Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?)


Hey Pet Society fans! Our weekly item release is now live, so sign onto Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to buy some of the latest additions!

In the Furniture Store this week you can find a few Moroccan inspired items:

Exotic Teapot

Moroccan Tea Table

Moorish Lantern

Plus some items we know will become favourites! The Classic Chic Chair matches the Classic Chic Dressing Table that we brought out last week, and the Mayor Doll is something that we heard you all have been wanting, so enjoy!

Lucky Cat (TWS)

Classic Chic Chair

Mayor Doll

Preston has been busy this week, also ordering in these new additions for your lounge room:

Black Modern Sofa

Grey Modern Coffee Table

Additionally, we have some new hand towels for your bathroom to match the bath robes and eye masks that we introduced a few weeks ago; and a pepper shaker, so that your salt shaker will not be lonely anymore!

Gold Trimmed Hand Towel (TWS)

Simple Pepper Shaker

White Hand Towel

The final new arrival in the Furniture Store this week is this stunning wardrobe:

Princess Wardrobe

The Luxury Store introduces some exquisite swing sets this week!

Elegant Swing Seat

Princess Swing Seat (TWS)

Also in the Luxury Store this week are some brand new jukeboxes and lip couches!

Black Viper Jukebox

Hot Pink Jukebox

Red Hot Lip Couch

Goth Lip Couch

E.M.I.L.I.A has her first ‘This Week’s Special’ (TWS) in the Gadget Store this week with the Princess Toaster!

Princess Toaster (TWS)

New to the D.I.Y. Store is the Small White Pedestal, Classic Garden Wall Lamp and some solid colour wallpapers!

Small White Pedestal

Classic Garden Wall Lamp

Beige Wallpaper

Pale Blue Wallpaper

Pale Green Wallpaper

The Clothes Store has some very cute slippers this week, plus a few other items that are definitely worth stopping by to see Lily about!

Bunny Slippers

Chick Slippers

Panda Slippers

Wooden Clogs

Elegant White Silk Robe

Pointed Bonnet

Cool Short Jacket (TWS)

Milkmaid Dress

In case your pet is craving take away, the Food Store introduces the Cheeseburger and Hot Dog! Make sure you eat them before Truffles does!


Hot Dog

111 Responses to “Mayor Doll! (What more can we say?)”

  1. Frecklz Says:

    Yay! Another great set of items from Playfish!
    As per usual Sonya has done an absolutely MAGNIFICENT job on the blog!
    Your a Star *huggles*

  2. Piggyy Says:

    Nice items!! thanks sonya

  3. Mar Says:

    I loooooove the new items so much!!! They are beautiful!!

  4. Mel Says:

    Woww! So many new things! I am always impressed with the amount of work Playfish does for Pet Society week after week! Thank you so much Playfish!!!!

  5. Isis Says:

    These are reallllly good items! Totally introduces new styles for us to play with!! Thanks for the thorough updates, Sonya!!

  6. anisa Says:

    gorgeous items!!!
    thanks for the new policy btw.. that new pink jukebox is cuuuute.. love it,love it,love it… ^__^

    i heart Pet Society *^_^*

  7. emit Says:

    Thank you for all!

    The next item I’d love to see is a big plasma TV! Would look amazing in my living room ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Alzed Says:

    Wow a great items and jukebox. I like this items, i love Pet Society.

  9. juddie Says:

    i love the new items!! โค i’m gonna buy almost all of them XD but first of all the TWS items o_o โค the swing!!! I LOVED IT!! i love all princess’ stuff XD and everything that is white and pink ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. cherylveenc Says:

    amazing new things..
    oh my god!!
    but these wont disappear after one week rite?
    its hard to collect money to buy all these in just a week

  11. angelz90 Says:

    all those stuff are amazing…
    but i think i’ll become bankrupt after this week…

    love pet society~~~

  12. tavo Says:

    cool items! i love them
    but… is there any new items in the mystery eggs
    or in the mystery boxes?
    please let me know sonya

  13. razutro Says:

    that’s why there’s a bank where you can buy money! haha…

    note: the things that say “just arrived” are going to stay, the things that say “this week’s special” are going to be only that week ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. olivia Says:

    OMG there is many nice item at this week
    i should collect a lot of coin before i but this
    huaa T__T

  15. Anya Says:

    omg!!!! loved the stuff…. i think i am gonna be spending the next few days jus buying stuff… wooohhhooo.. retail therapy for my pet!!!! just wish the wardrobe was not jus for decoration n could actually hold things in it!!!! but way to go playfish!!! and pet society!!!! Loved all the stuff!!!!!!! thanks sooo much!!!!

