Pet Society goes green!


Hey Pet Society fans! A new version of the game has just gone live along with a new feature: recycling! Sign on to Pet Society now via either Facebook or MySpace to check it out!

By recycling your items you can earn exclusive Eco Rewards for you and your pet. To recycle an item, drag the item from your chest or closet to the Recycler (which is located under the cash register)! Each item you recycle has a certain number of points associated with recycling it. Once you build up 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 Recycle Points you can cash them out for an Eco Prize. The various Eco Prizes have differing Eco Rewards in them (and can be opened like a mystery box), what you find in your Eco Prize is determined by chance. Eco Rewards include:

Wolf Totem Piece (Small Eco Prize)

Dolphin Doll (Medium Eco Prize)

Jungle Bed (Large Eco Prize)

Additionally, three new trophies have been introduced based on how many Recycle Points you build up!

But wait, there’s more! “?” has been hard at work again and has hidden three brand new items in his mystery boxes! As normal, “?” is not quite ready to reveal what they are just yet, but he did leave these hints:

  • Style with a squeeze! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Tweet! Tweet! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Time to reflect! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images of the mysterious items!

Pet Hair Gel Tube

Bird Cage Decor

Retro Table Mirror


255 Responses to “Pet Society goes green!”

  1. mrssandman13 Says:

    These are great!!!! Nice to see Pet Society going green too!! LoL!

  2. luna Says:

    i looooooooove jungle bed,wish i will get it soon

  3. raf wortmann Says:

    how do you get this i really need to know!

    • miss OO Says:

      U must recycle item to green box…
      and change all item that u recycle before into green box…
      10000, 20000 and 30000
      and u open the green box like u open the mystery box…
      i got many item…
      bad, plant, dolphin, bird, dog, magic fountain, sparkling plant… and many other…

  4. nila Says:

    cooool, i’ve got mini wheel turbine from recycle……..yayyyyy!!!!

  5. kevin Says:

    even pet society wants to help mother nature, GO PET SOCIETY! =))

  6. Eily Says:

    I got one of the new Golden Mystery Box items! IT’S SO CUTE! πŸ˜€

  7. hany Says:

    I love the jungle bed and dolphin ^_^

  8. jennifer Says:

    chick toy

  9. jennifer Says:

    got a monkey cup outa cheap eco box but didnt like it!

  10. Phil Says:

    8TH!The idea is really spiffy..getting the pets involved at recycling ^____^ and the prizes look awesome too!!

  11. Annisa Says:

    Cool! I wish i get it all!

  12. Lilly Says:

    Awesome! For the first one I got a totem piece just as it said!

  13. Pa Says:

    Great idea, can’t wait til I can get into the game ^_^

  14. sunny Says:

    my ps is not workin!!!!! 😦

  15. Isabelle Says:

    your should list down the items that are possible to get from the eco boxes!

  16. kerrie pocock Says:

    I am interested in going green, Great idea Pet Society. What do I have to do to get my recycle bin??

  17. Michael Says:

    too much people online..

  18. angela Says:


  19. Chua Jean Says:

    Fu-Yoh! This jungle bed quite interesting and feel like live in the jungle. Cool~~

  20. Gloria Balakrishna Says:

    It would really be hellpful if we oucld get into the game
    RC not working either

  21. pure Says:

    How long will this green event go on for? Seems like there are quite a few items to collect! Just wondering if we have time to collect the coins for it!

  22. sunny Says:

    Eaxctly my ps is not working and neither is my rc πŸ˜₯ 😦

  23. luana Says:

    i loooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wolf Totem Piece !!!!!

  24. Sadaf Says:

    I got the jungle bed πŸ˜€

  25. bei Says:

    i got a fountain!

  26. Minun Says:

    I got a bird house for small eco prize… so cute!

  27. Maria Says:

    Finally I’m excited to be playing PS again πŸ™‚ I’ve been recycling all those unwanted items, gaining eco points, cashing in for the boxes …. very well done Playfish.

