:

    The items in the new shop totally cost 65 Playfish Cash, that means we have to pay $19.99 to buy 120 Playfish Cash in order to own all of them (just at this moment, later we will have to paid more).
    I won’t admire those people who own the cash paid items, but will be laughing at them instead.

  133. Dinkaw Says:

    Haha the second i saw ‘Cash shop’, i knew the comments were going to be like this

  134. Nina Says:

    Geez, we say we want an more ways to earn coins and you guys go and make a shop that sells items that we need real money to buy……PS sure knows how to suck the fun out of everything.

  135. Nina Says:

    Geez, we say we want more ways to earn coins and you guys go and make a shop that sells items that we need real money to buy……PS sure knows how to suck the fun out of everything.

  136. une femme Says:


  137. wingwing Says:

    I don’t think playfish is greedy…
    ppl who don’t like cash shop. just don’t get in~

    We don’t have to pay for this game, its really good to ppl who love this game!
    but i am sure playfish need money to do the developments of their games, need money to pay for the servers… etc

    Do you still this playfish is greedy? i don’t think so…

    (Just my feelings^^)

  138. giggles Says:

    Huwaaat?? im quitting PS 😦

  139. Hmmmmm Says:

    Irrelevant to me as in their infinite greed PS have now made the game unaccessable for me….. Can’t login anymore, have tried for 90 mins!

  140. pet-society-holic Says:

    *disappointed 😦

  141. pet-society-holic Says:

    can’t we use like coins to buy the items, or be able to exchange coins into playfish cash ?

  142. Debra B Says:

    I think this is in really bad taste

  143. Austen Says:

    Ok, now the fun is over…
    I feel sooo disappointed.

  144. pepa Says:

    hehe. i wonder if playfish really think they made new world of warcraft:) is someone stupid enought to pay for this?:D lol, more money from trees. ridiculous.
    i need no more, right time to delete this app.

  145. amrichh Says:

    i think and i hope noone will buy these items, greedy but really 😀

  146. anne Says:

    are you guys into bankruptcy or something? it’s annoying. what the heck is going on with playfish? WE TOTALY HATE THE NEW SHOP !!!

  147. Thais Cypas Says:

    Too bad if we have to pay real money =(

  148. shinobo matsuki Says:

    grrrr…its too nice pa naman!
    why do we have to pay real money?
    could we just use the coins?

  149. dannyg Says:

    shame on you playfish. i really hope this ‘exciting change’ is re-thought out. what a terrible terrible idea. so greedy. 😦

  150. jean Says:

    very Disapointed in new changes,as a pensioner no way could I afford to buy playfish cash for new shop.
    The game is unreliabe as it is,again today after changes you cannot log in to play the game.
    Why ,oh why, do you keep adding these extra features,you need to work on getting the game running smoothly first.
    I used to love playing the game for several hrs a day but it is impossible to do that any more,
    Playfish,you started off with a lovely game ,which you are now spoiling

  151. Edith Smith Says:

    Now the game won’t load. Just what happened when the Recycle Bin was added? Geez, hope not! Couldn’t play for a week!

  152. paul Says:

    It sucks, I’ll not pay real money for those stuffs. Pet Society is worst to every upgrade. I don’t like it at all, fist was than people cheat on pet society I’d reported them and nothing happen; they still there. And now this. 😦

  153. May Says:

    I am very very Dissapointed!

  154. Kayla Says:

    I understand completely why playfish has decided to start a cash shop it is a free game, however to them it is a business. I also, agree with all of you that pet society is a free game and should be fun for those who do not want to pay for these silly cash shop items. BLARG what to do

  155. teruteru Says:

    seem like everybody complaining bout tis~~
    Jus a game! it is not worthy jus 2 spend real $ to buy a non real things~
    Suggestion here is y dont put in 1 more competition 4 earning the playfish cash!!! just like the running competition that can earn $$$ as well~~~tis will sound acceptable and fair!

  156. Mors Mis Says:

    This is really gonna learn kids the difference between poor and rich, ha´PF!

    Why not put ads on the pets houses and small signs on the road. Yes even get chicitas names on the bananas, and Mc D on the burger ect ect

    No real life money, thats low, and way to tempting for the ones that really love and live for this game.

  157. matte Says:


  158. Mors Mis Says:

    wish we could use a “valuta mashine” to change from playcoins to fishdollars :o(

  159. newbie Says:

    ..i am completely disappointed with the new shop..the game for me is no longer virtual if i am to buy anything for real..

    i’d rather buy a real item through my own cash than buy an imaginary one..

    Pet Society is basically, a virtual game. That’s the only thing I am trying to point out.

  160. anne Says:

    ..i am completely disappointed with the new shop..the game for me is no longer virtual if i am to buy anything for real..

    i’d rather buy a real item through my own cash than buy an imaginary one..

    Pet Society is basically, a virtual game. That’s the only thing I am trying to point out.

  161. foxy Says:

    i am super disapppointed with this! where’s the fun??? isnt it a bit unfair to people who couldnt affor them? isnt it a little bit greedy??

  162. renesmee Says:

    sooo disappointed…a lot are not happy with these shop…you can’t even buy your own coin for stuff on this shop…you have to buy real money?! don’t you think it’s not game anymore?! it’s like gamble…

  163. Holly Says:

    Gosh.. seems like such a bummer..that we have to pay with real cash what about people who cant afford it.. i love this game.. seems kinda unfair.. if you ask me.

  164. miss rose Says:

    greedy. i quit superpets because of this. but now its in pet society to0. lame.

