*bzzt* E.M.I.L.I.A’s been busy! *bleep*


Hey Pet Society fans! Our weekly item release has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to check out everything that’s new! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday, the 20th of April (but may be available again at some point in the future).

Preston has many new items in the Furniture Store this week; there are some more accessories for your pet’s kitchen and bathroom; as well as a little magic for your pet’s home with the Aladdin Oil Lamp and the Teru Teru Bozu. Preston found a carpenter recently who makes the perfect desk for all your pet’s computing needs, while he was ordering the desks in, he also spotted a brand new bed, so decided to order that as well. Finally, the Elegant Calla Lily and Classic Lamp Post will help brighten up any room.

Apple Oven Glove

Apple Apron

Apple Pot Holder

Simple White Egg Shelf

Simple Basket

Deluxe Shower Set

Aladdin Oil Lamp

Teru Teru Bozu

Basic Desk

Dark Wooden Bed

Elegant Calla Lily (TWS)

Classic Lamp Post (TWS)

For a more traditional relaxing experience than the Jacuzzis, the Luxury Store introduces the Wooden Hot Tub! Additionally, Pampered Pets Inc. has provided a small release of red jukeboxes to Felicity this week.

Wooden Hot Tub

Classic Red Jukebox (TWS)

E.M.I.L.I.A has been extremely busy this week sourcing everything she could find for all of your computing and gaming needs in the Gadget Store! If you place your PetUltra Desktop Computer near your Flat Screen Monitor, when your pet interacts with either one, a different screen will show on the monitor. Similarly, if you place your Galaxy2000 Game Console close to your television, when your pet interacts with either one, a gaming screen will show on the television.

And just to prove that E.M.I.L.I.A has not slept all week, she also has brand new microwaves in stock!

Flat Screen Monitor

PetUltra Desktop Computer

Galaxy2000 Game Console

Galaxy2000 Game Controller

DVD Collection

Game Collection

Stainless Steel Microwave

Pink Microwave (TWS)

The D.I.Y. Store has a new door and window set this week, which definitely lives up to its name (classy) :P; and a new flooring option.

Black Classy Window

Black Classy Door

Red Terracotta Tile

Lily has a South American inspired outfit this week in the Clothes Store; plus she continues her floral dresses with the Bluebell Dress and introduces some new bows!

Gaucho Hat

Gaucho Shirt

Cute Blue Ribbon

Bluebell Dress (TWS)

Cute Pink Ribbon


155 Responses to “*bzzt* E.M.I.L.I.A’s been busy! *bleep*”

  1. Jaimie Says:

    thx guys
    u always come u with really interesting things

  2. Naomi Says:

    OMG! All the new items are great! Better then the last! Loving 🙂 x

  3. Leafywhimpy Says:

    awwww…thx Pet society!!! =D
    I love ’em!!!
    *rush to stores*

  4. Rinoa Says:

    love the microwave and the apple kitchen attire.. soo cute!!

    i love teru teru bozu. hee

    nice work 🙂

  5. D Says:

    My favorite new item is the red terracotta tiles. They look great. The calla lilies are lovely too! I was hoping for some Easter lilies, but this will work.

    I’m going to save up for the gaming system next.

    I don’t have any room to fit the new kitchen stuff in because I have a merged kitchen/dining room, which is already full. It all looks nice though.

    I just learned what a Teru Teru Bozu is. So cute!

    Where are the gaucho pants? Does Playfish want pant-less gauchos running around all week? heee!


    OMG!!! I like all the items for this week!!!
    I’ve been waiting for the items, so here they are!!!
    I bought my pet PC and Monitor, and a Basic Desk, too 😉
    I am so happy!!!
    I’m going to make new room tomorrow!!!
    I am so excited!!!
    I love you PS!!!

  7. Frecklz Says:

    Great Work Playfish, another set of of amazing items.
    As per usual Sonya has done an absolutely job on the Blog, your a star Sonya.
    Keep up the great work!! =]

  8. koolprincess Says:

    WOW! all the new items are just AMAZING! :O
    i just wish i could get them ALL!!!
    i’ll have to try my best earning more coins this week! 😀

  9. Stuffed Bun Says:

    thank you, pet society staff, for all those wonderfull items. 🙂

  10. Cammy Says:

    Good Job!