  28. inary Says:

    oh nooooo dont recycle rare dolls~~~ lols…
    cant wait to see the new MBs items… still cant login now >.<!
    finally ps is working but not to me yet!!
    rc still under maintenance zzz…
    what a long maintenance this time for both PS n RC

  29. Francesca Says:

    I just tried to cash out 30,000 eco points and got nothing! What do I do? I used all my expendable items in order to get the jungle bed. I am really bummed. 😦

  30. kucil Says:

    i lovee it..
    make everythings feel “green” in my house..
    but, exactly i cant access pet society for a while,hiks
    some trouble happen maybe?
    hope can play it soon >.<

  31. Jenelle Says:

    I got a jungle bed and a seedling that’s so cute!

  32. inary Says:

    fountain? bird house? omg.. seems like so cuteee… cant wait to c it!!

  33. Francesca Says:

    Oh, I finally found my eco box in the chest! There must have been some latency issue, but it appeared and it did have the bed in it. πŸ™‚
    I love it!

  34. clara n andres Says:

    Way to go to make us all get rid of the few juks/lips we got left…

  35. Irenka Says:

    OMG ! I got bird house for outside πŸ˜€ its so cute πŸ˜€

  36. Simon Says:

    I hate the recycle button!! I was confused and now i lost my red bubble chair 😦

  37. antonio Says:

    your new idea is wonderful…………but you shouldn’t stop the site activity ………………..and it is often stopped………… should do better it!!!!!!!!!!!however,i love pet society

    i’m from facebook

  38. Yonnie Says:

    I got a green plant-looking toy .. very cute πŸ™‚

  39. lau abreu Says:

    i have the new clock, the new bed, the plant, i love it!!

  40. Suzana Says:

    Weeee! I got the Dolphin Doll (: It’s so cute ..

  41. Fluffy Says:

    does this means i have to sell my stuff to get those?…

  42. Richie Says:

    Hey I love the jungle bed! Its so miracle,soon I think ill get one!

  43. mtsedwards Says:

    OMG!!! i totally recycled all my clothes and got the silver trophy and cashed out for the middle prize. i opened it and got the dolphin – so excited! – but then i accidentally clicked on my inbox and didn’t save my game. when i went back in the game after a slow load, my silver trophy was still there, my recycled items were gone BUT NO DOLPHIN!!!!

    WHAT DO I DO?!!!

  44. chacha Says:

    Hi Pet Society, It sounds great to hear that even on virtual and pc games there are methods of awareness on how to save earth . Go recycle….

  45. agustin Says:

    now cash

  46. Cammy Says:

    Great Job, Playfish!!! The stuffs are COOL!!

    However, there is one problem should be solved!! THE LOGIN PROBLEM!!

  47. andrew Says:

    why do each box cost so much?!
    u have to sell 5,000 coins for a small one
    10,000 for a medium one and
    15,000 for a big one
    that’s so expensive!

  48. Expheryax Says:

    how did u get that ?? ?and can u make a fashion show contest ? ?i think that’s will be cool

  49. tomix Says:

    i like this idea pet society, you can do new shops, i can help you with the shops,

  50. tomix Says:

    I would love to do more things, like a shop outside world that things in other cities in the world, and invented other cities

  51. benito camela Says:

    Raquel, veni con los muchachos, veni raquel te vas a divertir.

  52. paola Says:

    Default List Of Recycling Items
    As i haven’t seen a list i’v’e decided to make one

    Small Recycling Box :

    wolf totem = 833 sellback price
    monkey cup = 833 sellback price
    bird house = 833 sellback price
    seedling doll = 833 sellback price
    eagle totem piece = 833 sellback price

    Medium Recycling Box :

    baby seal doll = 1666 sellback price
    disco ball = 1666 sellback price
    travellers palm = 1666 sellback price
    dolphin doll = 1666 sellback price
    snorkeling mask = 1666 sellback price

    Large Recycling Box :

    jungle bed = 2499 sellback price
    classic wall fountain = 2499 sellback price
    telescope = 2499 sellback price
    mini wind turbine = 2499 sellback price
    cuckoo clock = 2499 sellback price

    Small Recycling Box = 10,000
    Meduim Recycling Box = 20,000
    Large Recycling Box = 30,000

  53. Expheryax Says:

    and i think that’s to expensive

  54. Maggie Neff Says:

    LOL … no Andrew … thats not coins … it’s points … just try it … its out of heaven 2 receive all those wonderfull prices xox THANX PETSOCIETY!!! YOU DID A GR8 JOB!!