  165. stubbalina Says:

    Don’t like this one bit and think I´ll stop playing Pet Society – It is ok to give people oppertunity to buy extra cash but you don´t have a choice there you have to use real money if you want this stuff

  166. Gergana Says:

    I’m not sure that this is the exact place where to post it, but i have something like an offer for PLAYFISH. Maybe it will be better to think about some changes in the conception of the Cash shop. Why don’t you fix some exchange rate between the common coins and the new playfish cash (as an option of earning such coins)? Even if you make an exchange rate, which is high and not convenient for everyone, you still will leave a chance for all the users who don’t want to pay for free game’s stuffs (for example, if one playfish coin costs 1000 or 2000, or even 5000 common coins, everyone will assess if it worth to lead his game in the direction of earning playfish cash). Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed users…

  167. Katy Says:

    One word….shocking!

  168. xmygrits Says:

    I’m so disappointed in this game now. It used to be fun and relaxing and now it’s all about the money – like “real life”. I’m NOT going to be paying for the magical items but may continue to enjoy the best I can. It’s hard to log in and with all the supposedly upgrades, all I get is more pauses. Playfish, have you gotten too big for your server? If so, rethink this game.

  169. marina Says:

    wow, amazing!
    i know, with the bank, they are giving you a choice, if you can’t collect enough coins and you are inpatient, so, that is okay.

    but you can’t buy stuff without real money? stuff you won’t REALLY use?!

    wow. wrong. at least let us replace our coins for the new ones

    and if you really want to, leave the new coins in, as an option. but it’s wrong to give us all those things we cannot buy with just playing the game.

  170. OsOs Says:

    toooo toooooo bad & shameful…..i’m deciding not only not to go to this new shop…but also deleting the whole game from my facebook !!!!!! come on i know i love it but i can survive without itttt ! hate the new updates of real cash…. baddddddddddd

    • Carmen Says:

      me too, I’m going to give all my stuff to my bf and to some good friends I made trough this game, and leave.. 😥

  171. disapppointed Says:

    wow…i was so excited looking at all the stuff and then to find out you need REAL money !!
    shame !! shame on you pet society !!

  172. Sif Says:

    Ehm…I got tempted and spend a little bit of money in the new shop. But I wish i hadn’t, because I agree with everybody, it really sucks!!
    Will NOT buy anything else:-(

  173. neal Says:

    if this is one of the ways your getting people to pay for face book its very greedy and you will loose a lot of peoples faith in this site

  174. liz Says:

    Am so disappointed with the new shop .Iwont pay real money ,if more things have to be bought with real money i will consider removing app.Supposed to be fun.

  175. Tess Says:

    I was so excited when i saw the new store, and the items are all so lovely and then i realised i couldn’t buy them…that i’d have to use real money…even if i was obsessed enough to use real money i don’t even have a credit card!
    Sorry to sound childish and immature but ‘it’s not fair’!
    Having the option to convert real money into pet coins was fair enough for the extremists but to make a shop inaccessible to people who can’t use real money is ridiculous!
    I really like pets, im not going to stop playing in the hope that they’ll change this somehow becuase of all of the complaints they’ve received.
    I am begging you playfish to not ruin a great game, if you need more money you could add a feature for people to give donations-have you considered that?

  176. Patola Says:

    I’m so sad about the so called “exiting news”!

    I have defended this game based on the idea to achieve stuff growing a Society, having more friends and visiting them… trading, overcoming language barriers and distance.

    We are already investing our time and money playing it… isn’t that enough? What is it preferable money over users satisfaction? Why don’t you add sponsors? Charge them not us!

  177. JR Says:

    real coins:( hmmm. why not try to have an exchange rate?

  178. Lorena Says:

    how can you expect that we PAY REAL MONEY for THE PICTURE of sth ¬¬
    i’m really really disappointed of playfish, but… u know, money rules, even here 😦

  179. ella Says:

    i dun like used cash………i can try work hard got coins in da game but never pay money 4 dis

  180. petunia Says:


  181. Mar Says:

    It is a shame that they ask for our real money just to buy some stuff from a game… I feel ripped off… I’ve been playing for a long time, and I think this is an outrageously stupid thing to do…

  182. Isa Says:

    Playfish is getting greedy now. soooo DISAPPOINTED with the new store. Pay real cash means there will be NO MORE FUN. If there is the only method of payment of the new coin, I will consider to remove from the game.

  183. Edith Says:

    Seems like you could test adding something new before actually adding it. Remember the Recycle Bin disaster last month. Now the game won’t load again just like before.

  184. Pam McKain Says:

    I can’t believe they are now having the cutest items only available for cash! What do I get for cash – virtual items that are of no use to me in the real world! The items in the stores are already way too high & the luxury items are rediculously expensive!

    Why can’t they lower the cost of items so we can afford them better? Yoville did this also and now the nicest items are only available for cash! What a rip off!

  185. Archimedes Says:

    You had to have known that your users would be disappointed and aghast. So this rah-rah “look at this great opportunity to give us money!” spin you’ve been putting on it is simply obnoxious. If the developers want more money, fine, but don’t try spinning it as some great thing for us. It isn’t.

    From a consumer perspective, this is crap. The only thing I might think about buying is the “charm” to increase luck with coins from trees. But consider: the item description tells me nothing about how *much* it increases luck. 25% more coins? 100%? Got me. So I can’t tell whether the time and effort it’d save me are worth the money I’d pay for it. And if I do buy it and decide that it isn’t worth the money I paid for it, I can’t even give it away. So tell me, why should I blow real cash on this thing?

    Just step into our shoes once in a while, would you? It’s starting to feel like you guys think we’re here to be fleeced. A little consideration makes for a better business strategy.

