Bee Tribal!


Hey Pet Society fans! This week’s item release has just occurred so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to check out everything that’s new!

In the Mystery Store you will find the Glitter Apple, which is the first of a new series of mysterious foods being introduced that are perishable. This means that the food will only last for a certain period of time (you are told the time period prior to purchase), so your pet needs to eat it before it expires! These items will also have a timer clock over them while in your chest to give an indication of the time remaining until they disappear. Unlike standard foods which increase your pet’s health, when eaten mysterious foods will cause a magical effect to occur instead, the effect is only temporary and has a set time period. If you wish to remove the effect sooner, Effect Away has also been introduced to the Mystery Store, when your pet drinks this, the current effect will cease.

Glitter Apple

Effect Away

If your pet wants to head out of town for a change of scenery this tribal outfit and the Inca Panpipes will keep your pet happy!

Tribal Shirt (Clothes)

Tribal Headdress (Clothes)

Tribal Pants (Clothes)

Inca Panpipes (Luxury) (TWS)

Lily’s spring collection keeps growing with this cute bee outfit, daisy crowns, and some leafy shades in the Clothes Store!

Bee Dress

Bee Hairband

Pink Daisy Crown (TWS)

Leafy Green Shades (TWS)

Daisy Crown

The Furniture Store has more variety for your pet’s kitchen, along with some new plants and a panda doll that needs a good home. Plus, although April Fool’s has past, the extraordinary movie poster is now available as a This Week’s Special (TWS) item! The royal set has another new addition this week – the Royal Wardrobe. And finally, the Vintage Metal Chest would be a stylish addition to any room!

Deluxe Dark Wall Cabinet

Dark Wooden Mirror

Daisy Picture

Simple Kitchen Chalkboard

Rolling Pin

Spider Plant

Panda Doll

Mini Cactus Collection (TWS)

Pets Movie Poster (TWS)

Royal Wardrobe

Vintage Metal Trunk (TWS)

The Luxury Store is ready for the great outdoors with this fantastic BBQ! Also, Felicity introduces the Chrome Spiral Staircase to help your pet go round and round while going up and down!

Gas BBQ Grill

Chrome Spiral Staircase

This week the Gadget Store has a set of speakers to outfit your pet’s entertainment area! Additionally, E.M.I.L.I.A has sourced some great new lamps, and a vacuum cleaner to ensure your pet’s home remains sparkling clean! 😉

Vertical Speaker

Center Speaker

Satellite Speaker

Red Desk Lamp

Cherry Blossom Lamp

Blue Vacuum Cleaner

The D.I.Y. Store introduces a black version of the terracotta tiles this week, along with a stunning stained glass panel, and some brick wallpaper for ‘outside’ or as a feature wall!

Black Terracotta Tile

Tree Stained Glass Panel (TWS)

Red Brick Wall

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134 Responses to “Bee Tribal!”

  1. meg Says:

    love it!
    love all the new items! 🙂



  3. Frecklz Says:

    As per usual, Playfish have released another marvellous set of items!
    The blog, is marvellous as usual, great work Sonya, Your a Star! =]


  4. koolprincess Says:

    OMG WOW!!!
    cant wait to try out the glitter apple! and i just LOVE the movie poster! 😀

  5. Little E Says:

    awesome items!

  6. Usher Says:

    Still no new stuff in the cafe. You can consider to put some new stuff there. Thank you!

  7. Chibigiggles Says:

    the panda is soo cute!

  8. Lilly Says:

    Whoa! Cool stuff!

  9. Janice Says:

    Wow!!way the go playfish!!!this wonderful things you make….
    i wish i buy them all!!!

  10. vcsneo Says:

    oh man.. so many things to buy… pet society players… i need more pets to visit to earn more $$$… if you are playing… kindly add me at…

    thanx and regards…


  11. Jennifer Lee Says:

    omg…i will be bankrupt today =.=

  12. Leafywhimpy Says:


  13. Caro Says:

    So many great things to buy and so few money to buy them, grrrr.

    I love them all !!!

    please, i also need more space in each room … every day i found them smaller

  14. Prinsesse Rosa Says:

    Fantastic! 😀 Just been spending some hard earned coins I saved lol.

  15. heightdown Says:

    Thanks for the new items!

    Please consider to put some old vintage green wallpaper and maybe a big plasma TV! That would be amazing! 😀

  16. April Says:

    Is there suppose to be new item in the Mystery TOY?? I thought I saw pictures of it. I have a question about the GLITTER APPLE, if we kept it as a display would that let it last longer?

  17. erica Says:

    oh my gosh! i love ’em 🙂
    i just bought an apple and it gave my pet a glitter effect…loooove it!!

