Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just gone live on Facebook Pet Society, so sign in now to browse through the latest additions!

New to the Furniture Store this week is the Ladybug Doll, who would love to join your sunniest room (I heard she is not that keen on snow)! Also, the new rustic furniture, oriental tea set and leather bound books will bring an earthly feel to your pet’s home! Plus, the new marquees will fit perfectly with your outdoor settings from last week. 😉




Rustic Oak Stool

Ladybug Doll

Rustic Oak Table




Oriental Tea Pot (TWS)

Leather Bound Books

Oriental Tea Cup (TWS)



Green Marquee (TWS)

White Marquee

The Luxury Store has this fantastic pipa, brought to you all the way from China, so that your pet can pluck away all day!



The Gadget Store has some brand new clocks this week (it was about time for some ;)). Also, the Zen Arc Lamp is a great new lighting option.

Blue Simple Clock

Pink Simple Clock (TWS)

Zen Arc Lamp

Lily has been very busy sewing up a storm in the Clothes Store! She has a brand new firefighter outfit, a gorgeous sari, plus a dark little dress and matching accessories.




Firefighter Jacket (TWS)

Black Fire Helmet (TWS)

Firefighter Pants (TWS)




Firefighter Boots (TWS)

Sari Dress

Firefighter Mitten (TWS)




Dark Lolita Hairband (TWS)

Dark Lolita Dress (TWS)

Dark Lolita Shoes (TWS)

Truffles is delighted this week with some very yummy ice creams new to the Food Store!




Orange Soft Serve (TWS)

Chocolate Soft Serve

Strawberry Soft Serve

The sugary feeling continues in the D.I.Y. Store with the Gingerbread Window and Wallpaper. And the Dark Bathroom Basin and Wall Cabinet will make for a very stylish bathroom.



Gingerbread Window

Gingerbread Wallpaper



Dark Bathroom Basin Cabinet

Dark Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Finally, as you will know from ‘Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!’, the Cash Shop has arrived in town! Here is everything that is available now:



Lucky Penny

Winged Shoes







Imperial Bed

Imperial Sofa


Imperial Dressing Table




Country Kitchen Stove

Dark Oak Country Cabinet

Dark Oak Country Stove Hood

Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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228 Responses to “Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)!”

  1. Bella Says:

    OMG they’re beautiful I love them all!!! so excited! heading to the stores right now!!

  2. nonie Says:

    omg all the new items is cute esp the ladybug doll..but it takes forever to load pet society!

  3. ange Says:

    yay i love it all

  4. Achmed Says:


  5. trina Says:

    wow great items… ;D

  6. JAPOY Says:


  7. Leafywhimpy Says:


  8. purssypink Says:


  9. JAPOY Says:


  10. hina ali Says:

    playfish is getting so greedy… why real money???

    • Laura Says:

      OK, Playfish has hit the all time low now. With this economy the last thing you should do to your players is ask for more money. Not to mention many are kids! It is bad enough that you can only earn coins when visiting neighbors only once a day, and lately most of the daily lottos are a mere 50 coins. This is becoming a real turn off, and after the opening of the Cash Shop, I may leave Pet Society. You are getting greedy Playfish! Not great role modeling for the kids playing. You might want to rethink the messages you are putting out there! Not good!

      I am very disappointed…

      • Fluffy Says:

        I’m a bit disappointed. why do we have to pay? most of us are kids 😦

      • *Unenclosed Real Name* Says:

        You are right. I am getting really upset over the fact my parents don’t let me buy Playfish Cash, but the highest I’ve gotten, in May, was 500 Coins…

    • Lily's owner Says:

      I am a petsociety addict but not to the point i will spend real money!!!! I find it unfair that there is no alternative way of earning playfish coins, that has really put me off the game despite usually loving it! Why cant there be an alternative for people who like to play but cant afford spending money on a computer game whether it is kids or people who are short of money for other reasons.

    • stacy hogue Says:

      i have read alot of the responses and i was just curious if you listen to any of the consumer replies. i have debated using real money for this but have not gotten up the nerve. LOOK, READ, and TRY TO ABSORB a little bit of what everyone is saying PLEASE

      • Silje Mølnå Says:

        Hi there.

        We do read comments from the community and we also do listen to community feedback. We do stretch ourselves very far and bend over backwards to make all our players happy. The Cash Shop contains items that are not-must haves, but a nice addition for those who do decide to spend some of their real money in the game, it makes the items much more precious to those who decide to part with their hard earned money.


  11. rateta Says:

    now we have to pay to get the items of the cash shop?!?! I think it is unfair, pet society is a great game but they always have to take some profit… 😦

  12. yeona Says:

    im upset…i just went to the cash shop, the new shop in town, and i just find out that i can ONLY buy the items with playfish cash!!!!! and to get playfish cash, i have to use credit card or REAL MONEY….

    how come? how am i suppose to buy the items, if i dont have credit card??! its no fun, if we have to use real money… (T_T)

  13. deveh Says:

    OH MY GOSH i really lykk it,,

  14. Caroline Says:

    Oh man, a cash shop.

    It makes me wonder if all good things will be there in the future 😦

  15. david fung Says:

    dear sir,
    would you mind open a store with pet society’s for buy early gift,becasue i playing this game on march,i missed gifts and can’t buy it. (ec. halloween day,x’mas day gift… black cat,pink jello,monster dolls,ghost lamp,large pink tree…..).you’ll open this shop name by old gift shop. i’ll sure this shop,really all people’s to buy old gifts, can you thinking my idea,pls? really this planning to pleasure for people ^^. (i waiting for you, pls call back!) . thx a lots! and my e-mail address is ( .