  186. alma Says:

    Greed! Greed! Greed! big turn off. playfish not a good idea at all. I never ever visited your bank and what do you think I’m going to visit your new store. i love playing pet society but not that addicted to pay real money.

  187. Jenny Says:

    I do agree, that petsociety has very quickly, gone from not needing any money, to needing it to pay to play half the game.
    I do belive that this could work IF, there was also another way to get the new credits, like earning them by doin sumthing like keeping pets clean, happy and healthy also friends pets. Or it could be made as gains for spending credits and buying things from other shops.

    For this new action in the program to work it is clear there needs to be some changes

  188. Barb Says:

    This was my favorite game on Facebook…but very disappointed now…can’t afford to pay for virtual items for a virtual pet…can barely feed my real-life pet 😦

  189. Carla aka Wench Says:

    IF I was the CREATOR of PS..Id read ALL of the above comments [which by the way are ALL negative] and do something about it…REMOVE THE CASH for the rare and exotic items. We all play this game for one reason or another, we are of all walks of life, all different ages [ahem! I have my neices and her friends just starting out on PS because I thought it was an awesome “GAME”] but seriously..we play the game for fun. Its gratifying when you receive a new level or a new bar of soap. Its fun looking into the critters “houses” of the higher levels, planning what we would save for next..theres the FUN!! Why take the fun away from us? Might as well lose my money in a casino..I walk away with nothing there too!!

    I understand it costs money to upgrade servers and to make the game run smoothly..but to outright CHARGE us for wanting the rare and exotic items is pirating!! This game is played deep are your oceans????

  190. Helen Says:

    Well i think its stupid that you need to pay real money for a game them more this happenes the more i want to remove this game its not fair i would never pay real money for this it is sucha rip off it should be there for everyone to enjoy


    how could playfish do this??? they might as well make us pay for the game. i know it is expensive to run the game and they have to pay their staff but there has to be some other way of earning the cash like how in mini-golf party or tower bloxx we can exchange game money for real. i would be willing to earn enough pet society money to exchange for playfish cash. i hope they can do something like that.

  192. Nida Says:

    This is a pack of bull shit, why should we have to pay real money for this???

    i am ot going to, unfortunatly, be spending my hard earned cash on this

    you need to think of other ways for us to enjoy the game and not more ways of how to decrese your fan number

  193. jane Says:

    ummm… we have different opinions about the new feature of pet society…
    others think that its greediness but on the other side its just an additional feature of pet society … that others find it usefull…

    for me,,I guess its a wrong move for playfish bcoz many people want this game bcoz of its simplicity which is you don’t have to use real money in the game and just by earning it on the game itself especially late gamer which is more difficult to earn….
    it would turn out unfair for many bcoz they just play it for fun and spending money on the virtual world does not give any use in the real world….

    goodluck to playfish I hope you consider are comments and suggestions..

  194. elwnt Says:

    This new store sucks!! I’m not going to pay real money for the “magical items”…

  195. angela Says:

    why is everyone complaining about using real money?

    lots of online games have subscription fees and playfish games do not. if you don’t want to spend money, then DON’T buy the new items and live on without them. Stop complaining! They are just virtual items! I don’t even know how playfish makes money when all of their games are free to play and not covered up in ads.

  196. Kasey Says:

    This is horrible. Playfish just keeps getting more and more greedy. First with the bank, that was okay, a little unfair though, and then with that huge ‘add coins!’ button, and now this? They just want more and more money. The best thing? They’re probably going to ignore all of these comments, every single one, and go on acting like this is a great update and everyone’s super excited.

  197. Sandibee Says:

    I just feel badly that I cannot get in to have some fun time on the computer — for me, it is all work, so this was some nice ‘down time’. Yes, I did purchase points and really want to get in to the game to do some fun shopping.

  198. Shelley O'Brien Says:

    It is a shame that you need to pay real money for items in the new shop. I think everyone who loves the game will be majorly put of by this new feature. Also as I am one of the ones complaining I would like to point out that if we do not make our point of view known then how is Playfish to take notice and do something about it!!!

  199. Annon Says:


  200. Patty Says:

    BIG MISTAKE!!!!, I am never going to pay real money for just a game.

  201. christinegeorgiadis Says:

    l agree we should not have to pay real money for a game ….its wrong sorry l will not be using it either….

  202. VirtualGirl Says:

    I have some suggestion for sad kids. 😉
    If you really really want those exotic items – even if it is a simple VIRTUAL game- take some photos from those items (or use PrintScreen) and put them into MS Paint or PhotoShop or whatever… and make a montage! And TADAAA! Your VIRTUAL dreamhouse is ready! …
    Furthermore, you can print them out and hang them onto your wall as a nice picture or cut and use them as a 2D papergame :P, show it to your real friends and parents and play with them together in the real world.
    Go back to your old Barbie House and play with it. XD
    Just skip that exotic “museum”, and think about anything else.
    Imagine that those items could be 100.000 coins, because they are really COOL and have amazing designs, and you will save time (not money) if you buy them (with your parents).

    P.S.: Yes, I am also sad and shocked a little bit, but I think I still have cool stuffs in my PetSoc house and there are many new nice things in the other shops. I like them & I dont cry.

  203. sheryl Says:

    This wasnt thought through properly.
    Who in their right mind would pay for something from this shop. Its not like they would actually be buying something. just a virtual image in cyberspace!! wierd!
    I would rather buy a real key fob of mug or tee shirt with my pet on. bout time someone started thinking things through a bit longer.

  204. Camm Says:

    I hate the new Design,It was better before.

