Raining on “?”’s Parade


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has just released some more mysterious items! So sit back, relax and pretend you did not read this, or (for more excitement) go travelling the Pet Society world to try and find what he has hidden this week! 😉 To start searching, sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!)

While wondering around the town today, Sirius found a few pictures which she thinks “?” dropped, unfortunately they were a bit spoilt by the weather, but see if you can work out what they are.




(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Oh, and if you are wondering who Sirius is, she’s a pet from the village who occasionally acts as one of my sources!)

Here are the images that have been kept safe from the weather!




Blue Wave Surfboard Deco

Turquoise Mini Bubble Chair

World Traveler Suitcase

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104 Responses to “Raining on “?”’s Parade”

  1. Grace Says:

    really looking forward to the new items!! cant wait!!

  2. nikola Says:

    world traveler suicase yesssss

  3. AAA Says:

    I Don’t See The Items !!!!!!! 🙂 :):)

  4. HollyDolly Says:

    One of the GMB items is a world class traveller’s suitcase and the blue box item is a surfboard 🙂

  5. Audrey Says:

    A bubble chair ??? cool!!!!!!!

  6. halloween Says:

    the middle :turquoise mini bubble chair

  7. Carolyn Says:

    I believe the one in the middle (GMB) is a blue/turqouise study bubble seat. @ least tt’s wad it looks like to me. :p

  8. Lubkati Says:

    woooow, turquoisse mini bubble chair :))))

  9. Anthony Says:

    If Enyone Knows What They Are Please Say !!!! Cant Wait To Get Them

  10. HollyDolly Says:

    the other thing is a mini turquoise bubble chair!

  11. LolA Says:

    the first GMB is a bubble chair, blue really pretty, the second GMB i think is a suitcase with stickers, i cant tell whats on the BMB…

  12. mariioo Says:

    what are this new iteems..?=??????

  13. mariioo Says:

    world traveler suitcase, sofa?? and…?????

  14. LolA Says:

    blue wave surfboard!!!!!! soooo cute

  15. sarah Says:

    I jost got a blue cosy chair, that’s sooooooooo NICE!!!! I really really like it and think it’s the BEST of the items! 😉 lol

  16. Cassey Says:

    i haven’t got any luck till now.. i hope i get those items soon..

  17. Cassey Says:

    wow! i got the turquoise bubble chair from the gmb!! woo!!

  18. Eunice Says:

    the other one is a surf board =)

  19. florencia Says:

    Its a suitcase

  20. Cassey Says:

    the surfboard is in the bmb?!?

  21. martha Says:

    turquoise bubble chair!!!great item!!

  22. kayla Says:

    what is in the golden box

  23. Marijo Says:

    Today I got a balloon in the cheap mistery box, and it has a question mark in a corner, what does that mean??

  24. james Says:

    hehehehe the 1st is a surf board,then is blue bubble chair followed by travelers suitcase…loves loves loves all of em

  25. Mavigo Says:

    This is interesting!!! love to play…

  26. sandy3q Says:

    coool! i see a chair, a suitcase and something that looks like a bag… or is it a apron??? cuz i see straps

  27. sandy3q Says:

    OHHHH it does look like a surfboard

  28. Faith(eternal) Says:

    hellos(: i got the world travel suitecase already(: its quite easy but it kinda bepend on your luck(:

  29. katie Says:

    How do you get these things?

  30. Ada Says:

    One is the Turquoise Mini Bubble Chair.

  31. ireallydontcare Says:

    I don`t get anything. 😐 How will you be able to find it?

  32. Monica Says:

    I just got a Turquoise Mini Bubble Chair! It’s sooo cute! 😀

  33. Yo_Ruth Says:

    Lol should also put things in the mystery box of 50

  34. cuddler VII Says:

    its a plant,chair and world travel suitcase! (i think?)

  35. cuddler VII \rochsan Says:

    its a plant,chair and world travel suitcase

  36. Biboy Says:


  37. Lolli Says:

    I can’t find it :[

  38. Pika Says:

    Round chairs, SURFBOARD and luggage 😉

  39. twinkle Says:

    How to find it?? and where???

  40. Agustin Alonso Says:

    i got the tree items, jaja

  41. sette Says:

    already got the suitcase! can’t w8 to see other stuff..

  42. fuzzy Says:

    yay i got the world traveler suitcase!!

  43. DenzeL Says:

    I want the world traveler suitcase!!!

  44. andrea Says:

    yo tengo la silla 😀 el 2do item!!! me falta el 1ero iy la valija!!!…por favor si alguien tiene un gatito negro que me regale o me cambie por algo que quiera de mi casa por favorrrr

  45. kris Says:

    una aspiradora portatil, globo y ventana

  46. Jen Says:

    I got the suitcase..i am so lucky!

  47. ninis18 Says:

    ah .. confuse with this @@

  48. jhayelle Says:

    i got the turquoise mini bubble chair

  49. meh Says:

    how can u get the items? you just have to get out of the house?

  50. wei Says:


  51. lenni Says:

    please make more ways to get money that don’t require ‘real’ money. that would help too.

  52. duje Says:

    hey guys i bought probably 50 mystery boxes golden and blue but i didnt got anything of those thing.can someone tell me how to got those stuff

  53. duje Says:

    i got the chair Yeeeeeeee

  54. moe Says:

    i have been looking forever… why can’t i find them !?!!?