  55. Leona Says:

    This is awsome!!!

    I see it as if you buy just mystery boxs and you get something you all ready have you recycle it and like extra eggs or gifts you don’t want but you shouldn’t go out and buy a butt load of stuff just to recyle it or recycle every thing you have just to get the items faster. I believe this is going to be permenant.

  56. sherwyn Says:

    got a seedling doll and wolf totem piece…soo kyut!! i love to be an eco warrior!!! =)

  57. marimari Says:

    Wow great way to remove clutter!
    Prob is I dont have clutter XD

  58. joseq Says:

    pet society es lo maximo:D se podria decir que soy un adicto a este juego

  59. Charmy Says:

    I got a snorkeling mask from the medium eco box…all the items seems so cute! i will do more recycling to get all the items!

  60. Mae Says:

    Nooooooo! This is just a ploy to make you spend more and possibly buy items using real dollars. Argh! I know that’s what companies do but **sigh** I want dolphin

  61. Suzana Says:

    I just got a disco ball and a baby seal doll (:
    – Me likie (:

  62. huda mez Says:

    why not making 2 pets get married and have kids ? THERE are a lot of stuffs 4 babys in the game and the game will take an other flavor πŸ˜‰

  63. Ryan Says:

    Yeah yeah!!!i gt the fountain + Cuckoo Clock (like it mucchhiiie!!) + Jungle Bed..stil fighting for the rest itemssss…ja~

  64. thechip Says:

    I got a baby seal doll,eagle totem piece and a telescope. =)
    lookin’ for Dolphin doll but have nothin to recycle…..!!

    THX !!

  65. Hasib Says:

    got a 1) telescope
    2) eagle totem piece

    telescope—–superb 30,000
    eagle totem piece—–very ugly 10,000

  66. Ruth/Ratonela Says:

    Hello I wanted to say that the pet does not charge me: (well are very cool new things I hope to take soon Bye

  67. Foaud Says:

    When i’ll have the last one will i have all the prizes?

  68. mairy Says:

    this is just for the things you don’t use, isn’t for buy things just for have the eco boxes

  69. kimlieh hoang Says:

    i would lilke to get a little go green t-shirt for my pet society kimi.

  70. Laura Says:

    its a seal for the medium :S

  71. Mar Says:

    recycling is an excellent idea!!!!!!!!! love the items!

  72. Camm Says:

    I collect plushies.I need the doplhin doll. NOW!

  73. Bams Says:

    Thanks for keep making this game interesting!

  74. Mariam Says:

    i got a wolf totem piece…its boring…i want toysss 😦

  75. valery Says:

    is great, I already have three trophies, πŸ˜€
    I like the jungle bed 😦

  76. missbikinibitsy Says:

    not yet loadingg… very curious i am ^^

  77. Lisa Says:

    What do i recycle? i need everything i have in this game!

  78. Eizer Says:

    I got Dolphin doll !!!!! yeayyyyy

  79. dulce Says:

    i will definitely join this!!

  80. camila d Says:

    aaaaaaaaai quisiera tener todo pero soi re pobre :S

  81. Laras Says:

    Wow ….. very cute …..

  82. xusa Says:

    q pasa

  83. tri widya asrie Says:

    how do you get this?? i want to know

  84. Patsy Says:

    Do the items aren’t really recycled is just the thought, and they’re turned into points, which soon you can get a prize from? o.o

  85. NzL Says:

    how can i get it item ?
    please , help me
    because i don`t know

  86. Thanatos Says:



  87. Jay Says:

    where can I find the cash register?