  205. Nafisa Says:

    im so idssapointed in playfish
    they are using children as an advantage to get money
    which is sick

  206. MiYon Says:

    No complaints about the new features. MG (my pet) already treated himself to the Winged Shoes and absolutely adores them. I didn’t expect such a boost in speed. Kudos! But please try to work on making the game easier to access after introducing new features. 🙂

  207. jason Says:

    ITs ridiculous, that you have to pay for such items! I wont be using that new feature! Who actually has time or money to spend on items when our economy is in the shape it is in..REALLY PEOPLE!!

  208. PELI Says:

    Gone too far, instead of making people waste their real money on fake stuff, you should focus on adding extras to the all ready existing things, such as being able to write on the kitchen blackboard, being able to turn furniture in order to arrange it properly, making appliances work, having things like fawcets and other work as in real life, etc.

  209. Sarah S Says:

    Why make people pay REAL money for virtual possessions when there is a recession on? Especially some of the items you are at a big disavantage if you don’t purchase (running shoes, training equipment)
    This will cause a real backlash 😦

  210. Atsha Natasha Says:

    this is very stupid. This is only a game for god sake….. why you have to pay with real money… so unfair and not fun…. BOOOOOOOOO………

  211. Susan Says:

    It’s a shame. I don’t believe it, Playfish. People won’t pay real money for that. I’m so disappointed. I’ll quit Pet Society right now, I just don’t believe you are such greedy. It’s not a fun game anymore.

  212. Mariano Says:

    I wish I could understand Playfish. I’m not absolutely against paying real money… but for a game which is still running BETA VERSION I think It’s a joke… and not a very good one.
    I understand also that server upgrades,new additions, future developments costs a lot of money… but someone above put things right: Go sell the game in the market
    The worst thing about the new shop is that the only thing increasing is… CHEATERS!!!
    It’s funny… Playfish goes out with a Real Cash shop and in facebook groups tharea are auctions going on for the new items (with prices rounding gazillions 4999 items) or offerings like “I’m doing the coins hack for NIS or Rare items”.
    How about fighting cheaters? It would be a pleasure to spend some hard earned bucks… but not if 2 seconds after I’m going to see a “friend” on my list with 500.000.00+ points and 5 of each new mystery items in his/her home…
    Last, not least… a question: What about families??? We’re three in my house, my teenager girl is underage, no credit card…
    What about people who doesn’t have paypal alternative???
    A lot of questions… no answers (I’m not expecting anything from Playfish)
    I’m going to think a lot about playing or not Palayfish games.

  213. prix Says:

    we are not paying real money playfish!! at least people with common sense!, if i want to pay for a game i go buy some wii game, but if u started like a free game stay like that. you have to make an alternative!

  214. Jenifer Says:

    All right HOLD UP PEOPLE! Playfish is NOT getting greedy!

    ALL OF ITS GAMES ARE FREE TO PLAY! How many GOOD games do you know of that are free to play, without some form of monetary add on? They need to pay for SERVERS and ARTISTS and game designers and all that other junk! They need to pay their BILLS!

    They are NOT GREEDY! They are trying to pay their bills, thats all. I love pet society, I don’t need to buy the stuff in the Cash Shop in order to enjoy the game. YOU PEOPLE are greedy because you want everything, including the hard work of coders are artists, for FREE! They have to make their money somehow

  215. cheryl Says:

    Crazy…y need to pay real money!this is only a game!

  216. anne Says:

    i’m so angry with the terrence store that i don’t wanna play PS anymore ’cause i go to the store and wanna buy stuff that I CAN’T PAY!! 😦 😦

    you lost me as a player.. i found a new free game on facebook!

  217. pet Says:


  218. jan Says:

    Have to agree with everyone else – the real money thing stinks!! Surely no one is dumb enough to waste real cash on a playfish game?? You need to be able to transfer the regular pet society coins to the special ones or something.

  219. giggles Says:

    A useless store which I will never go again… 😦

  220. playfishgreedy Says:

    playfish greedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wont buy the cash!.playfish greddyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Gaby Says:

    WTF!…this is not fair. how do they expect that im going to spend money just to buy a few items!!!

  222. mariela Says:

    I hate this store =(

  223. Balls O'Steel Says:

    They should have a way to earn these special coins through gameplay-even if you earn them quite slowly. Then for people who are impatient, they can always purchase them as well. That way, these items could be accessible to all players. Because really, these items don’t add much to the actual game and, let’s be honest, this game isn’t that exciting. I won’t spend real money on this game and I’ll live without these items unless they change the way these coins can be aquired.

  224. Nelson B Says:

    What the schmuck.!!!!!!! need to pay…real bucks…forget about me playfish…you’vs just lost a user….pay for this….what a bunch o’ crap.!!!

  225. frustrated Says:

    ooowh cmon….!!!!!
    this is so not faiirrrrrrrrr..
    not everyone has access to CC u seee….
    and its not fair for everyone who has ittt…
    cause they get to have magic shoes and we dont!
    cmon… change it alreadyyy..
    this is not fun anymoreeeee…
    im so upsetttt..

  226. Camilo Says:

    I am not agree with the idea of paying real money for the new items

    They should create new ways yo earn it not to buying it


  227. frustrated Says:

    please do sumthing about itttttt…………….
    cant stand the frustration..
    consider all the above comments….
    pleaseeee playfish!

  228. Russ Says:

    its just getting more and more annoying to play.

    @ Ziralka I dont agree with your stance or the opinion if you dont like it dont use it.

    I dont like it and I wont use it but its getting in the way of the game. Having that green banner “add coins” and now Playfish cash. The screen in getting too cluttered as.

