Take-off and spring to the stars!


Hey Pet Society fans! We have just released the latest round of mysterious items, so sign on to Pet Society now via either Facebook or MySpace to start hunting for them! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!) This week we have some clues again; can you work out what they are?

  • The scent of the stars! (Blue Mystery Box)
  • Bring spring into any room with this! (Golden Mystery Box)
  • Be careful your pet does not take-off while wearing this! (Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images:

Gold Star Perfume Bottle

Red Blossom

Propeller Cap

One last thing, if your pet is about town, shaking trees, do not be too surprised if an egg pops out when you might have only expected a coin! πŸ˜‰

93 Responses to “Take-off and spring to the stars!”

  1. Suzana Says:

    I love the eggs (;

  2. Suzana Says:

    I love the eggs (;
    . Weeee…

  3. mot Says:

    Its so cool! i love the eggs!!!!!

  4. MiYon Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the eggs. They are beautiful and I’m so happy that they can be gifted!

  5. kitrut Says:

    i got red blossom (red flower in black and white vase) from golden mistery box,YAY !

  6. Bunnie_Rabbit Says:

    Yay! I got a propeller hat! ::love::

  7. Nada Says:

    Me too love the eggs!!!!

  8. sue Says:

    i have some eggs, but what do they mean ? are they worth anything ? can i sell them ? or what do i do with them ? anybody ?

    • judypudy Says:

      perhaps you could gift me a couple along with an explanation of how I am to get them

  9. penny Says:

    i love this game is so much fun just need now friends on here

  10. pau Says:

    the egg is sooooo…..cool……..yah very cool i wish the egg inside have thing!!!

  11. scyndeye Says:

    I can get only 12 eggs (3 eggs of each type). Why only 12?

  12. Kevin Says:

    I know the 2nd mystery items, a princess picnic mat.
    Am I answered correctly?

  13. Choco Says:

    Got the eggs too!They are beautiful!

  14. anisa Says:

    cute eggs.. looooove it!! ^_^

  15. Shruti Says:

    The eggs are very cute!Great work on the blog Sonya! πŸ™‚

  16. Michelle Says:

    From BMB
    Golden Egg Decor
    Red Egg Decor
    Blue Egg Decor
    Purple Egg Docor

    From GMB
    Red Blossom
    Propeller hat

  17. vcsneo Says:

    how many different designs of the eggs are there?

  18. MJ Says:

    i heard the eggs can hatch?
    will they?
    if so, when will they hatch?

  19. vcsneo Says:

    hmm… think there are only 4 designs… and there are a limited number of eggs u will get each… think depending on your map size… after that will be jus coins only…

  20. Alphapha Says:

    I love the easter eggs, they are beautiful.

  21. sam Says:

    eggs is cute!!! XD

  22. Question Says:

    What are the use of the egg? Decoration?

  23. Alzed Super Says:

    Mistery items again, i will buy Mystery Box.

  24. Phil Says:

    I love the eggs!!How I wish I can get some GMBs. My pet is poor atm 😦

  25. Mup u Says:

    I wish I had a basket to put the eggs in, so kool 😑 love the eggs

    BUT NO LUCK with GMB, I want to Red blossom so bad………..

  26. ValerieYan Says:

    Anyone got any idea of what is ”The scent of the stars! (Blue Mystery Box)” ?
    Thx so Much ^_^ Pet Society Rocks!

  27. Tina Says:

    I love those eggs, I got all 12! It’s been so much fun finding them all! Are they going to be around all week?

  28. ValerieYan Says:

    aww, why max is 12 eggs only? i wan to collect as many as i can T_T

  29. Irene Says:

    I love the egg!! How many can we get? A dozen a day by shaking the tree? I put 12 BMB and not one of them got an egg…….and the GMB….no red Blossom as well

  30. Fluffy Says:

    how long this eggs from tree will last? for a week??

  31. Mabel Says:

    Me too. I could only collect 12 eggs only.
    No more eggs from the trees.. 😦

  32. Krishna Says:

    The Eggs are cool but can anyone tell me what r the mystery items

  33. pink Fluff Says:

    Got the Gold stars perfume from BMB!

  34. Nie Says:

    Suppose I collected 12 eggs, and I sent the eggs as gift, will I get some new eggs by shaking the trees?

  35. kiki Says:

    any skills for finding expected present from mysterious boxes?oh !!have spend lots money on it,can’t get perfume

  36. MikeW D Says:

    You’ll get the answers to all your questions and more here:


  37. Alyssa+Ziggy Says:

    The cherry blossom is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in Pet Society
    Thank you!!!

  38. Luke Says:

    Loving the eggs… will they be permanent once we’ve got them? πŸ™‚

  39. vcsneo Says:

    if u got 12 eggs in your chest or displayed at home… u won’t be able to get more eggs… but if u send to your frens… u will be able to find more again… but max is 3 each…

    all the 12 eggs found initially can be sent out… after tat u will be able to find back 12 from the trees… 3 each.

