Mysterious Reforms!


Hey Pet Society fans! The new game updates and weekly item release have just gone live, so sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to check out all the latest and greatest changes!

Two new stores have been introduced to the Pet Society town; firstly we have the Gadget Store:

The Gadget Store is where you can find kitchen appliances, the latest technology including mobile phones and laptops, and a few other items including the Playfish Clock and Pinwheel! E.M.I.L.I.A, the Gadget shop keeper, will be more than happy to assist with any of these needs (please excuse the *bleep* noises)! You can find out more about E.M.I.L.I.A by visiting the neighborhood page.

And secondly, there is the Mystery Store:

The Mystery Store is the new home of Mystery Boxes! The shop keeper is as mysterious as the items in his shop though, no one knows his real name, so we just refer to him as “?”! You can read more about “?”, even though he will still remain a mystery, on the neighborhood page.

The Mystery Store is about more than just Mystery Boxes though! When you enter you will see the Mystery Egg Vending Machine!

Mystery Egg Vending Machine

Toy Mystery Egg

When you select the Mystery Egg Vending Machine it will ask you if you would like to buy a Toy Mystery Egg. A Toy Mystery Egg can be placed on the floor by your pet, and your pet will ‘open’ it, similar to a Mystery Box. Inside your Toy Mystery Egg you will find either a toy or a scene! The toys from Toy Mystery Eggs are different to the other toys in the game, instead of your pet picking them up, carrying them around, and giggling, they are designed to work with the scenes (although they can just be placed on the floor, or a shelf, etc. as well). Each scene has a place for four specific toys, and animates. The scene does not require the toys to animate, however, the toys will only animate if placed on their matching scene! Hence, the animation will only be complete with all four matching toys on their specific scene. Please note that you need to click the scene to start or stop the animation!

There is one more thing you need to know about Toy Mystery Eggs and the toys and scenes that can be found in them, which is that the toys and scenes cannot be gifted! They are collectable items which you can only find for yourself!


Moving on to the weekly item release! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday the 23rd of March, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Last Monday we introduced the first of our St. Patrick’s Day items, today we are bringing you even more, to ensure your pet celebrates in style this March 17th!

From the Furniture Store:

Pot O’ Gold (TWS)

Leprechaun Doll (TWS)

From the Clothes Store:

Lucky Green Coat (TWS)

Lucky Green Hat (TWS)

Lucky Green Pants (TWS)

Lucky Green Dress (TWS)

Lucky Wristband (TWS)

Lucky Shoes with Socks (TWS)

Lucky Green Ribbon (TWS)

Plus, to ensure your pet enjoys their greens this St. Patrick’s Day, you can buy this delicious Shamrock Lolly from the Food Store:

Shamrock Lolly (TWS)

If green is not entirely your thing, perhaps your pet would prefer to take a trip back in time and live like part of the Roman Empire this week!

Trumpet (Luxury Store)

White Fluted Column (D.I.Y. Store)

Olive Jar (Furniture Store)

White Toga (Clothes Store)

Roman Sandals (Clothes Store)

The Furniture Store has some additional new arrivals to help perfect your kitchen, dining room, lounge room or bedroom!

Dark Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Basic White Dining Chair

Simple Dark Coffee Table

Princess Bedside Table

Elegant Cream Sofa

New to the Luxury Store this week is this gorgeous dressing table!

Classic Chic Dressing Table

The D.I.Y. Store is sure to impress this week with the Simple White Doorstep, which not only is great as a doorstep, but will be very useful to all of our creative users out there, who love making new things we would not have even imagined!

Basic Radiator

Metal Deck Flooring

Simple White Doorstep

In case your pet prefers to travel the universe wearing black, this week the Black Galactic Helmet and Visor are new to the Clothes Store! Plus Lily introduces her latest attempt to conquer the pet fashion world with the White Skirt with Denim Jacket.

Black Galactic Helmet

Black Galactic Visor

White Skirt with Denim Jacket

112 Responses to “Mysterious Reforms!”

  1. pure Says:

    wow i am So impressed by all the additions but i sure hope i can afford them!

  2. MssRed Says:

    nice items!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  3. Shruti Says:

    Thanks for the update!
    I feel this has been the best update be far
    Thw wait was worth it! 🙂
    Thanks Playfish!

