Song contest winners announced!


We were amazed by the level of quality on show for the Pet Society song competition. So good in fact that our only complaint is that you’ve made it really really hard to pick just three winners!

But pick them we must, so without further ado, it gives us great pleasure to announce the winners of the Pet Society song competition!

In third place is the excellent Bailey Love by OzencOnline. As with all the winners of the competition it’s superbly catchy, captures some of the things we love about Pet Society. We defy anyone to listen to Bailey Love without tapping their foot in time to it!

Second up is My Wife Loves Pet Society More Than Me! which was a fantastic little bittersweet song about a man whose wife may just love Pet Society more than him. An expertly crafted acoustic tune and some great work on the guitar… we hope your wife finds a little time for you as well as her pet soon, sodapete!

In many ways this is as much a joint first place with the other winners, but for sheer singalong genius we had to pick Because I Got Pied to edge out the other songs for the top spot. It made us laugh, it made us cry (with laughter), and by the end of the song we were even singing along. ardydelrosario, we salute you!

Thank you to everyone for entering! Entries were uniformly excellent. In fact special mention must go to the brilliant Pet Society Song, which fell down only due to being a little short… an otherwise superb offering from TribeSpirit and well worth a listen.

Until next time folks!

Because I Got Pied

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59 Responses to “Song contest winners announced!”

  1. Plushenko Says:

    The winner should have been, “My Wife Loves Pet Society More Than Me!”, because it is a purely self composed song. The other winners were renditions of popular mixes, which in the competition rules it states and I quote Mark, “All we ask is that it’s your own work”.

    Oh well this was all just for fun πŸ˜›

  2. popo Says:

    “ll we ask is that it’s your own work”


  3. nelson Says:

    the winner song is sooo funny…. i was laughing tears as he sang about GMB and many pink shorts. its soo true!!!
    he had won right!!!


  4. Rikyri Says:

    A little disappointed, but still, congrats to all the winners! =) The entries were great =D

  5. putchy Says:

    lols.. that’s so catchy.. and the vid is so cute too. because i got pied.. hahaha. πŸ˜›

  6. Tasha.jade Says:

    i love that ‘my wife loves pet society more than me’
    It’s mint. πŸ˜€

  7. Mochi Says:

    My Wife Loves Pet Society gets my vote. Mikeepete gets bonus points for the Star Wars shirt.

  8. Virluna Says:

    I love that “Because I got pied”!!!

  9. verina Says:

    very nice songs .. good job every body πŸ™‚

  10. Lily Says:

    the song is very nice

  11. enlightenedkarma Says:

    Well if you can’t say something nice……Winners, don’t listen to the sore losers who are upset they didn’t get chosen, or were unable to come up with anything at all. All three songs, whether they are completely original or not, are fantastic, and they all deserve their spots for the time they took to create them. Once again, I had hoped to see some people get over themselves and grow a little, just because these people were picked doesn’t mean the Mayor doesn’t love you any less. Congrats to you all!!! Wonderful songs πŸ˜‰

  12. crow Says:

    LOVED bailey love! the lyrics are just too cute! didn’t like the winner though, after the 1st minute i couldn’t take it anymore…..

  13. Plushenko Says:

    enlightenedkarma, when you are dealing with music, the case is a little different. Normally you have to pay royalty to use someone else’s music for any of your work, especially if you decide to change around their lyrics. So hopefully Playfish doesn’t decide to do advertising based on “Bailey Love” or “Because I Got Pied”. Otherwise there could be trouble and nobody would want that for a game that is just for fun.

    We are all fellow players nobody decided to bash until you came up with the label “sore losers”.

  14. Grinias Says:

    Poor “Lemon Tree”….

  15. Jack Says:

    Wow…people just grow up!!It’s just a game, and enlightenedkarma i definitely agree with you, and plushenko, it may be the same sound but different lyrics!!they basically have not copied the songs!Think before you say anything!!!

  16. vcsneo Says:

    congrats to all the winners!!!

    anyone playing PS, kindly add me at…

    thanx and cheers…

  17. ardydelrosario Says:

    Yay! I won! Thank you guys!

  18. claudio Says:


  19. Miguel Says:

    love those songs…..

  20. waliy Says:

    those are coool

  21. merlyhaggard Says:

    All of the winners rock!

