COMPETITION: Where do you play?


We’re so proud to see people from every corner of the globe enjoying Playfish games, and now we want you to show us exactly where YOU play! And to entice you, we’ve got some amazing prizes to give away!

Here’s all you need to do. Print out a Playfish logo and take a photo of yourself or you and your friends holding it. Now where you take the photo is up to you but the more fun, crazy and unexpected the shot the better, so put on your thinking caps and show us what you can come up with!


When you have your photo the rest is easy! Just follow the instructions to send us everything we need to enter you into the competition and youll have a chance at winning one of the amazing prizes!

This competition is open for submissions between the 5th and the 27th of May 2009. After that well select our top 50 finalist snapshots. Then YOU get to vote for your favourite!

So, where do you play?

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71 Responses to “COMPETITION: Where do you play?”

  1. mariioo Says:

    I want the MAC!!!!!
    😮 hell yeah! 😀 good
    Add me please
    first!! 😀

  2. mariioo Says:

    this is genial! :O 🙂 hahaha (H) (Y)

  3. Valerieyan Says:

    Nice =)

  4. Akitzzz Says:

    COOL! ^^

  5. Playfish Says:

    We are waiting for your entries,thank you,

  6. Biboy Says:

    COOL. 😀

  7. Sweety Says:


    I want any prize… ❤

  8. marisa Says:

    😛 😀 🙂

  9. Diego Says:

    WooH! that day will be a lucky day for me, something is telling me that i will win, that day just that day, is my birthday 15th 😀 :D,

    i’m very happy and waiting for the winners (in one of those i will be)

    Any prize ❤ ❤ =D

  10. captain-rex Says:

    Lol i am for mexico well im not interesting to win

  11. bluefairy16 Says:

    That will be nice… 8D

  12. aaron Says:

    you shoould touch your own tutoy hahah

  13. aaron Says:

    am drag

  14. aaron Says:


  15. Linda W. Vienna Says:

    I like more pet coins!

  16. kiwii Says:

    Are we allowed to use a bit of photoshop??
    please playfish reply 🙂

  17. TZ165 Says:

    i would like 2 have more coins on my lottery…i had 50coins since last month already

  18. LoveBell Says:

    I wanna join this!!

  19. ... Says:


  20. areen Says:

    i`m in

  21. Suzana Says:

    What was just happend? Another maintanance?

  22. Jen Says:

    the maintenance is taking so long!! huhuhuhu

  23. Maggie T Says:

    I would like to know what maintanence you always did too =P
    By the way, I’m in too!
    I play in Hong Kong…I love playfish! ❤

  24. Miguel Says:


  25. ... Says:

    I want to b d 3rd winner!!

  26. Alu Says:

    so the logo can be in any color?
    red, blue, black…are all fine?

  27. Juggles Says:

    Woot!! I Gots some good Ideas. Will require a ticket to Disney world though. I R In Florida!!

  28. Meg Says:

    My Pet Is Sexyy Initt Babeess’z ,,
    How Do Yuee Take Part In The Competition ,,

  29. Luxoteh Says:

    This is sencacional!
    Is the best thing that has happened in a game
    I love games playfish
    Geo Challenge, Word Challenge
    and special pet society

  30. angiiee Says:

    (yn) hahaha

  31. angiiee Says:

    For those who love playfish, luck all;)

  32. Adrian Says:

    pet society is the best game i ever played

  33. MONICA Says:

    I want you to publish de news in Spanish because is so hard to me understand.
    Please translate the mesages. it´s wonderfull play with you!

  34. Camm Says:

    Good Luck to everyone!,I play in Chile,South America 🙂 then I’ll send the photo. =D

  35. Michelle Slattery Says:

    can photos be taken at a vacation site?

  36. issaaac Says:

    i dont have a printer so good luck to the competitors..

  37. tsukihime Says:

    aww!! the mac book!!! yey! ~

  38. Verra Fu Says:

    I love pet society so much… I’d play this game all night long… hahaha…
    I play in Surabaya, Indonesia… I’ll try to send my photo as soon as possible… Thanx a lot 4 this game… Playfish !!!!!!

  39. paul eguico Says:

    i hope i will win some coins and prizes…thanks 😉

  40. Yvonne Says:

    This contest is really an awesome idea!! Can’t wait to see more entries!
    I will keep eyes on the gallery! 😉

    The country name discourages me to join in, but still look forward to see one or more works from Taiwan! 😛

    Thanks for hosting this contest!! ^^

  41. Georgia Winston Says:

    Wow! I wanna join!:D

  42. ok Says:

    this is ok @};-

  43. ok Says:

    ok 2 :))

  44. ok Says:

    can i join this game ??? :((

  45. ok Says:


  46. ok Says:


  47. Marie Says:

    I play in little Denmark ;P .. Acctually on Bornholm ;P

  48. albert Says:

    i am a rich pet becouse i have many good things

  49. Angel Says:


  50. ece arman Says:

    ı play in Cyprus….ı love pet society so much…good luck to everybody…

  51. jesson Says:

    hello…nice competition…i hope we can play it all…good luck

  52. Matrika Says:

    Are we allowed to recreate the logo (with the colour still blue or pink) in our own creative way?

  53. Joey Says:

    hehehe i want to join the game i like to win the mac book!! happy playing to all..

  54. Darren Says:

    Singapore, Jurong east! Haha, i play in the libary while reading books. Its like, a pet living in my computer, by my side 😀

  55. hannah Says:

    sorry my mistake i’m really sorry that was my boyfriend

  56. MaaBeel Says:

    what’s the 2Ok coins..?

    what’s da “k”?

  57. Faith Says:

    hey this competition is COOL!!!
    i’m gonna take a pic when i m on the singapore flyer!!! sadly, i dun think i can. so merlions pls do that for me!!

  58. Kelvin Servigon Says:

    cool!! I’ll join this contest!

  59. lcya24 Says:

    what are the prizes>?

  60. macy Says:

    i hope it will be extended!!!

  61. Keir Halasan Says:

    i would like to ask how to avail those blue fish coins? thanks!!!

  62. Elli Says:

    So…you deleted the previous entry and all the comments…so…are you going to actually do something or ignore us???

  63. Caroline Says:

    Silje, er du norsk?

  64. Jenny Lyn Sarate Says:

    whow this is a great contest. will try one

  65. Jul Says:

    Hi!!! i´m Jul, from Mexico, and i´m one of the 50 finalist in the “i play here” competition. Please!!! vote for me, and promote my pic with your friends!!! =)

    the subject of my picture is dressed as the characters most famous games of Playfish. Please help me to win, be grateful to you and the friends with whom do you recommend?

    a very warm greeting from mexico! =)

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