Don’t be a fool, spring has sprung!


Hey Pet Society fans! The latest item release has just gone live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to view and buy some of the latest additions!

Since April Fools Day is this Wednesday, have a little fun all week with these additions!

In the Food Store you will find a Mystery Box Cake, hopefully your pet will not get confused and try and open it, as that could get messy! Also, for all poo fans, this week you can buy edible poo!

And the last surprise in the food store this week is a practical joke to send to your friends! It is definitely a delicious gift, but watch out if it comes flying your way!

Mystery Box Cake (TWS)

Practical Joke (TWS)

Chocolate Poo (TWS)

The Clothes Store has some disguises so that no pet will be able to recognise each other this April Fools!

Age Disguise (TWS)

Funny Nose Disguise (TWS)

The fun continues in the Luxury Store with Felicity sourcing Cyclops Couches from Pampered Pets Inc.

Black Cyclops Couch (TWS)

White Cyclops Couch

The Furniture Store gets into the spirit with these new arrivals!

Ugly Sock Monkey (TWS)

OMG Painting (TWS)

There is more to Pet Society this week than jokes though, spring is in the air!

Preston is the pet to talk to when it comes to spring, with all these wonderful additions to the Furniture Store!

Mushroom Stool

Butterfly Wind Chime (TWS)

Mushroom Table

Petite Crocus

Picnic Basket

Pink Flower Jug

Blue Striped Jug

Obviously a spring picnic would not be complete without a picnic mat and clear blue sky, so Grumble brings these to you in the D.I.Y. Store!

Blue Sky Wallpaper

Blue Picnic Mat

Lily loves the spring season! So head to the Clothes Store to purchase this cute hat and dress!

Daffodil Hat

Purple Spring Dress

If your kitchen is in need of renovations, go to the Furniture Store to consider the Deluxe Dark Kitchen Counter or Pink Kitchen Work Table, or just show everyone that your pet is a great cook with some brand new Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils! Plus for everyone who loves the Royal series of items, Preston has managed to source a Royal Dressing Mirror! Additionally, the White Tulip Lamp is presented as a versatile new lighting option.

Deluxe Dark Kitchen Counter

Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils

Pink Kitchen Work Table

Royal Dressing Mirror

White Tulip Lamp

If your pet would prefer an instrument that is a bit more laid back than an electric guitar, the Luxury Store introduces an Acoustic Guitar this week!

Acoustic Guitar

Also, the D.I.Y. Store launches some new shelving stock!

Dark Choc Shelf

Small Basic Shelf

Small Dark Choc Shelf

Finally, Lily’s ever expanding Clothes Store has something for the male pets and cheese lovers!

Scarlet Tunic

Brown Felt Hat

Black Breeches

Brown Cavalry Boots

Cheese Hat (TWS)

61 Responses to “Don’t be a fool, spring has sprung!”

  1. Lilly Says:

    Awesome stuff! In the forums, I saw a few that talked about the clothing and the mystery box cake!

  2. Cesar Says:

    Really cool 😀 !

  3. petso adict Says:

    maybe u shud post new items twice per week. 🙂

  4. Apolito the pet Says:

    so cool!!!

    i can’t wait to buy it all to put them on my home!!!

  5. Cecilia Says:

    very very grat =D!!!

  6. ValerieYan Says:

    whats inside the practical joke box actually? some1 know? =)

  7. Bunnie_Rabbit Says:

    Since my pet is a Green Bay Packers fan, she’ll be hot to get the cheesehead hat!

  8. Nikki Says:

    I love the dress 🙂 It suits my light pink pet beautifully with pink shoes. tif loves it!

  9. Glenda Says:

    Hope to have it all! Cool new stuff!

  10. Leah Says:

    Awesome stuff! …But I’m buying the Brown Felt Hat for my *female* pet, LOL.

  11. bhavv Says:

    can the mystery box cake be opened? also, can the practical joke be opened by yourself instead of your friends? and what’s inside the practical joke? is it an item or can it not be opened??

  12. winnieuu Says:

    OMG the box is just a box, can’t open!! real practical joke

  13. mademoizell3 Says:

    hmmm definitely my pet will bankrupt on this week XD
    I want that dark kitchen so much 🙂

  14. wendy Says:

    i think the price of everything should be lower for the other poor pet to buy…

  15. Eriya Says:

    love em ❤
    hope i have enough to spend x[
    i spend some yesterday ;x couldn’t bear to wait…

  16. Mup u Says:

    New items are sooooooooooooooo kool!! Cant wait to get them all. But I really wish I could move the room to rearrange them, so that I dont have to reshuffle each item. Mayor, please consider 😀 😡

  17. Alzed Says:

    I like mystery box cake, it looks delicious. Pet Society item is good.