    This is affecting the gameplay and overall enjoyment or petsociety and playfish

  229. Macy Says:

    I think this is unfair to those of us that do not have money to THROW away… wait isnt that all of us???? COME ON playfish…real money? you have got to be kidding…. you are going to lose A LOT of players

  230. chris reinhardt Says:

    sorry can’t pay real money to buy virtual items. sorry that you decided to do this.

  231. STiKit Says:

    What the hell.

    Why is everyone acting like the game can’t be played without cash? It’s ONE shop out of like seven. I can’t afford to pay, but I’ll still enjoy the game with that I have. And stop being ridiculous, they’ll still update the other stores. It’s not the end of the world people, it’s just offering new features to people who support them.

    So i’m one of the “poor” ones. I don’t mind, looking at others who have paid, I’d (inwardly) congratulate them for supporting playfish.

    Think about the clone hacks. Nobody paid for coins anymore. Surely you’d understand the necessity for a profit? Why create a game product and update it regularly just so you can lose money?

  232. bissss Says:

    My younger bro is 12 and loves the game very much. He was almost in tears when our parents said no to play with real cash. Great…. Playfish is doing such a good job in breaking a child’s heart with its greed. Congratulation on such a nasty job well done!!!

  233. Leslie Drake Says:

    At first I was disappointed about the new Cash Shop too. I, however, quickly caved and bought just about every item (don’t shoot me!). And I have to admit I love the winged shoes and the luck charm (more coins from the trees). My pet almost flies around wherever she goes. The charm does work – there are many more coins to collect, and with the winged shoes my pet goes through all the trees in no time! The shoes also help when visiting friends to collect coins – she runs up to every pet, cutting the time it takes to visit friends in half, if not more. This makes me – who doesn’t have a lot of time to be on Pet Society very happy. While I agree the new store may not be fair to people who don’t have a credit card or simply don’t have the money to spend on a virtual game, I will admit I like the new store. I’ll only be able to visit it rarely but the prices are fairly low – the bedroom set comes to 10 playfish cash – a lot less than a luxury bedroom set. Anyhow I do think an exchange would be a good idea, giving those who don’t have the money or a credit card the opportunity to buy the items.

    Just my two cents! =)

    • Maggie Neff Says:

      Thats a very good idea you have mentioned there Leslie Drake … Bravo!!!! You realy think forward and do think of other people too!!! well done!!! xox 😀 xox

  234. puva Says:

    playfish is SUCK.. why use real money.. I won’t visit the shop 😦

  235. Fids Says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!! I think I will spend my very hard earned money on better things like food for my real table & gas for my car!

  236. pilar duran Says:

    Even Pet Society is squeezing us out of our hard earn money…just like the government. What else is new?

  237. Kevin Says:

    No free playfish cash??
    i mus pay by credit card to get the cash??

  238. boycottplayfish Says:

    So does it mean if our pet don’t train with the treadmill, we will lose out in the races? Absolute non-sense.

  239. Prod-Mg Says:

    TO PLAYFISH: I wish you can have a “RETRIVAL STORE” then I wouldn’t mind paying real money if it is just usd1-2 dollars per item.
    see the thing is you have “THIS WEEK ITEM” only but I miss that beautiful butterfly chime that I SO WANT IT so… I really really wish you will have this RETRIVAL STORE or something like SECOND CHANCE STORE. This might help your company earning more from ppl so desperately looking for past items. But to make it more fun you can update the availability every week so we always have to check this second chance store for the product we once miss it might not be this week but who knows next week it will be there – just like going to a junk yard or ebay. I think you would want to take this as your next product improvement. Perhaps you might even want to do open trading or somesort like that for your future product development – just an idea but you’re all so good already at inventing prod req’d and actually make things work ^^

  240. john Says:

    what about those who dont have a credit card? in my case, i’ve tried the survey thing, they require u to input some cellphone number and thing is im using prepaid card for my cellphone and that means no way to ever get the playfish coins.
    seriously playfish should have come up with a better way even if they wanted to extort more money out of us. they didn’t even think of all the possible scenarios that could occur where ppl couldnt get the playfish coins. its as good as saying… “oh welcome the rich ones who can pay, as for the poor ones who cant..well im sorry then we dont actually need ur presence on pet society, better luck next time.”

  241. Roslina Says:

    UNFORGIVABLE!!!! I hate the idea of paying using real money and credit card!

  242. Christy Says:

    I agree…you have GOT to be kidding me if you think I am going to use real money that I barely have for NECESSITIES in life on fake stuff that is part of a game. As it is, I think stuff in the stores is too “expensive” with the fake money…c’mon guys. It’s a game…one that we are supposed to play to escape the stress of real life. I will not use the new Cash store just like I do not ever use the Luxury store….puh-lease….

  243. Anne Says:

    I think its fair since they might need cash to help them develop this app.
    but… i don’t have credit cards!!!
    so i can’t buy anything

  244. ksdakd Says:

    its really disapointing! in my opinion games should be fun while your playing it not while your paying it

  245. Margarita Says:

    It’s horrible, this is a game, don’t forget this!!!! we want to relax not to be in real world were all days we need money to buy our needs, I really feel bad!!!!

  246. ms.angel Says:

    I’m really really disappointed…y do we have to pay real moneys for that amazing store….i really think that no one will buy any of those things cause they i mean we couldn’t afford that….and most of the pet society fans are just kids including me and my friends….so how could we buy those things if we don’t have money…especially were filipinos…..hope u can resolve our problems

  247. ss Says:

    wow…. it’s to bad….. you have to pay with real money….. why pet society??

