Winners of Weekly Draw Week 18


Hey all Pet Society Fans!

As you know there is now a weekly draw for those who are Fans of Playfish on Facebook.

Currently the draw is exclusive to our Pet Society Players.

This week we had our first draw, help us congratulate our winners!

  • Victoria and her pet Bruno
  • May and her pet Kiki
  • Antonella and her pet Afrodite
  • Pauline and her pet Bunny
  • Anthony and his pet Picku

They all received a nice sum of 10.000 Pet Society coins to spend however they wish!

Good luck to everyone else next week, but remember that you must be a Fan of Playfish on Facebook if you wish to participate in the weekly draw.

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59 Responses to “Winners of Weekly Draw Week 18”

  1. irenka Says:

    I don’t get this draw thing.. we should be only fans and the rest is up to the luck, or we should sign in somewhere and leave infos about us?? Please response ❤

  2. irenka Says:

    Okie thanks alot 😀

  3. Kasie Says:

    wow. 0_0 those who won are really lucky,
    i wanna get coins that much too. LOLLy. x))

  4. russel Says:

    after you be a do you pick the winners??

  5. carola Says:


  6. bubbly pet Says:

    same i would spend it on my house and my luvlay matezz gawd sooooo lucky peepz oh and peepz who have won plz say what you are spending it on cozi am really interested

  7. michelle Says:

    i hope i win next time..want more coins to spend 🙂 congrats to the winners 😀

  8. yamileko Says:

    i have 16,010 coins 😀

  9. Ale Diaz Says:

    omg!! i want 10,000 coins!! 😀

  10. Rachelle Says:

    congrats to all the winners!! wish i could win next time!! more support to Pet Society and Playfish!!

  11. Jielyn Says:

    i want to win…

  12. crn_cham Says:

    wish i’ll win 10,000 next draw…..

  13. kaye Says:

    how can i join???

  14. ruobing Says:

    wow .. so lucky!! hope the next are me .. ahahaha~~

  15. lyneree Says:

    .hm,i keep wondering why i dont win,but i really love petsociety and i super supports it!!!and.. my pet, has a great house completely furnished but,no money.haha! my relative give me things,the y helped me a lot..well,,i wanna win!!

  16. lyneree Says:

    .oh c’mon!!! petsociety got millions of players!!!SOOO impossible to win…

  17. pau Says:

    hmmmmm how to win?

  18. Shernis Says:

    Sonya, what do you do when you find out who ‘?’ is I know who he is but what do I do? Do I get a prize if I know? Is there this place where you can type out who he is? Help me!

  19. safraa w. walker Says:

    how to be a fan????????please reply me please…

  20. lylols Says:

    Wow they’re really lucky!

  21. michelle Says:

    hi..this is the first time that this site posted the winners of the weekly draw and it says week 18, so this already started months ago? just curious why it was just posted after 18 weeks 🙂

  22. raquel dela peña Says:

    i wish i could be a winner this week…so my pet paris’ bathroom will look nice…thanks

  23. lyly Says:

    i have 20,100 coins hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  24. michelle Says:

    oh okay..thank you for the clarifying 😀 i hope i win next week 😀

  25. Nadia Says:

    I opened the blog today and saw that my mom is one of the winners haha
    How do they receive the coins ?
    She hasn’t got anything ?

  26. May Says:

    Thank you verrry much!!!! I along with my pet KIKI are winners…
    How do we claim our prize money?

  27. maju Says:

    Maybe it’s hard but not impossible, fingers crossed !!!! I’ll win !!

  28. May Says:

    Hope i will be the next lucky person!!

  29. Lorena Says:

    Please add more level and the rooms more bigger!!

  30. pinky carey Says:

    i dont get it how to win a coins in pet society :((( :p

  31. Chubby Says:

    wish i can be that lucky 🙂

  32. sherwyn Says:

    wow!! pet society heard my prayers to give coins to fans!! yey!!!!!!! =) hope il be chosen next pet society!

  33. Victoria Says:

    yey i don’t even know that i’ll win hehe. thanks pet society

  34. Gurrier Says:

    How do i participate in it?

  35. matiiax!!! Says:

    wish i’ll win 10,000 next draw…..

  36. rahaf Says:

    congratz to the winners is wish i can be the lucky one by the way what,s random?

  37. Danii Says:

    Pet society, fabulous game! I play this game everyday.
    I think that his creators have to put things every three days… Well, do not matter if one cannot!!! Well, bye.

  38. Martina Says:

    Awwww cool! I hope I get picked (even if it is random) I also wish that Pets Society had a hug all friends button or adance with all friends button because what happens if you have over 100 friends and you have to go see every single one of them every single day! That would like tak 15-20 minutes and some peoople down have time to do that! So plz do something about it!!!!!!!!! PLZ

  39. s Says:

    cool man

  40. Ole Morten Says:

    ?????????How can I join the weekly draw????????

  41. Oumsker Says:

    OMG…they’re so lucky! >_<<3

  42. Nadia Says:

    Why haven’t the winners received anything ??

  43. amy Says:

    i need to win!! let e win next time!
    congrats to the winners!

  44. Tara Says:

    Oh nice? When can myspace start to have one of theses?

  45. Tara Says:

    Oh nice? When can myspace start to have one of these?

  46. Alyssa Says:

    How do we know if we win?

  47. novel Says:

    woo how can i draw ?

  48. Joe Rachid Says:

    I have been wondering and if playfish could increase the lottery winners from 5 to 10 people this way we coud have a better and higher chance of winning. thank you.

  49. Nigallome Says:

    Lucky guys! Grats~!

    I wanna get money too D’x…

  50. K. Pearl Says:

    What kind of money is this??? Pet Society Coins?>????? How much do you get???? How can u win???? and how to enter?????? pls post a reply!!!!! 🙂

  51. lyra Says:

    omg i want more money plz gave to me


  52. Baby Says:

    winners are picked in random? wouldn’t that be unfair to other people who worked hard for their art and they will not be picked?

  53. josie Says:


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