  18. Candy Says:

    Actually, I like the effect of Glitter Apple. I want to keep it forever :)) My pet look like a star

  19. Chris Says:

    Why I can’t buy the apple?

  20. Rosario Says:


  21. ValerieYan Says:

    i like the glitter star also, the best item this week XD

  22. ValerieYan Says:

    if eat 2 apple the glitter effect will appear on my pet body much more onot? XD

  23. Philip Says:

    I dunno but Im not all crazy with the new releases :] but they are still good :]

  24. Beatrice Says:

    The panda is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! 😀

  25. :Dpetsocietyrocks:D Says:

    good work petsociety! i love all the new items.. keep the goodwork! 🙂

  26. Jaimie Says:

    love the Tree Stained Glass Panel. hope there’s more different designs and sizes

  27. kafushik Says:

    this week is so all the care if its expensive !!

  28. akitzzz Says:

    All the new items are awesome, but expensive so Im not going to buy anything for now ^^

  29. Animal Lover Says:

    I love the new items!

  30. reemo Says:

    yes .i like my kitchen..

  31. vHa,, Says:

    WOOWWW!!! Love the bee stuff,,,and the furniture!! Some of them are ‘japaneese’
    I must buy them! Even the TWS

  32. ROCKY Says:

    wahhhhhhhh..gonna buy them..=P

  33. cwyee512 Says:

    thanks much for adding panda doll~~~ FINALLY~~~~~

  34. celest Says:

    hey… with so much nice things, can you like increase the no. of rooms or increase the size of the room? Thanks lots!

    PS: I bought lots of things, but have no more place to put them! XD

  35. maya Says:

    i loved the pink daisy crown and i just got it and i liked the panda doll,it’s sooo cute!thank you pet society!

  36. Maggie Neff Says:

    All looks excellent … but 2 be honest … the spiral stairs look out of place … doesn’t look like spiral stairs!!! maybe you can correct them!!! Thanks again for your hard work to keep the users happy!!! :-*

  37. krishna Says:

    Sonya I want to complaint that today when I opened my Pet Society I saw that half of my items were lost !!

  38. sandra Says:

    Sonya, how come I had hurdless rase yesterday ( before the new items were out) and I saw a pet with the pink daisyes on the head… I thought I was tripping and that I didn’t saw good, but now I’m sure coz here they are…?!?! How is possible some1 to have them before they are out?

    • celest Says:

      maybe have time difference? You and the person with the daisyes have different GMT and thus he/she can get the new items first.

  39. sleepy Says:

    will the days still count if i don’t eat the apple?? like if i buy one but dont eat it , will the days minus????

  40. kyuhyunoppalover Says:

    expensive stuffs hehehehe

  41. LuvLuvJynne Says:

    y everytime i also cannot log in wan … nearly one month i cannot log in my account. T_T

  42. dina* Says:

    please add more space on each room!
    cause i don’t know where to keep all the stuffs, pet society rocks!!

  43. Emma Says:

    Sonya how can it be that pet society is working sooooo slow? 😦

  44. Red.Kiddo Says:

    I almost bought everything 🙂

  45. adida Says:

    i found all my items were lost also my dress what can i do

  46. xiby Says:


  47. angie Says:

    i love the new items but i want more pink itemss

  48. Ann Says:

    Sweet!!! If only I had a little bit more coins =(

    Would you like to add me? Feel free to, please! =)


  49. katha Says:

    pet society is the best of the worl this stuf is incredible im gonna buy all of them

  50. katha Says:


  51. katha Says:

    i love it ^_^

  52. katha Says:

    im gonna buy alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 🙂

  53. katha Says:

    i love pet society

  54. katha Says:

    earth day in pet society i never thing that but is going true

  55. katha Says:


  56. luiyi Says:

    im so sad pet society is very bad this items are verry ungly 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  57. Estee Says:

    Hey there, great blog! This week’s stuff is awesome. Is there any way I can find out whether or not an item is an interactive one without actually buying it?

  58. kaitou kid Says:

    i want all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  59. Gracie Says:

    Wow!!! Great items !!

    So sad….i am so poor rite now…. 😦

    I need more friends….so i can earn more

    Add me pliz: 🙂

  60. Kristine Says:

    I love all the new items… but my problem is i don’t have enough money to buy it…LOL :))

  61. kaitou kid Says:

    can anyoone giv me all dis???haha joke

  62. avinia Says:

    the stuffs are so expensive.. i cant afford to buy one, maybe soon…

    pet society rocks..


    add some coins in the lottery..