  248. filip Says:

    cmon please make another way to get that cash or just give 10 of those to everione
    who signs up like a revard

  249. Roslina Says:

    I hate playfish… only people who are rich (SOME) can do this!!! me and my friends warned each other NOT to play ALL playfish games! Playfish makes the kids, young people or whoever playing Playfish games SAD and HATE about this! SELFISH PLAYFISH! }:-(


    Make a new sports game in the stadium (other than races) and when the pets win, it will earn a new coin (the NEW cash thing!)

  250. aicee Says:

    i dont like that. tsk tsk.. bad.. i am very very disappointed. gaad! walang pinagkaiba sa friendster!!!!

  251. mrdoggie94 Says:

    I’m disappointed with the new shop. I don’t want to spend money that way!!!

    My suggestion:
    I want Playfish to develop a pay version of Pet Society (this pay version is exactly the same as Facebook version, but different platform), at – there should be a button “play here!”. To play Pet Society in, we must create a Playfish account, and we must pay (monthly or yearly) if we have a Playfish account. After we register for a Playfish account, we can play Pet Society at by clicking “Play here!”.

  252. Calm Says:

    Hmm….I think I would understand Playfish/Pet society would do this…but….Would it really make us want to buy these stuff? yeah, Yeah they’re cool but is the money worth it? Especially during these times with recesion + h1 N1…..Why would people buy theses stuffs? Well yeah…come to think about it…Playfish also needs money during theses times too..LOl…..Well…..Its up to us if they’re new store becomes a hit or not…..Good luck Playfish!=)

  253. Fabulous Dawn Says:

    playfish is using this to earn more money… thats suck!!!….

  254. sinead Says:

    disappointing that we need to pay real money to get things in a game they should reward us by giving us them everytime a friend joins or visit 10 friends houses in 1 session of using the game!!!! :@

  255. agry bitch Says:

    stupid, greedy and such a turn off! who would actually spend real money just to buy ps cash?!(Only those desperate noobs) we should all just be hoping for a new cheat to come! LET US ALL HACK THAT CASH SHOP! A NEW HACK FOR PET SOCIETY’S CASH SHOP!!!

  256. angry Says:

    very very very disappointed by pay version of Pet Society… too disappointed on it!!! plz who willing 2 do it!!! *uck diz shit!!!!!

  257. Nikii - Czech Republic Says:

    jak se vydělávají playfish coins??? protože je to fakt děs když to nevím 🙂 joo a odpověď prosím na

  258. LadyAK Says:

    It’s a shame!!! :S

  259. Francesca Says:

    Tsk tsk tsk… This new, stupid, REAL money- wasting shop gave me problems… Why would playfish do such a thing?! This store will just envy kids out there… Something will cause this store a tragedy: KIDS WILL BECOME HYPER AND RESTLESS AND THEY WILL BEG THEIR PARENTS JUST TO PAY FOR SOME VIRTUAL STUFF IN THIS NEW PET SOCIETY SHOP AND LASTLY, I WISH PLAYFISH WILL ADD A NEW STORE SUCH AS THIS ONE: SOMETHING LIKE AN ARCADE GAMING SHOP AND THEN WHEN KIDS’LL PLAY THERE, THEY WILL EARN THE REAL COINS THAT WE WILL USE FOR THAT “CASH SHOP” THINGY….that’s all I can comment about the new WASTEFUL STORE in pet society…This gave me a headache while i’m typing this….urgghhh…X(

    i’m just 12 years old you know. you think i’m an adult, eh?
    i will never ever visit that cash shop….X[
    puh- leasze! X(

  260. Valhana Says:

    I understand that there is a fee to develop, and maintain a game. I also understand that revenues generated by ads and publicity are most likely very large with the player base coming from Facebook. So why are the new items available only through the waste of actual currency, and why the greed?
    1- Because they can, and
    2- Because it will work.

    Oh well, you had to see it coming.

  261. fiona Says:

    tooooooo baaaaddddd…….

  262. Constantinos Says:

    Very few people are going to spend money on the new shop. The items are nice, but if i wanted to pay for something, I would pay to buy something for my real house, not for a house in Facebook for crying out loud.

    As for those people who can understand why Playfish did this, well, I think that they can also understand that they did this for profit, not because of their “financial” problems. Pet Society has more than 10.000.000 members, it has absolutely no financial problems.

  263. Karen Says:

    The items in the regular stores are enough for me and probably most of the other PS players. I’ll stick with them and boycott the new store. Nothing there I really need anyway.

  264. JCW Says:

    No thanks, don’t you know that no one can afford anything as it is, and u want us to PAY for those items? ya right.

  265. Rachel Says:

    The more features you add that are unattainable, the less I play. Money coming out of my pocket is not going to keep me coming back, in fact it’s left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not sure I care anymore. Go back to attainability or watch your numbers go down in flames.

  266. despina88 Says:

    are you out of your mind men? i have no words!

  267. Mrs. M Says:

    It really bites that such a peaceful game, is turning into a greed fest. I think it needs to stay with the coins people earn within the game, and not make people use their own money. Just because the economy has gone to pot, don’t drive away your loyal people who come to enjoy pet society. Throw out the play fish cash, and keep things nice and simple, so everyone can enjoy, don’t be a GREEDY PUSS!

  268. shirley Says:

    Pet society’s new store should use the coins that are used in the other stores not real money. It is really not fair to anyone to have to spend their money on ‘special coins’ when they really could be spending money on more important things.