  4. Frecklz Says:

    Wow! Nice work Playfish!
    Great Work Sonya on the blog, your a star!! *huggles*


  5. Remedy Lane Says:

    wow, just wow =D

  6. Mel Says:

    Wow, lots of new items this week! Thanks for the big update Playfish!! 😀

  7. yee Says:

    i was getting crazy when i saw the new items…>v<
    thank you! looking forward for better and better new items! ^^

  8. ahbrown Says:

    fantastic. i b v poor soon buying toys. i got a f-16 figther plane!!!

  9. Captain Says:

    thank you playfish!!! i love the updates!!!

  10. Isis Says:

    This is AWESOME, thanks for the thorough explanations! I love the new mystery store. ? is my hero.

  11. Collette Says:

    OMG OMG! Lol, I wished for Leprechaun and Pot-O-Gold!

  12. byx speaks Says:

    why don’t i have the gadget store and also the mystery store?


  13. MJ Says:

    yikes! i love the new stuffs but gosh! toys cant be traded even after opening the eggs…
    gosh.. i dont know how many toys i’ll be buying… :faint!

  14. Nabelle Says:

    The TWS items are so cool and they are affordable……coooollllnnnneesss 😀

  15. queenine XD ( Pet's name ) Says:

    Th thinqs are so COOL .

  16. yan Says:

    wooo~it’s really really great job!
    esp Mystery Egg Vending Machine
    it’s really creative

    keep on working it!

  17. Felicia Says:

    PET SOCIETY rocks i buy 6 toy mystery Egg sia!

  18. Kuto Says:

    wow.. yeah… this is the best so far… lol… love the stores…

  19. sabrina Says:

    will the toys change? if they change then its a bit sad arent they? cause not everyone can buy all of them right?

  20. sarah Says:

    the new updates are brill love all the new stuff xx

  21. Pato Says:

    That’s so cool! I love the toy machine.

    I bought four and got a scene, plus one that matches with it. The other two don’t, however..

  22. Christine Says:

    AWESOME…….the new shops and all new items are great…I love it so much…..keep up the good work playfish….I cannot wait to play Pet society tomorrow to shop the new items…the mystery egg is such a brilliant idea….wow!!!
    Pet Society is the best game ever !!!!

  23. Irenka Says:

    I love everything !!! Thanks 😀 exept i dont like the fact that those toys cant be traded.. coz if some1 needs something that i have (or reverse way) to complete the scene why not to trade him… everything else is great! Keep going!! Very creative!

  24. Irenka Says:

    And other thing…. how will we know that the scene is complete?? how many items 1 scene needs to be completed?

  25. Aileen Says:

    Everything is so beautiful!!! Good Job!

  26. ward qatatsheh Says:

    please i want my pet can send to other pet some mony cash please 🙂
    please maygor please 😉

  27. Jonathan Says:


    Seriously, PS and PF, this is the BEST. You guys rock! Love the collectible toys and scenes, can’t wait to see what we get. Loving the Roman stuff, too. And the new COUCH! Yes! Can’t wait to spend spend spend. Thanks PS for making such an awesome update!

  28. dor Says:

    omg! the Mystery Egg Vending Machine is soooooooo impressive! very cool!

  29. Linda Says:

    yeah…i collected 3 scenes (red alert, deep trouble(full) n alien). still looking for (helicopter n XXX(is it police car? :p) ….i wan another scene!(still wondering wat is that scene >.<)….haha….

  30. Kiké Says:

    I think it’s not fair that we can’t gift the toys!!!!

  31. Maggie Neff Says:

    Well done Pet society … your hard work was worth waiting for and the items is gr8 and any one can afford it xox Keep up your good work … it’s so nice to play the game … mmmmmmm … but I think I am addicted to the game xox ;-))) YEAAAAH!!! BRAVO!!!! PET SOCIETY RULES!!!!!!

  32. Gloria Balakrishna Says:

    I love the new changes but cant help think why I need 2 deep troubles.
    How great it would be even if they could be swapped

  33. Oumsker Says:

    I wonder how many different scenes are available!?!
    >_< It’s so fun!

  34. Rebecca Says:

    hhmmm.. any idea what’s in the GMB and BMB this week??? ❤ or there isn’t any special??

  35. anfieldyee Says:

    I just LOVE the pot o gold

  36. Rebecca Says:

    Can anyone pls help?? I can’t seems to load PS.. is there any problem or maintaintence whatsover??

