Mysterious Reforms!


Hey Pet Society fans! The new game updates and weekly item release have just gone live, so sign on to Pet Society via either Facebook or MySpace now to check out all the latest and greatest changes!

Two new stores have been introduced to the Pet Society town; firstly we have the Gadget Store:

The Gadget Store is where you can find kitchen appliances, the latest technology including mobile phones and laptops, and a few other items including the Playfish Clock and Pinwheel! E.M.I.L.I.A, the Gadget shop keeper, will be more than happy to assist with any of these needs (please excuse the *bleep* noises)! You can find out more about E.M.I.L.I.A by visiting the neighborhood page.

And secondly, there is the Mystery Store:

The Mystery Store is the new home of Mystery Boxes! The shop keeper is as mysterious as the items in his shop though, no one knows his real name, so we just refer to him as “?”! You can read more about “?”, even though he will still remain a mystery, on the neighborhood page.

The Mystery Store is about more than just Mystery Boxes though! When you enter you will see the Mystery Egg Vending Machine!

Mystery Egg Vending Machine

Toy Mystery Egg

When you select the Mystery Egg Vending Machine it will ask you if you would like to buy a Toy Mystery Egg. A Toy Mystery Egg can be placed on the floor by your pet, and your pet will ‘open’ it, similar to a Mystery Box. Inside your Toy Mystery Egg you will find either a toy or a scene! The toys from Toy Mystery Eggs are different to the other toys in the game, instead of your pet picking them up, carrying them around, and giggling, they are designed to work with the scenes (although they can just be placed on the floor, or a shelf, etc. as well). Each scene has a place for four specific toys, and animates. The scene does not require the toys to animate, however, the toys will only animate if placed on their matching scene! Hence, the animation will only be complete with all four matching toys on their specific scene. Please note that you need to click the scene to start or stop the animation!

There is one more thing you need to know about Toy Mystery Eggs and the toys and scenes that can be found in them, which is that the toys and scenes cannot be gifted! They are collectable items which you can only find for yourself!


Moving on to the weekly item release! Remember that any items labelled This Week’s Special (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday the 23rd of March, but may be available again at some point in the future.

Last Monday we introduced the first of our St. Patrick’s Day items, today we are bringing you even more, to ensure your pet celebrates in style this March 17th!

From the Furniture Store:

Pot O’ Gold (TWS)

Leprechaun Doll (TWS)

From the Clothes Store:

Lucky Green Coat (TWS)

Lucky Green Hat (TWS)

Lucky Green Pants (TWS)

Lucky Green Dress (TWS)

Lucky Wristband (TWS)

Lucky Shoes with Socks (TWS)

Lucky Green Ribbon (TWS)

Plus, to ensure your pet enjoys their greens this St. Patrick’s Day, you can buy this delicious Shamrock Lolly from the Food Store:

Shamrock Lolly (TWS)

If green is not entirely your thing, perhaps your pet would prefer to take a trip back in time and live like part of the Roman Empire this week!

Trumpet (Luxury Store)

White Fluted Column (D.I.Y. Store)

Olive Jar (Furniture Store)

White Toga (Clothes Store)

Roman Sandals (Clothes Store)

The Furniture Store has some additional new arrivals to help perfect your kitchen, dining room, lounge room or bedroom!

Dark Kitchen Wall Cabinet

Basic White Dining Chair

Simple Dark Coffee Table

Princess Bedside Table

Elegant Cream Sofa

New to the Luxury Store this week is this gorgeous dressing table!

Classic Chic Dressing Table

The D.I.Y. Store is sure to impress this week with the Simple White Doorstep, which not only is great as a doorstep, but will be very useful to all of our creative users out there, who love making new things we would not have even imagined!

Basic Radiator

Metal Deck Flooring

Simple White Doorstep

In case your pet prefers to travel the universe wearing black, this week the Black Galactic Helmet and Visor are new to the Clothes Store! Plus Lily introduces her latest attempt to conquer the pet fashion world with the White Skirt with Denim Jacket.

Black Galactic Helmet

Black Galactic Visor

White Skirt with Denim Jacket

112 Responses to “Mysterious Reforms!”

  1. Scottie Deats Says:

    I’m really beginning to think things are getting better for everybody so they can finally be who they are.

  2. Caleb Luke Buenaluz Says:

    Where we can find a gadget store… cause i cant see where is it…..

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