  11. sabrina Says:

    Wow! Cool items!!
    Especially the new gadgets. =D
    And just a question.. are the gaucho stuff for boy pets or girl pets? sorry..dont know what they are..
    Cause my pet is a boy. =D
    but where are the pants? the gaucho pants i mean.. 🙂

  12. Scyndeye Says:

    Could you add more games like:

    1.park with swing, slides, trampoline
    2. A lake with a boat race, avoid other boats, islands, duckies, swimmers, take the wind,…
    3. a river with a kayak race, passing rapids, remove floating trees, avoid rocks, slalom?
    4.swimming race where you dive in order to avoid floating stuff, take a breath…
    5.car race with cute cars with eyes and mouth or animal shape and colors. There would be oil to avoid, ramp where you have to click at the write time to accelerate and jump over an obstacle.
    6.Park with a labyrinth race (view from above), the faster you finish the more coins you get, and with changing passages along
    7.sliding race with a whole on the slide that we have to cover before we pass it and click at the write time in order to take a turn
    8.college, with each right answer you get coins

  13. Prplppleater Says:

    We need more ways to make money daily so we can buy more stuff 🙂

  14. yee Says:

    O_O Girls’ again?! complaining for no TWS Boy Clothes!!

  15. Vale Says:

    Pongan cosas de huaso y huasa chilenos 🙂 me encantaria tener cosas de mi pais para vestir a mi pet y me gustarian mas cosas para tener un lindo jardin una fuente o algo asi una pajarera seria espectacular

  16. Candy Says:

    I didn’t see any magic for Teru Teru Bozu. Can anyone explain it for me? I am really confuse. :-s

  17. luke Says:

    what are the email of the creators of pet society
    i want to add them
    so i can be influenced and feed of their good ideas

  18. Lil Star Says:

    I was happily looking forward to see these new items every week, especially on Monday. But despite all that, I’m a bit upset cause nothing has been done to our pet’s cafe…

    Cafe is where we all meet new pets, but why there hasn’t any changes for it? Why the stuffs are still the same for the past couple of months, whereas other shops have been upgraded, let alone new shops have been built! I thought Pet Society is a social games, to make new friends hence there’s a cafe! But what changes did they make to make the cafe more happening?

    To be frank, I didn’t even feel to check the cafe every week, there were times I forgot to go to the cafe, or didn’t bother to go there because i know there aren’t any new items for the cafe. Boohooo! No thrilling! Unlike furniture and DYI, they have new items every week and it makes me want to find out what they are every mondays!

    I just hope you all get my point, cause it’s sad to see our pet’s cafe is not as lively as the others, and there’s no attention given to it either. Let’s focus to the initial purpose of Pet Society.

  19. Star Says:

    Thank you for the weekly items!
    This may sound silly, but every week I’m constantly looking forward
    to what you guys release. This week I especially like the gaming supplies
    in the Gadget Store!

    More kitchen supplies? My kitchen is so full from the previous weeks
    supplies. I suggest having fridges that open, so you can put that
    Simple White Egg Shelf in it, and many other things. Or outdoor supplies,
    such as a swimming pool, and benches. ( Probably around summer is best )

    I also agree with the idea of new games. Racing tends to be too long
    and very simple.

  20. ana yurima Says:

    yo juego demaciadooo..
    es un viciioo.. -.-!
    hahha.. agregenn mi facebook: anayurima lugo

  21. anayurima lugo Says:

    deberian realmente poner a la venta una piscina.. 😀

  22. janet Says:

    cool stuff. but expensive o…cant earn much money of it…do job of it

  23. Adit Says:

    Waw .. I so want to buy it …

  24. dinaokta Says:

    oh gosh. i need more room! i’ve only 6 rooms now 😦

  25. ValerieYan Says:

    still got the problem…cant load pet society, mayor keep come out TT.TT

  26. takoyaki Says:

    NEW ITEMS!!!!! so lovely!!!!!!!!! i want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i can’t enter the game.. again. aww.