  16. Vanessa Says:

    I love the new slippers, but the ears hide under the pajama pants. Please fix this error! Thanks!

  17. andrew Says:

    WOOW the new items are so cool!
    love them
    but, is there any new items in the mystery eggs
    or in th mystery boxes please let me know

  18. bryan Says:

    i hate the new lips ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  19. Christiaan Says:

    LOVE THE NEW JUKES… the lips are also quite coool but i don’t know if the old one or the new one is better! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. fatgal Says:

    i cant wait to put my pet on the princess swing, is it possible to reduce the price tho, its too rich for my blood!!!

  21. Eriya Says:

    coooooll stuffssss~
    I bought some Leprechaun dolls before I went to bed, forget to save and now it’s not there T^T bahhhh nvm.. The coins are still there.. Guess I’ll just use it on other stuffs T^T

  22. colin Says:

    the items are getting worse and more awful every week i hardly purchased anything from this week as its all rubbish its all chinese and girlie

  23. Miru Says:

    colin, you are so ignorant, only the lucky cat is Chinese.
    The new lips are definitely better-looking than the original one! Better shape, and more luscious. ;P

  24. jamie Says:

    i wish pet society will introduce a job shop or something, to let us earn money!

  25. Afiqah Says:


  26. yee Says:

    really love the animal slippers!!! more please!!! xD
    and i desperately want a panda doll~~~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. dindork Says:

    awsome item! i like all! love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Lana Says:

    I love all the new items. Thanks guys for working so hard to continue making PS one of the best apps on FB and Myspace. I’m so addicted!

  29. Hairy Faery Says:

    I love plants, can you make more please?
    PS, love the new bunny slippers!

  30. Isabelle Says:

    I love all the items.Bt they are a little too pricy for some people like me and my friends. Also, I would like to suggest more space in rooms.

  31. bah Says:

    Thanks for the post =D !!

  32. Eva Says:

    those are incredible! good thing i saved up. I love them all!!!

  33. Lisa Says:

    Does anyone know if the items in the mystery eggs changed??

  34. kaltoo Says:

    pls add me on my name is kaltoo kadir pls send me gifts

  35. Lau Says:

    Moroccan items are awesome!
    and the lucky cat is so great : )

  36. YAHAIAR Says:


  37. keesie Says:

    I would like to build a farm and keep animals.
    Could yoy make it happen?

  38. Eily Says:

    I wish pet society would soon release disco ball! ๐Ÿ™‚ that would be really great!

  39. Shama Says:

    I loved all the items this week…the princess set swing and wardrobe is so cute…and juke and lips has become something affordable to normal people now…wow.. gonna go on a pet shopping spree ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. ValerieYan Says:

    yah, Jamie i totally agree with ya, PLEASE let us make more money >.< !!
    Everyday visit all my friend , finish 10round of competition, help friend bath, comb, feed them, nothing that can earn money already !

  41. javiera Says:

    omg, I love the new items but they have not learned the old jukebox and lips! back please! were the best

  42. ivana Says:


  43. Sophie Says:

    Wow!! Amazing new items ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for the solid wallpapers!! I’ve been waiting for them because there are so many wallpapers with exotic designs and I never know which one to buy!! so i loved these solid ones ๐Ÿ˜€
    And the slippers are just lovely!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. tavo Says:

    why dont PS
    puts back in stores
    things from other seasons such as halloween or christmas
    or thanksgiving
    because when i first entered pet society it was
    mid december
    and i wasnt able to buy halloween or thanksgiving stuff
    and i really want the monster, mummy, turkey, black cat dolls
    and other stuff i cant get right now

    • KiT Says:

      because PS wants you to keep playing
      if you got all the items,
      you will not want to play because your needs and wants are already fulfilled

  45. Lillian Stanley Says:

    I wish PS would bring back getting coins for brushing and washing your own pet. Ever since I got on level 34 I do not get coins for doing that to my own pet. Also playing jumprope you have to jump at least 6 times to get 1 coin. playing ball with my pet is another complaint, must hit the ball at least 6 times to get 1 coin. Sometimes when you brush or wash your friends pet you only get 6 coins and other times you can get up to 20. I dont understand why. when you have a lot of friends in your little plot you get less coins running through the trees. You do get 17 paw points for feeding the pets, but you only get 2 coins for each item you feed. You end up spending too much money on food. thats why there are so many pets that have flys on them. Why do people save their poop, do you get coins for that. I think that is distastefull. I saw one pet that had 23 piles of poop neatly stacked on the pine selves. Thats the bad part, the good part is I love the game and spend a lot of time playing it. The new stores added are awsome and the things inside of them are great. I want everything, but cannot afford to buy a lot. I have to save for days or sell some old things to get new things especially when I am not so lucky at the lottery. I get more 50 coins then anything else. All and all, I love the game and will keep playing. It is my favorite. I love going through the other pets houses just to see how they have their places decorated. Some people have very clever ideas and their houses are really awsome. Thank you for listening to me rant and thank you for the game. You all do a great job. I especially love the dolls and animals that the pets can carry around from place to place and their giggle when they set it down.

