Once upon a time…


Hey Pet Society fans! This week’s item release is now live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to discover what your pet loves most this week!

Fairytale Mystery Eggs are now available in the Mystery Store! There are three fantastic scenes to collect! So make sure you pay a visit to “?” to enjoy the magical lands of fairy tales! Shown here are just a few examples of what you could find! 😉

Fairytale Mystery Egg Vending Machine

Fairytale Mystery Egg

Child Bear



Visit the Furniture Store to celebrate May Day this Friday with the Maypole! Also, set up your pet’s office or study with this new desk and canvas organisers. In case you are still looking for more kitchen accessories, the Bread Box, Painted Bowl and Steel Milk Jug should help with this. Perhaps the most captivating item this week though, is the Pet Lisa Painting, which would be a great centrepiece for your pet’s living room!

White Canvas Organiser

Maypole (TWS)

Orange Canvas Organiser (TWS)

White Desk With Shelves


Painted Bowl

Steel Milk Jug

Tall Cactus

Pet Lisa Painting

Blue Upright Suitcase

Deluxe Toothbrush Set (TWS)

The Luxury Store introduces the intricately designed Royal Cupboard, the Oriental Long Bench and the Wooden Spiral Staircase (for those pets who would prefer to touch wood when going round and round while going up and down).

Royal Cupboard (TWS)

Wooden Spiral Staircase

Oriental Long Bench

The Gadget Store continues to expand its range of lighting options this week, plus adds a blender which should work well in any kitchen, and a water cooler which could also work well in your pet’s kitchen, but could be very practical in your office or study as well!

Bamboo Leaf Lamp (TWS)

Cute Bedside Lamp

Stainless Steel Blender

White Water Cooler

Lily has been on a very short trip to the mountains to bring this Alpine Boy outfit to the Clothes Store! While passing through airports on her way, she also ordered some great new options for girl pets!

Alpine Boy Shirt

Alpine Boy Hat

Alpine Boy Pants

Lapis Dress

Pink Bohemian Top (TWS)

The D.I.Y. Store has another item for the Classic Chic set this week! Additionally, there is a very fluffy carpet, which any pets sleeping on the floor may find comfortable. And finally, some cute and pink goodness, with the new wallpaper and window!

Classic Chic Shelf

Fluffy Grey Carpet

Cutie Heart Wallpaper

Cutie Heart Window

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94 Responses to “Once upon a time…”

  1. Lilly Says:

    I totally love the stuff!!!

  2. Vincent Says:

    Yay, new mystery items, and lovely Maypole!!

  3. Collette Duong Says:

    Me too<3 Great job guys~

  4. juddie Says:

    i hate the eggs =( cuz i always get the SAME dolls! =(

  5. razutro Says:

    well there are cool new items… but that “cute bedside lamp” falls down to the floor ! I just don’t like it anymore…

    • Sharon Says:

      I had the same trouble. Got aggravated and sold it back. Very disappointed in that. Everything else is great though.

  6. Miley Cyrus Says:

    Really Cool !! I just Bought Everything, had to buy coins

  7. meli Says:

    omg i cant keep up now there is just way too much good stuff coming out every week!!!


    I’M LOVING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought some !!!

  9. Bea Says:

    i totally love it too!!!! i want it all 🙂

  10. Irene Says:

    I love the bohemian top but what about a pant to go with it. Please add more dress for female pet.

  11. Ofi Says:

    the eggs are lovely but i hate them because i started to buy and buy and i use a lot of my money ¬¬ .. then i don t like the things for the bathdroom because it are united . i likee more space in the beedroms to put more things and more dolls but no animals dolls girls doll!! I lovee the game!!

  12. Janice Says:

    Wow!!!thank you playfish for thinking a lot of amazing stuff!!!