  269. amelia Says:

    hey….we have a recession here…don’t be too greedy

  270. Cindi Says:

    Well after reading a lot of the posts, I think everyone covers my main complaint. I don’t use my money to play games…

  271. Jazz Says:

    OHMYGOD. Me and my sister as like VERY excited!

    BUT, that’s not fair.
    Its very exciting but the money? nah ah!

    We dont wanna spend our money.
    Especially me, young ones. We wont want ourselves to ask our parents to pay their REAL money FOR it.):

    That shop is a bit PATHETIC tbh.

  272. Jane McCaughey Says:

    The game gets harder to enjoy at the best of times, the more levels you get the more points needed to reach the next one but do our points increase with each level NO! You cant get our money from regular method now you want it this way so much for free networking and having fun You have really put a dampener on this game for me.

  273. Kat_Ze Says:

    really very dissapointed… how can u try to make us use real money on such a game… i love it don`t get me wrong… but i would never ever use a credit card for it… too bad u finnaly are the same greedy ones… =(

  274. jeh Says:

    boohooo.. i won’t spend real money…

  275. dynamic Says:

    my friend found a new cheat for playfish cash and shared it

  276. Kim Says:

    Real money? WTH? That’s a joke!

  277. Top Posts « Says:

    […] Meet Terrence and his amazing new store! Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. […]

  278. Lilliput Says:

    I honestly can’t believe that Playfish has done this. I’ve enjoyed playing until now. First it was the “posters” in the stores telling you to treat yourself to coins from the bank. Then it was the ridiculous “add coins” button. Now we have a store that’s entirely based on REAL money? Do the minds behind Pet Society not realize that this is a really bad economic time for most countries? Do they not realize KIDS play the game? That KIDS don’t have credit cards? I’m sorry, but I’d rather spend $25 on a few gallons of gas to get me to and from work rather than Playfish coins that can get me something intangible. I’m really disappointed.

  279. PABLOMIK Says:

    to bad….. REAL CASH are you crazy???

    nice game, but i dont pay for nothing…

    I HOPE playfish CHANGE THIS….

  280. bettina Says:

    well, I dont like the idea of using real money to play, and I am going to be one of those that wont put a penny in pets.
    but otherwise, I can understand that they want to get money for all the work and servise they offer………… even though its not nice, they are doing the same as in yoville

  281. Silvia Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only who feels this way.

  282. Ayla Says:

    Don’t forget, it’s a virtual game! Don’t ask for real money for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  283. Ammorin Says:

    Well Playfish needs to pay their servers and workers so the Cash Shop is just for support. I agree I’m not happy with this feature but you know if you’re willing to donate (support) Playfish go ahead 🙂

    • Ammorin Says:

      Many websites are doing this now too…Gaia Online, Neopets, etc. 😀 I’d like it if Play fish could give each of us like 10 free cash coins are get chances to earn like 1 or 2…

  284. SJ Says:

    is playfish going broke? imo this is kind of a lazy way to make quick money. why not contact companies for advertising? for example, we can buy coke and pepsi for our pets…and coke and pepsi would pay playfish to have their products in the game. it’s like product placement in movies.

    i think playfish needs a marketing team to flush out some ideas.

  285. PS Fan Says:

    hmmm maybe playfish should implement all shops to be CASH SHOP… So that we could finally stop playing PS and save some time to do other better stuffs…

  286. jana vasickova Says:

    i agree with SJ opinion, that could be much better solution!!!!!!

  287. pYe Says:

    @newtRy..yaaa…we Love tHis gamE,but we can’T sPent ReaL monEy…not eveRyoNe haS paypaL oR cRedit caRds..i ReaLLy dissapointEd… ='(

  288. Keng Wai Says:

    There is a few reasons y i would not pay.

    1. This game is played via Facebook. Hence if my facebook is disabled for certain stupid reason, i might lose my pet society account.

    2.The game is play with my friends. I can’t possibly add everyone in the world. Hence since i am only playing with my friends, y would i bother to pay.

    3.The price of the coins are way too expensive. 20 coins for 7 dollar SGD when paid via handphone.

    4. This game is still under beta. I don’t see why i should risk paying money for a beta game.

  289. bluby Says:

    there will allways be some people who will pay for this..but i’m not one of bu hu..yeah sure all the new and nice things you”ll be only able to buy for real money..bu hu again..

  290. newg Says:

    i dont have dollars or credit card to purchase those items. i’m so sad and very very disappointed. i hate the new store!!!!!!!

  291. Maju Says:

    You guys… COME ON !!!! we won’t pay real money for this game, as much as we like we can’t afford to spend money in it, much less USdollars !

    All users disappointed: I’m +1

  292. anon Says:

    stop whining and cursing and being at angry at PlayFish.

    grow up already! nobody is forcing you to pay real money for PF Cash! are they making us pay to even load PS or buy coins to purchase other shops’ items? are they removing the ways to earn coins on our own (like scrubbing, visiting, racing, etc) so that we have no other way to earn coins to spend other than spending real money?

    get a grip already. u want to get those items, trade for them just as u would for the NIS items!

    besides, is it necessary to own EVERYTHING? so if a new Ferrari is released, are u gonna curse the company for making it super expensive that we cannot afford it? everyday new items are released in the real world. most of them super expensive, and definitely not for ‘normal’ people like us.

    sure you say it’s a free game. but since when does it states in Black and White that the game is to be kept FREE OF CHARGE. no changes, nothing. face it, nothing is really free in this world.

  293. Bloodyfountain Says:

    Anon is right somehow, but I think it’s no good: as someone said up there, kids or people without credit cards are put aside.

