Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)!


Hey Pet Society fans! The weekly item release has just gone live on Facebook Pet Society, so sign in now to browse through the latest additions!

New to the Furniture Store this week is the Ladybug Doll, who would love to join your sunniest room (I heard she is not that keen on snow)! Also, the new rustic furniture, oriental tea set and leather bound books will bring an earthly feel to your pet’s home! Plus, the new marquees will fit perfectly with your outdoor settings from last week. 😉




Rustic Oak Stool

Ladybug Doll

Rustic Oak Table




Oriental Tea Pot (TWS)

Leather Bound Books

Oriental Tea Cup (TWS)



Green Marquee (TWS)

White Marquee

The Luxury Store has this fantastic pipa, brought to you all the way from China, so that your pet can pluck away all day!



The Gadget Store has some brand new clocks this week (it was about time for some ;)). Also, the Zen Arc Lamp is a great new lighting option.

Blue Simple Clock

Pink Simple Clock (TWS)

Zen Arc Lamp

Lily has been very busy sewing up a storm in the Clothes Store! She has a brand new firefighter outfit, a gorgeous sari, plus a dark little dress and matching accessories.




Firefighter Jacket (TWS)

Black Fire Helmet (TWS)

Firefighter Pants (TWS)




Firefighter Boots (TWS)

Sari Dress

Firefighter Mitten (TWS)




Dark Lolita Hairband (TWS)

Dark Lolita Dress (TWS)

Dark Lolita Shoes (TWS)

Truffles is delighted this week with some very yummy ice creams new to the Food Store!




Orange Soft Serve (TWS)

Chocolate Soft Serve

Strawberry Soft Serve

The sugary feeling continues in the D.I.Y. Store with the Gingerbread Window and Wallpaper. And the Dark Bathroom Basin and Wall Cabinet will make for a very stylish bathroom.



Gingerbread Window

Gingerbread Wallpaper



Dark Bathroom Basin Cabinet

Dark Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Finally, as you will know from ‘Meet Terrence and his amazing new store!’, the Cash Shop has arrived in town! Here is everything that is available now:



Lucky Penny

Winged Shoes







Imperial Bed

Imperial Sofa


Imperial Dressing Table




Country Kitchen Stove

Dark Oak Country Cabinet

Dark Oak Country Stove Hood

Note that this update is Facebook only, and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind.

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228 Responses to “Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)!”

  1. STiKit Says:

    One more thing. Playfish makes lots of money sure.


    ESPECIALLY after the hack that meant you could sell one rare for 80*4999 and never need to use the bank?

  2. dhea Says:

    i like the cloth!!!
    but how to get the cash??
    please give me dog things!!!
    I want the dog things!!
    but, not too expensive…

  3. Zeline Says:

    why they’re so expnsive? i must spend my money for a long time,.

  4. sonakshi sinha Says:

    i miss the old pet society 😦 😥

  5. sonakshi sinha Says:

    its also same they hack playfish cash also we cant stop hacking in pet society 😦

  6. Joe Rachid Says:

    I am no longer sharing any interests in Pet Society. I have been playing it for 5 months and i dont really like it anymore because of its new policies. Why did u invent a new store? i like the store and the stuff but the fact that using real money is on my nerves. Cant u make a rule like we can buy playfish coins using our normal coins, Example: 5,000 coins= 1 playfish coin. we can use this and the other payment software. please pet society.

  7. Grace Says:

    Why is everyone being such a whiny baby?? Pet Society was FREE to add to your profile. Video games that are less involved cost MONEY to buy, so why is it such a big effing deal to make some items available for money? I mean, come on! If you don’t want to pay, DONT! Stop whining and go add a few more friends to visit to earn coins if you don’t have enough to buy items!!

  8. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    I love pet society and will never sop using it because maybe some people can get better items but the thing is we aren’t being forced to spend out money on this

    P.s we should be thanking playfish for making pet society anyway so THANKS xxx

  9. Pinky Says:

    I love pet society!but I hate cash shop!my little son play on pet society.I´m wondering if playfish doesn´t make enough money,the $17 should not charge real money from us.anyways for the record Skitit maybe you are rich,but ï´m not,so next time say something nice!!

  10. Doby Says:

    i’m so disappointed, now all nice stuff will be in new cash shop. I think it is unfair!

  11. fahad Says:

    damn it the new store SUX !!!

  12. Pet Society Fan Nº 1 Says:

    I Love the Pet Society new items. In special the new store!

