Una enorme fiesta de Pets! (One enormous Pets’ party!)


Hey Pet Society fans! This week is full of festivities, so sign onto Pet Society now via either Facebook or MySpace to select some items for your pet to party with.

Cinco de Mayo is this Tuesday! So get into the Mexican spirit and celebrate all week with everything from sombreros and guacamole to piñatas and maracas! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be in store until midnight GMT on Monday the 11th of May, 2009, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Black Sombrero (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Charro Pants (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Charro Jacket (Clothes) (TWS)

Black Cowboy Shoes (Clothes) (TWS)

Pink Jalisco Dress (Clothes) (TWS)

Pink Hair Piece (Clothes) (TWS)

Chilled Lime Juice (Food) (TWS)

Tamale (Food) (TWS)

Tortilla Chip (Food) (TWS)

Guacamole (Food) (TWS)

Equipal Sofa (Luxury)

Equipal Chair (Furniture)

Equipal Coffee Table (Furniture)

Sun Face Plaque (Furniture)

Blooming Agave (Furniture)

Terra Cotta Pot (Furniture)

Papel Picado Banner (Furniture) (TWS)

Blue Dining Table (Furniture) (TWS)

Pinata (Furniture) (TWS)

Yellow Dining Chair (Furniture) (TWS)

Maraca Decor (Furniture) (TWS)

Blue Wall Shelf (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Blue Zapotec Rug (D.I.Y.)

Lemon Yellow Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Orange Wallpaper (D.I.Y.) (TWS)

Mother’s Day is coming up in Pet Society! So spread the love with all these great gifts in the Food Store! The Send Some Love present needs to be purchased to send to a friend, when your friend opens the gift their pet will feel the joy of being loved!

Send Some Love

Red Carnation (TWS)

Pink Carnation Bouquet (TWS)

Mother’s Day Card (TWS)

E.M.I.L.I.A, in her robotic state of mind, does not concern herself too much with colourful celebrations or Mother’s Day (she believes she was manufactured, not born)! However, some mums may appreciate this Pink Blender or Charcoal BBQ Grill, so don’t forget to pay a visit to the Gadget Store.

Pink Blender (TWS)

Charcoal BBQ Grill

Despite really only wanting to dance the night away with the celebrations of Cinco de Mayo, Grumbles has a couple of more general additions to the D.I.Y. Store as well, which we are sure you will enjoy!

Dark Choc TV Storage Combination

Pink Orange Wall Panelling

And finally, this gorgeous Dark Queen Bed is introduced to the Luxury Store, it is sure to be a hit with any pets that have been searching for a new four poster bed!

Dark Queen Bed (TWS)

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72 Responses to “Una enorme fiesta de Pets! (One enormous Pets’ party!)”

  1. meg Says:

    love the new items. 🙂

  2. Jielyn Says:

    i love all of them

  3. sherwyn Says:

    i love it!! yahoo!!

  4. Nicole Says:

    soo much i want to buy!! =D

  5. Laura Says:

    I didn´t know they call the “tamales” tamale, and guys , i am sorry, but the 5 de mayo is only the” batalla de puebla” is more important the 15 of september “the independence” still, it´s lovely everything, and the black bed, i love it , i lost all my money today =)

    • Lilliput Says:

      Actually it’s the 16th of September, but you’re definitely right! My sister found out the hard way that Cinco de Mayo isn’t widely celebrated in Mexico when her cruise docked in one of their cities on May 5th a few years ago. 🙂

  6. jk12324 Says:

    Wow loving the new items, especially all the furniture and food! 😀

  7. Irene Says:

    A bit disappointed abt this week’s item especially in the clothes. And the one i like best is the TV storage combination.

  8. foolish Says:

    how came this week item not nice at all …can make more nice item please!!


    It’s ok

  10. DenzeL Says:

    Love the new items!!! I like to buy everything so much!!! I just can’t afford it!!!!

  11. Lala Says:

    Oraleeee!!! Piñata

  12. kafushik Says:

    bit dissapionted with the new items..wish they could hve a JUNGLE WALLPAPER..AND A POND..:))smting relatid to ENVIRONMENT..like camp fire ,weird plants,,etc

  13. Valerieyan Says:

    awww!! i LOVE THEM !!! thx playfish!!!

  14. bella Says:

    So many items and I love all of them… if only I have more coins to spare 🙂

  15. heightdown Says:

    I love the TV Storage Combination but we need now a big plasma TV to put in it! 😀

  16. watitiw Says:

    ya..a big plasma tv..ill love also the idea of hving a jungle wallpaper..:))

  17. Dorkerella Says:

    I absolutely heart the new items this week, they are fun, colourful and worldly! It’s good that pet society researches many cultures and special occassions are celebrated. They should have a theme every week for special events around the world. That’s why it’s such a popular game – because anyone, anywhere can play it!!! yay!!!

  18. Florencia Says:

    aiiiiiiii me encanto todo (L

  19. Vale Says:

    Que feo lo de Mexico en realidad hay muy pocas cosas que me gustan pero bueno para la otra semana sera ^^ chau

    • Gris Says:

      Deberiamos mantener la buena convivencia y la variedad de culturas entre el juego. Así como mantener los malos comentarios hacia una cultura en especifico limitados.

      Thanks Pet Society for the items, they are great!!! Thank you for showing some related items of other cultures =).