  40. Sunny Says:

    o0.like that huh? thanx Answer!
    are u from petsociety blog?^^

  41. Miley Daisy Says:

    What is the mystery box and how do I find out about it? Also what are GMBs? I collected 12 eggs but I know someone else who found more.

  42. ladynik Says:

    no more eggs for today?… so sad. 😦 i hope there’ll be more gifts aside from coins in the trees. ilove Pet Society soooo much! πŸ˜€

  43. ladynik Says:

    @ vcsneo:

    thank you for the info. πŸ™‚

  44. lynnz Says:

    I finally gt my own red blossom… Thx PS!

  45. Rapsberry Says:

    Does that mean that if we send the eggs to our friend and then shake trees and get another 12 egg and our friend send us back the 12 egg we sent to them,we’ll we have 24 eggs?

  46. toh tieng ting Says:

    y u dun give more job lagi kan heheh

  47. jao Says:

    i have 36 eggs

  48. panadol Says:

    what’s red blossom???

  49. kF Says:

    Love this game , please add me clon_kat@hotmail.com thx

  50. Sunny Says:

    why i cant open pet society?
    it only says ‘loading’!

  51. OLLALALLAA Says:


  52. a u t u m n Says:

    will the eggs will have again if they are already taken once?

  53. springmoon Says:

    You can keep more than 12 eggs if its gifted to you. If you already have 12 eggs in your house including eggs hidden in chest, you cannot find one anymore by shaking trees. If you want more eggs and you already have 12, just ask your friends to send some to you anyway they could replace their eggs by shaking trees.

    When you have only few trees because you have a small area (few friends) and you have already shaken all the trees, go back inside your house first before shaking all the trees again to get more eggs and coins.

    Eggs can be sold back to the stores for 1 coin.

  54. lc Says:

    My golden mystery box yielded a globe.

  55. vcsneo Says:

    the last mystery item from GMB is it the summer skies blue wallpaper?

  56. tfhhfhh Says:

    i have 342 eggs

  57. bahia Says:

    Can u get more than 12 eggs?

  58. Jess Says:

    Where abouts do you find the eggs apart from the trees? cuz ive only found three.

  59. ShoonAnnaBu Says:

    i shaked the trees and eggs came out but how come they are not in my chest?

  60. michelle Says:

    i tried many times to load pet society but connection error….. :o( ….i m very frustrated about it….

  61. Cutie Says:

    Are we only given the eggs once??? I knock many eggs but duno how to ‘collect’ 2 days ago, end up i got only 3 eggs. I tried few times these 2 days but no more eggs appear 😦

  62. junie Says:

    Pet society guys…May I suggest the following….I hope you could have a pet store were we could buy different kinds of dogs, cats and birds….once bought , the dogs and cats could be seen walking around the house and also poop and be cleaned πŸ™‚ while the birds could be sitting on bird stands like parrots and macaws, singing and talking.

    Another suggestion is if you could set up a country club, where pets could play different sports such as basketball, tennis and bowling and other sports and games to earn coins. You could also place a membership fee or an entrance fee for the country club let say 500 coins πŸ™‚

    Hope you guys consider my suggestions. Thanks. More power

  63. michelle Says:

    i still try to load the game but still facing connection error….it has been 2 days i face this problem…..can anyone tell me what happened…?

    • james Says:

      need to send a report to pet society to make them correct it should do it the same day its as you go to load up pet society should be report ok hope that helps x

  64. vcsneo Says:

    anybody here know how to get golden and rainbow poo?

  65. michelle Says:


  66. vicki Says:

    has anybody gott a pic of the red blossom?? i wantt it!

  67. Mariam Says:

    whats the use of these eggs?…what are the for??

  68. Mariam Says:

    i all the time get old stuff from mystery boxes….im so angry for that … i need many things but i cant get it 😦

    • james Says:

      i agree the programmers should do it if its worth over 1 to 199 put it in the red box and blue 200 to 499 and so on and so fourth they should bring out a platinum box with special items with old items that you can’t get anymore for 1000 what do you think?

  69. princess-kerise Says:

    the easter-eggs r just decorations

  70. Shernis Says:

    I know the cheat on how to get 3000 items from the 500 mystery boxes i did it 5 times and i got the floral hat, the luxury armchair and squitty the armchair i got it 3 times

  71. Shernis Says:

    i got a piano too

  72. vicki Says:

    howw did youu do thattt cheattt pleasseee add mee in facebook πŸ˜€

  73. james Says:

    took me 170 bmb to get the purfume what a con and still no sign of the other two items in the gmb

  74. Tina Says:

    I really want the red blossom. D:

    Anyone want to trade for it? πŸ˜€

  75. Mariam Says:

    i got red blossom…i loved it

  76. muhammad Says:

    i got purple blossom…i loved it…

  77. Framee Says:

    Am I Unlucky or something ?

    When will I be lucky with “MB”

  78. armell Says:

    i see alot of pets are saving their poo (blush) anyway my pet does not poo and hoe do you get the golden poo that i see some people with?

  79. Uila Engel Says:

    are there still the easter eggs?

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