  16. hate playfish Says:

    \ . / what a bitcx, playfish. i hate you, just thinking about profit the item even with “magical power”\ . /

  17. shaimaa Says:

    i luv them all ,, but i upset about the new shop 😥
    now i really hate playfish more and more
    i will leave it :@

  18. dina Says:

    why cash shop ????????!!!!!!!!!!

  19. hate playfish Says:

    please playfish, don’t just think about money, think of the player too. Not everyone can avoid it and this just a game on facebook!!!

  20. hate playfish Says:

    just let us join more “online” activities to earn some CASH

  21. kong88 Says:

    the new store is extrememly useless .\ /.
    its so a xxxx idea
    no one will play this flash game with real cash 凸=.=

  22. hannah Says:

    I ♥ it!!!!1 But its unfair!!!!!!! we need to pay using by cash to get playfish cash waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate it !!!!!! But i love the i tems 🙂 😦 😐

  23. Magdeline Says:

    Been waiting for this the whole day!!! Finally!!!

    PS: Sonya, how about a toy shop in future… all these dolls are addictive…

  24. Missy Says:

    Playflish are THIEVES!!!!! They see Pet Society, A GAME, as a way to GET OUR MONEY!!!!! Now we have to pay in cash to get the new stuff in a new store!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!! And in the old shops they put a few new things to force you use our money! We had to wait till to monday to see this????!


  25. Rinoa Says:

    im a student and not old enuff to own a credit card.. how i can afford those items in the cash shop.. for me, items in the cash shop is far more attractive than the new ones in old shop…

  26. Biboy Says:


  27. Mon Says:

    wow~ I love the Imperial Bed and the Imperial Sofa ^O^

  28. arlenesaints Says:

    I’m not happy with the new shop in PS… I don’t wanna spend dollars just to buy those stuff for my pet. This is unfair!

  29. Cj Says:

    i agree with rateta and rinoa. it is so unfair..i can just drool over those cool sad!.. T___T

  30. Nalan Says:


  31. jasfher Says:

    gosh! so great..
    i just don’t have a credit card cause
    im still young..

    oooowwwww.. :((

  32. Adam Says:

    damn, the CASH shop sucks, we have to pay real money , COME ON!

  33. kjell Says:

    yey! luv my transporter =D

  34. natpen Says:

    comment gagner des point fish, car c’est mal expliqué et je ne es trouve pas

  35. Bright_Dark97 Says:

    This means it’s time to go shoppinggg!!!! 😀

  36. michelle snack Says:

    nice avartars 😉

  37. Nandira Says:

    waw it’s very good!!

  38. Pepeng Says:

    pffuh.. i guest PETSO will added ‘a new tool’ for our Pet to earn more coins… rather than a new cash shop…. Alas their stuff looks more great than traditional shop 😦

  39. starr Says:

    there should be a easyer way to get the items in the cash shop for those who cant get a creiit card because some of us are still young but other then that i love the new items

  40. elias Says:

    hiii . lk i dnt have credit card ++ to use the paymo option my contry is not on the list so can u add it plz im from LEBANON so add it to get the play fish cash to buy these items reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. h0neyou Says:

    i dont own a credit card yet! how can we afford the cash shop? is there any other way? just convert it to pets0 coins….pls…! we love pet s0ciety!

  42. sherwyn Says:

    the cash shop needs a credit card? huhuhu.. we waited so long but still we cannot enjoy the great stuffs.. hmmp..

  43. Oumsker Says:

    :-S so no matter how many hours I play on Pet Society, I cant get the cash-shop items? So sad T_T

  44. sherwyn Says:

    soo..soo. sad.. =(

  45. Vero Says:


    • Sonya Says:

      Playfish do not earn any money from Facebook for having their applications there. Pet Society has no ads (the ads on the far right are Facebook ads, where any revenue goes solely to Facebook, not Playfish).

  46. Pinku Says:


  47. botors Says:

    pet society what is the cash shob

  48. unknown fan Says:

    we rlly cnt say more than : WoW $_$

  49. Vero Says:


  50. zhelle Says:

    oh my.!!! are der any oder way to afford d items in d shop.??? the items der r so attractive n nice., huhuhu…

  51. amber Says:

    is there any other ways of how to get those cash-shop items? 😦

  52. Maggie Neff Says:

    I just think the cash shop sucks big time!!!!!!!!! 😦 rather let us pay a bit more … but we already have a luxery shop!!! Now the way you think to do new stuff is realy dissapointed!!!!

  53. une femme Says:

    I’m very sad.. why Pet Society makes the cash shop.. Can’t afford it.. no matter how
    long I’ve played Pet Society..
    I don’t think I’ll play Pet Society again..

  54. Meg Says:

    cash shop..
    don’t like.
    though the items were really nice….
    i won’t spend cash on something i can’t even hold.
    i guess i have to settle to other cute items. 😦
    just sad for the cash shop..

  55. Gabby Says:

    Pet Society isnt loading. o.O
    Whats with this loading stuff? T.T

  56. purple-girl Says:

    wow nice items
    but i’m sad because the cash-shop items need real money:( 😥 thats not fair and i’m stil young to have a credit card:(

  57. Gabby Says:

    Agreeded w/ Maggie.
    The Luxury shop is already expensive in the petsociety currency. Now you want real money for pet society? The economy is already bad now you are putting it on us? Playfish, sorry to say you just lost millions of fans.

  58. pet-society-holic Says:


    i love the new items, band everything
    but i don’t think i’ll continue to play anymore
    because now i won’t be able to buy any of the good items.

  59. Debra B Says:

    greed has raised it ugly head 😦 Who in their right mind would pay cash for something intangible?

  60. victor Says:

    oigan les queria decir que si podian poner cosas para aser ejercisio como mancuernas y otros apararospero y que las cosas no cuesten tan caras porfavor

  61. victor Says:

    mancuernas y otros aparatos

  62. Kimber Says:

    The items in the cash shop are beautiful but the whole concept sucks! It’s not a game if you can’t work to earn it… Playfish is a buncha money hogs!