  88. emi Says:

    woooww itΒ΄s amaizing!! i will love this!

  89. toh tieng ting Says:

    it good
    i like it
    now i love to play pet society
    so good
    hope have many job also

  90. jozi Says:

    i realy wanna thesse!!

  91. Francis Says:

    i got a classic fountain and it look so green =)

    but i want dolphin dolls, so cute

  92. foo-foo Says:

    haven’t been able to get into ps for past 2 hours. 😦
    I haven’t had a chance to do the recylce thing. Hope ps is accessible very soon!

  93. juvy Says:

    oohh..spooky…i like it!

  94. Julliya (Mimine) Says:

    WoW these new things are soooo COOL … Recycling yeah hΓ©hΓ© !!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks to : Paola ,,, for the eco list !!!

  95. numel Says:

    go green pet society πŸ˜€ i love pet society ^^

  96. Catherine Says:

    Recycle $30,000 but only get Silver Award

  97. Malloky Says:

    😦 Non of the above came out for me, A Monkey Cup came out from the Small Eco Prize, And a Cuckoo Clock came out from the Large Eco Prize. No Wolf Totem Piece & No Jungle Bed :CRY:

  98. mohammad Says:

    how do you get this i really need to know!!!!!

  99. purssypink Says:

    I got the wolf totem……..

  100. Jane Says:

    its hard to collect the money….and why while i try to load pet society always have some trouble (Don’t send Thing….???).

  101. lol Says:

    i got all in medium recycling box.hahahahah,but i still wait for jungle bed πŸ™‚

  102. rany Says:

    i got all of that list,except jungle bed :(,i still try to get jungle bed

  103. purssypink Says:

    i got the mini wind turbo ^^

  104. Curios Says:

    erm… is it mean that we recycle stuffs that we don want? and in return we get points?
    -just curios-

  105. Greeney Says:

    i got a fountain lol XD

  106. spongebob Says:

    this is gooooooodddddddddddd!

  107. NIKA Says:

    recycle a juke and get 60000 points! πŸ™‚

  108. zepheria Says:

    oohh!! i got snorkling mask! i want the dolphin doll though

  109. Jiffy Says:

    I have a mini wind turbine(large eco).

  110. martina Says:

    hello there, i have problems to access it and even publish help need in support forum. what happend to pet society in fb?

  111. Shernis Says:

    booohooooo i got the stupid wolf totem

  112. Grace Says:

    I got a telescope and a monkey pot! I love them!!

  113. David Says:

    Yeees! I won a Jungle Bed in a large Eco Prize and also some Monkey Cup in Small eco prize

  114. Bella Says:

    i can’t load!!!..i do everything but it doesn’t work..why??? πŸ˜₯

  115. Cindy Says:

    luv’ the stuffs, but it’s jus’t really hard to recycle items~

  116. Elena Says:

    recicling is good idea

  117. Irene Says:

    How come my medium eco prize is a seal instead of a dolphin?

  118. penny Says:

    great idea however every timme something new is added to pet society the game doesnt load or freezes up when it does load for days afterwards

  119. Vania Siek Says:

    Nice… I’ve got many Eco Prizes xD LOLS… they’re cute… esp.Dolphin Doll and Seedling Doll ==> cutest `huh?! xP I’ve collected all Eco Prizes from Medium Box… I wish for the Monkey Cup and Cuckoo CLock 😦

  120. rachel Says:

    I got Dolphin doll too yessssssss

  121. rachel Says:

    who want buy my Dolphin doll….??????

  122. Eily Says:

    I hope the login problem will be fixed soon. It’s so annoying and frustrating. Thanks.

  123. Adrian Says:

    It’s excelent ! I loved these draws *.* xD

  124. Donna Says:

    It all sounds like fun this new recycling scheme but i haven’t had chance to experience it yet !!! Please get the logon problem fixed !!!