  13. Valerieyan Says:

    OMG IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Natalia Says:

    why can’t I put the bedside lamp on a table??? :S

  15. julie Says:

    how about some more boys clothes.
    each week there’s always cute new clothes for the girls but never much for the boys unless it’s a costume.
    my little boy is getting tired of playing dress up

  16. Leafywhimpy Says:


  17. empress Says:

    wow i love the eggs 😀

  18. saraphen Says:

    I thought the “cute bedside lamp” was a table lamp, but it won’t sit on the bedside table, or any table or shelf. It only sits on the floor!!!

  19. vcsneo Says:

    in need of more pet society frens for visiting…

    kindly add me at…


    thanx and cheers…

  20. Mikhail Says:


    So cool!!!

  21. Jennifer Lee Says:

    omg…am so broke again…hahahahahhaa

  22. sas0riza Says:

    I don’t quite understand the mystery eggs. What does it mean by “make sure you pay a visit to “?” to enjoy the magical lands of fairy tales!” ?

    I got a cottage and I see 4 different colored question marks, but when I click on it, it doesn’t do anything. Thanks

  23. Melissa G Says:

    I’d like to put in a request for more Moroccan items! I’ve done a whole room in sort of a Garden of Earthly Delights/Arabian Knights motif, but I’d love a toy peacock to sit beneath the orange trees. 🙂

  24. stephanie Says:

    i don’t have coins!!! 😦

  25. Kim Lloyd Says:

    Love It!!! I Bought Some! 🙂

  26. Christen Says:

    send me more messages about the mystery shop owner

  27. PauL Says:


  28. Tommy Says:

    Why there are no sport footwears?
    And can you make some new cloths like: aliens, predator, superman, batman, x-men……

  29. Pepeng Says:

    every monday i get broke 😀 but still waiting for more dining stuff like plate, glass, etc

  30. Shernis Says:

    i got 5k =]

  31. PrevorixPrevorix Says:

    I Love the fairytale mystery eggs!

  32. rachel Says:

    hey, why isnt the cute bedside lamp unable to place on any table? hmm….

  33. Rini Says:

    Ah, more cute stuff ♥

  34. Nica Says:

    OMG. Everything is sooooo adorable! I love the Royal Cupboard!

  35. purssypink Says:

    I got everything liao except for the sofa in LUX as i got 22k ^^

  36. jovhelle Says:

    Love this game so much!!!

  37. yee Says:

    love the fairy tale toys ❤

  38. sherwyn Says:

    love em!! the rug though needs some color =)

  39. Iridiana Says:

    I will become addicted to fairytale mistery eggs! I love them! *____*

  40. Hadiati Says:

    for Fairytale Mystery Eggs, my sister got DRAGON!

  41. kom Says:

    i love all,but the best is the fairytale eggs

  42. Li Wen Says:

    I love playing pet society. I play this game everyday. I hope i can log in everyday. I also hope i’ll get all de toys i wanted.. I love all the toys a lot.. Thanks to pet society!!

  43. kom Says:

    good job,pet society.how do you can every week make a new stuff.you are great

  44. Calm =D Says:

    Why does the lamp fall to the floor? I thought bedside lamps would sit on a table or something…or if not make the lamp taller instead? But anyway…Nice stuff this week but i don’t exactly love it. 😉

    No offence to anyone!

  45. Veronica Says:

    it’s so adorable =D
    i got to get those dolls!!!

  46. TikuzZ Says:

    wow..i need more money to buy em all…!!

  47. NeptoROS Says:

    I’ve spent all of my money to get the whole collection of these eggs
    But I’m so disappointed
    They have nothing to make me surprise
    They just moving left-right,letf-right…

    I don’t know if Playfish would catch up with something and find me some stuff that more valuable,at least,for the coins we’ve spent

    But other things are great,though

  48. missmik Says:

    i can’t find the scene of the bears

  49. bubbly pet Says:

    I love The New Fairy Tale Mystery Eggs But I Also Think I am Addicted to The Mystery Stuff Its Like Gambling Like 2 Minutes Ago I bought A GMB And As I Always Do I Checked How Mutch It Would Sell For If I sold It And It Was 999 Coins I defo Sold It But It Was The Princess Mat Should I Have Sold It?