  63. Maya froglia Says:

    I find that they are annoying these lamentele on the moneies, I must I only make you other friends going somethe groups of fb I affixed to you for pt or asking the friendship the pet to the caf�. it is useless lamentarsand to ask more moneies in the lotteria, to all it would appeal to to open and to find 5000 moneies, but come in reality it must work in order to obtain, not to ask the elemosina or to hope in the fortuna. You add friends, andateli to find, run to the stage. And I moneies arrive. Who speaks as you then it brails up with cheat as soon as it has the occasion

  64. Shernis Says:

    I bought the Chrome Spiral Staircase. Its very nice. Its display for your room. But you can’t walk up but you can put ur toys or anything else there =] Love the blog Sonya!

  65. charlotte Says:

    hi sonya could you please think about makeing are house mucky every day then are pets can clean up are house and we some coins for clen up the mess only a idea

  66. Shernis Says:

    Sonya, I was wondering whether we could have this type of section that well…. maybe you could buy back the items that you sold or recycled before so that if you accidentally sold the item and they don’t sell it now, you could buy it back. So please think about it. I sold my squitty by accident so please help me.

  67. toh tieng ting Says:

    not very nice

  68. vivienne liau Says:

    wat’s the glitter apple for? i don’t get it

  69. Ling Says:

    I ate the glitter apple and my pet stopped glittering after just 2 days! It was supposed to last for 7 right??? WAAAAAAAAAAA I want my glitter effect back!!!!!

  70. Thiilde Says:

    Haha cool. Did someone say Twilight? 8D I like the glittering apple :’D

  71. oliver Says:

    the red lamp is a famous disney lamp and i just wanna say…..

  72. Tasha.jade Says:

    i love all of the new stuff, saving for the kitchen piece and the stairs… and im going to get the chalk board…. and panda… there sooo cute. 🙂

    Oooooo, and the daisy chain. 😀

  73. Emily Says:

    Hi Sonya,

    I am a bit upset, cause a few days ago I bought from the Mistery shop one of those little balls tha t have toys in them..I went home, opened it and I found a plane in it..then the plane just disappered…I moved all the ferniture around but its nowhere to be found . Why?

    • Sonya Says:

      I can only suggest to keep moving furniture, I have heard of these items going behind a fair few things. For example, it may have gone onto a covered window sill or similar (or could even be behind a door).

      If the item is actually lost, have you checked whether you received the coins from buying the mystery egg back?

      • irenka Says:

        Is there any chanse PS to fix that problem with the furniture moving by it self? Its realy annoying when i put my room the way i like it and then when i come back i see differents.. and i know im not speaking just in my name… so please try the best u can.. especialy with the shelves and the curtains.

  74. Raina Says:

    I want to get a Klenex box for my pet

  75. Shernis Says:

    YAYAYAYAYYA!! I got squitty from the GMB!

  76. Nicola Says:

    Wow amazing i love the hoover fits in so well 😛

    pet society you have out done yourselves again!

    Keep it up!

  77. miya Says:

    wow~ amazing stuff ❤
    LOVE THE STAIR! XD i think its genius!
    i wish u’ll upgrade the room to be more spacious though ;_;

  78. nuritja Says:

    Pet society is funny. My language is Spanish. Excuse the inconveniences. I’m ten years old. I’m from corbins (spain).

  79. Joe Rachid Says:

    hey did sonya create these stuff or not?! who is sonya by the way?!?! can i plz know. ooh and marvelous stuff u got. thanks. pet society the movie is not real. it just a prank.!! good one. and one more thing, i would love it if u would make a lion or tiger or bear or frog or bee doll. it would look awesome. thank u playfish one again for this awesome application.

  80. Sticluta Says:

    All the items are FANTASTIC!

  81. khkk Says:

    i lke thes gam

  82. Irenka Says:

    Hey! This week items didn’t WOW me so much but they are ok.. The grill, the mirror, the picture, cactus also.. I have some ideas:
    1.why don’t u guys make flower shop?? The Valentine’s flowers were awsome and too bad we don’t have them anymore.. also kala’s from last week..
    2.Also.. why only costumes in the Clothes shop?? Add some dresses for girls or blouses for guys.
    3.Also the wooden bed was awsome but nothing to match with :(..
    4.And could u PLEASE consider the idea to bring back the 20 coins for each visited friend?? We have hard times to collect money anyway.
    5.more room in the rooms 😀 too meny nice things but no place to add them all without looking “overfloted” 😀
    6. and finaly the gaysha doll and the princess desk for letters that i saw in the arthists page were very cute.. when are u going to add them :D?? 😀
    Otherwise PS rocks ❤

    • Calm Says:

      About number 4; it already still is 20 coins for each visited friend! But if you visit them the 2nd round you only get paw points ;)…….If you keep getting 20 then PS will be giving away too much $$. 🙂

      __Calm =D

  83. mariano Says:

    And news misterius items in the boxs?