  125. Krishna Says:

    I did not get jungle bed out of the 30 000 recycle box but I got a mini wind turbine

  126. aileen Says:

    brill going green titches fav colour

  127. Skytso Says:

    A hearty round of applause for Pet Society for going green and spreading green awareness!!

    I’m excited to see what “style with a squeeze” is!

  128. angelaa law Says:

    in hong kong so many people can”t go to pet society and rc, we are waiting long time , when can we go. pls i want play with my pet.

  129. Little E Says:

    I just acidentally recycled my blue metal bed! 😦 clumsy me

  130. Xean Says:

    My only problem with this is the sheer number of points needed to get each box, and the fact that I, personally, would get- on average- 100 points per item. That means I need to recycle at least 100 items just to get the first box- I don’t have 100 items to recycle, and I’m not going to waste coins on buying items just to recycle.

    I love the idea, but I just think that we’re expected to do too much to get them.

  131. line Says:

    Im poor

  132. Krishna Says:

    I got all the RECYCLE ITEMS and who ever wants it can contact me on facebook email :

    • Anna Cerra Cormier Imeneo Says:

      hi there, am new to this and I have some trophies gone missing and also items, and my son has a boy Yazzi and I have a girl Milana. Not sure how all this works but saw your comments, and if you can contact me would so much appreciate it. Please excuse my spelling I have disabilities and have been for over 14yrs at young age. Would appreciate your help if you can let me know what I can do about the missing trophies, points, and items, as it is frustrating and so upsetting to my son. thanks in advanced:) Happy Easter to you and yours xxxooo
      Anna Maria Cerra Cormier Imeneo face book user

  133. Jan Says:

    πŸ™‚ I like the new recycling feature. It’s great! ;D

  134. green? Says:

    sure PS has us simulating being green in the game, but is playfish doing anything to be more green in the real world? just because we’re recycling things in the game doesn’t make the world a better place! it would be cool if these recycling points went to something real, like for each eco box redeemed, playfish would donate x, y, or z amount to some fund!

  135. princess Says:

    nice thanks for the specialty of yours thanks

  136. Safira Says:

    I like go green! Who ever wants it can connect to people in pet society? Let’s go for go green forever!

  137. angi! Says:

    Hi PS! πŸ™‚ well I really like the recycle items but I think that they are very expensive lol πŸ˜€ see u

  138. Scyndeye Says:

    I can’t get in!
    Ho my god! My baby’s home alone!
    “Don’t be scared baby! Mummy’s coming! I love you! I miss you so much! But don’t touch the stove! I’ll be right back! as soon as I can!”
    PLEASE can someone call the police! the Mayor! even the President if you must! I want to see my baby again!
    What am I suppose to do without him? Go outside? Take advantage of spring? But I don’t want to! I want to see my baby on facebook!

  139. nurhidayu Says:

    I’m so excited for PS going to GREEN campaign… But at the same time… I’m feeling sad and anxious for not able to loggin to the application… Why some people got no problems but ME… Oh dear MAYOR!!!! I really need your help… I’m missing my “lil missy”… had not seen her for 4days straight… I REALLY miss her… PLS HELP 😦

  140. Anna Cerra Cormier Imeneo Says:

    I have two babies Yazzi boy & Milana girl……Very much enjoy coming on to PS and playing with them. One is mine and the other is my sons. We have a blast with them and tried to get them both looking like twins, so so cute…..LOL…Anyways, we are having some big issues with getting on and staying on lately. Would like to hear back from anyone that is experiencing any of these issues. As well they were to get trophies and we are missing a total, between the two 4 of them. Another thing that we have noticed in just the past week, is that we have not been getting our points when we go to visit other neighbors, so therefore there are a few issues that are very upsetting. We are very frustrated right now, so hoping we hear back from anyone whom is having any difficulties. With sincere thanks in advanced:)
    Anna & family xxxooo
    Happy Easter 2 everyone on FB.

  141. lolly pop Says:

    hey..I think I got all the eco many are there including small, medium and big?

