Say Cheese!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest version of the game has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace to explore!

If you play Pet Society on Facebook, the fantastic new feature you will notice is a camera icon labeled “Take a Photo” next to the status icon! This icon allows you to take a photo of your pet in its home, a friend’s home, while walking the neighborhood, racing or even while in the various shops! From your pet’s home, you can take a photo of the room, or a close up of your pet in its surroundings, or a portrait of your pet (the background is removed); from anywhere else (including a friend’s home) you can take a picture of the scene, a close up, or again a portrait shot! The photo is designed to be saved in an album labelled “Pet Society” in your Facebook photos, so you will need to give the application permission to upload photos! 😉

Also “?” has just released some more mysterious items! There are no secrets this week, here is what you can now find (if you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!):

Blue Flower Headband

Dodecahedron Lantern

Owl Doll


100 Responses to “Say Cheese!”

  1. empress Says:

    wow the mb items is great

  2. Sayer Says:

    got the owl doll and the dodecahedron lantern!!..I’m so lucky…

  3. maribel Says:

    the owl its just too beautiful *_*

  4. MAN utd Says:

    wow….good job!!

  5. A. Twer Says:


  6. Frecklz Says:

    Another great features from Playfish!
    yet again, great job on the blog Sonya!

  7. Nicole Says:

    the new mystery box items are awesome!

  8. Fluffy Says:

    Good MB item ^_^

  9. Shruti Says:

    The headband is uber cute!
    The Take a photo feature is really nice!Great update from Playfish.
    Thanks Sonya


  10. keem Says:

    OMG! They are soo cute!

  11. Janice Says:

    Wow!!!thank you playfish for thinking a lot of beautiful things inside of the mystery boxes!!!!

  12. caro Says:

    I love the new items… but when… when are you going to invent new ways to earn coins??

  13. Shernis Says:

    hi Sonya, I was wondering well on pet society, there is this letter from the mayor asking us to help the shop keepers figure out ‘?’ real identity right? Well how are we supposed to do that? please answer me =]

    • Sonya Says:

      Well it’s like a puzzle! Just a bit of fun! Each of the shop keepers now have a message about “?” if you click on their speech bubble. So if you want to, you can try and solve the puzzle! 😉

  14. juddie Says:

    i agree with caro! we need more ways to earn coins, i used to be rich but now i can hardly get 3000 coins as my level increases =( please we need JOBS<3

  15. Shernis Says:

    Sonya, Is there really a way to figure out the identity of ‘?’ or will it just be in a movie. Because if while using pet society you can find out his identity then it would be so fun

  16. Maine Says:

    I love the new feature! Now it is so much easier to make signatures and avatars! The new MB items are just so cool~!! Thanks Playfish :]

  17. Kevin Says:

    I love this new feature sooo much!!!

  18. honeyy Says:

    the hairband is nice. I got a question. How come the traders always has the item right before anybody else. I have invest my hard earn coins into 20 BMB and 10GMB but all i get is wall paper, carpet, clothes and hats that i already has and no sign of anything rare let alone the new mystery item. Am I really that bad luck!! Can Pet Society think of a more fair way for the mystery box system.

  19. honeyy Says:

    Althought not happy with my luck from the mystery boxes but I’ve been cheer up by the new fphoto feature. I have taken some photo of my pet while visiting friends. Its sooooooo lovely. Thanks for the hard work.

  20. pionggoh Says:

    there are still not enought, many new feature are request by player…
    trade feature: like RC.. so no spammer listed and the trade is always safe..
    job feature: pet give a task, if complete, given a trophy or coin
    Pet’s pet feature: like
    myterious shop: spin the wheel feature

  21. ah hoo Says:

    ya, that is feature we want

  22. Kiddo Says:

    How much will it costs if i sell the owl doll and the lantern?

  23. QUESTTTION!!! Says:

    Hey Sonya
    What do we do when we know who the ? is?