  63. prince Says:

    this is suck playfish loads way to hard $#!T

  64. cUp Says:

    i think PS shouldn’t have the cash shop! it spoils the fun of it all! afterall its a game! I would suggest that Playfish collaborate with some popular vendors (in the form of advertising for the vendors) and earn the profits from there!

    One suggestion :

    Buy a eg: coca cola and get a scratch and win card..get a code…enter the code into PS and get coins. Sometimes you win, sometimes you might not get anything. But we will all flock to get coca cola drinks for the sake of coins!! muahahaha win-win situation for playfish and coca cola eg.

    how’s that…….if you get what i mean

  65. cUp Says:

    people from all over the world are playing PS…i’m sure that idea will strike some vendors in the form of “buy and win coins” strategy…and we, as consumers, definitely prefer to spend real cash on real returns…..

  66. Sharon Says:

    Too bad Playfish hasn’t taken the economy into consideration or the fact that “kids” play this game and do not have “cash” for the cash shop. This is a fun game to help forget the more serious problems of real life. . More changes like this will certainly ruin it for a lot of us. Please reconsider the ramifications to everyone that plays when making your so called terrific changes. Very, very disappointed this week.

  67. eleysha Says:

    how do you get the cash for the new shop

  68. matty Says:

    this is awful! 😦 i like all the items in the “CASH” shop but dont have a “CREDIT CARD” because im ONLY “13”……………………………they expect us to spend money on them :S…………… much for “TERREFIC CHANGES” more like ” RUBBISH” AND “AWFUL”………………………………there should be a way to earn them without paying

  69. pet-society-holic Says:

    Do we have to use credit cards as the method of payment?

    if we had the option of using cash,
    I would spend way more money and so would others.
    You could make instore products that could be sold at wal-mart for x amount of cash , the consumer would then go online and and enter a code which would be found on the inside of the box and they would now have Playfish Cash or coins. 🙂

  70. marseeker Says:

    Cash Shop? have you lost your minds????!!!! Lots of young kids play this game and don’t have credit cards!!!! You should concentrate on designs and stop trying to see how you can make this a cash game!! I’m very disappointed in you!!

  71. Biboy Says:


  72. rainwings Says:

    Shame on you playfish!!!!!

  73. sombra Says:


  74. MC DoCtoR Says:

    Haw 2 by a thinks from “CASH SHOP” store , but dont give a realy maney??
    Pls answer 2 me .. or I will go CrazY ://

  75. Lara Says:

    can you add some more pink stuff and can you add something that will make your garden look real??

  76. Jesica Says:

    I can belive it! You’re trying to make this a cash game !!! ¬¬
    like other players I’m very disappointed in you

  77. Lady Estelle Says:

    and the myspace freeze gets worse and worse..

  78. Lara Says:

    omg do we really need to pay real cash to buy the new items???you suck playfish…:(:(:(

  79. Marie Says:

    i love the new items! thanks, pet society!
    This just gets better every week.

  80. Marie Says:

    I agree Lara! I do hope we can still buy them without using CASH :”( those items at the cash shop are really good!

  81. Criis Says:

    Its unfair.. i dont have the posibilities to pay for those items.. and is a shame because i love them.. and ive been loving this game.. i dont think i ever have those things.. no matter how far i try, no matter how many time i am at the game.. its really sad 😦

  82. ruthruth Says:

    with these changes you will lose a lot of new people and will not earn almost nothing. first by the economic crisis nobody is spending money on a game, I came out of another game that I had to pay to enter pet society ….. that gives them no matter if you do not earn good money this was my opinion

  83. candy Says:

    I hate the new shop.

  84. pet-society-holic Says:

    When, I first started playing Pet Society, the only reason, I loved it so much was because you didn’t need cash to buy certain items. 😦

  85. u let me down Says:

    why pet society became sooooooo greedy??
    the hack, real money dude!
    its lyk not a fairy tale to me anymore,
    i’m so disappointed…

  86. Criis Says:

    you should give us the chance to have those items in other way.. 😦

  87. sherwyn Says:

    oh no.. if playfish doesnt fix this theyll really lose millions of fans.. tsk..tsk..tsk

  88. chidoriaida Says:

    I love the oriental tea set and the lolita dress set. I wish there will be gothic/punk outfits for the boys in the future.

  89. Anna Says:

    Alguien sabe como conseguir monedas de color azul a parte de pagando?


    Os agradeceria que si alguien lo sabe me lo dijera

  90. RoRo Says:

    I like alllllllll the items this week, thanx..
    but I hate the new shop :@
    please change it..
    let us get this items in the cash shop without paying cash 😦

  91. I bought some. Says:

    I don’t understand all the whining about the cash shop. I think it’s a great idea and was thinking about it way before they ever did it. Servers cost money. Programmer’s salaries cost money. Maybe now the price of items in the other shops will go down since Playfish won’t have to try so hard to get us to buy regular coins.

    And everyone saying there a kid and can’t have a credit card, don’t you have parents? I pay for subscriptions every month for both of my kids to play Club Penguin online and for one of them to play Fusion Fall. We pay every month for my husband to play World of Warcraft. Why not pay a little something for a game you enjoy?

  92. Sharon Says:

    Sonya, what’s your take on this disappointing debacle. Will you side with Playfish or the fans. Do you have enough influence to change things for the better? Very interested in a response from you.

    • Sonya Says:

      Personally, as a person who has paid for things on a few different applications in the past, I appreciate this move. Why? Well simply because, when I’m looking to spend my money on an application, I would like to get something special for it, and I believe these new items are special. I have bought Pet Society coins before, but this new option is much more attractive to me.

      • Sharon Says:

        I appreciate your response.

