Bunnies here, there and everywhere!


Hey Pet Society fans! Pet Society is celebrating the holidays! All items labeled ‘Holiday’ will be in stores for two weeks (but may be available again at some point in the future)!

The Furniture Store introduces the Spring Basket which you can place all those eggs in that you have been collecting from the trees around Pet Society (the holiday toys also look very cute in the basket)! Plus a few other things to decorate your pet’s home these holidays!

Spring Basket (Holiday)

Bunny Wreath (Holiday)

Daffodil Basket (Holiday)

Baby Chick Doll (Holiday)

Elegant Iris (Holiday)


The Food Store has many delicious holiday treats! When your pet eats a Chocolate Egg Surprise or a White Choc Egg Surprise, as the name suggests, you will find a surprise inside! 🙂

White Choc Bunny (Holiday)

Chocolate Egg (Holiday)

Chocolate Bunny (Holiday)

Matzo (Holiday)

Coconut Macaroon (Holiday)

Chocolate Egg Surprise (Holiday)

White Choc Egg Surprise (Holiday)

Lily continues the feeling of spring and the holidays in the Clothes Store with these new arrivals!

Butterfly Hairband (Holiday)

Daffodil Dress (Holiday)

Green Ballet Shoes (Holiday)

If your pet gets lost while out hunting eggs, and instead tumbles down a rabbit hole, the Clothes Store has the perfect outfit for you!

Wonderland Tunic

Bunny Ears

New to the Furniture Store this week are some adorable chairs, some more accessories for your kitchen, plus a few other items for various rooms in your pet’s home!

Bunny Chair

Teddy Chair

Panda Chair

Spaghetti Jar

Wooden Chopping Board

Stainless Steel Cutlery

White Kitchen Shelf

Small White Table

Classic Double Wall Lamp

Princess Dressing Mirror

Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

Felicity has been thinking pink this week, with this gorgeous new Dreamy Princess Bed, and This Week’s Special: the Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch, in the Luxury Store!

Dreamy Princess Bed

Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch (TWS)

Rounding out this week’s new items are these additions to the D.I.Y. Store!

Black Framed Gate

Deep Night Sky Wallpaper

Black Framed Window

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134 Responses to “Bunnies here, there and everywhere!”

  1. muhammad Says:

    love this new stuff cant wait next month…

  2. Keri Rosen Says:

    Thanks for including Passover foods!

  3. Megan Says:

    any other things?

  4. azima Says:

    plz i never got 1000 rs lottery plz give me it

    • koolprincess Says:

      u cant get 1000 coins from the lottery, u can only get 50, 100, or 500.
      but it would be nice if u could get a little more than that too! 😀

      • Niinaa Says:

        Response to koolprincess:

        Indeed you can get 1000 coins from lottery , i have gotten it once.
        Getting 1000 coins from lottery is a super rare event but it is real.
        You may get it during your time playing Pet Society, or you may never get it. Its all luck.

      • Sylvia Robinson Says:

        Yes, you can get 1,000 coins from the lottery, I have a couple of times. :))

      • koolprincess Says:

        cool! then u guys must be REALLY LUCKY!
        bcz i read somewhere that u couldnt get any more than 500 in the daily lottery..
        well i guess whoever wrote that was WRONG!
        hmmm well i hope i’ll get 1000 in the lottery soon and be 1 of the lucky ones! 😀

  5. jacqiline Says:

    hey valerie and michelle am from malaysia too…i’ve had this login problem for a month and am really angry with it..wrote to ps admin a few times i think after that it’s okey for a few days then it all started back again…my fren she doesnt have this kinda prob..i guess there’s something wrong with out ps account…haiz…

  6. jacqiline Says:

    y do i have to have this kinda problem…am afraid one dayi’ll have to give up on ps…;(…i love my pet cutiepie…

  7. Adit Says:

    love it..

  8. Lebrun Says:

    Sweet! I feel like I just dug up gold 😉

  9. Pets hit the waves! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] and that MySpace is still subject to the MySpace Rewind. MySpace and Bebo will have items from Bunnies here, there and everywhere! in store this week! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)From Egypt with loveOn your […]

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