Let´s have a sing song!


Ever wondered what it was like to be a star? We want to give you a chance to show the world just how talented you are by recording a song about Pet Society!

How you perform the song is up to you — whether you want to use instruments, or compose something on your computer, or just sing or rap… it’s really up to you. All we ask is that it’s your own work, and that the content is family friendly.

The best songs will take pride of place on http://www.petsociety.com so everyone can enjoy your masterpiece!

Once you’ve got a video of your song, upload it to YouTube (preferably with the lyrics written into the description) and post a link in the Pet Society Competition forum, but remember to get your entry in before the close of the competition in four weeks!

Have fun everyone, we can’t wait to see what you come up with this time!

18 Responses to “Let´s have a sing song!”

  1. Donna Says:

    I am so excited to hear a song for pet society……
    really a great idea…..

  2. mhoOoOo Says:

    i love this game

  3. misty Says:


  4. federico Says:

    wher i have tu put the song

    i dont know please tell me

  5. kaltoo Says:

    i dont no where 2 put the song pls tell me

  6. Alzed Says:

    Sing a Song, i like Pet Society.

  7. ardydelrosario Says:

    I wish we can upload videos somewhere else I’m having trouble uploading videos in Youtube and my entry is already done…

  8. cattherine ho Says:

    pls advise me how to download the song………. tks

  9. Sohayla Says:

    this page doesn’t wanna open to me (( Pet Society Competition forum )) and always just tells me (( Read all about the new Recycling feature at the Pet Society Blog )) I did my user and I also open it !! plz !! help =(

  10. viv Says:

    ok I will compete

  11. viv Says:

    I Love gardening

  12. Sandra Patricia Says:

    I would like to participate in the competition of 100,000 coins these are photos of my gardens, I have 2 gardens. thanks.

    this is my back garden

    and my front garden

  13. Ada Tsang Says:

    This game very nice

  14. rani Says:

    Datang y,,

  15. bhumika makker Says:

    how to do it?????

  16. jhaimee jane Says:

    dear pet society what will i gonna do i have no earphone and webcam:( i need your help…….pls email this to me what will i gonna do……….

  17. jhaimee jane Says:

    dear pet society i have a favor i need your help cause i have no webcam and earphone what will i gonna do??????? im so confused……………

  18. chair Says:

    happy birthday~

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