  37. Anita Says:

    Some of the things are nice.. like the style of the new couch but please why don’t we ever get more choices in colours? To be really honest here, I don’t like pink and I’m tired of red, black, baby blue, pink and white.. If it wasn’t for St. Pats’ Day we wouldn’t have gotten this much green… There weren’t any changes for the Stylists either, that was really disappointing…The pets are starting to all look alike unless you go for the weird…

  38. Moonchild ;D Says:

    Oh my dear lord! PS has done it again – yet another success! One word: WAUW!
    I LOVE the idea behind the toy eggs – that they can’t be traded opened; it’s making it harder, and therefore more of your own task to collect them! I love it.

    I love the green clothes, and esp. the Sofa + Bedside table ;D (My Gosh that was needed ;D )

    I don’t think the GADGET store gets as much attention as the Mystery store. But I still like the idea very much, and the store is so cool seen from the outside ;D Good job PF! However, I have a question..
    .. Shouldn’t the electronic Luxury items – such as Washing Maschine, King Size Fridge, Robot Visor, Sainless Steel Stove and so on be in there too? Or is there an overlooked reason for that?

    Anyway. THANK YOU for the lovely update. You guys rock!

  39. Lilly Says:

    yes im addicted to pet society but pet society seems to always haf a problem.

  40. Deanna Says:

    Great new additions to PS! Love the new stores and items esp like the mystery eggs, very neat!

  41. rosalyn Says:

    I love the new items! But Im really happy i bought the red jacuzzi just in time it went kaputz! ; )

  42. missbikinibitsy Says:

    aaaaaaa… just cant wait to have them all!!!

  43. Rozarka Says:

    I totally LOVE that new stuff and shops! But I can’t get into PS… maybe the network is overloaded or something like this. So I’m reading all about the new stuff to be prepared when my PS will start working again. 🙂 I hope it will be soon.

  44. daniel Says:

    best update EVER!

  45. Claudia Says:

    When you’ll add new games to gain coins?Like car races or minigames: cleaning feeding and make the visits starts to be boring.

  46. Maggie Says:

    I love the egg machine but I wish I could give the duplicates to my friends. I already have 3 ambulances so it seems like such a waste to keep buying the eggs.
    Other than that the updates are awesome keep up the good work

  47. GT Says:

    Utterly SUCKS that we can’t gift all items especially the egg stuff to friends. I would NEVER have bought them. this is so lame.

  48. Mark Says:

    best update so far since playing in late January! this even rivals the “People’s Choice Week!!!”

    i know many people will say you should be able to send the new toys…but i see where you guys are coming from and that it should be a challenge to collect things 🙂 keep it that way! and thanks for not releasing any old items! you put many players at ease! thank you so much!

    next time you delay the items please send a mayor letter. I am constantly on the forums and this blog so i knew the items would be delayed…however thousands of people probably were completely lost and upset. 🙂

    Overall, fantastic job! hope next week is equally awesome!

  49. skybluefairy Says:

    Is the scene available in the mystery egg?

  50. Linda Says:

    does anyone know how many scenes do they have? @@……only three or more? i seems to get the same things every time i open it….i have completed red alert, alien and deep trouble….pls inform me or else i will wasting my coins opening the same items i already have. T.T

  51. Shruti Says:

    I love the new TOGA! Its supersexy! 😉

  52. Janis Says:

    I just found your blog and bookmarked it. It really is nice to have a place to see what is going on.

    I love the 2 new shops! and the characters you have in them.

    I love the little egg toys and I only purchased one for now however, I don’t know if I am going to get anymore because I can see where doubles will be a big mistake and waste for me. We know payback to PS is not beneficial for us 🙂

    Thank you and please fix whatever is making us bog down and freeze us up. Your PS is the only thing that does that on my computer so I know it is you and yes, I updated my flashy thingy *giggles*

    Have a fun week!

  53. bibi Says:

    how many scenes in total are there?

  54. mademoizell3 Says:

    after get the coins from visiting some friends, I spent for those items, and now my coins left zero *hiks*
    viva green XD

  55. Afiqah Says:

    luv pet society!!

  56. Javin Says:

    I have just bookmarked this blog. nice!
    I like those new items!


  57. Tig Says:

    great changes! nice idea to have some collectibles that one has to get for oneself. love the new furniture. could things be released with several color choices (like couches or chairs so we can actually –decorate–

  58. remas Says:

    How do I compile more money and that the requirements for the purchase of my house ?
    Please answer me for my Email

  59. Christie Says:

    I am very disappointed in the new “mystery” shop. My son loved to play this game with me, and now I am blocking this application because I find this shop to be scary for him and offensive in general. This was such a cute game! Why ruin it like that? If you get rid of that shop, we would play again, but until such time, we won’t be back.