  27. jolo Says:

    wats the use of teru teru bozu if the weather in pet society is always sunny?
    (teru teru bozu – is an amulet w/c have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day)

  28. Jennifer Lee Says:

    nice nice items…but not enough room to decorate…aiks…its really really tough to get a new room =.=

  29. ValerieYan Says:

    from 3.30am load till NOW!! still can load in ='(
    how comeeee

  30. Mikhail Says:

    Good job on the items. Though it still seems it lacks a little bit of color. I think adding furniture with bright colors would be a good choice for the furniture. And the Galaxy2000 Game Controller seems that the buttons are for left-handed pets. But I bet there are more right-handed pets.

  31. charlotte Says:

    everything is way to expensine i cant buy anything

  32. charlotte Says:

    my wish list i would like a bed for my bed room deluxe darkkitchen counter cultlery and cooking utensisls that all i would like but i cant get then becaue there two expenise and i reall love to have then could you have a sale please i really love then i not asking for much

  33. Sunny Says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^

  34. Michelle Says:

    I can not stand it. They! ARE !ALL! SO! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Michelle Says:

    Please state the price of the Items in pet society. They are unclear and some people might not be able to pen pet society

    • Sisca Says:

      Agree. I’am at office till now and can’t play until I’m home. So I guess the pricelist would be helping me a lot 🙂

  36. nohay2k Says:

    I like so much the kitchen and bathroom items, also the gadgets

  37. Elisabeth Eve Eriksson Says:

    It’s cooooool!But so expensive.

  38. Christine Says:

    pink microwave…that’s lovely…..the bathroom stuff also cool…gud job playfish.

  39. ValerieYan Says:

    omg, till now also cant successfully load in…….i tried thousand of time already -.-

  40. Christine Says:

    Cool Items ! But the computer no mouse ? Can have mouse ?

  41. sarah Says:

    another great set of new items!!!

  42. Guénola Says:

    I’m French !! bon je veut dire que ce jeu est extra !! tout le monde doit l’aimer c Obliger ^^ Bye Bye tout le monde

  43. lara Says:

    the new stuff is great but i have more ideas for pet society:
    1.in shoping ;(tws)if u buy 2 things from this weeks special you will get to choose something that costs 200 coins for free.
    2.in food ;if u buy 3 matzos you will get 1 free.
    3.in sports ; add more sports like swimming ,basketball,football,car racing,voley ball(and you can make some special outfits for these sports).
    4.for pets that dont have enough money you can make a special offer for those pets only:they can sell the easter eggs that they find during the egg hunts.
    i know that those ideas all include offer but for pets like mine that dont have enough money and want to buy this weeks special items this system will help them a lot!!hope you’ll reply and tell me what you think about my ideas thank you in advance!hope you’ll help pets like mine oussi!!

  44. Bushra Says:

    All of these items r kool!i luv them awl!but my P.S. iz not loading..:(

  45. jarus Says:

    wow! all of the new items are very very good… i like em all… i some how managed to figured out the tv-game system thing that 1 turns on the other 1) by myself before seeing this post…. great job of writing this newsletter every week playfish!

  46. michelle Says:

    Valerie, i had the same problem with u oso…can’t load PS….donno wat happened….the mayor face appeared again & again….tired of loading this game…..:(

  47. Naz Says:

    what about the mystery boxes…. any idea?????

  48. Liz Says:


    I am always very pleased to play pet society. and I would like to suggest that you add more space to each room of the house, ’cause there are so many things to buy and no so much space to make them fit in the house, for example in the kitchen, there so many nice things but the space is very small. so please take into consideration my suggestion!

    thanks a lot!!!

  49. Zoe Says:

    what is the teru teru thing :S

    • Borbonsito Says:

      From Wikipedia:

      Teru teru bōzu (Japanese: てるてる坊主; “shiny-shiny Buddhist priest”[1]) is a little traditional hand-made doll made of white paper or cloth that Japanese farmers began hanging outside of their window by a string. This amulet is supposed to have magical powers to bring good weather and to stop or prevent a rainy day. “Teru” is a Japanese verb which describes sunshine, and a “bōzu” is a Buddhist monk (compare the word bonze), or in modern slang, “bald-headed.”

  50. Mariam Says:

    i agree with u Liz

  51. Mariam Says:

    Whats in the mystery boxes?