  142. princess Says:

    great job

  143. Irene Says:

    I wonder how many GMB has to be opened in order to get the new item? I have open 12 in a row……guess what I got, all unwanted things…yes, you may say it is good for the recycle programme but I WANT THE NEW ITEM!!!!!!!!!! How much more coins i has to spend on the box in order to get one….just one, please!

  144. belle Says:

    lol how to recycle?

  145. smiyuki Says:

    Support Green Green world……All of us come n together help to save the world..

  146. Joee! Says:

    Which colour’s mysterious box has toys uh..?

  147. Hitsx Says:

    Hey!! is the Recycler permanent or till earth day???

  148. Mariam Says:

    i got a cukoo clock :)…i want a jungle bed 😦

  149. elena toni Says:

    wow! fantastic…but the game doesn’t load!!!!
    I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting…….

  150. Sunny Says:

    HUh?there’s a cukoo clock?are they at expensive box???How does the fountain look alike??

  151. Mup u Says:

    I want the dolphin doll but I got the disco ball πŸ˜€

  152. MuSiC Says:

    GOOD iwish i get a eco bed

  153. jayology Says:

    i really want the jungle bed ‘coz it looks like expensive!!hahaha!!and sell it!!!!yeepee!!!

  154. KP Says:

    This is retarded! I just accidentally recycled an expensive item and I can’t get it back! Pet Society, please work on what NEEDS to be done in your game – easier ways to make money, more fun games – before adding this useless crap. if something doesn’t change soon I’m not playing the game anymore.

  155. babe_rainy Says:

    I can’t play pet now!!
    I see this pic in yesterday.

  156. TΓ½na Says:

    I got two mini wind turbine out of 30 000 recycle box and after i got jungle bed. I got dolphin, snorkeling mask and palm out of 20 000 recycle box.

  157. TΓ½na Says:

    I got one item of GMB!! SO CUTE :)))

  158. Jane Says:

    how i can get that?

  159. nissa Says:

    I want it soooo muchh..

    Sadly, I can’t load PS in my account..Can Playfish’s staff fixed it soon?? I miss my pet sooo muchhh….huhuhuhuu πŸ˜₯

  160. Soja Says:

    I want the Jungle Bed! I’m craisy for it! πŸ˜€
    But we have to wait toooooo long befor to have a surprise 😦

  161. fatgal Says:

    i really loved the birdcage but i wished it was “BIGGER”

    it was a lovely birdcage but being too small is spoiling it..


  162. Alynka Says:

    Hello, I was bored about the items, now i know that there are more and more interestig. The big problem is that i hasnΒ΄t been able to get in to my petΒ΄s house for many days! Can anyone tell me whatΒ΄s going on??
    I hope the login problem will be fixed soon. It’s so annoying and frustrating. Thanks.

  163. angel Says:

    i really like the wolf totem piece and the dlphin doll but when i open up the small eco box, the item is a seedling doll not a wolf totem 😦 made me waste my stuff and money….:(

  164. angel Says:

    how come i get a seedling doll instead of a wolf totem? 😦 i wish i had 1 if any one has pls reply to me

  165. angel Says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i finally got a wolf totem piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Elie Says:

    how can i play pet society without rtaking too much time to log in on facebook and other way cz it needs time furthermore while playing petsociety on facebook the game become veryyyyyy slow so can we download the game to the pc with a way to log in by our own address ????????

  167. Mup u Says:

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I got the “Style with a squeeze” πŸ˜€ My pet is so stylish now 😑

  168. nour Says:

    hello all the jungle bed and the daulphin …. don’t appeared i dn’t know why but the decoret of easter still!!?!?!?!

