Pet Society becomes the first game on Facebook to surpass 1,000,000 fans!


1 million pet society fans

We’ve been delighted to watch the continuous growth of Pet Society – our social virtual world on Facebook and MySpace. Since launch 8 months ago it has grown steadily to become the biggest game on Facebook by daily active users. Around 3 million people play every day, and around 11 million played in the last month alone. Today we’re delighted to announce passing another milestone – 1,000,000 fans! And it’s the first game on Facebook to get there!

‘Love’ has always been an important success metric for us at Playfish. Our teams across our studios work hard to create games that our players love to play together as much as we love to create them. ‘Love’ is, of course, difficult to measure in numbers, but there is one metric on Facebook – fans. And today we’re proud that Pet Society has passed the 1 million fan milestone as the first game on the platform! That means that over 1 million players have found the ‘become a fan’ link in the game and chosen to register themselves as a fan of the game.

As ever, we’re hugely grateful to all our players and their support and help in our efforts to evolve the game and make it better. We appreciate that the game has a monthly population that’s bigger than Belgium if it was a country and around the size of Ohio if it was a state. So we’re working hard on adding features, items and new exciting things to do in the game!

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming. We can’t always reply to every mail and forum post, but we do read them and value all the comments we get!

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86 Responses to “Pet Society becomes the first game on Facebook to surpass 1,000,000 fans!”

  1. wei lin Says:

    jyjy reach 10mil fans^^ hehe…

  2. Javin Says:

    Good job~
    I love Pet Society!
    hope family and friends around me also play Pet Society^^


  3. irenka Says:

    Congratz congratz congratz 😛 im so addicted to PS and its ur fault 😛

  4. Jojo Says:


    thank you for your hard work, and bringing Pet Society to us! It’s a joy to play this game, and your hard work is more than appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Much love, Jojo & my Pet

  5. areen Says:

    good work guys for you .and i love you
    (keep up the good werk) :3 😀

  6. basheer Says:

    i nead money

  7. basheer Says:


  8. Matias Says:

    Adding more levels to the game! Some time ago I’m at level 47

  9. vcsneo Says:


    anyone playing PS, kindly add me at…

    thanx and cheers…

  10. sophia Says:

    congratulations pet society i just want to say that petsociety is my favorite game on facebook ! and keep adding more level im in level 46

  11. Miguel Says:

    congratulations to the developers and of course the mayor.

  12. aaron Says:

    congratulations that my favorite game in the hole world my pet is not level 49

  13. aaron Says:

    congratulations that my favorite game in the hole world my pet is now level 49

  14. aaron Says:

    congrats its cool

  15. aaron Says:

    this is a very very very cool game

  16. aaron Says:

    i have hacks on it

  17. aaron Says:

    cool game

  18. aaron Says:

    cool game very

  19. Dhea Says:



    cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ll kbe ask all my frens to be fans!!!!!!!!!! PET SOCIETY WILL BE BEST BEST BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE HEADLINES IN THE NEWSPAPER READ: PET SOCIETY,HIT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!!BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!! FANS ARE SCREAMING!!!!!!!! LOL! well…need to study 4 my last exam sec!!! YEAH!!!! AFTER THAT PLAY PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cooool

  21. melissa stokes Says:

    it just the best ever

  22. Galaxy Defender Says:

    yeahh I love Pet Society!!

  23. VIKI Says:


  24. david jose priyatna Says:

    Go Go Go petsociety !!!!!
    Bravo petsociety ^^

  25. david jose priyatna Says:

    Be The Nice Game !!!

  26. david jose priyatna Says:

    3:) Be The 1st game in the word 😀 (^^^)

  27. miroslay Says:

    yo soy fans de pet y cuando no juego me siento muy triste los felicitos me encanta el juego

  28. naufalrajasa Says:

    yes Ilove too.
    this is vvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy cccccccoooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllll

  29. millicent anne bulanadi Says:


  30. blaire Says:

    i had 1700000 coins, and when i opened the game yesterday, i found only 150,please can u give me it?

  31. coxmi Says:

    necesito dinero en el pet como 1 millon ayudenme

  32. Kitap Tanitimi Says:

    Sitenizi sans eseri buldum ve oldukca begendigimi soylemeliyim. Basarilar.

  33. shanice low Says:

    i think pet society things is very expensive…..

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