    If only it were a way to change current money to the new cash money…

  294. angel Says:

    this new thing on pet society sucks, who wants to pay for adding stuff in this game. i can see that this option is not going to be used . good they should remove it or change the way of paying for the items

  295. jayreen Says:

    i hope it can be earned free so that everyone can have it

  296. PeTs Says:

    I didn’t want to spend a real money JUST for a Game.
    i’m Very disapoinTed aBout neW uPgraDe from pets society

  297. Rynee Parker Says:

    Thank you sooo much for the NEW CASH SHOP!! I love it!! I also love the fact that you can not just gift a rare item away!! I’ve bought all sorts of games in the past, Playstation; Nintendo; Guitar Hero and spent loads of money, so a few bucks on a game I love is no probs for me. I also understand that running PS comes with expenses. You have my support in the Cash Shop!! And hope that with the new shop, it levels out the playing feild with all those mulitple items flying around!

    Thanks PS! Its fab!!

  298. Judit Says:

    not going to pay real money….

  299. Precious Says:

    I am very happy to have a reward for the cash items. I don’t mind paying to help the game support and sincerely hope this extra money that you will be bringing in will help buy us more server to stop the lag/freeze/bogging down.

    I think it is wonderful that those that are willing to pay have something special that is not offered to those not wishing to.

    Also! I am extremely happy they can not be gifted after being recieved in our homes or traded.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  300. hana Says:

    I Am so sad that we have to pay real money for this i mean its just a game u playfish people … plus i think u can add a twist and make people earn playfish coins through out the game .. like for examplr everone gets 2 coins on each new level or something and that way everone would be pleased 🙂

  301. Pauline Says:

    I love the items in the new shop. So cool!!!
    But, too bad I don’t have a credit card.
    But, it’s okay.
    I hope someday I could buy anything from that shop…
    Keep up the good work Playfish.

  302. Maggie Neff Says:

    Hi Sonya … can you plz tell me about the teleporter???? I bought 1 but it does not work like you say … it only take you to 1 pet at the time … no hugging or kissing or what ever … and no coins for the visit … and no points either for the visits??? Now that was a waste of my money!!!!! Every time you have 2 go back home and get in the teleporter again with each visit ,,, now that dont make it faster either???? realy … i am not satisfied and sold it and got 500 and sumthing coins!!! Plz reply to this!!! 😦 that is also not that bad to buy the new coins … even if you dont have a credit card … you can pay via your phone with pay pel … so its up to every 1 if they want it or not … first i was dissapointes ,,, but now i am ok with it … everything in life have a price … and thats your choise to pay or not!!! I only complain about the transporter!!! Again … plz peply to this Sonya!!! xox

  303. Alex Says:

    Well, I bought coins with my cell phone… they gave me playfish 3 coins, the same price than 300 normal coins would cost. If they could exchange, it would obviously only take 100 normal coins to get 1 playfish coin… that would be interesting

  304. Fuzzy Says:

    im not bothered to give away my money, can we not just u pet society money instead of real money because you already pay toget pet society money and now this!

  305. xander Says:

    can we just use the coins we earn in petsociety? *sigh* i can’t buy any stuff. thins but i can’t buy stuff.

  306. Hersheys Says:

    I hope you could consider my suggestion…. maybe we could use our COINS to buy PLAYFISH CASH…. example for 20 coins we could have 15 playfish cash… ’cause I think no one would buy things in that store by using real money….

    • Hersheys Says:

      The COINS I said last May 25, 2009 means the playfish COINS…. we earn in pet society…. I just want to clear this

    • JOE FACEBOOK P.S. Says:

      maybe we could use our COINS to buy PLAYFISH CASH…. example for 20 coins we could have 15 playfish cash… ’cause I think no one would buy things in that store by using real money….

  307. Against Cash Says:

    I hate the cash shop!!!! I hate games that require real money. It’s just not fair. According to this post, there might be a new shop soon. BUT if it requires cash… I AM GOING TO QUIT

  308. crn_cham Says:

    I think I agree Hersheys,,, it’s greater than buying cash with real money…

  309. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] as you will know from ‘Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!’, the Cash Shop has arrived in town! Here is everything that is available […]

  310. cashwanter Says:

    Hey, I think its bad to use real coins to buy these things. Especially for kids and teens. Of course, some of you might not have paypal or credit cards. But I myself think playfish should let us turn normal cash into playfish cash by having a machine. It goes like this:

    2000 normal coins for 20 playfish cash

    and so on…..

  311. idil Says:

    hay ! I idiL my capitaL Turkish
    turk a frinds are have ?

  312. Yna Says:

    epal tong playfish ha! grabe kung maka suhol…..wadaheck? hu do u think u are?
    U think you are the best game makers!!!!shame on you, playfish! You’re getting just way 2 GREEDY! How do you expect ppol to pay real money for non – existing object?!? Really I’m disappointed (VERY)it shud have been accessed for coins…how about those who don’t have credit cards? This game is made for free fun…not for great STRESS!

  313. Vergil519 Says:

    ta3 ka .,.,.,mas-maganda pa ang DMC kaysa sa laro mo ulul

  314. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] introduced you to the Mystery and Gadget Stores, had some fun with April Fool’s, introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the changes to visiting, sent you fishing, announced the winners […]

  315. angelica Says:

    why me sana alam ko cheat lahat ng cheat pls………….. lahat ng nakakaalam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  316. angelica Says:

    gusto ko ng cheat

  317. Yalenys Says:

    a mi me gusta pet society y juego hay todo el tiempo.

  318. donate car to charity Says:

    Hi i am new on here, I discovered this board quite useful & its helped me loads. i should be able to give something back & help other people like its helped me.

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