    And to plushenko, the winner’s lyrics are orgiinal so it is their own work. In music, there are lyricists, arrangers and composers, So are you saying that when a lyricist writes a song, it’s not his own work? And besides, It is clear that the contest was all in the spirit of fun so I doubt that they’ll be using it in any other purpose. you also said that you were not bashing but your first post was questioning the results, how is that considered as not bashing?

  22. Delphi Says:

    Yay!”Because I got pied” is an excellent choice!It was my favourite!It is so catchy!Congratulations to the winner!

  23. Ellie500 Says:


  24. benj Says:

    eh.. just asking.. what’s the fastest way of earning coins??? i mean besides buying them…

  25. toflaqui Says:

    I love the winner!!!!!!!!!! the music is halarious!!! well done people!! πŸ™‚

  26. poopoo Says:

    i love the second winner πŸ™‚ though i think all the winners are great i liked that one the most

  27. Tabitha Says:

    the winner should have been “my wife loves pet society more than me” because its original, and a very well-written song.

    “because i got pied” got boring after the first few stanzas.

  28. MaY Says:

    petsociety good!!!!

  29. Me Says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!

    I agree with Tabitha though. The 2nd place winner was the best of all, original, funny, catchy, and shows more effort since the person not only made the lyrics, but also made and played the music. Plus, it’s interesting that it pokes fun at a situation that many husbands/boyfriends surely identify with XD

    The 1st place winning song was funny, but I couldn’t bear to the whole song with the repetitiveness. Anyway, congratulations on winning!

  30. Johann Says:

    The song “Because I Got Pied” is very funny

  31. melissa Says:

    i laughed so hard to because i got pied i love it well done and congrats

  32. JoJo Says:

    2nd place should have been the winner. Because I got pied got a bit annoying after the first 30 seconds, had to close it. lol

  33. fann Says:

    because i got pied was definately the best song on the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well done!!!!

  34. fann Says:

    hahaha like all the songs …how did he get his pet to always get pied?????? i realise he kept running his mouse over the chest ….poor pet..gotta wash her face a hunddred times hehe…full of cream…

  35. carolina Says:

    me encanta es como una casita real pero mas divertido la amo

  36. caroline Says:

    jeg elsker pet

  37. caroline Says:

    bjnv7njk ij,

  38. caroline Says:


  39. jelomelo Says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! those are really a creative songs! πŸ™‚
    Bailey love are great with the catchy melody and rhythm from lemon tree
    my wife loves PS more than me is really a genuine and fresh from the heart
    because I GOt pied really pie my with smiles πŸ™‚

    At first, I thought the winner of this pet society song will be used as the OFFICIAL JINGLE of pet society. However, none of these three songs is cheerful and neutral enough to be sang as a jingle. Let me give an example: a commercial product will always have jingle sang in its advertisement in TV or Radio. Now. just imagine pet society is broadcasted in TV with those songs, what do you think? which one is the better to be sang as the OFFICIAL JINGLE?

    Anyway, this is just an input πŸ™‚
    i hope everyone could share their thoughts with no guilty feelings πŸ™‚
    happy pet society-ing :))

  40. Shannon Goh Lin Says:

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  41. ahmad Says:

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  42. lyra Says:

    i song my favorite song and i won 1m i wish its me

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  44. rama giovanni Says:

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  46. nancy Says:

    i know my mother, very well, is beautifull woman, and my sister is 13 years old.
    I in in vacation now, i very happy, i likes pet socieity and i can win a millon coins.
    i love you very very much

  47. saskia ly Says:

    adoro pet society, pero no entiendo nada de este cuento…espero poder ganar las monedas para ke mi mascotica sea la mas linda! xD

  48. nicole Says:


  49. selena Says:

    porfavor pongalo en espaΓ±ol!! no entiendo nada

  50. nicole Says:


  51. sarah Says:

    wow 1.000.000 coins

  52. katia Says:

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    i necesito muxooooo dinero soi mui probre
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    i necesito muxas cosas…
    spero ganar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. katia Says:

    WoW soi mui poor necito this award …..
    Please I need things for my pet survive q

  54. antonella Says:

    ace mucho q no me anda el pet !!!

  55. ranoo Says:


  56. aaron Says:

    jo jo jo jo jo ik doe mee

  57. jenn Says:

    i want to be in the song contest!!

  58. TribeSpirit Says:

    Woah…I’ve just noticed I got a mention lol

  59. xiaoxuan Says:

    congratulation to all winners!!!

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