  46. Valerie:) Says:

    It would be very, very cute clothes like Tinkerbell. And above all things new in the local mystery. Besides many more stuffed animals to those who assembled the collection. Very nice all things new. I hope they take into account what I say.

  47. anna liew Says:

    My dream Princess Swing Seat was out , thanks sonya , i love u .

  48. Caroline Says:

    Valerie Good idea. New dolls. And Tinkerbell is very cute.

  49. Susana Says:

    A special uniforms and the like. There is a contest to win money? I’m from Argentina forgiveness for the translation.

  50. Porolaa Says:

    The mayor is super cute. I returned the old special dolls! Thanks

  51. lyn Says:

    noooo!!!!PS don’t put back thar halloween and christmast itemm!!!that can ruin our trading…pls…dont!!!btw,i love the new item so much!!

  52. ValerieYan Says:

    ehhh, pet society undergoing some maintenance??

  53. jess Says:

    there are so many nice clothing and now such a lovely wardrobe, pleaseeeeee try to explore e possibility of letting us showcase our collection like in a boutique!!

  54. Jen Says:

    Love the Princess Swing & Wardrobe!
    The Lips are weird though…

  55. Auna Says:

    The jacket, Moroccan furniture, burger, princess toaster, swing seat, animal slippers!!! I absolutely LOVE this week’s collection! Personally, I think the lips are cool. I hope you’ll bring in more colours, like hot pink or electric blue.

    Wonderful job, PS! I look forward to next week’s items.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. cheryl Says:

    iv got all the new items im soo lucky ino !!! i would like a big lcd tv as the next item to go on my wall all my friends agree :):) plz sonia doo sumthinggg lol XX

  57. ShoonAnnaBu Says:

    AHHH I love the new items introduced to pet society! THe slippers are soooo cute. But could you please change the wardrobe so that we can actually put stuff in it? Maybe when you click on the wardrobe, people can see what clothes you have? I would love to display all the pretty clothes that I own!!!!

    also,, please make more ways of earning money! a shop where you can go on a challenge (like 10/10 for hurdles on a single day, etc) or take a job would be awesome!

    please, please make these changes. they would make pet society 100 times better! =D

  58. anna liew Says:

    please change the wardrobe so that we can actually put stuff in it? Maybe when you click on the wardrobe, people can see what clothes you have? I would love to display all the pretty clothes that I own!!!!

    also,, please make more ways of earning money! a shop where you can go on a challenge (like 10/10 for hurdles on a single day, etc) or take a job would be awesome!

  59. Eriya Says:

    I agree with the wardrobe thing =0
    Cause.. It’s a little hard to differentiate my clothing XD

  60. Afiqah Says:

    can sonya put a clothes that are similiar to sailor girl dress?i kinna like it…^^

  61. Afiqah Says:

    did the swinging seat will swing when our pet sit on it??

  62. Sunny Says:

    could sonya put a new plants and waterfall so we can put it at our garden room?
    i love to see beautiful flowers beside a waterfall.^^

    • Kyzza72 Says:

      i love this idea i think it would look wonderful… more plants woud be great and maybe some smaller sized ones that would fit on the shelves better.

  63. Irenka Says:

    Please more room!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. toh tieng ting Says:

    i want more room

  65. toh tieng ting Says:

    i want more things that we can earn more money
    we dun have any enough money to buy the things in shopping
    without money we can’t buy anything ok

  66. toh tieng ting Says:

    more job

  67. Hadi Prahariato Says:

    i want more money for shopping

  68. nazVI Says:

    I wish there will be a pet store even if we’re pets:P or animal furnitures….:D

  69. nazVI Says:

    more shop
    more things
    and especially
    more cheap things!
    namn oh!
    yo mayor we are so asking you :D.

  70. Pu Niao Says:

    A suggestion here. As everyone knows that the Furniture store has released some Moroccan inspired items for our Pet(s) house, how about if Pet Society actually released a little more items. If I wanted one of my rooms to have a Moroccan theme, I would definitely need more than the Exotic Teapot, Moroccan Tea Table and Moorish Lantern to make the whole room look more authentic. Once newer items/theme are available, sell older items/themes as a bundle at an affordable rate. Thank you!!

  71. Alexi Says:

    may i know where can i get some older items…

    I wan a skeleton lava lamp which i believe was out durin Halloween period…! Can someone help me?