  52. lunadaisy Says:

    LOVE the shower set, teru teru bozu & the genie lamp. =D

    also had to grab a red jukebox (my pet disco *loves* anything ruby red) & a galaxy2000 game system. i didn’t know it interacted with the TV. too cool! can’t wait to get home from work to try it out! XD

  53. Janice Says:

    Wow!lots of great stuff!!!i wonder what’s there prize!?

  54. Willo Says:

    Hey!! This game is gettig boring! Invent new games! as busrting bubbles, or improve races! To visit neighbors.. isn`t awesome anymore.
    Or make the “People`s Choice Week” again!
    Thank you…

  55. Brianna Says:

    Could we have things like persian rug, persian cat doll, directors hat, mega tv screen, blue swing, science equipment, pictures of places world landmarks like in geo challenge.

    and for apps could you add like a chat thing so that friends that are online can chat with you and you don’t have to wait for messages, and if they’re in your house you can see them??

    and can we have more options for when we edit our pet’s looks, like more colors and such. THANK YOU GUYS !!! I LOVE PET SOCIETY!!

  56. Brianna Says:

    can it rain sometime?? and we have little umbrellas??

  57. sabrina Says:

    within this 14 days, i can’t log in my pet society. i had checked all the setting,the latest flash player etc….
    i feel so sad and helpless..!i wrote few review but no reply!can you please help me> i really don’t want loose my pet!

  58. Shelvy Says:

    Hi there!
    Wow pet society just gets better and better, I love the teru bozu thing (its just so cute >.<) I think I might need a much bigger space for the kitchen cause more and more items and coming and they are so cute.

  59. Andrew Says:

    play pet society

  60. vcsneo Says:

    i need more frens playing so tat i can earn more $$$ by going visiting… if anyone of you dun mind… kindly add me at…




  61. katrina Says:

    pet society should be clean and lot of stores so that pet pets in pet society could buy more and the mayor will have allot of money and add a new store

  62. Jeroen Says:

    When can I buy shaving stuff (the real stuff not electric) and beards, moustaches (different and cool)??

  63. analeigh Says:

    wow…the items this week are so cool..

  64. oliver Says:

    AWESOME PET SOCIETY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats so cool it has an xbox 360!!!

  65. Anthony Says:

    There should be something like if you have 500 coins and you want to buy a bed you should beablle to put that 500 coins on the bed and that would lower it and take 500 coins of the amount coins it is and then you could come the next day put some money on it and the next day and then soon u would have it instead of saving up for it.

  66. suyen Says:

    love the nite scene wallpaper, can have something to match eg: moon, spaceship &etc

  67. cesil Says:

    hi all your new items are really great but so expensive is there any chance you could up your rewards for visiting or lower the prices as i want so many things and cannot seem to get enough coins i could quite happily stay on the com all day in order to achieve this but the children wont let me they have there own pet to look after:( i want a new silver kitchen cooker someone please help pleaseeee mwah thankyou love cesilx

  68. pomemancp Says:

    Wow, its cool

  69. petpuut Says:


  70. Joe Rachid Says:

    Wow Playfish, you guys are amazing! I would like to thank every single member of the Playfish group for making Pet Society the most famous application on Facebook.
    This is incredible although some rare stuff are too hard to get in the recycling boxes and mystery boxes. Anyway, your games rock. Thank you. Oooh and one more thing, can you plz add dolls dolls and more dolls. I have a luxurious doll collection in my bed room on Pet Society. Once again you have abdun your self, Bravo and can you please add a snake doll or a frog doll or a tiger doll please thank you. Or if you want, you can add dolls for the store owners. Each one gets his own doll just like the mayor. Thank you

  71. John Says:

    Very nice Red Terracotta Tile 😀

  72. Rosario Says:

    No puedo entrar a Pet Society =( en toda la mañana =( que mal =(

  73. Sharon Says:

    Maybe more shops could be added ie: Florist, Sundae House, etc. Also, the races should pay 30 to win, 20 for 2nd place and 10 for third. Maybe have another game to win more coins.

  74. millie margaret Says:

    new things are brill recicaling fantastic but please could you talk to the builders to have extentions on the rooms pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees and please why is my pet millie going so slow since you put recical bins in please help her get well thank you

  75. Deb Frankoff Says:

    The stuff as I see it here looks great. Unfortunately, I can’t see it on PS because I haven’t been able to get in for two days. What gives? Posts on forum about this issue are being ignored!