    • Charito Says:

      Que pena que no te gusten, no sé de dónde seas, pero hay que tener en cuenta que cada cultura es rica y México es una de las MAS ricas en tradiciones, lamentablemente para mí como mexicana el 5 de mayo no es tan importante como el 15 de septiembre que es la fiesta de nuestra INdependencia y aquí tomo las enormes palabras del Benemérito de las Américas… “ENTRE LOS INDIVIDUOS COMO ENTRE LAS NACIONES, EL RESPETO AL DERECHO AJENO… ES LA PAZ”.

  20. Biboy Says:


    • Sug Says:

      don’t buy the send some love box! there’s NOTHING inside! a little heart happens for 2 seconds before I even had chance to at least take picture then it is gone forever!

  21. Charito Says:


  22. Arveja Says:


    Thanks, everything full of color and beautiful!

  23. Mon Says:

    they are so cuteeeeeee ^O^
    thx playfish 😡

  24. Christine Says:

    I love the Pinata….it’s really cool

  25. PauL Says:

    FiESTA xD!

  26. reemo Says:


  27. stef@ds Says:

    i love all the new items,and i got an idea
    black piano
    polar bear doll
    egyptian clothes
    sphaggeti in food
    green lava lamp
    lion doll

  28. Maxelli Says:

    thank you so much to consider mexican stuff this week!!!

  29. Nica Says:

    The Dark Choc TV Storage Combination is the best new item this week, I think. 🙂 But all of them are nice too!

  30. nacho Says:

    lurve the new items this week! keep it up!

  31. xa Says:

    Wow! The 5 de Mayo items blew me away. Beautiful. I’m going to have to make two mexican rooms: the backyard with the equipal stuff and the margaritas, and a dining room with the table, chair, maracas, pinatas and papel picado. Loving it.

  32. Janice Says:

    wow!thanks playfish for thinking a lot of good stuff!!!!

  33. Allen Says:

    hi! thank you for giving us items like these! We’re really excited and cant wait every week’s special items!

  34. Coral_Starz Says:

    Great items! I’ve already got the dress and hair piece for GOMBE, but im confused whether to buy the dark queen bed or not (since i already have a jungle bed). Anyway, what do you get out of that gift box? Thinking of sending sum to my frnds!

  35. yee Says:

    i really love the red carnation~ so sweet…thank you!

  36. viva Says:

    i love it all but what new in mystery boxes ??

  37. bubbly pet Says:

    i love them but i just cant afford any of them and i doubt i will make enough money for them in a week well i guess i could try and i did get 500 coind in the daily lottery so thanks i might be buying them

  38. bubbly pet Says:

    Love Bubbly Pet ^

  39. razutro Says:

    WOW !!!!!!!! just AWESOME !!!!

    I loooove everything, nice items playfish ! you always surprise me =) !!!!

  40. sarah Says:

    the new items are great i love them!!!

  41. vHa,, Says:

    Wawww,,,nice Queen Bed! Fiesta all the night!

  42. : ( Says:

    Love the bed!
    Hope there’ll be the flute and more items in green…

  43. Jake Says:

    For those who commented about the actual importance of Cinco de Mayo…

    Well, yeah… Cinco de Mayo in Mexico is really not a major holiday, but throughout the rest of the world, Cinco de Mayo is considered as the Mexican equivalent of St. Patrick’s Day.

    Outside of Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is like a glorious showcase of Mexican culture, food and tradition. Let us not discourage people because this is one of the cool ways that the great Mexican culture is being recognised worldwide. =)

    Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

  44. unknown fan Says:

    niceeeeeeeeeee :):D
    hey all.. plzplzplzplzzzzz add meeeee with jst one click :
    smileyomar@hotmail.com 😉

    i need more frnds to talk with them about pet society 😦

  45. sofie Says:

    I didn’t bought princess bed cause I waiting for black color appear, and it released now, thank you so much XD

  46. akitzzz Says:

    All the new items are beautiful.Can’t wait 2 buy them ^^

  47. Anthony Says:

    I love all the stuff they brought this week ! Thank you Playfish

  48. Fluffy Says:

    Great Items. Thanks Playfish ^_^

  49. Elly Says:

    I want to buy all the stuff!!! 🙂

  50. Pepeng Says:

    Wow…i love all those TWS stuff ..so colourfull and can’t resist to buy all of them to create Cinco de Mayo theme for new Room… … !! Wish me luck to be a winner for this weekly lotery..insted of 50 coins everyday hehehe ..

  51. Karina Says:

    Why does everybody think that in Mexico we celebrate 5 de mayo as a major party???

    • Karina S. Says:

      Well Americans kind of made it a huge party…solely for the alcohol and food. Not a lot of people really know what 5 de Mayo really is.

  52. Ast Says:

    Hi! I know this isn’t the right place to ask this but I just don’t know where to ask!! I have some items in my chest that have a little question mark on rigth top. I don’t have any idea of what does it mean, and it’s driving my crazy hehehe. If anyone knows I would appreciate the information =P. Thanks!

    • Sonya Says:

      The question mark is just to signify that those items are mysterious items, and are (or were in some cases) only available from mystery boxes! 😉

  53. fan Says:

    if there are wedding features we would be super happy! 🙂

  54. big fan Says:

    please add wedding features >.<
    it would be super fun^^ keke

  55. John Spirit Says:


  56. jahjah Says:

    i like the items added especially the send some love item

  57. PashmiNa Says:

    I want to put a gym on my house!!! and also a pool!!! please add these items!!

  58. PashmiNa Says:

    wHY CAN’T I see some of my friends’ pets???

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  61. alyssa ysibido Says:

    weird it all came back!

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