  18. melisi Says:

    grrrr i bought 2 of those prank boxes one for me and one to give to a friend and then realised that the joke was on me because it doesnt even open…. 😦

  19. natmel Says:

    pet society items are GREAT ! i can’t wait to buy it all 😀

  20. Pei Society Fans Says:

    wow this week nice stuff!! i hope next week have a Katana Toy for my pet~~ that must be cute~~

  21. Michelle Says:

    This week is so cute. too bad. i am preparing for exams so i can only visit once this week.

  22. Yee Says:

    i’m afraid i can’t collect all of the TWS…..T_T
    they are expensive…

  23. din.dork Says:

    awwwwwwww!! awsome!! so cute! like that xoxo . love PS yaaaaaaaaayy!! 😀

  24. missbikinibitsy Says:

    too much in a week!! LOL
    can’t afford it all now…
    i love the mushroom things and the blue sky wallpapaer!! waiting for so long to get a real cloud and blue sky!!!

  25. Suzana Says:

    What do TWS meens?

    • Sonya Says:

      This Week’s Special! 😉 These items will be removed from the store at minight Playfish time on Monday the 6th of April (but may be available again at some point in the future).

  26. Isabelle Says:

    I love this week’s items. Just that again, they are all too expensive for me.
    The white tulip lamp was the one that caught my eye.
    I thought at first that the practical joke could be opened.Its really cute!Same goes to the poo. But dont you feel disgusted seeing ur pet eat poo,even though its made of chocolate?
    The picnic items are in time for spring. Good job petsociety!

  27. mochinez Says:

    😀 I really wish I could load PS now….

  28. kaltoo Says:

    yhey r cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  29. Mae Anne Says:

    The Deluxe Dark Kitchen Counter is god sent! I hope it’s not a this week only item

  30. Sarah Says:

    OMG so lovely! You guys at Playfish must be working so hard! 😀 THANKS!

  31. Pa Says:

    I love the stuffs! OMG Painting rules lol
    I love the acoustic guitar too, but I can’t get into the game 😦
    It’s been 4 days that I can’t play PS. Always has the message unable to establish…

    I tried delete temporary files too, but not help 😦

  32. caro gallego Says:

    the new items are just great i love themmmmmmmm¡¡¡¡ its too bad that i dont have enough money to buy everything 😦

  33. MaRvELgAL Says:

    Pet Society ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  34. koolprincess Says:

    Really amazing items this week!
    Great job! :]

  35. empress Says:

    i hope next week’s special will include some outfit from the luxury store =)

  36. ShoonAnnaBu Says:

    love love the new items. the kitchen counter is just so amazing!! i love the lily dress so much!! want to collect everything la.

    please please make some modifications for the wardrobe so our pet’s clothes can be displayed. Thank you!! =D

    pet society rocks!

  37. Blue Says:

    what is inside the Practical Joke Box?

  38. Sunny Says:

    gonna play all day~ ^^

  39. glendale Says:

    I thought that mystery cake is like a mystery box, i bought one, when I give it to my pet “gabrielle” to open it, she suddenly ate it…I was shocked! anyway I bought another one…:) I love playing the whole day…my kids and i love it… thanks to Pet Society!

  40. Suzana Says:

    I was thinking, I think it’s a little bit change, that all the dolls there are coming, you have to pay 750 coins for, for ½ year ago, you just have to pay 300-450 coins for a doll.. Hmm.. Anyway..
    – I Like playing PS.. minimum 1-2 hours a day..

  41. Deborah Says:

    Have you ever considered a store where old merchandise can be sent to go on sale? Have a heart for those of us who need a bailout!

  42. shabnam Says:

    av bought all da springs stuff’s nd also da complete set of da clothes
    its damn damn cool
    am lovin it!

  43. Camm Says:

    I luv the OMG painting ! LOL.

  44. nacho Says:

    are the butterfly charms still available?

  45. Pamela Joy Says:

    My pet “Anne”received a gift from Tita May’s pet “Sarah” when she opened it was a “delicious pie in the face”. So sad…April fools day. what a joke? Well, More power to Pet Society…

  46. Elle Says:

    Does anyone know if the OMG painting is still available? I wanted to purchase it, but I don’t see it anymore. Thanks!

  47. Naranjita Says:

    The Monkey doll wasn’t ugly at all!!! I want it back!

  48. Adit Says:

    waw .. goods in luxuri excellent.
    price may be reduced but not?
    because the money runs out

  49. Kristy Says:

    I want the Black Cyclops Couch!!
    it it so good ..i want it all ..ahhahaxD

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  52. peneancerve Says:

    Shapely to know that there is so myriad clever people.

  53. Dance a Jig through the Emerald Isle « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

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  54. Katharine Carwell Says:

    Hi, I really enjoy the look of your site. What design are you using?

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  56. Russell Maranda Says:

    I am brand-new to blogging and actually loved your website.

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