      • Irenka Says:

        Come on Sonya.. its an aplication.. aint gonna last forever plus its not like we cant afford 20$ and in the store most of the items are 2,3,5 pet cash ( so its cheap) but its because PS started without this pay-for-item thing… and now when they saw that there are many players (addicted) they did this… for example i play WoW but since Blizzard always charged the playing you know that just thats the way it is and if u like it pay and play, if not..dont. and its worth to play it because you know that gonna last long time.. how can we know that we dont just throw our money and in like 5-6 months PS wont be played anymore. if playfishs attention was to make money out of the game than why they didnt start to sharge from the beggining?? + PS lost many fans with this lame move and many people wont play from princip. is it worth??
        ps. im sorry for my english if its not verry good
        pps. sonya i dont know your standing in playfish (what are you, like public relation person or co-editor or something) so if u can clariffy that so we know what kind of questions can we ask that youre able to response.
        Im waiting for your response
        thank you
        ppps. i ❤ PS but this was big minus for them.

      • Sonya Says:

        Irenka: Obviously no one can know how long they are going to keep playing, and we all know that nothing lasts forever. But as I said, I’ve spent money on other applications before, one in particular between myself and my hubby we spent around US$150 (I would have to talk to hubby to get an exact amount), and I no longer play that application. Do I feel like it was a big waste of my money? No, it was entertainment for me, and helped me relax, despite being a Facebook application, and while I was playing, I was able to access special items (from the currency from the money I spent).

        I’m not saying anyone else should think like that, I was just asked for my personal opinion, and hence I gave it, based on how I see and use applications.

  93. Vero Says:

    Listen “I bought some”, Playfish already earn money being in facebook, ok? and kid´s parents have bigger problems that give their kids money to an internet game, maybe you and your husband are rich to waste your money in games.

    • Sonya Says:

      Vero, as I already responded to you above:

      “Playfish do not earn any money from Facebook for having their applications there. Pet Society has no ads (the ads on the far right are Facebook ads, where any revenue goes solely to Facebook, not Playfish).”

  94. Anthony Says:

    I cant stand how all of you guys talk about the new shop ! If you cant buy it then shut up !! Im 15 and I have a credit card and I bought some of the things ..So if you dont have one the shut up and dont say enything !!

    • Winona Says:

      be my guess buy it..lets see what will happen….and please we have the right to post open freely what we want to say..don’t brag what you have,we don’t care if you have a credit card the fact is you are engaging in our problems..if you can’t stand us then you shut up!!!!!!!!you are just a “sip-sip”…….

    • Sharon Says:

      Anthony, It’s great that you have a credit card. Do you have a job to pay for it. Along with the credit card do you have a mortgage to pay, electric bill to pay, food for your “real table”, gas for your car to go to work, fuel bill to heat your real house, taxes, etc.? Please remember with the economy the way it is many people don’t have an extra dollar to waste. Many people don’t have a job or a parent to pay their expenses. We are all certainly allowed to express our likes and dislikes, and it does seem that the majority does not like this new cash shop. Have fun playing and paying. Many of us will chose not to do either.

  95. Janna Says:

    Hope bring up the latest gifts… like halloween gifts… plz
    bring them back x3

  96. Nikki Says:

    they’d be greeat.. if i could actually get on pet society. !

  97. cecec Says:

    a caso no se puede consegir esas cash playfish que no sea comprarla con dinero real?

  98. Gaby Says:

    i’m disagree about play fish cash we have too used real money, some people don’t have a credit card so, please fix that or make a new thing to play with it.

    Some people said that have one, i don’t care!! just think in the people that don’t that types of facilities.

  99. Moo Says:

    Actually from a consumer’s view, I hope this game can be all free, more fancy cute stuffs, more ways for us to earn game coins…I hope every cute thing is free and I can get them all.

    But nothing comes free. You have to pay for lunch(even your mother’s cooking, materials are paid, electricity, gas is paid), pay for tv…everything, and that is fair. The one who uses should pay. Even the street, highway, you are not using them for free! You paid tax! Nothing is really free. Communists also need to pay!

    From a manufacturer’s view, it is quite normal.
    Do you see any business put on commercial ads on this game?
    How does playfish issue the payroll check (salary) to their designers and staffs?
    (Will you work for free in Playfish?)
    Where does the money come from?
    Wool comes from the lamb. And it is!

    They are not wrong, and they are not greedy. They are just like us, want to make some money.
    But this movement is just so obvious. And not in a nice way.
    If in the mean time, they are not putting all the beatiful beddings and treadmill machine on to that cash shop, consumers might not feel so bad.

    In my suggestions, playfish should look for more ad sponsors.
    Since the player population is huge, there might be good platform for commerical ads. See, facebook is free because there are ads!
    I believe the players here who don’t want to pay will not mind if there are more and more ads on this game.
    If you don’t want see ads, pay for the game!
    Please calm down and re-think.
    Am I right? Everything you are using, there must be someone paying for it!

    • Moo Says:

      Playfish is not an non-profit charity organization.
      Even world vision keeps asking money from sponsors!
      (My hubbie and I sponsor a kid through world vision. They keeps mailing flyers for asking more money!)

  100. prix Says:

    What´s wrong with playfish!! I do have a credit card but i´m not willing to spend real money @ the cash shop! i totally desagree i think they should reconsider this seriously. i mean i love the items but i´m not gonna pay 😦 shame on you playfish!!

  101. lele Says:

    Cash shop SUCKS!

    I visit 140 friends each day and I can hardly but TWS items. I usually can’t afford Luxury items. And I kept on playing somehow..
    Now they add a store where I’m excluded. Maybe they should consider making a rich ppl PS, instead of changing the regular PS.

    No cecec, solo puedes conseguirlo pagando, lo que es muy injusto!

