Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!


Exciting news!

Terrence, the latest new resident of Pet Society, has opened a brand new store selling all kinds of rare and exotic items! After many years of scouring the world for the most interesting and obscure artefacts, the exotic items which Terrence stocks in his new Cash Shop are more rare and more exciting than any you’ve ever seen before. Many even have magical powers — you can find out what powers an item has by clicking them, you may be surprised!

A significant aspect of Terrence’s Cash Shop is that all of the items can be bought using brand new Playfish Cash! You may notice an ATM in the store. You can get Playfish cash by clicking on the machine, which allows you to buy anything you like in the shop.For more detailed information on Playfish Cash, please refer to our knowledge base.

What kind of items can you buy at the Cash Shop? How about a pair of magical shoes which allow you to run more quickly, adorned with the feathers of a spine tailed swift? Or a teleporter device which will transport you to a random location? Or perhaps you’d like a charm which increases your luck at shaking trees for coins, fashioned from Himalayan rudraksh shells? Or better still, walk over to the store and see for yourself. There’s bound to be something you’ll love!

Terrence and his cash shop may be the talk of the town today, but talk is circulating of even more changes to come! A green fingered pet is rumored to be planning to move into the neighborhood and is sure to make an even bigger splash soon!

Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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334 Responses to “Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!”

  1. Pauline Says:

    I love the items in the new shop. So cool!!!
    But, too bad I don’t have a credit card.
    But, it’s okay.
    I hope someday I could buy anything from that shop…
    Keep up the good work Playfish.

  2. Maggie Neff Says:

    Hi Sonya … can you plz tell me about the teleporter???? I bought 1 but it does not work like you say … it only take you to 1 pet at the time … no hugging or kissing or what ever … and no coins for the visit … and no points either for the visits??? Now that was a waste of my money!!!!! Every time you have 2 go back home and get in the teleporter again with each visit ,,, now that dont make it faster either???? realy … i am not satisfied and sold it and got 500 and sumthing coins!!! Plz reply to this!!! 😦 that is also not that bad to buy the new coins … even if you dont have a credit card … you can pay via your phone with pay pel … so its up to every 1 if they want it or not … first i was dissapointes ,,, but now i am ok with it … everything in life have a price … and thats your choise to pay or not!!! I only complain about the transporter!!! Again … plz peply to this Sonya!!! xox

  3. Alex Says:

    Well, I bought coins with my cell phone… they gave me playfish 3 coins, the same price than 300 normal coins would cost. If they could exchange, it would obviously only take 100 normal coins to get 1 playfish coin… that would be interesting

  4. Fuzzy Says:

    im not bothered to give away my money, can we not just u pet society money instead of real money because you already pay toget pet society money and now this!

  5. xander Says:

    can we just use the coins we earn in petsociety? *sigh* i can’t buy any stuff. thins but i can’t buy stuff.

  6. Hersheys Says:

    I hope you could consider my suggestion…. maybe we could use our COINS to buy PLAYFISH CASH…. example for 20 coins we could have 15 playfish cash… ’cause I think no one would buy things in that store by using real money….

    • Hersheys Says:

      The COINS I said last May 25, 2009 means the playfish COINS…. we earn in pet society…. I just want to clear this

    • JOE FACEBOOK P.S. Says:

      maybe we could use our COINS to buy PLAYFISH CASH…. example for 20 coins we could have 15 playfish cash… ’cause I think no one would buy things in that store by using real money….

  7. Against Cash Says:

    I hate the cash shop!!!! I hate games that require real money. It’s just not fair. According to this post, there might be a new shop soon. BUT if it requires cash… I AM GOING TO QUIT

  8. crn_cham Says:

    I think I agree Hersheys,,, it’s greater than buying cash with real money…

  9. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] as you will know from ‘Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!’, the Cash Shop has arrived in town! Here is everything that is available […]

  10. cashwanter Says:

    Hey, I think its bad to use real coins to buy these things. Especially for kids and teens. Of course, some of you might not have paypal or credit cards. But I myself think playfish should let us turn normal cash into playfish cash by having a machine. It goes like this:

    2000 normal coins for 20 playfish cash

    and so on…..

  11. idil Says:

    hay ! I idiL my capitaL Turkish
    turk a frinds are have ?

  12. Yna Says:

    epal tong playfish ha! grabe kung maka suhol…..wadaheck? hu do u think u are?
    U think you are the best game makers!!!!shame on you, playfish! You’re getting just way 2 GREEDY! How do you expect ppol to pay real money for non – existing object?!? Really I’m disappointed (VERY)it shud have been accessed for coins…how about those who don’t have credit cards? This game is made for free fun…not for great STRESS!

  13. Vergil519 Says:

    ta3 ka .,.,.,mas-maganda pa ang DMC kaysa sa laro mo ulul

  14. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] introduced you to the Mystery and Gadget Stores, had some fun with April Fool’s, introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the changes to visiting, sent you fishing, announced the winners […]

  15. angelica Says:

    why me sana alam ko cheat lahat ng cheat pls………….. lahat ng nakakaalam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. angelica Says:

    gusto ko ng cheat

  17. Yalenys Says:

    a mi me gusta pet society y juego hay todo el tiempo.

  18. donate car to charity Says:

    Hi i am new on here, I discovered this board quite useful & its helped me loads. i should be able to give something back & help other people like its helped me.

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