  24. thejournomum Says:

    why are we even bothering if most of us cant even log in????

  25. vcsneo Says:

    i need more frens so tat i can earn more $$$… dun mind jus add me at…

    thanx and cheers…

  26. vcsneo Says:

    hmm… could the “?” be the mayor himself? or is it the bank guy? hahaha…

  27. kelly Says:

    who is ‘?’… How do we knew him/her?

  28. kom Says:

    buhuhuhuhuhuhuhu,i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed that owl doll

  29. yiuyiu Says:

    very nice ….. =]

  30. Sheila Says:

    I love the owl i just got it! an just enjoying it!

  31. kafushik Says:

    got the owl but still lookng for the other 2..

  32. kom Says:


  33. Hazel Says:

    but we wouldn’t noe the name of ?? right? even if we guess…

  34. christine Says:

    i know we can take pic of our pet and upload in an album, recently i took more than 35 shots of my pet but only 35pcs were uploaded..the rest were missing..anyone facing this problem?

  35. Rin Says:

    waaaaaaaaa.i’ll do it now~~

  36. hadeel Says:

    the game is beautiful

  37. Dominic Says:

    Who is “?”? Can anyone tell me?

  38. jovhelle Says:

    I love the Headband!!! Gosh I need to buy some MB’s for this items..

  39. Francois Says:

    does anyone know who he is?

  40. ISIL Says:

    I love purple box

  41. Rapsberry Says:

    I think ‘?’ is the Mayor cause the nose looks the same. Anyways, i like the new items in the MB

  42. Rapsberry Says:

    *After a few checks*
    I’m 100% sure that is mayor!! ? must be mayor cause the Food shop shopkeeper says that ? always comes and buy meatball and on says that mayor love to eat meatballs!!! Sonya, am I right?

  43. Tasha.jade Says:

    i love the take a photo feature. 🙂
    And the owl doll. im hoping to be lucky. x

  44. Alice Says:

    I think ‘?’ is the mayor, is that right??

  45. michelle Says:

    can’t get the owl..i really want one 😦

  46. Hatem Tomawis Says:

    maybe ? is the bank owner or the mayor.

  47. juddie Says:

    are we having more clues about ? and his true identity or that’s it? do we have to answer ? if so, where? or we’ll just know the answer?D: i wanna noe..

  48. juddie Says:

    btw, i loved da owl doll ❤

  49. sherwyn Says:

    i need the owl!! waaaaa

  50. Kiddo Says:

    The owl doll can be sell by 999!

  51. kiwii Says:

    Yep so cute,the mystery items are always so cute and glamorous!!
    but there is no one ever as unlucky as kiwi and I with mystery boxes!! 😦 😦
    i never ever get this week special i always have to buy them from the forum :S
    the only time i got a mystery item upon release was a chrome mobile phone!!
    and just this instant I got a simple shelf from the BMB!!!!!
    and before it got a posh pink bow,and the one before was a rainbow band and the one before it a cheap mystery box…etc.!!
    this is so unfair 😥 😥 I really really reallyyyyyy want the blue flowers hair band!!

  52. Lilly Says:

    Yay new items!

  53. Candy Says:

    I can’t find a blue flower headband :(( huhu

  54. Ash Says:

    I can’t understand how to solve the puzzle about`?’How can we even solve the puzzle about `?’ can you give us a hint on how to solve the puzzle(not about the shop owners speech bubble please)?

  55. Irene Says:

    2nd day, 20Bmb still no sign of the blue flower headband……am i really that lack of luck…….

  56. Irene Says:

    Sonya I have a proposal… ROUND CARPETS ( u know like elegant style)!! Or heart ones… or i dont know.. but please new ones 😀 and also round tables. And more elegant flowers.. i need them for my lobby 😀 i cant improvize them with shelves like i do for orher things 😀 please cosider this ❤

  57. blah Says:

    sonya im pretty much sure ‘?’ is the mayors wife am i correct

  58. nix Says:

    wat r these RIDDLES??? how can v ansr dm ……………is de ay use????