  102. Vero Says:

    no cecec, para obtener las cosas del nuevo negocio, la única forma es pagando con dinero real, las coins del juego no sirven 😦

  103. mary Says:

    no creo q sea tan fanática como p dejar de pagar mis necesidades basicas con el fin de comprar cosas p mi pet. mas bien aumentan puntos a favor de dejar de jugar pet society, pues necesito mas tiempo p trabajar p pagar mis gastos.

  104. ALEX ESQUIVEL Says:

    I totally disagree with the new idea of earning coins… It will be the least visited shop… But who knows… theres people for everything.

    I know pet society’s idea is to make us earn our money in a fair way but pay for virtual stuff? omg


    new items are cool tough 🙂 ! ( I expected more… )

    • Moo Says:

      I am not saying Playfish is all good, but they also need to pay their staffs and designer for creating those virtual stuffs.
      Will you work with no salary in Playfish, and designing all those cool and cute virtual stuffs for free?
      Will you?
      People in playfish are not charity workers or volunteers. They also have wives and kids to raise. Why they have to work for free for us?

      It is too selfish to say that.

      After all, if you don’t think the virtual stuffs worth your money, then don’t buy it.
      If they really don’t worth money, why do you want them so much, even come here to complain? You want it right?

      • purssypink Says:

        OMG!!!!i did’nt know that

      • Irenka Says:

        people that work for playfish were just fine till now werent they moo??

      • Irenka Says:

        look its not the money that is isue (atleast i see that way) but if playfish wanted to start a game that will be proffitable should started that from the beggining not now that they saw that there are many players. from there came the word “greedy”. + how does the people in playfish worked till now?? if they werent payed they wont even work at all… so dont try to sell that to us.. and yes the items are good looking.. even better looking that those we can buy from the store and the offer for the ps cash is quite cheap i cant say its not but its the fact that it was cash-free till now but when they saw that many people are playing they started to charge that.. i think thats the fact that bothers us the most. (atleast it bothers to me because they DO become greedy)

      • Irenka Says:

        + many players are disapointed and some of them declared that they wont play anymore… WAY TO GO PLAYFISH! instead growing number u go the oposite way…

  105. pet-society-holic Says:

    Sonya, Why can’t we buy coins or Playfish Cash with cash. It would be a lot more convenient for some people.

    • Sonya Says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. You do not need a credit card to purchase this currency, a PayPal account can be linked directly to a bank account and payments made using that (as opposed to a credit card) if you choose.

      Also there are other options that may be available depending on your location such as Paymo (paying via your mobile phone) and TrialPay (offers and/or surveys run by other companies). I’m not too sure how Pay By Cash works, as I’ve never used that, but it’s another option that is there in some regions at least.

      • pet-society-holic Says:

        You could make instore products that could be sold, for example, at Wal-mart for x amount of cash , the consumer would buy the product and then go online and and enter a code which would be found on the inside of the box or on a Pet Society Debit Card, not a real one but, looks like one and they would then have Playfish Cash or coins.

        A lot of the Trialpay’s offers require purchases. I appreciate your answer.

    • Sonya Says:

      Thanks for clarifying. I have asked some questions and found out there is such a card, known as the Ultimate Game Card: which is run by PayByCash.

      These cards can be bought in selected stores in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Israel, the Philippines and Turkey. It can also be purchased online for delivery to the US and Canada from the above web address.

      Also, PayByCash (online payment) has many payment options for various countries which you can find out more about here:

      • pet-society-holic Says:

        Thank you for clarifying. I appreciate it and will probably go buy a Game Card some time soon.

  106. leny soetanto Says:

    I do concern about those new things lately…why it become more and more colourless than ever??? is there a problem with choosing a bright colours or is there a trend already? just remaining you that petsociety is a very cool online game…but with colourless items there wont be excited anymore….

  107. FM Says:

    Im planning to leave the PET SOCIETY. Its no fun anymore, if we gotta play with REAL MONEY! c’mon playfish…ITS JUST A GAME!!!!

    and i see that every week, you sell the items more and more expensive…while we earn the money more and more little than we used to. what’s up with that?!

    im gonna convince all my friends NOT TO PLAY PET SOCIETY if you’re trying to play this way. Because in the end…ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY…and we cannot enjoy the REAL GAME anymore….


  108. Klydie Says:

    Where can you get the pink jello? Or does any of you have one?
    Please tell me! Maybe we could trade……

  109. nokboi Says:

    i am a wise consumer and il not be spending my money for something intangible..later on in the future i may stop playing this game and il put my money to waste.. the world is in global financial crisis and people who can spend stuff in the cash shop-good for you because you can spend your money on whatever you wish to buy and dont blame us if we are disappointed because we love playfish and because of our love for them we didnt expect theyll do this to us so please understand how we feel because we understand your point too..

    for people who cannot buy or who wont buy then we’ll have to stick to the REGULAR stuff.. tsk3.. i understand playfish for putting up the cash shop but that doesnt erase the FACT that many of us are sad, annoyed and dissapointed

  110. ♥-pet-society-but-hates-the-idea-of-cash-shop Says:


  111. jemima Says:

    As if anyone would pay REAL money to buy things that are NOT REAL from a FAKE shop on a computer – Playfish u think ppl don’t have REAL lives in which they can spend their REAL cash to buy REAL things?????

  112. Olio Says:

    I think this just give others an option to buy more special items that others can’t afford and makes their pet stand out from the rest. Pet Society becomes more of a reflection of the “real” human society. Some of us are richer and live in luxury while most of the people are living in an ordinarily decorated house.

    If any of us like the items in “cash shop” but can’t afford to buy them, then control your desires!!! In reality, we really do not own a lot of things we desire for. Life can’t be perfect and it’s a fact you kids playing Pet Society need learn at young age!!!

