Please wait! Monday’s release will be late!


Hey Pet Society fans!

Just a little update for you!

Monday’s Shop Release on Facebook is being delayed until sometime between 8 am and 10 am GMT this Monday due to some exciting changes coming Monday!

Also this week’s mysterious items are being delayed until Monday for the same reason!

All the releases will occur at the same time on Monday, there will be blog posts when it happens, so you will know exactly when if you keep an eye on the Pet Society Blog!

The Playfish Team!

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87 Responses to “Please wait! Monday’s release will be late!”

  1. Alzed & Teddy Says:

    Oh yeah what this Sonya?

  2. Kittenfox Says:

    I’m SO SO SO excited! Trust Pet Society to be the only thing that makes me wish the weekend would go by FASTER!

  3. sette Says:

    uhm… can’t w8 for the changes..

  4. sarah Says:

    do I have to save money?? Bigger rooms? Bigger houses? New sport activities? A shop! Yes…plz just a few clues for us! πŸ™‚

  5. pei yee yeong Says:

    wow..i can’t wait what will come out on this monday

  6. jim Says:

    cant wait .. so excited !!!!!

  7. sette Says:

    yeah, just a few hint please! =P

  8. SoleP Says:

    Again???, please, why donΒ΄t you do the changes before monday. We pass the hole week waiting for the new stuff and now we have to wait a bit more. I hate that situation

  9. SoleP Says:

    and what about de New Misterious items of the week???

  10. sherwyn Says:

    cant wait!!! =) hope its something good that we can be able to earn more money.. weeee.. =)

  11. Rinoa Says:

    can’t wait… i really love mondays when the new items coming out…
    sad that it would be late… cuz new items on mondays really make my day….

  12. katha Says:

    yeah i want to know what will happen

  13. pei yee yeong Says:

    i think they will separate the stuffs in put them in the new shop

  14. eleysha Says:

    is this this week the 18th or previous and why ???????????

  15. Lilly Says:

    cant wait for the “exciting changes” πŸ™‚

  16. SoleP Says:

    al least I hope, Playfish, make biggers rooms

  17. jennifer p Says:

    oooooooooooooooooh cant wait

  18. Kiddo Says:

    Can’t wait for the new stuff πŸ˜€

  19. Bethanie Says:

    Its going to be a shop πŸ™‚

  20. Asami Says:

    Meanwhile MySpace won’t be getting anything for weeks, awesome. 😦

  21. jnn Says:

    let me guess, more ADD COINS buttons, pffft.

  22. Patty Says:

    pls add many things

  23. Patty Says:

    pls. dont erase my pet jasmine

  24. sherwyn Says:

    where can i find the number of paw points in order to reach the next level?

  25. FiFi And The Flowertot Says:

    Now I am exited Flowertot (my pet) and me are so exited happy pet society everyone and flowertot would love to wish you all a happy day

  26. hello all! Says:

    Let me guess: will there be a new shop?

  27. IGNACIO Says:

    PLEASE……!!!!! You have to give us a clue on this week stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. IGNACIO Says:

    I don’t think I’ll get any sleep tomorrow……………come one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Mikhail Delfin Says:

    I think they’ll add the TWS items from few weeks (or months) ago!!!!!!!!! Probably they’ll also add a faster way to send gifts to other friends (especially for those who trade in the forums). Can’t wait! GMT+8 here and its Sunday, May 17, 1:17pm so I expect it to be on 6pm (in my time), therefore, I need to wait for more than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!! :(. BUt that’s okay. maybe it’s all worth it. πŸ™‚

  30. sherwyn Says:

    tnx for answering sonya.. =) i love your blog

  31. jk12324 Says:

    Hmmm let me guess…the big reveal of ???’s identity???

  32. bea Says:

    so next monday will the new items appear?

  33. Anthony Says:

    I really dont want to wait untill tommorow morning …But I guess I have to !! But I hope thye bring more auntiques !!! Yey !!

  34. Realkiller Says:

    ohh man….the new items will revealed to us here at 6 pm how many hours to go…….hmmm…can’t least just give us a clue…^^

  35. Michelle Says:

    I can’t wait till tomorrow excited to see whats new.This is my Favorite game!

  36. pamella Says:

    i wish the new arrival is a skirt…

  37. hanna micah Says:

    what time will you guys release the items?

  38. su zu Says:

    It’s Monday here already, but I guess I’ll have to wait another 6 or 7 hours.
    Can’t wait!!!

  39. chimereshaffer Says:

    maybe they will add a new buliding or store ^^

  40. Diego Says:

    can’t wait for the news really i keep the eye on playfish

  41. Doris Says:

    Can’t wait for the new items.

  42. Belle Says:

    Can’t wait till the new items! yay.

  43. Bertha Castilla Says:

    I want to know at what time is going to be in stores the new items… here is sunday at (10:48 PM) 22:48… I am reading the new items will be in stores until monday… at what time in mexico???
    I think here is -6 GMT

  44. FIONA Says:

    Its monday today and its 1:33 in our clock but i dont see any new in pet society:(

  45. chimereshaffer Says:

    5 hours to go for us hehehe

  46. Borbonsito Says:

    So no yet??? I cant waiit

  47. Therese Says:

    hey. πŸ™‚ how long do we have to wait? HAHA! i’m so excited. :))

  48. Melly Says:

    OMG I’m sooooo excited to see the changes!!!!!

  49. Unknown Says:

    I cant wait!

  50. Oya Says:

    I really dont wait to MONDAY! SO SO SO SO exited!

  51. Yvonne Says:

    the suspense is killing me!

  52. sally Says:

    is it already done? does the new items has arrived?

  53. Kriti Says:

    What new items……ill be waiting!

  54. Belle Says:

    what time is it will be launching? erm.

  55. mai Says:

    it hasn’t arrived’s 4pm in my country monday, so it’s around 8am gmt πŸ™‚

  56. lcya24 Says:

    mee too i’m @ gmt+8
    waiting for items

  57. Jen Says:

    me too! i am waiting!

  58. Rodrigo Says:

    lucky you…

    i’m -6 GMT… so it’s 2:30am here :p

    C’mon!!! buy then sleep

  59. kjell Says:

    so, what time is 8am gmt in the philippines?

  60. lydia Says:

    Hello! I’m from portland oregon. I’m in the pacific time zone. I was wondering when the new items would be out for me! Usually they are out sundays at 5pm.

  61. Matteo^^ Says:

    In Italy we are still waiting….

  62. su zu Says:

    is it getting close?
    3:05PM (GMT + 6:30) here.

  63. Michael Says:

    Come On…… PLS…….. Hurry up and release!!!!!! I have to go to work in 4 hrs and still haven’t went to bed…..

  64. JAPOY Says:


  65. Bella Says:

    2.44am here, staying awake just to see the new items *ashamed*

  66. JAPOY Says:

    I’M AT GMT+8..

  67. chimereshaffer Says:

    its 4:50 pm here surely the items will arrive at 6 here at the Philippines ^^

  68. Maisie pops Says:

    I am guessing it won’t happen til 11 am british time folks. Remember they are on british winter time not summer time so things don’t come on at midnight they come at 1 am. And theres no way it will be early so u will have another hour. Means 7 o clock not 6 for those on GMT + 8

  69. Lans Says:

    i cant connect…maybe they are fixing the items already!

  70. Lans Says:

    Items had as usual…cash cash cash

  71. lcya24 Says:

    can i earn playfish money?

  72. Chi Says:

    i need money…

  73. giulia Says:

    hello! giulia my name and I do not know how to earn (playfish cash) without spending money … How Do I?


  74. Muthiaza Says:

    i need money too….

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