  59. Týna Says:

    i bought so 50 bmb and i didnt have blue flower headband..!!!!! omfg

  60. nix Says:

    pleaaese tell me some secrets tobe more populr plzzzzzz

  61. Jie Says:

    no fair, i can’t even log on to pet society

  62. yvonne Says:

    im pretty sure its shuttleworth i think the mayor knows he is the mystery guy so to keep his secret shutelworth has been buying meatballs for the mayor to keep him quite and shuttle worth is the only prson not talking about him and in ? profile it said one of the shop owners saw shuttleworth come out when he nocked some garbage cans down and in shuttleworths profile it says nobody knows were he comes from and hes the only one that doesent live in the town IT ALL ADS UP!

  63. sherwyn Says:


  64. chanelferris Says:

    those items are awesome cool lol???????

  65. maya Says:

    i think that blue flower headband is sooooooooooooo cute!!:D,i hope i will have it!:)

  66. simply_me Says:

    Sonya already wrote the “?” about the identity of the mystery store owner is in fact…
    an APRIL FOOLS DAY joke!
    so stop guessing

  67. Fia Chan Says:

    i open 10 GMB and i dont get owl..

  68. Sharon Says:

    Iwould like to take my pup’s picture and turn it into a portrait she can hang over her fireplace. Can this be done?
    Also, would like to see a floral shop where I can buy single roses, or bouquets as opposed to the plants in the furniture store.

  69. Luna Says:

    How do you solve the Riddles??

  70. R Says:

    why the owl dol not sale in furniture shop T T

  71. kafushik Says:

    ahhh..!!still idnt hve the lantern…T T

  72. zuzu Says:

    the “?” guy is deffinetly the cloth store owner.

  73. nain Says:

    i got the Blue Flower Headband
    if someone wants it just say it i’ll trade it(:

    • Someone Says:

      I want that headband! I’ll trade with you, but what do you want? I can afford it if that’s not something with limited edition or too expensive.

  74. salvia myrilla Says:

    is good game

  75. IssuesGirl Says:

    i don’t know how many gmb i have bought and i still havent found de owl doll!!!!!!!
    i’m so sad…. i have de complete doll colection i need that owl!!!!

  76. Shernis Says:

    the lantern is kinda ugly its too big for the house

  77. Ingrid Says:

    I love owl doll ^^

  78. Angela Says:

    a little big problem 4 me: i still havent found the owl doll!!!
    i’m so sad… i collect all kind of owls and i’ve also a pretty owl tatoo … so … i need that owl!!!
    pls, show me whay can i do 😦

  79. Dallis Says:


  80. josamhil Says:

    oohhh!!!i want one!!

  81. Maria Andrea Says:

    I think that if something cost 20, 000 coins how come we cant have many good thiings? We need money… PLEASE:)

  82. Javiera Says:

    I want a blue flower headband please 🙂









  87. chienny Says:

    lab eet! guve me all the coins men!

  88. cristina Says:

    ma non si può avere la possibilità di tradurre in italiano?

  89. AMY Says:

    I want one too!!!>_<

  90. katia Says:

    i have took many photos of my pet in my album on facebook

  91. mehmet Says:

    i need coins. because i am teaching my streets children how play Pet Society. i want coins. help me please. loves from Cyprus.

  92. antonio Says:

    i want 100000 coins in pet society

  93. Pet Society Anonymous Says:

    It would be great if Playfish could upgrade this feature so that we can take pictures of our pets in their own homes. It’s no fun to make images of an empty room.

  94. bouchama Says:

    j’aime se site il est tres jolie moi c’est koukouni

  95. bouchama Says:

    jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj’aime se site il est tres jolie moi dans pet socity c’est koukouni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! merci

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