    • Moo Says:

      It is true.
      Everyone can pay $20, just depends on if you think if it worth.
      Don’t go out for dinner one night, you can save $20.

      It is like real society, most of us just work for money, some of us are luckier to work both for interest and money. If you can’t afford, then don’t desire for it!
      If you can’t afford a private jet, will you call and complain that private jet is so expensive? I won’t even do that to embarrass myself.
      People complain because this game was designed for people who can not pay can still enjoy the game. Now when we realize the “reality,” it’s like taking away the lollipop from a kid’s mouth, telling him that the lollipop is not free. The kid will cry and get angry. Rights and advantages are the kind of things once you give out, people will be spoiled, and just want more from you. And they will not appreciate what you have done.

  113. Olio Says:

    If you go to supermarket and want to buy a bar of choco, you need to pay cash for it!! It’s not reasonable to say that Play Fish can’t charge from users. There are a number of ways to charge, like monthly fee, etc. But Play Fish is not using such means already and offers many of us a mean to play Pet Society without a cost!! Can someone appreciate what Play Fish has done to us but not criticizing it when it tries to earn a bit from you.

  114. Kimberly Says:

    if we can buy them by coins… it’ll be better because it was only 3 coins or whatever… if only it wasn’t real money… 😦

  115. Pei Yee Yeog Says:

    anyway,i will support the new shop although that stuffs are needed real money to buy them, playfish company also need the money to run all the games

  116. Kasie Says:

    i wish items woulds stay for 2 weeks so that i’ll be able to buy them all 😀

  117. nix Says:

    well the new update is awesome ……..but how to earn this PLAYFISH money this is no fare yarr………!!!!!:-((

  118. nix Says:

    well how to trade i donno how to trade???please som1 tell mee….

  119. Jassica Says:

    Can anyone tell me how to make playfish cash? i wan to buy some of the items!

  120. Patzy Says:

    i luv pet society and i think it’s enough that u can real money buy coins for and earn in the game, but what’s this now?!?!? this so-called ‘playfish cash’ is getting like ‘over the top’ if u know what i mean. Playfish cash=real money!!! that doesn’t make sense to me!! It’s not fair that we can only use real money to buy it! and what about kids, who play and doesn’t have credit cards or paypal??!! what about them, i care, cuz i am 1 of them(i’m only 13 yu see^^) who was it from playfish crew, who came up with this idea?? It’s some cool items, but them who can’t pay cant get!! It’s not fair, they could at least cost pet society money to buy it? what do u ppl say about all this? I don’t like it:(

    • Gunrose1966 Says:

      What’s the difference between using real money to pay for coin and playfish cash? Nothing. They are both virtual money that you can buy with real money, just named differently. I don’t understand why you could have no problem with paying one yet not ok with paying for the other.

  121. lynnz Says:

    For the past few days, i’ve been trying to log in pet society. But failed miserably. The game does not load. Tried many method though. I thought pet society had make things better lately. Why is this problem still occurring. It is so disappointing!

  122. moe Says:

    i am a huge fan of pet society… but i must agree with some of the comments written. I am disappointed that you, playfish, expect us to actually use credit cards to buy the new money??? I can only imagine there are many more kids playing this game then there are people who have credit cards…. so what were you thinking when putting this together?? There should be alternative ways to win the new playfish cash as there is for the regular coins.. such as more games like the races. I can see there are quite a few people who are upset with the situation so keep the comments coming, and maybe… just maybe you can find it in you to make minor changes to your game.

  123. edward Says:

    how can i get playfish cash???????????

  124. Cynical Logoleptic Says:

    Amazing. A cash shop? I bet you my bottom dollar, they’ll put everything prime there and then all we can do is drool. The normal new items will be substandard.

    What a letdown.

  125. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    Hello Sonya,
    I would love to read a reply from sonya .in my opinion really playfish should get rid of cash shop this is really bad to do in the financial crisis burt on the other hand playfish needs to make money for the credit crunch seeing this is their job and how mutch effort they put in to the animation i think they do deserve to ask for some money as an optional choice also the things in the cash shop are acctually quite plain s i dont know why everyone is complaining

    I however will not be spanding my good money on a virtual house or clothes

    Well i’m off The flowertot says hi aswell

    Bye please reply sonya

    • Sonya Says:

      Hi FiFi,

      I shared my personal opinion earlier (May 18, 2009 at 11:37 pm), when replying to Sharon’s question, if that helps.

      If not, could you please clarify your question more.


  126. Vero Says:

    enter here and you will see if playfish really need the money of tehe new shop

    • Gunrose1966 Says:

      Vero how old are you? Do you even understand what raising money means? These aren’t profits earned through their game. The millions playfish got from this investor are like loan in a way, and will need to be returned. Would you borrow millions from someone just so you can spend it all on making a game that would be free for all?

    • Lola Says:

      So Sonja, what do you have to say about this?

  127. Vero Says:


    • NANCY Says:

      So what? Playfish is not a charity organization.
      If you own your business, and you are a leader of refrigerator; almost every family uses your refrigerator, and you made 17 million on it. Will you now start to give out free refrigerators? Because you earn 17 million dollars, you will transfer to be a charity organization?

      Come on, wake up!

  128. trufolina Says:

    i agree with some of the comments written…i don’t like the cash shop…for me It’s not fair that we can only use real money to buy it!…i think that it’s an orribile initiative
    I love pet society but do not share this news.
    people have to use real money to eat in the real life!

    There should be alternative ways to win the new playfish cash

  129. Juli Says:

    Hello the new things me facinan are incredible though the shop nuva deviria conprar with the silver that tenes not buying with silver deverdad like that nobody is going to buy it BEAR PET MAD SOCIETY

  130. pet-society-holic Says:

    What is the Ultimate Gamer Card?

