“?”’s pixel pixies strike again!


Hey Pet Society fans! Have you worked out who “?” is yet? Whether you have or not, it is time to pay him a visit, as he has just hidden some new mysterious items in his mystery boxes! So sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to try and discover what “?”‘s pixies, sorry pixels, are this week! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!)

(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images:

Ornate Bedside Table

Ornate Framed Bed

White Fox Mask

94 Responses to ““?”’s pixel pixies strike again!”

  1. CY Says:

    What is “?” on the top right corner of the item (eg chandlier), how to click it away / open it / what to do with it ?

    • Calm =D Says:

      Items with the “?” at the top right corner are items that can only be gotten from mystery boxes…=)

  2. armell Says:

    i never get any of the neat stuff that you guys are all talking about? waaa……..

  3. Maria M. Rosado Says:

    I think is a bed and a white chair and the first thing is likethe border of a front door.

  4. Chubby Says:

    i still dont get the bed & mask very disappointing 😦

  5. Chubby Says:

    bought 3 GMB already gonna buy 1 last one hope this time will be lucky :p

  6. Chubby Says:

    oh no…… my last GMB is the swirl goggles 😦

  7. Bea Says:

    i got ornate frame bed (GMB)… i love it so much!!!!
    and unipet perfume bottle and pet hair gel tube (BMB) are so cool 🙂

  8. Jielyn Says:

    cool i got the bedside table (blue mystery box) then i got chrome laptop at gold mystery box!!!!

  9. sarah Says:

    I got the bed (GMB), but sold it coz I don’t like that kind of “old fashioned” style…but then I found the MASK!! WOW!!!! 🙂

    Now I’m waiting for tomorrow’s new items! 😉

    see ya!

  10. xCOFFEEx3 Says:

    yay teh bed. 0.o there are other ? items right? like those items with ? at the corner…

  11. sunny Says:

    Pls kindly add mi if u hv pet society.



  12. Yang Says:

    I wanna know wat is that 🙂

  13. fia chan Says:

    help me..
    i make some trade with someone and i sent big tree and 7 x 999 items but she not send item back and remove me from her friend..
    is item can back?

  14. Jielyn Says:

    i want the bed but i tried many times and i didn’t have the bed

  15. Shernis Says:

    fia chan you shouldnt be that stupid to send it to her unless she is really close to u!! oh n i got the 999 ornate bed!!

  16. Shernis Says:

    Hey Sonya, I was wondering whether you could add more things in luxury to stay there forever its kinda boring now,

  17. Neku Says:

    I know who “?” is! If you read about the mayor in this website, it says he love MEATBALLS. And if you talk to the food store guy, he says “?” can’t ever get enough MEATBALLS! Smart eh?

  18. alice Says:

    yeah the frst one is an ornate bedside table!! 😀

  19. camila Says:

    I haven´t got the pet hair gel tube 😦

  20. Anthony Says:

    I got the bed but I dont like it much ….But I hope I get the table Because I like it !

  21. Ingrid Says:

    I need the mask! I am charmed with it 😦

  22. raul Says:

    i want one of Those i want the bed

  23. Chubby Says:

    i need the mask too 😦

  24. saffrey Says:

    i have long ago get the two mystery gold 1 ….

  25. Michael Says:

    The bedside table takes forever to get!
    I even haven’t got it yet..

  26. blah!!:D Says:

    Yo tengo un pet pero el compro un webo para niñas i me salio uno que no esta ai….es un espantapajaros!! 😀

  27. šejzel@tux Says:

    i need ornate bedside table

  28. šejzel@tux Says:

    if you gave me the table i will gift you the chair 15.000.you now that chair?!

  29. Shernis Says:

    hey i am here to tell you a secret.

  30. Someone Says:

    Oh! PLEASE!! Every time I buy a blue mystery box they give me a pineapple!? ToT :((((

  31. Jeff Says:

    I have all of them…I got 2 ornate framed beds,2 fox masks and only 1 ornate bedside table 😉

  32. chunky chocolate Says:

    Sonya,why can’t I give away the items in the Mystery Eggs?

  33. krazukat Says:

    I have all of them! I love the bed, especially now when they kicked it out of the box on Fb. 😛

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