Tiddly-Winks’ Music


Written by: Yvette Jessen (Tiddly Winks)

Tiddly-Winks has so many hobbies that it sometimes seems as though she loses track of them all. She loves spending the spring days in her neighbourhood bumping trees, collecting coins, and savouring a piece of cheese after a hard day’s work.


Of course, the most enjoyable activity is to visit her friends. Each one is unique and special for variety of reasons.

Bubba always has a funny joke to tell, Harry tells her about the movies he has seen, Mookie and she enjoy looking at new furniture, Benjamina shows her the fine art of decorating a cheese room, Rio-Clarice and she go window shopping, and Skunk shows her his latest dance moves over sparking pear juice.


However, the thing that she truly loves is to make music. She enjoys music as much as she enjoys buying a new dress at the clothing store, or checking out her latest mystery box purchase.


One of her favourite places to go to play music is her friend Kokonee’s house. Kokonee is one of her best friends and they’ve known each other for a very long time. Whenever the two of them do get together, it is a given as to the activity they will choose first.

As soon as they hug one another, Kokonee immediately races across her living room to the acoustic guitar in one corner. She has no doubt been anticipating Tiddly-Winks’ visit as much as Tiddly-Winks had anticipated stopping by.

Kokonee begins to strum while Tiddly-Winks grabs the trumpet and brings it to her lips. After a proper warm-up tone emerges, the room is suddenly filled with cheerful music. This leaves both friends feeling very happy as the final tone fades.


Each day this happens whenever Tiddly-Winks visits her friend, and each day there is a feeling of joy that emanates from them as they play their favourite songs together.

Once the two friends have finished their jam session, they laugh before they head off to the café to sit down and enjoy a blueberry muffin or cheesecake. Their discussions are usually about their love of music and what songs they will be playing tomorrow.

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26 Responses to “Tiddly-Winks’ Music”

  1. Purssypink Says:

    So cute I like the music part

  2. Alv Lox Says:


  3. Ames Says:

    OMG Mookie is famous! LOL Congrats Tiddly!

  4. joel Says:

    i like the cheese part SO DELISH!

  5. sarah Says:

    hem….really cute…but what is this, exactly? 🙂

  6. pink gay scammer (ehem .. layth) Says:

    that story is so cute 😛 and yes ames .. Mookie is famous & Dior is jealous :S

  7. areen Says:

    hhhmmmmmmm….. deilseoso i like sheese ❤

  8. sherwyn Says:

    where can i make one like this?

  9. misael Says:

    wat is this all about??hmm..:D



  10. Yvette Says:

    haha ! Yvette same name as me (:

  11. Anolliot Says:

    The best part is the CHEESE!! WooT!

    And there’s me friends in that story too! That’s the second best part!!

    YaY! Congrats Tiddly-Winks!!

  12. Stasia (Kokonee) Says:

    They do have an awfully fun time making music! I wonder when the CD will come out?
    Congrads TW!

  13. Fynfyn Says:

    Congrats on being published. YAY!!! Looking forward to reading many more fun and cheerful tales from you. (hugs)

  14. sarah Says:

    wait for my story to come! 😀

  15. rama Says:


  16. evilcaz Says:

    yay benjaminas cheese room for all to see lol

  17. adriana Says:


  18. marisa Says:

    😛 😀 🙂 jaja

  19. ~zecret~ Says:


    i don’t understand…

    tiddly winks is so not cool


    as if….

    feeling close to me??

    do u know what i mean???

  20. ~zecret~ Says:

    it is not COOL…..



    I MEAN PENELOPE IS cooler than tiddly wink’s


  21. Bwee Says:

    Sounds like somebody’s Bitter McBitterpants.

  22. Rosie Says:

    Haha thats so cute xD
    Im gonna try to make a story too o:
    And ~zecret~ srsly ur just jealus. :/

  23. Yvette Says:

    Thanks to all for the comments. But, I beg to differ, Tiddly Winks is very cute. She’s my pride and joy.

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