  131. heny Says:

    I tried to make playfish cash by bip one, I already waste much of my fee mobile phone but it didn’t work! i’m so disappointed!!

  132. Katie Says:

    Dear Sonya,

    Seriously I won’t mind paying for the extra feature items to enhance the game but the features introduce doesn’t look appealing to me… Not to say those exquisite furniture, I don’t see a need to purchase them and my pet can do it w/o any of them. If the Cash Shop is a shop that solely brings in additional enhancing tools for players in enhancing the game in terms of effectiveness towards time and effort in playing the game, I guess this will be much more appealing…

    I used the teleporter in one of my friend’s pet’s place and I don’t see it’s something I’ll buy to enhance my playing in PS… If there’s an additional feature that allows player to make bulk 1st visits to get our daily payout within 5-15 minutes, I’ll very much likely to invest ‘cos as a working adult, it’s time consuming for me to visit over 200 friends to get my daily payout and this alone takes me about 2hrs daily…

    If by taking 5-15minutes to do that, it serves as a time effective tool for busy working adults like me who wish to have continual interest in the game…

    Hope you can bring this idea towards Playfish… and perhaps Playfish might want to conduct another survey to understand consumers’ point of view and what are the features they are willing to invest…

    • blergh Says:

      Agreed! Or maybe some kind of “Magical effect” that helps pets to earn double coins in a limited period of time. Or a Auto Mystery Box Opener that opens multiple boxes at a time without having to wait for the pet to bend down and pick up each box. Or.. or another kind of Mystery Box that drops items that are not available in the shops/GMBs anymore e.g Spooky Fishbowl or Piggy! It will be much more exciting than all these =)

  133. nokboi Says:

    i see this as a strategy for playfish..first get millions of fans then make a cash shop to earn money.. hmmmm…

  134. nokboi Says:

    playfish should first ask consumer’s opinion or make a survey before making any moves because in that way they wont be disappointing their MILLIONS of fans..

  135. give me playfish money Says:

    not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. purssypink Says:

    I got everything except for cash items.REAL $$!!

  137. Christine Says:

    Cash shop…..not a good idea at all !!! Sorry to say that….Playfish should do something about this otherwise many pet society fans will be disappointed.

  138. newg Says:

    why real money?? i’m so disappointed. =(. why can’t we play for free?

  139. Irene Says:

    Dear PS
    I am very disappointed with the game. I find it is always hanging up on me. I can not always get into it, as the system is always down with no notice. I try to shop in the stores and they are closed to me (Furniture/Clothes). This is a game and we are expected to pay for everything we buy which is fine, but the prices are unreal, much too high.
    I think you need to look at the program and fix what is wrong before adding new things. You will be loosing people if these errors are not fixed.
    Whats this real money deal or credit cards. Macke up Pretend Credit Cards and keep your members happy. Make them a reward when the meet a certain limit or they earn can earn bonus points. Setting it up as a challenge would more than likly make more people happy and willing to play the game.

  140. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    Thanks very mutch sonya and i just read over my letter and realised i asked no question

  141. sherwyn Says:

    when are the weekly winners posted? its almost the end of the week

  142. ruthruth Says:

    They should put a pool in pet society to make the sale to and also a beach for the summer.

  143. ruthruth Says:

    when placed around playfish currencies should averle even 5 coins given to people

  144. schellen Says:

    Thank you for the Pipa BUT YOU DO NOT PLAY A PIPA LIKE A GUITAR, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE!!! I was keen to buy one but after playing one at a friend’s house, I gave up. For starters, you don’t hold a pipa like a lute or guitar, you hold it upright. And you pluck gracefully, you do NOT strum or wave the neck around like some rock star! By doing this, it shows how ignorant (or lazy) you are and it’s an insult to teh Chinese culture.

  145. Po Says:

    this is turning off ppl , is playfish going to respond to us ? they should regret for asking real $$, thats why so many ppl cheat in the game

  146. Adit Says:

    how to get a cash??

  147. john Says:

    still disappointed.
    i totally understand playfish’s need to make money, but i believe there could be other ways, say, from ads, instead of extending their hands to the players to ask for more money whenever they feel like they need more.
    glitches have not been eliminated, the game still lags sometimes and players are getting more frustrated. and yet more money is to be made? this sounds like plain lazyness to me, playfish.

  148. andre Says:

    i hate the new cash shop it suck you need real money to buy the items but i like the items but i cant buy i grr 😡
    i like the other items in the other stores 😛

  149. :D Says:

    i love the Pipa!
    will there be more oriental stuff like Guzheng?

    in addition to oriental stuff, hope there will be the flute

  150. STiKit Says:

    To all the people who say “I hate playfish!”

    Grow. Up.

    Some creative people are posting ideas about how to rectify this which is GREAT, but simply throwing a tantrum screaming and wailing that this is unfair and how poor you are and how playfish are greedy for wanting funds (with which they could use to pay bills, staff and servers)… it well… it makes you seem like a spoilt child who has, up til now gotten everything they’ve wanted and now demands everything else.

    You’re doing a disservice to your “cause” IF you have one and are not just complaining for the sake of it.

  151. STiKit Says:

    One more thing. Playfish makes lots of money sure.


    ESPECIALLY after the hack that meant you could sell one rare for 80*4999 and never need to use the bank?

  152. dhea Says:

    i like the cloth!!!
    but how to get the cash??
    please give me dog things!!!
    I want the dog things!!
    but, not too expensive…

  153. Zeline Says:

    why they’re so expnsive? i must spend my money for a long time,.

  154. sonakshi sinha Says:

    i miss the old pet society 😦 😥

  155. sonakshi sinha Says:

    its also same they hack playfish cash also we cant stop hacking in pet society 😦

  156. Joe Rachid Says:

    I am no longer sharing any interests in Pet Society. I have been playing it for 5 months and i dont really like it anymore because of its new policies. Why did u invent a new store? i like the store and the stuff but the fact that using real money is on my nerves. Cant u make a rule like we can buy playfish coins using our normal coins, Example: 5,000 coins= 1 playfish coin. we can use this and the other payment software. please pet society.

