A delay this Monday


Due to some new game updates scheduled to be released on Monday the 16th of March, 2009, we will be delaying the weekly item release on this day. It is expected that the weekly item release will occur sometime between 8am and 10am GMT on Monday the 16th. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

95 Responses to “A delay this Monday”

  1. Alvin Says:

    i’m excited about the new items.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hi.. does it mean is the playfish clock.. 8am to 10am??

  3. hey Says:


    Petsociety rox

  4. Antonio Says:

    Wait what clock? The luxury clocks or the one in store?

    • Sonya Says:

      The Playfish clock is the blue digital clock with the Playfish logo on the side. (The Playfish clock runs on Playfish time, the other clocks in the game run on your local PC time.)

  5. Afiqah Says:

    0h no!
    im busy that tim!!! :((

  6. Calm Says:

    Yay! Does it mean that the previous weekly items would stay until 8am?

  7. Bunda Says:

    can we still access the game?

    • Sonya Says:

      As far as I am aware, there is no maintenance associated with this. However, if for some reason it is required, I would expect the game would only be down for around 15 minutes while the new version is put live.

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Hey!! btw.. is there a new food out next week? I saw my pet asking for this shamrock lolly! so cute!! will it be selling in store?? or again in mb?? oh no!! better don’t in mb!! please please…. sell in the store!! argh!!!.

  9. Afiqah Says:

    whats the use of a refrigerator???

  10. ahmed Says:

    The Playfish clock is the blue digital clock with the Playfish logo on the side. (The Playfish clock runs on Playfish time, the other clocks in the game run on your local PC time.)

  11. elias Haddad Says:

    so why is this delay ?

    • Sonya Says:

      The delay is due to the game updates, which is preferable to introduce when we have Playfish staff in the office to ensure the new version is introduced smoothly.

  12. bahia Says:

    there is no use for a refrigerator. just a decoration!

  13. Alphiux Says:

    about the refrigerator they should let us put some stuff in it…theres a lot to pick from!!! from juice, milk, vegs and fuits….

  14. elias Haddad Says:

    hi could u explain to us a little bit about the new version plzzzzzz

  15. Afiqah Says:

    what is the thing in the gmt?

    • Sonya Says:

      GMT is the timezone that Playfish time is in at the moment. You can see the current time in Playfihs time by checking the Playfish clock! (The Playfish clock is the blue digital clock with the Playfish logo on the side.)

  16. V Voider Says:

    bring the admiral’s jacket back to this week only!

  17. elias Haddad Says:

    sonya can i have ur email plzzzzzz??

  18. elias Haddad Says:


  19. vicki Says:

    hiii at 10 o clock in argfentina the new things appear 😀 i am so exitedd
    another subject… can somebody tell me how to earn the golden poo?

  20. elias Haddad Says:

    sonya can i have ur email plzzzzzz??

  21. Isis Says:

    oooh I’m excited to see the new game updates! It will make up for having to wait a couple hours to get a new dress, tee hee.

  22. Zoe Says:

    oh noo i cant gt on it till 5pm :@

  23. rohana aziz Says:

    I cant wait… in fact, we cant wait….. we r excited…. the 10 of us….

  24. vicki Says:

    cann somebodyy tell me how to get de golden poo?

  25. gianna Says:

    so, at what time (IN ARGENTINA) we will see the new game updates?

  26. tempty Says:

    it’s a little bit of a bummer for me unless i choose to stay awake until between 3 am and 5 am …..i’m going to be hoarding on coffee

  27. Qkaki Says:

    i think there should be a closet where we can put our clothes in there, and let others see them…..because we can’t wear all the clothes at one time.
    i usually buy new clothes every week, and i don’t want to sell the old clothes….because i earn a little only…..so, it may be a good idea if there’s a closet or an area where we can put our clothes. Then the clothes have two uses(to wear and to display)!!!

  28. Bubu Says:

    The golden poo is totally based on luck!! Just keep trying and u might find yourself lucky one day. 🙂

  29. queenine XD ( Pet's name ) Says:

    Now its alrd 9am .. Why havent come ? So anxious ..

  30. Kisco Says:

    what is the new version?
    the new items will appear at 8:a.m.-10:00a.m.
    but what about the new version?
    what time can we play with the new version?

  31. Mooni Says:

    cant wait to see the new stuff and new version 😉

  32. dindork Says:

    its already 10! . delay delay.. 😦 i so disappointed

  33. dindork Says:

    im my playfish clok its 03.58? soooooo?? 😦

  34. king pet ( pet name) Says:

    its already 12 pm and new items are still not available

  35. abracadabra Says:

    will there be new games on pet society? or do we get higher amounts odf money earned? i hope:D

  36. Maggie Neff Says:

    Hi there :@)
    I alway’s wondered why the 2 clock’s time was different lol … now I know. I would just like to ask … is the black cat and piggy dolls coming back for there is ppl that wants to swap it for 20 jukes and I can’t afford that?
    Thanx for this excelent game!!!
    Lovies – – – from South Africa! xox

  37. ivy Says:

    by the time now, stil didnt update.. so what is the exactly time should be follow

    • Sonya Says:

      It’s currently (at the time of my reply) around 7:15 am GMT, and the update will be occurring sometime between 8 am at 10 am GMT.

  38. harmony Says:

    It’s already 9:15 am here and nothing has happened yet. It will be closer to 10 won’t it? Is it just a release of new items or something else too?

  39. razutro Says:

    harmony, remember it’s the time on the playfish clock, while where you live it’s 9:15, actually in the playfish clock its earlier…

  40. Afiqah Says:

    umm.when will da new thingz appear in malaysia?