  169. omar Says:


  170. Maggie Neff Says:

    The tweet tweet … is a little blue bird in a cage xox GMG

  171. jolijef Says:

    i love to recycl: i am green for the world!! yeeee!!!!!!!! greetz regina

  172. Norma Says:

    Pet Society page has been very slow for the last few days since the green idea has been working… can you do something about it?
    Thank you

  173. koolprincess Says:

    and the dolphin’s too cute! =D

  174. Kisty Says:

    Cool! Good job Playfish! πŸ™‚

    I wonder… Will there be a Pink Jacuzzi? It’s the only missing pink thing in my bathroom! :p

    And how about an Earn-3x-Paw-Points week or something? So that low level pets can level up fast – even for just a week. πŸ™‚

  175. abi Says:

    blue mystery box
    hair gel
    gold mystery boxes is bird in cage and mirror

  176. princess g. Says:

    yay! i got all the recycling items

  177. Elie Says:

    plzzzz my internet connection is too slow so can someone tell me how to download the game on pc without taking too much time to log in on facebook ???????? i will buy the gift that u want for the person who helps me as a rewardi have 35875 coins in the game πŸ˜€

    • Maggie Neff Says:

      Hi there Elie … try to clean-up your cache on pc … do a defragment and a disc clean-up! I have the same problem … sometimes the internet is to busy or too many users on facebook or pet society … then it is real slow – almost like a slowmotion movie lol xox Have a gr8 day and enjoy playing pet society! πŸ˜€

    • Nessy. ^^ Says:

      Wow. I like these new things.. I’ll buy some of them right now!! πŸ˜›
      Tnx for this post… (:

  178. Rachael Says:

    I got the jungle bed and the cookoo clock!! they are both soooo cool

  179. Kristy Says:

    i want it all…but i can not get it …feel sad…

  180. Adit Says:

    waw very nice …

  181. Miku Says:

    I kinda hope when they go around outside. They can find some trashes along the way and get it recycled too.

  182. Puki Says:

    I buy a eco box by 10,000 and I found a rare doll like a onion green with face, by 20,000 I obtained a very nice disco ball, by 30,000 I obtained a turbine.

  183. Janice Says:

    wow!!!i wish to have that jungle bed!it’s so perfect on my next room!!

  184. juhi Says:

    i got a classic fountain and a wind turbine when i recycled items for 60000 points[2 tims 30000]!!

    and the mystery item in BMB is a hair gel:)

  185. Sky Says:

    I got a hair gel from BMB, thats great

  186. Wendy Says:

    Please please please give us some new mini games so we can make money!!

  187. Wendy Says:

    Also we need the option to buy a certain amount of an item. When I go to buy pears I have to buy them 1 at a time, why can’t I select how many I want to buy at once instead of clicking over and over and over? This is a simple idea but would make things a lot easier.

  188. lorenzo giuliano Says:


  189. Jay Says:

    i hope there is some other way to earn money easier and faster! πŸ˜€

  190. ValerieYan Says:

    any1 know this recycle event held untill when? thx! xoxo

  191. Aiken Says:

    here are some suggestions..

    1.Will the major of pet society create the transport like ” motorcycle, bicycle and car or UFO in gadget shop ?

    2.The bank can be a real banking system? i meant the bank not only can buy the coins using real money, would it can save money inside ? and get the interest and also the bonus according to the saving.

    3.About the new rooms system.why get the 7th and 8th room need so many paw points ? can make lower down the requirements?

    4.The trophies actually not many. can create more trophies?

    I’m sorry if my grammar didn’t make it right. Hope all of you can understand.

    one more thing:
    The large Eco Prize contains how many types of items inside?
    and will it keep repeating ?30,000 Eco points not easy to get also.

  192. AByShiT Says:

    what the heLL! i always get the eagle totem peace! damn it! i already have one!

  193. mademoizell3 Says:

    I got disco lamp T^T
    I want that jungle bed so bad XD

  194. Shelvy Says:

    I want the bed….(-.-) but I got a bird house instead…

  195. akitzzz Says:

    how do u open mystery box?
    ……plz tell me (^,..,^)

  196. Maggie Neff Says:

    The new stuff is all very nice and Pet Society did a gr8 job … i just ask to fix the problem with the log in at ps … I have used 2GB data with this problem in 14days … PLZ a very big PLZ … FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!! This is not fair to any player to use that much data just 2 play or try to play!!! I realy hope a mod get back with some answers!!!! 😦

  197. annecy Says:

    pet society is sooooooooo addicting!!!!!:)it
    makes me want to play every hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xD

  198. Helen Says:

    πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  199. Tumara Says:

    I 500 coins on a gold mystery box and got a stupid rainbow bracelet! excuse me! that’s not right!