  50. Markus Says:

    hello… nice furnitures every week ❤ but i got a problem! when i bought that lamp to the bedroom…. i couldn’t place it on any desk or anything! just on the floor… is this a problem many gets? can ya guys fix this?

  51. Markus Says:

    Yeah! more people got problems whit the lamp too lol… i as dissapointed when it didn’t work… i just wtf!? hehe ❤ should i sell it or keep it?

  52. bubbly pet Says:


  53. Sarah Says:

    I brought 4 or 5 new mystery eggs 😀 So cute! My prinsesse loves them 🙂

  54. Claudia Says:

    THe dolls are nice but there is no animation they just move a little.. can’t you make it a little better?

  55. Tasha.jade Says:

    i LOVE the eggs… sooo cute 🙂 🙂
    And the stairs, I can recycle my shelves now. haha lol. 😀

  56. Tabby Says:

    Flopsybunee loves the fairytale eggs! she nearly has all of the characters 🙂
    also.. does anyone else think that the bamboo leaf lamp looks like it has cannabis leaves on it ? LOL xxx

  57. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

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  58. barbie Says:

    does the fairy tales egg match with any scene?where can i find the scene 2 put my fairytales things

  59. Princess Says:


  60. Chubby Says:

    addicted to pet society LOL

  61. ani Says:

    i’ve completed my fairy tale mystery egg scene collection! cool!

  62. irenka Says:

    Could u please make the bedside lamp to stand on something else beside the floor ? And i love the new items ❤ 😀

  63. Akita Says:

    Igot a red dragon in the fairytale Mystery eggs ^^

  64. charlotte Says:

    i just got mother bear in the fairytale mystery eggs

  65. irenka Says:

    Hm.. whats the maypole for ?

  66. šejzel@tux Says:

    listen me carefuly,i will say this only once.i love the new stuff and i got an idea for new stuff-old lamp,wallpaper with bamboo leaves,a pyramid figure or the stuff in the time of egyptian.horse doll,or shep doll,or city toys PARIS-people toy,or harmonics,or crab doll,or unicorn.FOOD-it can be a ice-cream or sphagetti,ketchup,fish,salat.GADGET-the mouse for computer,the sword from STAR WARS.NEW SHOPS-garden and instruments.CLOTHES-from x-men or the animals clothes.
    AND THIS IS MY WISH LIST:giraffe doll,the blue-purple-or green lamp,the mexican rug,or the shampain glass,vine glass,vine,batman clothes and finally dog doll!!!!!!!!

  67. šejzel@tux Says:

    i got all stuf in all shops.I M RICHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have 234 mystery eggs.can t wait for open it

  68. Jielyn Says:

    i love this mystery eggs…. but i cannot carry them

  69. janet Says:

    Oh…I’ve got all the bears ,but i don’t have the cottage!!Where can i buy it?From the egg?

  70. Rin Says:

    ar….what is in the mystery egg?? a toy??

  71. : ( Says:

    Why my Bedside Lamp cannot be turned on?
    It can be turned on yesterday morning, but not now
    What happened?
    Is this my problem?

  72. stef@ds Says:

    i want polar bear doll,green lava lamp,black piano

  73. Jie Jue Says:

    anybody pls tell me why there is a ? beside my mystery box items? is that to tell you theres some toy or somethin to put there???like the blue Mystery Egg scenes…..

  74. chunky chocolate Says:

    Sonya,why cant the lamp on the table alway drop to the floor !!!!

  75. marwa Says:


  76. lovston Says:

    cute & fun to play with

  77. lovston Says:

    kan hav $ so esy *.*

  78. lovston Says:

    lots to chose fm

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  80. pu3 nAfIeSaToOl Says:

    playfish rulez!

  81. pu3 nAfIeSaToOl Says:


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  85. koko Says:

    send me send my

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