  72. meli Says:

    hehe i bought all the shoes they were so cute so i couldnt stop myself
    also bought all the moroccan stuff looks great! just need some more stuff for my middle eastern style room… perhaps a shisha :)))) or backgammon set!:)) aladdins lamp perhaps? or turkish coffee maker & cups .. omgosh turkish tea cups would look awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ hehe

  73. Grifit Says:

    I Want a “Word Challenge Girl Doll”
    I love her
    make my wish come true

  74. Kyzza72 Says:

    I think an antique store would be fantastic with maybe some of the old items in it changing weekly items that some people may have missed due to not having pet society then or not having money etc.. also a way to display our clothes and shoes and stuff would be fantastic i would love to do a hat room or a shoe room and display some of my beautiful out fits..

  75. Reb Says:

    How come the swing dones’t swing when the pet sits on it????!!?! i tot when is call a swing.. it should be swinging?? haaa.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  76. Kyzza72 Says:

    I would also love if we could have lots and lots more toys … I LOVE TOYS

  77. Sheffield Says:

    Wow! How about some April Fool’s Day costumes, furnitures and lots of other fun for next week’s arrival? XD You Rock!!!

  78. shery Says:

    i just want to say …i luv pet society soooo much …its part of my routine to play it at least an hour daily ๐Ÿ™‚ ….total fun …the dolls …the furniture …its all awesome …
    i only wish for something …the walls and flooring …i dont seem to like most of it …once in a while …there will be one or two thats very attractive to me ..and some other times ..there aren’t ..i just have a problem with the walls and flooring …
    i like things that match one another more …
    so i would really love if there were more varieties in them as the furniture are …..
    another thing and thats really special request ….the princess bedroom items …they are just awesome ..but unfortunately i did choose another bed for my bedroom ..the blue ones … i would love if pieces for other sets are just available as well…………….tnx aloooot for the game …and i hope the number of fans would even grow bigger and bigger :))))

  79. Suzana Says:

    My wish for Pet Society will be, that old dolls and items will come back..
    – Cus I wasn’t playing PS in the beginning, and i really want, Mummy doll, the Pig, the Cat, the turkey, the monster, the dragon, the pink jelly something, and much more stuff.. Plaese put it in the stores again??????. And I not the only one who wish for that..

    – I LOVE PS! )))

    • Kyzza72 Says:

      I agree with all of you that some of the old stuff could come back for one week only some of us missed out on all that stuff and would love it with out having to pay dozens of jukes/lips for them some of us don’t have unlimited money i couldnt even afford to buy one of the old jukes let alone 10 for one toy….

  80. moon Says:

    i love them

  81. andrew Says:

    im with u suzana!
    i have the same wish
    to put other seasons stuff back
    at least just 4 one week…
    thats all i wish for

  82. dees Says:

    The lucky cat is absolutely great.

    And… I don’t want to sound obnoxious, but… it’s Japanese, not Chinese. It’s like saying that pizza is German, just because it’s always Europe (sorry to be boring but I’m very much into these things…)

  83. dindork Says:

    why items in pet society dosent animated . for exm: the wardrobe we can put the clothes i there . or any else? it makes pet society more fun! i want a job place please!??

  84. Groovyelisa Says:

    I need New Mistery Box items!!!!!!!!!!! pleaseeeeeee

  85. missbikinibitsy Says:

    i want the lantern please..

  86. Mikey Says:

    You have outdone yourselves. I love the Easter Eggs found as you run through the trees. What a surprise to see them popping out of the trees. I love the idea. Who ever thought to do that, thank you, just made the game a little more inspiring. I love Pet Society. Cant wait to see what you put out for Palm Sunday and Easter. All the new things are so nice, I want everything.

  87. supershadow Says:

    i wish that pet society wuld give us 500000 evry day not 50

  88. carrie Says:

    i go to 30.000 on the recycle and pressed the cash in box and it went to the start and gave me no point or mooney(wat ever it gives you) whys this

  89. carolina Says:

    hello is exelent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PET)

  90. niic Says:

    This game is great!♥ Good job!

  91. efrg Says:

    wefrgt youporno com black dasadsa youporno com com dasadsa top 20 youporno dasadsa www youporno tv

  92. Nalan Gรผler Says:

    I’d collect only Princess Princess Collection Swing Seat (TWS) and Princess Toaster (TWS) is if you give me this money in two of the real price they give you a few things I’m waiting for messages.!

  93. Nalan Gรผler Says:

    And Princess
    Table Lamp (TWS)

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  95. sadface Says:

    Rewind Rewind Go Away
    Never Come Again I Say

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