    • Sonya Says:

      Could you be more specific about what exactly you find offensive about the Mystery Store? I’m sorry to hear you have an issue with it.

      • Christie Says:

        Thank you for taking the time to respond. Yes, I find it to be very dark. This shop has the feel of visiting a psychic or something like that…with the crystal ball. As a Christian, that is something that is offensive to me and not something that I can support, as much as we had enjoyed this game before. Is there any way you can change the feel of this shop to make it more kid-friendly and innocent? Thanks for your consideration.

    • Claudia Says:

      What’s wrong with the mystery shop? o.O

  60. Chocolat Says:

    how is the Mystery Shop scary?

    I really like new new egg toys but I agree with some others, why buy them and get duplicates you cannot gift to people?

    if this is preparatory to eliminating real world money from PS,i.e., to provide balance, I guess I could see it but if its not, then why not allow people to trade them?

  61. Don't like! Says:

    I don’t like the new egg thing!

    I opened over 300 eggs, and i only found:

    2 pirate ships
    1 alien

    On the other side, i got 36 submarines, 56 deep trouble and 23 sailboats.

    Shame on you,
    it’s not Playfish, but Selfish!

  62. Cesar Says:

    What is a “Basic Radiator”…. i dont understand… what is that for ?

  63. Afiqah Says:

    can i ask, whats the use of pot o’ gold?
    is it just for decorate our house?

  64. Aggie Says:

    hey guys. I have some connection problems in pet society on myspace. it happens a lot but only when i’m playing on myspace. but everythings is fine on facebook. do u guy have these problems too?

  65. onur ertürkmen Says:

    hi sonya,
    i want items previous weeks
    but i not found now :))
    can u add all items again ???

  66. Daria Says:

    If Christie does not like the Mystery Store, don’t go in it!

    • Christie Says:

      when you have a problem with something, people don’t know unless you speak up. Pet Society has a right to know why people are not visiting their site anymore…but thanks for adding your 2 cents…

  67. Mup u Says:

    Pot o gold is like a toy, you pet can carry it around and giggle, very funny! My pet likes it a lot xD
    BTW, how many scenes do they have? I got 3 already and almost complete 1 xD

  68. carolina Says:


  69. Dany Says:

    Can I put the clothes in pet society link? Please anybody help me or you get the holiday clothes? please

  70. tony Says:

    may i ask, can u sell back somemore black cat doll, jello doll, 4 eyes monster doll n sofa, pink pig doll, mummuy doll…….!!!!!
    cos i ready like that sososososo much!!!!

  71. ricky Says:

    luv pet society shop………!!!^_^
    but y cant get back the doll alll…………mummy, turkey,jester jello,robot,pink pig, black cat,four eyes monster doll & sofa ???????…T_T!!!!

  72. SweetDreams Says:

    Stores are all good what I don’t like is how expensive everything is…I don’t waste 60 dollars on a real pair of jeans, I’m not going to waste real money on fake things…Very frustrated, grrr. Mystery boxes 200, 500, way to expensive then when u sell what u don’t like they give u way less than u paid for it 😦

  73. Shernis Says:

    After visiting friends, I spent money on the mystery eggs and got the deep sea trouble and im only left with $10,000!! =[

  74. pinky Says:

    wow, so many new things…the furniture shop or luxury didnt sell piano?
    cos i stil can get a piano although i had bought a lot of $500 mystery box

  75. Borbonsito Says:

    I have a sister and she has serious issues playing PS, we really love the game but she has just 3 friends to visit, she doesn’t likes to add people she doesn’t really knows so we are asking for more ways to earn coins like the stadium, it would be very nice and I’m sure it will be appreciated by so many people as my sister. Thanks Playfish!

  76. koribat Says:

    i am addicted to pet society than “chatting” with my friends…my problem is i dont have much coins to buy good stuff..can you give me tip on how to earn more coins rathern than visiting friends and people in the cafe? thanks! i dreamt to have all my rooms interior designed…more power to FB.

  77. rita Says:

    ok so i get 100000% why they made it so you cant send the toys. if you guys ever go the forums you will see that trading is VERY unfair, this game was started as only a little game to share and send you mom or sister a cute teddy bear or a lolly pop. it was not …from my understanding supposed to be a game where people will only trade if you have 5 gazillion posts or a juke… bought for 20,000 used to buy a rice pudding that cost 5 coins!!! absurd! i believe it was supposed to be started for KINDNESS! so if you cant send them be glad!! in 5 months they would have every set for 5000000000 jukes in the forum, this way you can afford them and get them slowly, no one can scam you on them, no one can “rape” the games original meaning. while i am sure they are glad this game has taken off as well as it did. im sure there are regrets on being naive. so please all of you enjoy your scam free toys!! they are cool! and 100% yours !!!!

