Letter from the Mayor – Supplier issues


Hello all!

Now, there’s bad news and good news. The bad news is that jukeboxes and luscious lips loungers will soon be taken off the shelves. Unfortunately in these difficult times our supplier, Pet Party Products Inc. has gone out of business, and after we’ve sold the the last shipment of jukeboxes and loungers, they will be discontinued.

The good news is that we’ve been able to locate another supplier, Pampered Pets Inc., who not only stock a larger range of jukeboxes and loungers — they’re also cheaper!

Of course, if you’ve always wanted a jukebox or luscious lips lounger then now would be the time to buy — they won’t be around much longer!

Good day to you all!

The Mayor

94 Responses to “Letter from the Mayor – Supplier issues”

  1. anisa Says:

    yippiiiee… i’m very agree with this new policy.. those jukebox & lips are very expensive,and it’s sooooo hard to get money to buy it..
    i can’t wait too see the new lower price items..
    thanks Mayor ^__^

    Looooove Pet Society sooo much ^__^

  2. carolina Says:

    I really don’t get this. If the reason is they are too expensive, there are a lot of expensive things in the luxury store, like the red bubble chair (15.000 coins) and the princess bed (15.000 coins).
    So I guess now in trades they’ll ask for these kind of items.
    I don’t understand… nothing will change after all

  3. nada zeid Says:

    I dont understand does this mean that the old jukes and lips will become more valuable or less valuable

  4. Jon Says:

    I can;t get over the whiners in this game. Urgent reply?? Demanding an answer?

    THIS IS A EFFING GAME PEOPLE. Chill the eff out and go with whatever PF does.

    Sense of entitlement is amazing….

  5. Miss Ferret Says:

    Good god, people! She’s answered the question at least five times!! Pre-read the posts before you ask!! Geez!

  6. m Says:

    can PlayFish make a sale of the old jukeboks and lips?? (: sell it for 5000 or something

  7. Twinky Says:

    Sad really! But now poor ppl will be able to afford it

  8. princess biatch Says:

    does no one understand what is going on this thread must have been repeated over and over again with the same question …. what they are saying is lips and jukes will be going you wont lose the ones you already have and the new stock will be coming soon and will be different jukes and different loungers not neccisarily lips

  9. Piggyy Says:

    Oh yes, sonya, i’ve noticed that mark wrote that post. i don’t know why, i’ve post the second post saying that i’ve just realized mark wrote that post. but it doesn’t come up here?

  10. Rebecca Says:

    I have a question. Can ANYONE tell me how do those ppl get all the coins for the luxury items? Are they paying real money? I just can’t see how, even if someone was on PS 24/7, how they could get that much money for all those items.
    I think ppl are paying real money.
    PLEASE someone tell me how they do it?

  11. anisa Says:

    i looooove that new jukebox ^_^
    it’s available on pink colour,soooo cuuuuute…. =)

  12. bryan Says:

    the new jukes and lips are very cheap looking. i still prefer the old ones.

  13. Martina Says:

    Aww no! I don’t have enough money to buy shoes! Let alone Lip couches and Juke boxes ( I though they were jupe boxes haha) They should make money making easier, its just so ahrd for me to earn money!!!

  14. Mahi Says:

    the newlips are very cheap looking. i still prefer the old one

  15. javiera Says:

    Return for a week for people to buy the last lot please, heed my call! please

  16. cheryl Says:

    i luv the new 1s and the price of thm are good too 🙂 thnx playfish

  17. ayundaaaa Says:

    I love the new ones!!!! Yess….. espescially the black jukebox

  18. Hadi Prahariato Says:

    OMG i dont enough money for buy jukebox
    how come???
    Thank you

  19. yamileko Says:


  20. yamileko Says:

    i want to be the mayor 😮

  21. angie Says:

    wht happen with the pet society ?

  22. hasan Says:

    its dying to see the movie

  23. basem Says:

    that is wonderful thank you alot

  24. sebastian77 Says:

    It is possible to play pet society in http://www.petsociety.com is that I am new and!

  25. clu Says:

    i really love pet society and i’m playing now for month.the only thing i do not like is that it does take too long to collect coins.can’t u make it easier to get faster mare coins?

    • agos Says:

      yes please !! i am very tried to be all the days doing the same thing !
      visiting my friend over and over again im getting bored so i was thinking about playing another game!

  26. Kavitha Says:

    Dear Mayor,

    I am having aroblem for this two days that unable to play or load. I trying for two days ready. I hope Pet Society can help me on this. When ever i try to load in the message show 504 gateway.

    Your reply will so helpful for me.

    Thank You,


  27. Maria Belen Says:


  28. Juan Pablo Rossi Rincon Says:

    mental to put things in football-shaped floor and stadium, archery, wall painting that seems to be a stadium and many people, I love football so please coloquelon.

    Thank you

  29. agos Says:

    hi!! i tell that i´m from Argentina so i speak spanish
    thanks for traslate english to spanish !! so now i can understand better the game!
    i`m learning english so sorry if there is any mistake. 🙂
    I love this game. i do all correct thing but there are friends that make tricks
    and i hate it what you can do !?

  30. Pam Says:

    I KNOW who “?” is! please help me to say it!!!

  31. priscilla jacqueline tunadi Says:

    pet society it’s fun and I like

  32. Steve Stevenson Says:

    I just wanted to say kudoos! I was goofing off on Ask when I found your site. After looking around on this website I’ve come up with some good ideas for my site. I just thought I’d let you know

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