  157. Grace Says:

    Why is everyone being such a whiny baby?? Pet Society was FREE to add to your profile. Video games that are less involved cost MONEY to buy, so why is it such a big effing deal to make some items available for money? I mean, come on! If you don’t want to pay, DONT! Stop whining and go add a few more friends to visit to earn coins if you don’t have enough to buy items!!

  158. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    I love pet society and will never sop using it because maybe some people can get better items but the thing is we aren’t being forced to spend out money on this

    P.s we should be thanking playfish for making pet society anyway so THANKS xxx

  159. Pinky Says:

    I love pet society!but I hate cash shop!my little son play on pet society.I´m wondering if playfish doesn´t make enough money,the $17 should not charge real money from us.anyways for the record Skitit maybe you are rich,but ï´m not,so next time say something nice!!

  160. Doby Says:

    i’m so disappointed, now all nice stuff will be in new cash shop. I think it is unfair!

  161. fahad Says:

    damn it the new store SUX !!!

  162. Pet Society Fan Nº 1 Says:

    I Love the Pet Society new items. In special the new store!

  163. katja Says:

    Dear playfish I was reading a few of the comments other people have put on this page and I must agree with some! it is unfair that you are charging now for items! at the same time I think its your business what ever you are doing, and then again we are not being forced to pay it! so its still good.
    I was going to suggest a new store! one for plants! Just plants! a lot of us like to buy plants but put different prices some cheap becuase not everyone earns a lot of coins in one day! its actually very hard to have coins in pet society! (everything is a bit expensive)
    So about the new shopcash I would propose to put 2 prices the shop cash, and coins if you wish put it very expensive but at least some people will be able to get them! for example there are a few things that cost 3 cash money so put it to 300000 coins or something!

  164. Amewsed Says:

    I love the new Playfish Cash store and have bought the new bedroom furniture, which I totally love…! *drool*

    Personally, I am okay with sending money to Playfish, because if they couldn’t pay their employees, they’d have to close shop and I’d be curled up in a ball like a junkie without her smack.

    That being said, I do understand the other side of the coin (pun slightly intended)….

  165. Orlando Says:

    I Love the Items !!!! an i love a new room has been created ….. one suggest ….it wolud be nice to have an extra room maybe in the first floor … cause some people create salons or shops in their houses …….. and also maybe one day of special offers from old items !!!

  166. juliy Says:


  167. CHing Says:

    i like the pipa ^^~

  168. Tasha.jade Says:

    To playfish
    I, like all the others agreed and was dissapointed with the new cash shop and the gorgous new stuff i would never get (As i dont have a credit/debit card and am a student, typically with no money). But after my lovely boyfriend told me (after my ranting) that he had some pounds left he could not budge in his paypal account i induldged in some new items. However i was dissapointed to find that we could not sell back any (in the future) unwanted Cash Shop items for the Cash shop coins, i understand it wouldnt be the same amount but the recyling and normal coins that are refunded as well are poor.
    I really think this issue of the Selling back the Cash shop itmems for the Cash shop coins needs to be addressed, because its unfair.
    I hope you take this into consideration, thanks.

  169. Renee Says:

    The firefighter helmet is not TWS?

  170. rousong Says:

    that item i loved it…may i knw here can sell the car??? o selling the food with packet, example : 1 packet of apple =50 pcs, selling 45 coins,…tq

  171. Elie Says:

    i agree with the others for CASH SHOP

  172. zaid allozi Says:

    i hait cash shop 😦

  173. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)! […]

  174. MC DoCtoR Says:

    Did somebody tryed a playfish cash ??
    I`m intrensted in haw many play fish cash can i get whit 20$ ??
    If smobody find a way haw to earn playfish Cash by dont paying a real money … pls answer me!!
    my email : petp76@yahoo
    and This is the best game I ever had played , but it`s not FER !!

  175. anna Says:

    All of you that complaine all the time:STOP!you are very exacting.this is a job,don`t ask too much.there are lots of other thing that you can buy and every week are added more and more.and you shouldn`t just pay using a credit card:use your mobile.if you can`t buy them just forget them and stop complaining.if you really want to be heard of sonya and other palyfish guys,stop talking them so rudely and and give them your ideas!you are saying:try to fing an other way to get money.why don`t you tell them a way?they are people like you,stop behaving as little children.i am not saying that they are ok at all but you make then seem SOOOOO BAD.come on..make your mind work,share your ideas and then a better game will be borned 😉
    think of it……

  176. anna Says:

    please,sonya i want to read my letter and answer me.
    a good idea to get money is to make more competitions.please do it for us.don`t forget the other ways but try to do also this.if you don`t have ideas for the competitions just ask me.but please think of it..
    the other way that i thought is more difficult but i think it is good.let us make some new things for every shop and then send them to you.then you should check them and see if you like them.if you like them, we could take the things we made without paying.but only OUR things.please think of it.but just let us know how you are making them.if you think it is wrong,just tell me why and do the first thing i said.that is ok,i think

    please answer me…:)

  177. Isabella Says:

    I love those things!

  178. jalcyn Says:

    hi pls.

  179. Waylon Figurelli Says:

    I’m going to bookmark this post…

  180. Vivien Pfaffinger Says:

    Super-Duper web site! I am loving it!!! Will come back again again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  181. encuestas remuneradas Says:

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  182. Olivia Hillebrand Says:

    Thanks for this great article. It contains a lot of information which I need. I will bookmark your site by my next visit.

  183. Frank Widmark Says:

    Thanks for posting this great article. Visit my own!

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