  55. christine Says:

    yessssss!!!!!!!!! i got the traveler suitcase………………… weeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

  56. Jellites Says:

    i’ll definitely join this. ^_^

  57. shenell Says:

    i dont get it im confused ??

  58. aaron Says:

    can you let pet society have a new building can you let pet society have a boxing game please

  59. LingYun Says:

    Wow! That’s great.!

  60. mary Says:

    hahahahah! i have one like the traveling suitcase and blue bubble chair the small one heheeehehhe!!!!!!! ❤ lol!! :*

  61. anna Says:

    where are the items i really want themmmm!!…

  62. Casablanca Says:

    I saved and quit…then followed the link above. I then saved money and sold a knight to get enough money to buy a golden box. Just fancy tuxedo pants. 😦 How do I get a traveler suitcase or a surf board?

  63. Hamdani Says:

    u guys are so lucky…i am always unfortunate…never got the new items on time…

  64. Hamdani Says:

    aaron…ya i agree with you…we need more games at the stadium so that its easier to earn more coins than visiting…sometimes visiting can be boring and makes you feel so sleepy…

    why dont the mayor give suprise gift to random pets ontop of the daily lottery?it will be nice…

    • play boy Says:

      yaya… we the betting in stadium take times and the chance is 1/3 to win. why not create a betting game with less time and 1/2 chance to win?
      i propose a “half or double box” in mysterious shop:

      The box cost $ 1000.
      if win, + $2000
      if lose, – $ 500

      And in future, i think playfish will remove some old in shop item when the shop space can’t afford the new store weekly, so i propose the shop to have a discount or offer on the “to be remove item” like we do in real life.
      eg: for year end stock clear, 50% and 70% discount, or do promotion on the holiday for some item

  65. prince Says:

    i got the blue wave deco hunting 4 more

  66. Court Says:

    i have like no money but i really want to try and get the prizes but i dont have enough money and im mad! 😛

    yea i think the stadium should have more games in it too 🙂

  67. prince Says:

    i get the two the surf board and the small blue turquiose chair

  68. prince Says:

    Add Me Please royce_parco@yahoo.com

  69. prince Says:


  70. jasfher Says:

    whew! iv’e been trying, but i can’t!
    how am i supposed to get any? hehe!
    any clue?


  71. Natasha Says:

    I know that the ” ? ” is the shopkeeper of the mysterious store and his store is I don’t know when the store is built….

  72. Natasha Says:

    🙂 , B-)

  73. hannah Says:

    how do you get these? buy alot of boxes?????? i never understood how to get it

  74. ila Says:

    i found the blu mystery box that is a surf board

  75. efren Says:

    i already found 1 item..the blue mystery box.. 🙂

  76. Lisa Says:

    penso che il secondo disegno sia una sedia…

  77. sette Says:

    i can’t get the surfboard.. argh! it’s been 24 hrs since i started trying.. huhuhu…

  78. Eureka Says:

    I can’t believe ya’ll actually got the items. I get sooo mad at the mystery boxes. I save up to buy them and get the cheapest items!! My last three items in the $500 mystery box are: origami hat, rainbow bracelet, and origami hat! Grrr

  79. irenka Says:

    Hey guys why did u decreased the prices on some 999 items that are in GMB?? its not fair.. first we cant hug every friend we have for 20 coins not this… you’re realy making this hard for us… :S

  80. paaaaaaaat Says:

    i got the suitcase! YAAAAY! 🙂

  81. fahad Says:

    i need $$$

  82. megrah Says:

    uh i got a robust catcus.. boo on that, i wanted a comfy chair.

  83. eleysha Says:

    i havent gotten any of the items 😦
    hopefully i will get some soon
    i would like them
    although if i dont i can easily sell it !!! 🙂

  84. Aaron Says:

    Hey!! i have the second picture! its a Turqoise mini bubble chair!!

  85. Shernis Says:

    the middle is a mini bubble chair sell for 999

  86. Jasfher Says:

    i want a surf board..
    i’m so unlucky that even i bought 20 BMB,no board!
    aw, how can i get one? any techniques?

  87. rai Says:

    where can i find these items??????

  88. Keri Says:

    world taveller suitcase! Just got it yesterday!

  89. joel Says:

    i cat seem to figure out the new item i think the blue mysterious nox one is a blue mixer

  90. jim Says:

    yeah .. i finally got all of them !!!!! yes yes yes ~~~

  91. Lynn Says:

    Hope I’ll get the traveller’s suitcase!!

  92. Claire Says:

    I want to get the bubble chair!!!!

  93. ria Says:

    I want a pink stuffs

  94. une femme Says:

    want the chair and suitcase!!!!

  95. MySpace Rewind! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] mysterious items will also not be available in the MySpace version yet (mysterious items from ‘Raining on “?”’s Parade’ and earlier will be available throughout this phase though […]

  96. Rizzo Says:

    Got the surfboard twice, recycled it once, sold it once, keep buying the gold boxes and get clothes, ugh!

  97. Panda Says:

    I think that the pet owners of the stores , well, they should interact more… so that we could go inside talk with them and they ll ask us for doing stuff… like plant a carrot so that we could give them and earn money in this way… i also think that in the stadio it should exist at list one more game… because in my opinion the train and the bets its no so fun … Anddd pleaseee can you come up with a bed and a wallpaper to match with the black and cream furniture in the luxury shop?

  98. krazukat Says:

    I’ve got all of them! 😛

  99. Mikayla Says:

    I got the Mini Bubble Torquise Chair. 2 of them! I sell one of those and get 999 back.

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