  13. katja Says:

    Dear playfish I was reading a few of the comments other people have put on this page and I must agree with some! it is unfair that you are charging now for items! at the same time I think its your business what ever you are doing, and then again we are not being forced to pay it! so its still good.
    I was going to suggest a new store! one for plants! Just plants! a lot of us like to buy plants but put different prices some cheap becuase not everyone earns a lot of coins in one day! its actually very hard to have coins in pet society! (everything is a bit expensive)
    So about the new shopcash I would propose to put 2 prices the shop cash, and coins if you wish put it very expensive but at least some people will be able to get them! for example there are a few things that cost 3 cash money so put it to 300000 coins or something!

  14. Amewsed Says:

    I love the new Playfish Cash store and have bought the new bedroom furniture, which I totally love…! *drool*

    Personally, I am okay with sending money to Playfish, because if they couldn’t pay their employees, they’d have to close shop and I’d be curled up in a ball like a junkie without her smack.

    That being said, I do understand the other side of the coin (pun slightly intended)….

  15. Orlando Says:

    I Love the Items !!!! an i love a new room has been created ….. one suggest ….it wolud be nice to have an extra room maybe in the first floor … cause some people create salons or shops in their houses …….. and also maybe one day of special offers from old items !!!

  16. juliy Says:


  17. CHing Says:

    i like the pipa ^^~

  18. Tasha.jade Says:

    To playfish
    I, like all the others agreed and was dissapointed with the new cash shop and the gorgous new stuff i would never get (As i dont have a credit/debit card and am a student, typically with no money). But after my lovely boyfriend told me (after my ranting) that he had some pounds left he could not budge in his paypal account i induldged in some new items. However i was dissapointed to find that we could not sell back any (in the future) unwanted Cash Shop items for the Cash shop coins, i understand it wouldnt be the same amount but the recyling and normal coins that are refunded as well are poor.
    I really think this issue of the Selling back the Cash shop itmems for the Cash shop coins needs to be addressed, because its unfair.
    I hope you take this into consideration, thanks.

  19. Renee Says:

    The firefighter helmet is not TWS?

  20. rousong Says:

    that item i loved it…may i knw here can sell the car??? o selling the food with packet, example : 1 packet of apple =50 pcs, selling 45 coins,…tq

  21. Elie Says:

    i agree with the others for CASH SHOP

  22. zaid allozi Says:

    i hait cash shop 😦

  23. Pet Society ~ New Monday Items June 1 « Words pressed comin’ from Gophe’s mind Says:

    […] Fire (fighters) and ice (creams)! […]

  24. MC DoCtoR Says:

    Did somebody tryed a playfish cash ??
    I`m intrensted in haw many play fish cash can i get whit 20$ ??
    If smobody find a way haw to earn playfish Cash by dont paying a real money … pls answer me!!
    my email : petp76@yahoo
    and This is the best game I ever had played , but it`s not FER !!

  25. anna Says:

    All of you that complaine all the time:STOP!you are very exacting.this is a job,don`t ask too much.there are lots of other thing that you can buy and every week are added more and more.and you shouldn`t just pay using a credit card:use your mobile.if you can`t buy them just forget them and stop complaining.if you really want to be heard of sonya and other palyfish guys,stop talking them so rudely and and give them your ideas!you are saying:try to fing an other way to get money.why don`t you tell them a way?they are people like you,stop behaving as little children.i am not saying that they are ok at all but you make then seem SOOOOO BAD.come on..make your mind work,share your ideas and then a better game will be borned 😉
    think of it……

  26. anna Says:

    please,sonya i want to read my letter and answer me.
    a good idea to get money is to make more competitions.please do it for us.don`t forget the other ways but try to do also this.if you don`t have ideas for the competitions just ask me.but please think of it..
    the other way that i thought is more difficult but i think it is good.let us make some new things for every shop and then send them to you.then you should check them and see if you like them.if you like them, we could take the things we made without paying.but only OUR things.please think of it.but just let us know how you are making them.if you think it is wrong,just tell me why and do the first thing i said.that is ok,i think

    please answer me…:)

  27. Isabella Says:

    I love those things!

  28. jalcyn Says:

    hi pls.

  29. Waylon Figurelli Says:

    I’m going to bookmark this post…

  30. Vivien Pfaffinger Says:

    Super-Duper web site! I am loving it!!! Will come back again again – taking you feeds also, Thanks.

  31. encuestas remuneradas Says:

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  32. Olivia Hillebrand Says:

    Thanks for this great article. It contains a lot of information which I need. I will bookmark your site by my next visit.

  33. Frank Widmark Says:

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