  41. razutro Says:

    you just have to check the playfish clock !! its on the furniture shop (if you don’t have it in your house) … or just easily checking on the GMT (0) time zone.

  42. Sootie Says:

    its GMT thats London time, its currently 06.53 so few more hours to wait guys xo

  43. Hahn Says:

    ya .. i cant wait for the new items (:

  44. fiona Says:

    cant wait

  45. harmony Says:

    I mean the playfish clock said 9:15 when I wrote that and now it says 10:25. I can only assume bad things, such as a premium currency. If this is the case I hate to say this but I will leave pet society. I enjoy it as it is now. There is an equal chance for everyone to get things.

    Are there going to be new foods or things in the cafe soon?

    • Sonya Says:

      My Playfish Clock (the Playfish clock is the blue digital clock with the Playfish logo on the side) says 07:27 currently.

  46. Sophie Says:

    I can’t wait intil the new items 🙂
    There going to rock (Hopefully)

  47. razutro Says:

    i also think there should be a closet, or at least some hangers !

  48. lala Says:

    hmm, i wonder when. 🙂

  49. gbm601 Says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my excitement is bubbling over…..cant wait!!!!

  50. renee Says:

    oooooommmmmmmmmmggggggg!!! it aready 8 !!!

  51. Souya Says:

    why there is still no change?
    It is 8:06 already.
    Do we have to wait until 10:00 (for another 2 hours)?
    Oh dear.

  52. CCY (PET NAME) Says:

    IT ALREADY8.20 WHY THE ITEMS ARE NOT UP YET ! I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED ABOUT IT IF THIS CONTINUES AGAIN I NOT GOING TO PLAY PET SOCIETY AGAIN GRR……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  53. colin Says:

    harmony i think you should go and buy the blue playfish clock with the fish on it as the clock you are looking at is one of the 3 origanal clock and they do not follow the gmt time the time is 8.18 in england at this minute and they said anytime between 8 and 10 am so here might be another 1 hour and 42 minutes wait yet

  54. colin Says:

    oh and also when you write your message on here just under your name it also tells you the gmt time you put your message on

  55. colin Says:

    i wonder with the new updates if there will be new trophies now as well as we not had a update on trophies in donkeys months

  56. dean strydom Says:

    so are the new items coming in 2 day or wen is it coming in i have 2,000 coins 2 spend so get the new items in 🙂 🙂 😉
    dean strydom

  57. Mary Says:

    Why are all the good things expensive, lol??

  58. Sarah Zaian Says:

    i adore pet society n i wonder when z new thingss will showup?

  59. queenine XD ( Pet's name ) Says:

    Its alrd 9.17am but why havent update ? So excited ..

  60. MssRed Says:

    10:15 and are the items of the week have not changed, is going to take much?

  61. queenine XD ( Pet's name ) Says:

    Its so nice th items !

  62. Catherine Says:

    Hooray……it is live…..Now to do some damage 🙂

  63. razutro Says:

    awesome items !!!!!!! =D

  64. Christine Says:

    Playfish….if there is a wardrobe that we can hang the clothes..and to put all the shoes and hats and accessories…that would be so so so great!!!!…pleaseee

  65. missbikinibitsy Says:

    oh my goodness… thanks so much playfish for giving me pleasure playing petsociety!!
    i love you much!!!
    i cant wait another surprises!!! thanksss!!!

  66. Lilliput Says:

    Out of curiosity, why can’t we give the mystery egg toys to others?

  67. baby love Says:

    hey i’m so addicted to pet society… and my friends from the philippines as well!!! keep up the good work…. i always look forward on mondays when it’s time for new items. gosh, you never fail to bring out the kid in me!!!! btw, i hope you are more generous in giving away the mystery items. thanks!!!!

  68. dindork Says:

    sonya . thanks so much . i like the new things in this week . its soooo awsome . love it 😀

  69. azima Says:


  70. hala Says:

    I’am very happy in monday I love thé news in pet

  71. rafa Says:

    thxxx aloveee alle :p

  72. x-papiricaTtix Says:

    muii nice My CaTtz…jejje

  73. nora Says:

    hi the food shop needs mora stuf

  74. ShoonAnnaBu Says:

    At what level do we get the 6th room?

  75. Quinta Says:

    level 29

  76. Kerrie Pocock Says:

    Dear Mr Mayor,
    I am concerned about some of the pets who seem to be deserted my thier owners. Is there a way I can get help to fed them and maybe get them some clothing, and some furniture to make their home comfortable for them Maybe a secodhand shop where people trade in old things they are finished with, or an Opportunity shop just for these pets to be taken to and buy them some needed things. I would appreciate some help, as it costs alot to feed them, an I cant stand to see them hungry and dirty, and without some comforts. Gazelle gets upset too and he loves to visit and help, and play with them.
    Reguards Kerrie pocock and Gazelle

  77. marium Says:

    the things that we want in this week special some the things r gone on the next week i mean every thing should be in the market

  78. andy Says:

    gime me money plisss,,
    so hard for me to collect money,,

    sorry if my english bad,,
    because our language is Indonesian not English,,

    I’m From Indonesia,,

  79. anne Says:

    petsociety rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  80. anne Says:

    It”s fun and ednjoyable place to play.It is a website that full of excitement.

  81. Hannah Says:

    Ok i think a new item shud be a rag doll

  82. azri Says:

    i have a suggestion: the next weekly item is about titanic movie. please… because i love the movie.. 🙂

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