  200. peggy Says:

    oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee anyone have the fountain? i can’t seem to get it.. i keep getting repeats which i gift to those in my list who wouldn’t be able to get anything due to numbers in there villiage.. but ohhh i so badly want the fountain.. pleaseeeee

  201. jorge velasquez vega Says:

    pleaseeeeee i changed anything for brid cagee….. and the mirror ANYTHINGH………… thinkinng aboutt and addd meee pleaseeee….. jorge velasquez vega. is my name.. add me and i changed anythingh that you wanntttt

  202. LiliAnn Says:

    I just cashed out my large eco prize and got a telescope – LAME!
    I wanted the jungle bed =:(
    Now I am left with a teloscope and the dreams of everything I sold to get a jungle BED!

  203. jorge Says:

    How do I download the online pet society rps please …!!!! πŸ˜‰

  204. Saffrey Says:

    I gt the dolphin doll!!!!!!!!!!!YIPEESSSSS!Only the 2nd time i buy recycle bin medium HOORAYYYYYYYYYY!

  205. Kate katekate Says:

    I think P.S. should really rethink the points system on the eco items, causes to much squabbling in the threads trying to get items. or is that what they want?

  206. Aagje Says:

    The wall fountain is so cool ^^

  207. JAVIERA Says:


  208. Natalie Says:

    Hmm…But I got the ”Seedling doll”in the small eco pize…

  209. lordfloki Says:

    i need gel tube,i have the bird cage and mirror

  210. sandra Says:

    The recycling button will stay or desapear with TWS?

  211. aske Says:

    i think the recycling button is very hard to get echo from
    you need to spent a lote of money to get somehing good.
    I don’t like the mount of money they asking for ><

  212. David Says:

    Wow, really super!
    I already have these things:
    Monkey Cup
    Traveller’s Palm
    Cuckoo Clock
    Mini Wind Turbine
    Eagle Totem Piece
    Disco Ball
    Bird House
    Wolf Totem Piece
    Dolphin Doll
    and Jungle Bed

    πŸ™‚ Really good things, but I have spent 341,168 eco points!

  213. ghelvin Says:

    only surprises are in the recycle box ??

    no cash ??

  214. lily Says:

    ok i have a problem and i need a help from i have a green box of 10.000 but when i won it just give me a cup and 100 $.and my question is how can i open the box like a mystery box and how can i get those prices?

  215. Mahi Says:

    i got the jungle bed, but i sold it and get a telescope πŸ™‚

  216. Mahi Says:

    what about the wind turbine??

  217. ValerieYan Says:

    yay!!!!!! i got my jungle bed!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! LOVE IT XD

  218. Ally:) Says:

    Please,can you do a Jungle wallpaper and other?Please.I like SO Jungle bed and I don’t know,what wallpaper I can buy.You write:Pet S. goes green,but you haven’t many things like symbol of it. Ally

  219. Yaaaaa Says:

    If I cash out the 10000 box now, must I restart all over to get the 30000 one the next time?

  220. marios Says:


  221. AAA Says:

    Hello: please pet society in my blue mistery box put the pet hair gel tube

  222. miley Says:

    I love pet society.but’am no openning!:(

  223. miley Says:

    please the it’s money to me?:)

  224. marilena Says:

    i love u

  225. AAA Says:

    oh , yeah aja i have got the pet hair gel tube

  226. sophia kate p. orate Says:

    pls help me !! my money has been hackednow i dont have money in pet society!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  227. Pet Society Says:

    I’m trying to get a dolphin doll in medium recycle box.

  228. ashiqa Says:


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