Surprise! Überraschung! Sorpresa!


Pet Society has just launched versions in German, French, Spanish and Italian! So if you speak one of these languages, sign on to Pet Society in either Facebook or MySpace now and look for the language button in the top right hand corner, select that, and then choose your language!

Additionally, the latest round of mysterious items has now been hidden away in Mystery Boxes! Sign on to Pet Society in either Facebook or MySpace now to have a chance of finding them! If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items! St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so join in the celebrations while searching for a Green Mat, a Shamrock Hairband or a Shamrock Chair!

Green Mat

Shamrock Hairband

Shamrock Chair

34 Responses to “Surprise! Überraschung! Sorpresa!”

  1. Collette Says:

    So cool, trying to open, but none yet!

  2. ayah Says:

    where can i find these items?

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve got the hairband and chair!!! but i wanna another chair!! T.T

  4. Rebecca Says:

    do u guys know that now FB is limiting people for posting too many disussion post?? they have blocked me now.. I can’t go into forum.. T.T

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks Sonya! =))

  6. nelson Says:

    its great, that nelson is available also in german. its so cute! thank you.
    danke schön

  7. Fendi Says:

    yeah….got the hairband and the chair!!!

  8. michelle Says:

    i tried many times but nothing i got….so unlucky… :o(

  9. carly Says:

    the mat is too simple

  10. Dana Says:

    I wantttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! 😀

  11. Mahi Says:

    I got the chair and the hairband… waiting for the green mat ;))

  12. lynnwee Says:

    the hair band and chair is so hard to get..i tried with 3000coins bt got nth.. =((

  13. Afiqah Says:

    i’ve spent 5000 coints on it.i’ll never believe it!!!

  14. hey Says:


  15. Jade-UH Says:

    i waaan this haiir band 😀
    can i found it in the surprise 500

  16. judy Says:

    I bought so many box but still get the black pocket lamp, rubish bin and black cat, of course the hair band and chair also not. Why? Too bad luck!

  17. michelle Says:

    i tried 12,000 coins & did not get anyhtings yet….

  18. L Says:

    wow.. i love it!!

  19. omar bahlawane Says:

    yesterday i bought a GMB and i won the shamrock hairband :D! i was sooooo happyyyyyyy! but suddenly.. my cuzin .. sold it 😦

  20. MiMo Says:

    I ❤ P.S

  21. Maria Says:

    Why don’t you add the Greek language in the play fish games? We would like to see our language too, especialy in Word Challenge. Please think about it. :))

  22. Wookie Says:

    never got a green mat i opened 80 boxes & no luck?

  23. cherry Says:

    why the green mat is so hard to get?

  24. vicki Says:

    i donntt knoww i’ve tried soo hardd to get itt and no luck 😦

  25. vicki Says:

    does somebody know how to get the golen poo?

  26. Felicia Says:

    I buy about 100 or 99 boxs don’t have anying
    i wan the chair i in very bad luck:(

  27. Mary Says:

    Do you get the items purely by luck or is it something else?

  28. :P: Says:

    Hey i Got the Green Hat!!!!!!!!!!

  29. :P: Says:

    i mean the green Mat

  30. Eriya Says:

    Can someone tell me if the Shamrock Hairband is in the Expensive Mysterious Box or the other two? T^T I want it badly…

  31. Scharff Says:

    Thank You My Friends

  32. нapминa Says:

    Занимательная статья. Много чего нового узнал для себя. Автору респект и уважуха 🙂

  33. life Says:

    ❤ cool

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