Mysterious pixels!


Hey Pet Society fans! “?” has been up to mischief again and has hidden some brand new mysterious items in the mystery boxes in his store! Sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now and visit the Mystery Store to start searching for them! (If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items!) Again this week “?” is not willing to reveal what they are quite yet, but here’s a sneak preview:

(Blue Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

(Golden Mystery Box)

Updated! Here are the images:

Clown Balloon

Princess Picnic Mat

Pretty Eye Glasses

70 Responses to “Mysterious pixels!”

  1. Yukki's Owner Says:

    I don’t wanna spoil all the fun, so I won’t tell what it is, but the item in the middle is simply beautiful! I am so happy I got it! Thank you (:

    • emily Says:

      i am so annoyed that pet society has not taken into account the clocks going forwards so lottery etc is not happening at midnight any more. This needs to be sorted

  2. HreatbreakerXD Says:

    i got the 3rd 1 its so… good :D…and wats the 2nd can u tell Yukki’s Owner?

  3. Caca Says:

    Clown Ballon Princess Picnick mat Preety Glasses

  4. Afrodite Says:

    look and this!

  5. Raptorsax Says:

    how do I get more coins?

  6. MC & Kanog Says:

    What is it

    I really want to know!

  7. MC & Kanog Says:

    i know

    blue balloon with smiley,

    pink and white mat

    but dont know the other one?

  8. MC & Kanog Says:

    and cute glasses

  9. Ewan Says:

    wow….new items again.
    does it have a fixed time for mystery box update?
    fridat? what time?

  10. Matt Says:

    The one in the middle is a pink love rug not very nice but cool

  11. iKi Says:

    wooot… got also the middle item… here are the initials… PPM… wahaha…

  12. Joncot Says:

    The rose is a rug, I have it 🙂

  13. christelle Says:

    i got the third one.really kewl!:D

  14. Eizer Says:

    i don’t like this item:(

  15. Carol Says:

    What is Mystery Pixels?

  16. Godiva Says:

    The items are Clown Balloon (BMB), Pretty Eye Glasses (GMB), Princess Picnic Mat (GMG). Have fun searching the items!

  17. colin Says:

    dont like the balloon dont like picnic rug and dont like glasses

  18. Hamdani Says:

    i like the glasses but not the rest…i prefer toys…new toys please…

  19. Truffles Says:

    aww, the pretty glasses are really cute!
    i can’t seem to get the other two though 😦

  20. moon Says:

    blue balloon with smiley,

    pink and white mat

    and glass blue

  21. Longshanks Says:

    i got the third one.. its a pretty glasses..

  22. Anson Says:

    this is cool! too pricey though.

  23. Suzana Says:

    The Princess Picnic Mat is nice.. I just got it (: Wee.. after 15 Mystery boxes..

  24. nonie Says:

    Got the 3rd one! Really cute!

  25. JayJay Says:

    The items are pretty cool, but I would like that Pet Society focused in erradicate the cheaters too. At least 4 of my neighbours have upgraded their scores incredibly from one day to another u.u

  26. tavo Says:

    i didnt liked the new mystert items…
    why dont u put dolls…
    i like dolls…theyre da best

  27. moon Says:

    blue balloon with clown smiley,

    pink and white mat

    buand blue glasses

    i liked

  28. Krishna Says:

    I can’t find these

  29. Krishna Says:

    I got the 2nD one.

    Princess picnic party rug so awsme !!

    PETS NAME :-Government
    LEVEL :-47

  30. akosired Says:

    my friend got that blue eyeglasses.

  31. Alzed Says:

    Wow a new mistery items, oh Golden Mistery Box.

  32. sky7 Says:

    Do consider having light blue curtains in the DIY shop. :0
    Thx! ^^

  33. Johanna Says:

    The princess mat…meh My male pet is not very fond of it. The balloon, the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. Sorry! The glasses are the only so so item this week. scary!

  34. MC & Kanog Says:

    i got the 2 and the 3 items!
    i had to open,like 30 gmb!

