Song contest winners announced!


We were amazed by the level of quality on show for the Pet Society song competition. So good in fact that our only complaint is that you’ve made it really really hard to pick just three winners!

But pick them we must, so without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of the Pet Society song competition!

In third place is the excellent Bailey Love by OzencOnline. As with all the winners of the competition it’s superbly catchy, captures some of the things we love about Pet Society. We defy anyone to listen to Bailey Love without tapping their foot in time to it!

Second up is My Wife Loves Pet Society More Than Me! which was a fantastic little bittersweet song about a man whose wife may just love Pet Society more than him. An expertly crafted acoustic tune and some great work on the guitar… we hope your wife finds a little time for you as well as her pet soon, sodapete!

In many ways this is as much a joint first place with the other winners, but for sheer singalong genius we had to pick Because I Got Pied to edge out the other songs for the top spot. It made us laugh, it made us cry (with laughter), and by the end of the song we were even singing along. ardydelrosario, we salute you!

Thank you to everyone for entering! Entries were uniformly excellent. In fact special mention must go to the brilliant Pet Society Song, which fell down only due to being a little short… an otherwise superb offering from TribeSpirit and well worth a listen.

Until next time folks!

Because I Got Pied

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59 Responses to “Song contest winners announced!”

  1. sarah Says:

    wow 1.000.000 coins

  2. katia Says:

    me encanta
    i necesito muxooooo dinero soi mui probre
    i mi ksa sta ksi solita sin muebles
    i necesito muxas cosas…
    spero ganar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. katia Says:

    WoW soi mui poor necito this award …..
    Please I need things for my pet survive q

  4. antonella Says:

    ace mucho q no me anda el pet !!!

  5. ranoo Says:


  6. aaron Says:

    jo jo jo jo jo ik doe mee

  7. jenn Says:

    i want to be in the song contest!!

  8. TribeSpirit Says:

    Woah…I’ve just noticed I got a mention lol

  9. xiaoxuan Says:

    congratulation to all winners!!!

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