  76. Simon Says:

    Pet Society has to give all of the users something in return for all the problems , in my opinion. When this problem is staying longer , i’m gone !
    This is really irritating that the game don’t work for days and days…

  77. renemar Says:

    It Good Not Bad!^_^

  78. Maine Says:

    Cool new items!

  79. robby Says:

    everything is awsome!!!!!!!!!

  80. Rin Says:

    Hello, im new here and i have an opinion for Pet Scty.What if Sonya make a new shop where all in the shop is only for dolls.So my pet can buy a lot of teddy bears, bnny, ect….

  81. stefani Says:

    why the price of the thing so expensive???
    to get much money is so difficult

  82. stefani Says:

    why the thing is very expensive???
    to get much money is so difficult

  83. paolo Says:


  84. Cammy Says:

    I like Scyndeye’s ideas, especially no. 8 college. I love question games. Playfish, you may ask the questions about items, such as the use of lucky cat…it seems no many people know about it. And it become a very good general knowledge game.

  85. Lala Says:

    ok, i LOVE the new items!! but everything is very expensive. i like the idea of the games, i love it! i also seggest that u guys make jobs for our pets. that would be fun. u could get money after the day u worked (ex. u go to work on monday and u recieve ur sallary on tuesday). I found out that the blue mistery box has a clown baloon and the golden mistery box has a chrome cellphone! (the chrome cellphones’ actual price is 3000 coins, but with the mistery boxes u can get it for 500 coins!! save up!)

  86. chelsea Says:

    i think that next week when u get the new stuff could u get a live pet for ur pet like 3000 pounds or something and that there is pet food for ur pets pet

  87. karo Says:

    I love this game!!

  88. Ahmed Says:

    I Like Pet Society

  89. Ahmed Says:

    Im ahmed In http://www.facebook.com

  90. Mónica Says:

    Hi, i love this game and i enjoy very much all the new items that every week appeared. But i have to say that i hate to buy mystery boxes, because every time the same stuff appeared. I dont know if a have very bad luck, but there is no way to have a black telephone a piano or any of the great stuff that the boxes should have.
    Please give an answers of what can i do, i play this game every day and i rally want to have good things from the mystery boxes.

  91. Mónica Says:

    Hi, i love this game and i enjoy very much all the new items that every week appeared. But i have to say that i hate to buy mystery boxes, because every time the same stuff appeared. I dont know if a have very bad luck, but there is no way to have a black telephone a piano or any of the great stuff that the boxes should have.
    Please give an answers of what can i do, i play this game every day and i really want to have good things from the mystery boxes.

    • Jennifer Lee Says:

      totally agree with you….i only buy mysterious box…but most of the items i got was WALLPAPER, PLANTS, BANGLES and PANTS…those prices are even lower than the boxes price… it should be something special…not somthing that we can get in the shop right?…

      • Irene Says:

        agree…me too..I have an experience buying 12 mystery box in a row and all i got was wall paper, tiles, clothes etc etc…where is the new items….no sign of it. Is it just my luck or something can be done to play more fair

  92. ValerieYan Says:

    today is the 4th day that i cant load in to PET Society TT_TTT
    Please FIX this problem!!!!!!! i wanted to play with my pet so badly …!!!

  93. :) Says:

    What magic with them?

  94. Natalie Says:

    I don’t think so,because when I buy them.They will give me things that is specail.I got blacl telephone,the squeak doll,pink frige,plant and another specail things just a ”This week specail” thing.But MAYBE you are not the lucky one.

  95. barbie Says:

    i hope to see the old stuff back at the store next week such as piano,chandelier or the round mirror,i want it so badly!!n yeahhh try to add some new item to the pet cafe

  96. charlie Says:

    please help me i have recycled items on pet society and pressed recylcle yes button by accident can i get these items back helpppppppppppppp

  97. jake Says:

    when is the new GMB items comming out???

  98. Nia ADB Says:

    What about the keyboard and the mouse?
    Thanks for your looking after our pets.
    Best Regards

  99. Raina Says:

    i love the gadgets,good job E.M.I.L.I.A!

  100. barbie Says:

    more princess itemm,i’m loving it!!!

  101. leandro Says:

    people I need some help , is very important to know if someone of you have an extra bottle of champagne and two champagne glass thanks , and if you need something I will help you to try to get it.