  35. fanny Says:

    oooh! after 20 mystery boxes!!!! BOO I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!still no!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Jasmine Says:

    I really want the Princess Pink Rug, and have opened loads of GMB but havent won it.
    Is anyone trading there Rug if soo could you please contact me from the forum my name is jasmine1996. Thank you

  37. Jasmine Says:

    Or you can Reply to me on here 🙂

  38. Razthy Says:

    wow.. i want the glasses.. hmm please add me in facebook..
    my email is and my account name is RAZTHY MUNTAHA
    i need more my pet can grow up faster…


  39. Krishna Says:

    Jasmine I can give th rug to you and if anyone else also wants I can trade. I have two of them andyou can aDD me my EMail ID “-

    • LEE Says:

      Hey, i wan 2 trade the rug with u. I already add u. Pls giv me a reply asap. My pet name is Pinka. Thx…

  40. sery Says:

    how can i earn more much coins?and what is mysterious pixels?someone help me!!please?!?!

  41. christelle Says:

    pretty eyeglasses are pretty cool.

  42. Pupperz Says:

    So far, the mystery boxes I’ve purchased were not worth it. I could of bought the item myself much cheaper. Or, if I try to sell it, it is less than I paid…

  43. Cesar Says:

    OMG.. !! i cant wait until tomorrow… :D:D

  44. cheryl Says:

    hello all iv been lucky again this week and iv got the first two on the list yay cnt wait for the new items to go in to the shops !!!! whoooop

  45. Miiqii ! Says:

    yeah, i know what is the midel one and the last one . the last one are glasses and the midel one is a carpet

  46. jack Says:

    the 1 is a smiley balloon 2 cute rug 3 is a pair of funky glasses

  47. emo blood Says:

    u no i found one of them but i sold it :S:S …….i’m such a fool

  48. emo blood Says:

    i know that 1 of them is some kind of glasses and the 2 others i dont konw wht they r but i guess they r ( the pink one) is a horse toy and the second (the blue one ) is gonna be some kind of mask

  49. missbikinibitsy Says:

    never get it pfiuuuhhh 😦

  50. dean strydom Says:

    y dont u pet society team d u s a faver and put a dino doll or a rhino doll or a bull doll or a puppay doll for us please u guys i need it we all need it so please if u dont help iwill look like this 😦 😦 😦 so please make me look like this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. elite148 Says:

    well i get only de second item in a box of 200 coins

  52. lynnz Says:

    I finally gt the lovely princess picnic mat…!!

  53. lynnz Says:

    Dear Sonya,

    PS done a good job in adding new MB & new items in store every week. However, many stuffs in the MB is cheaper than the Mb itself. I always bought GMB and i really pray hard that i do not get cheap wallpaper that I sell for only 80+ coins. It is total not worth it. I hope PS will take consideration in this matter. I also hope that PS will create more cute toys for our pets… I already miss the mummy doll & black cat. Thx.

  54. melike deniz Says:

    i get all of them !!!
    haha coookk şanslıyım

  55. fanny Says:

    oh i got the one in the middle!!! its soooo good!!!!i am afraid my mother will try to hack my password and send it to herself 😦

  56. fanny Says:

    well i actually got the balloon too but its from my mum 🙂 >:) hehe im not fond of the glasses i dont like it

  57. fanny Says:

    i tot they were a clown doll,a pink hat with ribbons and a squitty doll well i already GOT that squitty doll…. its so cute

  58. Týna Says:

    I bought so 40 GMB and I don’t have this… But I have other good items 🙂

  59. Deborah Says:

    I have purchased several mystery boxes. Got an old ratty burlap shirt twice, so I gifted them right out of my closet! haha I also got a very used couch and a plain door. But those can come in handy when you need to decorate a newly aquired room. If you want to know how to get more coins free, you can sign up for those survey offers that come up when you are loading P.S. I got 1000 free coins that way. Also if you walk about town, go thru the trees and you can pick up some coins that way. You can do it several times a playtime too. In addition to that, you can visit people at the cafe. I look for ones that have flies swarming around them. If you go visit them you can use your soap and clean them to get a few coins.

  60. Cecilia Says:


  61. elite148 Says:

    haha I back today I buy 8 gold mistery boxes and i get the princes picnic mat and the glases i like to het the crown ballon

  62. Fendi Says:

    pls…no more glasses!!! we have so many glasses these weeks!!!

  63. khittey Says:

    I have the clown balloon 🙂

  64. Lilly Says:

    Got the last one!

  65. conan123 Says:

    i have them all LOL not really cool i only gave them to my other friends

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