  78. rita Says:

    further more… they have the just arrived section, you have a full week of saving for these items. you get at least $50 a day. mostly it is $100. so you have a chance to save up about 1000 a week, add more friends and get more then that. buy 1 item at a costly level in the and set 100 dollars away a week to save up for that table or xhair that is always in the shop,..moderation!! plus!! on top of that you get points for sending gifts. buy 10 apples a week send them to unsuspecting friends and sy hey i was thinking of you , you made some1 feel special & got points towards bigger houses. my pet has gifted over 1400 prezzies just cuz its fun!!!… lessonvof story. njoy the game for what it was meant for…FUN!…. ok sry i ratteledso much it just bugs me all the complainig…. great job on stopping the fake jukes playfish… i like playing a game that i know for a fact has honor!!!… ps maybe you can make smaller shelves for my princess they r to hard to put in small spots :D..thanks again!

  79. chiskarr Says:

    hi! does anyone one know which color of mystery box can i get the “black cat” stuffed toy? i really want one! thanks! 🙂

    • krazukat Says:

      I’m sorry, but you can’t get it from the Mystery Boxes. It was Holiday Special in October last year, and it’s not in Boxes. I know, it’s stupid, I want the cat too! :O

  80. Kuromi Ku Says:


    (1) I would love to have black cat doll, jello doll, 4 eyes monster doll n sofa, pink pig doll, mumuy doll, rooster, and some monster stuff.…….!!!!!

    (2) Can I put the clothes in rooms like all my jewellery and stuff? Such a waste if I always put my accessories under and nobody able to see them.

    (3) Love St. Patrick Day’s everything~ Thanks!!!

  81. Kai Shi Says:

    I brought so many leprechaun dolls n pot’o gold and i’m broke!
    I want to collect more of them before they leave the shop :O

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  83. REEM Says:

    hi pet society hi

  84. Hateie Says:

    hey Sonya.. listen, I have a suggestion.. Why not you provide a wadrobe to ‘show off’ our clothes and all that? It will be great and popular!! Many ppl will buy the wadrobes, I’m sure. And, I would LOOOOOVE it if u could put the pink jello, mummy doll, black cat doll, etc. etc. back in the shop for just TWS.. pls… I’m soo desperate to get them… 😦 pls.. would greatly appreciate it..

  85. bhavv Says:

    what’s the eggs for anyway? as in, once you complete a scene with all the toys, that’s it??

  86. Nikolee Says:

    Is there a water scene it something to go with a pirate ship, a sail boat, a submarine, and a motor boat?? i’ve been trying for like a week and still nothing like it…. 😦 It’s so addicting! i ❤ it! GO PS! Keep up the good work 🙂

  87. eduardo Says:

    everything is verry expensive!!!! :S

  88. reza haji sharifi Says:

    hi! how i can change my name in pet society ?????

  89. martina Says:

    hey what level is the green things?

  90. irem Says:

    who knows

  91. Sasha Nonny Says:

    i hate rewinddd!

  92. sadface Says:

    i hate rewind too 😦

  93. Geri Says:

    QUIT THE REWIND ALREADY! nobody is happy on myspace and you aren’t even doing anything with our site. the letter i received from your support telling me that nobody is working on us is the icing on the cake. there are people who spend real money on this game and you are pretty much spitting in there faces.

  94. F3l? Says:

    I like ur blog very much!!!
    And i like the new up2date 2!!!
    –F3l?<!4 {8+3z-

  95. Fashion or Fright? « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

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  97. Sickly Sweet! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

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  98. Café Culture! « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] in Pet Society! Pet Society has changed so much in the last year: we’ve introduced you to the Mystery and Gadget Stores, had some fun with April Fool’s, introduced the Cash Shop and Garden Store, been there for the […]

  99. APRiL Says:

    I think you guys should try Facebook Pet Society instead..

  100. Take a stroll down Pet Ave. « Pet Society’s Blog Says:

    […] The MySpace and Bebo versions of the game have not changed at this stage and will have items from Mysterious Reforms in stores this week! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Winners of Weekly Draw Week […]

  101. Scottie Deats Says:

    I’m really beginning to think things are getting better for everybody so they can finally be who they are.

  102. Caleb Luke Buenaluz Says:

    Where we can find a gadget store… cause i cant see where is it…..

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