  102. ValerieYan Says:

    why pet society dont try to make something like ”contact lens” for our pet?
    we can choose our fav colour as we like ,but with the same eyes.
    i reali reali hope pet society have this ^o^

  103. Irenka Says:

    Hi! I realy love the new items this week like every week before. I have some ideas… 1st. i looked at the arthist page and there was a beautiful Princess desk. PLS MAKE IT HAPPEN 😀 also the gaysha doll.. LOVE IT!
    2nd. why dont u give us a round of some old items that passed and that are not avalible in the stores (like Art Deco Lamp, Fan, Piggy, Pink Jello, Royal Cabbinete, Mayor Picture) u know.. those were between first items so few ppl have them…
    3rd. please fix the items moving forward and backward by themselves.. its realy annoying, + it doesnt look like we want to.. 😦
    4th.at the stylist: why not every eyes, nose, lips etc. that we bought its saved so we can change it later without paying again..
    5th. i think the toy machine was popular only the first day..now its borring and even stupid idea i think.. so why dont u use it to add dolls like Piggy and stuff..
    6th. love the recycling items 😀 please add more 😀
    LOVE PS ❤

    • Natalie Says:

      I think your suggest isn’t right at all.
      1st, you said the items is moving forward and backward by themselves.They move because your pet is playing with them, and after your pet playing with them.
      2nd,the Stylist will saved you don’t need to pay again.
      3rd, those thing have already put them in the stores once.

  104. Irenka Says:

    the lens idea also good idea 😀

  105. sandra Says:

    Lovely idea! also i would like to add that i realy liked the brown bed from this week and if u can make some stuffs to match it.. u know like “mauntain house” style.
    My problem with sighning is now solved so nothing more to say 🙂 Keep going PS

  106. talha Says:

    hey can we have more kitchen things like friepan,juice maker.And we also want garden and jungle items…

  107. Karen Chan Says:

    Is the wooden hot tub animated?? anybody bought it??

  108. joshua Says:

    hey guys!!!! can u add more stuff toys…..

  109. :Dpetsocietyrocks:D Says:

    whoa! nice work PS! a great job well done:)

  110. Mario Zhang Says:

    love your innovations!!!

  111. julie richardson Says:

    i bought the lamp for 800 coins you took the coins but did’nt give me the lamp

  112. Kerri McCann Says:

    Thank you so much for all the new items. They come up at 5pm on Sunday for me, and I always log in right away to see what you have created. I loved the new bed that you posted this week, but I am struggling to create a room because nothing else matches it. I would like to make this more of an adult bedroom. Could you please create a dresser or mirror to match? Also, I would love to have more curtain colors, epecfically blue and maroon. Finally, there are two old items that I covet terribly: the art deco lamp and the round wall mirror. Is there any way that you could re-release these items, or possibly create new ones. Sometimes I struggle with the blank spaces on my walls and windows don’t always do the trick. Could you create some art work to hang up? For example, I love the fruit pictures for the kitchen. They were a really great item. Thanks again for all the hard work. I love the new kitchen items. I have three different kitchens and they all look great. Thanks for the variety!

  113. armell Says:

    i can’t get my camera to work i am on face book

    • charlotte Says:

      hi have touch the camera icon when you done that you chose if you want a room,close up or a portrait you press on of then then it should say pubilsh this photo if you dont press the retrun arrow if you whant to publish press the tick hope this is helpful to good luck taking photos charlotte

  114. janet Says:

    which next week hav cool stuff

  115. jules Says:

    i’m so addicted to this, collecting coins and buying new stuff for my pet missybaby, your doing a great job, i’m now wanting a games room for her, so would love a dartboard lol. keep up the good work, xx

  116. jules Says:

    i’m so addicted to this, collecting coins and buying new stuff for my pet missybabym your doing a great job, i’m now wanting a games room for her, so would love a dartboard lol, keep up the good work, xx

  117. GOTHIC Says:

    i need goth things.. PLEASE!

  118. RADE Says:

    please gift bed

  119. RADE Says:


  120. Shavy Lambers Says:

    want to buy the bluebell dress!! ai… 😥

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  123. Stephanie Meyer Says:

    Typically I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really admirable post

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