  84. Calm Says:

    Rock’n stuff PS!

  85. sandra Says:

    Hey PS 🙂 this week items cute ❤ tottaly love them especialy panda doll <3<3<3 could u make more colorfull pillows?? like zebra print or with flowers or stripes or even polka-dots 😀 it would be great. and more mats please. oh, and also could u bring back the art deco lamp? i want it so bad 😦

  86. San Says:

    the Glitter Apple is a BIG liar!!!!!!!!
    my friends and i bought it and only works 1 day, so wtf????????!!!!!!!! it says 7 at least.. this is a big LIAR ¬¬ im angry with PLAYFISH >_<!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. RADE Says:

    Fantastic! Just been spending some hard earned coins I saved lol.

  88. Suzana Says:

    Can’t you put all the old dolls in the shops again, there is so many who wants them. And it’s not all of os, there has been playing PS since you made it..
    – I really want all the dolls!!!

    • Irene Says:

      yes…agree…..or maybe just for a limited time only or a promotion scheme! I want those dolls badly like the piggy and the jello but their price in the trade market is unbelievable and sometimes the traders only ask for rare items which as a new player i dont hv much to trade.

      also can ps run a second shop or co-op shop where my pet and trade in there. I mean really item for item not sky high price.

      I see someone suggest a flower shop, why not a doll shop? or a toy shop. This is good for someone not so lucky like me spending a lot of money in the mystery boxes and get hold of unwanted things only.

      • Irene Says:

        p.s. with the in store item, i know they will pharse out some days later for the new items, but can ps give us a notice in the newsletter which item will be retire so we can make our purchse in time to get hold of the item ……..

      • irenka Says:

        well the ones that are This Week Special (TWS) are only for 1 week and then they are gone. The ones that are Just Arrived are staying 😛

      • Irene Says:

        i know irenka, but i mean the just arrive will gone eventaully and sometimes we hv to save up for the expensive items so if we know it will be pharse out in 2 weeks time or 1 week before it go, then we can do our last minute shopping in time.

      • charlotte Says:

        it would good if all the itens you sell are slod in a sceond haand shop and you buy the at half the pris since i been playing i really want a bed but i cant affored one can any one help. hank you soo much

  89. miumiu Says:

    i think it should be more rooms to put lots of items. So slow to get a new room. 😦

  90. irenka Says:

    Oh.. well.. for the lips and the jukebox there was note.. but yes.. it was kinda last minute :S

  91. Rin Says:

    Why I still cant open my PS??
    I’d waited for 4 hours!!! 😦

  92. barbie Says:

    some of my item on the chest box have question mark,why?n what should i do,should i just leave n wait for something to change org should i sell it in exchange for something????????

  93. Martina Says:

    I wish they made stuff so much cheaper! I mean the gold mystery boxes are really expensive! (Thats why there called expensive mystery boxes) but its so not FAIR!

  94. ReeNy~ Says:

    i like the Chrome Spiral Staircase
    …bcoz very classic..

  95. Nivo Says:

    thank u so much for everything ,but I have a request,it`s possible if we can routate the furnature ,so we can organize our rooms better..pls try.

  96. carmynn Says:

    I love it I’ll keep my pet forever
    and my friends

  97. sofi Says:

    it´s fabulous pet society!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Raina Says:

    I love the luxurys.but to expensive:(

  99. Raina Says:

    only have about 140 coins but i get 500 pawpoints and about 1,000 coins

  100. Raina Says:

    each day

  101. Raina Says:

    could you add the shower my pet wants to take a shower

  102. armell Says:

    i love everything, i want everything, lol

  103. SaRah Says:

    i likeeeee the new itemsss!!xD
    petsociety is the besttt game evaa!!:D:D
    cant wait till monday to see the new items!hope they’re nicee!!:D

  104. Gia Says:

    Why is the Tree Stained Glass Panel gone????!!! I didn’t buy it in time and I cannot find it…is it in the GMB? I am so upset : (

  105. Chen Xin Mei Says:

    i luv the shiny apple hor! meeee waaantt apple leh who buy 4 me ha????

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  107. LOLOMFG tricia Says:

    OMG!!! the stuff here is SO COOL!! i missed EVERYTHING cos i was away for a WEEK and the COOL stained glass tree thing and the movie poster is ALL GONE

  108. Shiver me timbers! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

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  109. online stock trading guru Says:

    Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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