DIY Landmark Competition Results!


Well it’s been yet another successful competition with yet another amazing collection of spectacular entries from you all! As per usual it was incredibly hard for us to pick a winner, and so many of you deserved a mention, but we thought these three stood out to us as being exceptional. We strongly recommend having a good look through the threads though to see some of the amazing work on show!

First PlaceAt first place is Authoritee’s Arc de Triomphe.  Perhaps not the most overstated of entries. Perhaps  not the closest to scale (we’re pretty sure we could  fit more than one pet underneath it), but you have to  respect the fine workmanship which has gone into  getting those details just right. 

Second Place

Second place goes to Nickie and her White House. We think she may have run out of space at the top to include the famously domed roof in its entirety, but we felt this was possibly the most striking entry  of all with the amazing use of kitchen containers as  the walls and windows of the famous building.  Nice work Nickie!  

Third Place2Finally third place takes a slightly different  viewpoint than most, but is a remarkable use of  space and materials. Enlightenedkarma obviously has an excellent eye  for colour with this tasteful view from Bourbon  Street Balcony, and she’s completely transformed  every day items into a completely new use. Superb.

33 Responses to “DIY Landmark Competition Results!”

  1. anea mercado Says:


  2. anea mercado Says:

    realy great

  3. Hanny Says:

    Very brilliant! Genius! Love the first place, her/his points are still low, but the house is LIKE WHOA. VERY CREATIVE!

    (yess I’m the first one who reply this :P)


  4. Hanny Says:

    They’re sooo creative, especially the first place, it points still low, but the house is LIKE WHOA love it! really cool!

  5. D Says:

    Nice choices, but I notice that only western landmarks were selected. 😦

  6. Emily Says:

    Hanny, who cares what level they are or how many paw points they have, they are creative and that’s that.

  7. elcy Says:

    2nd should have been 1st. & 3rd? I don’t even see a landmark there!

  8. Aquaz Says:

    yea sadly only the western landmarks were room for other landmarks 😦

  9. Polly Says:

    3rd shouldn’t have been there
    i don’t see a landmark-just a over crowded house

  10. Sally Says:

    well, nice job…

  11. GoogleIt Says:

    SpongeBob Should have won !!! :]

  12. pablo Says:

    i love pet society

  13. Maris Says:

    The first and second place are so pretty and creative but 3th place????? I really don`t like it, its so simple.

  14. ivan Says:

    I`m so disappointe with the results

  15. Kipper Says:

    The white house doesn’t have a famously domed roof.

    That would be the capitol.

  16. enlightenedkarma Says:

    despite such rude and disappointing comments, i would like to thank playfish for considering and choosing MY entry for third place. i understand that it may not be recognizable, considering how unknown Bourbon Street is, but i really appreciate and enjoy such wonderful sportsmanship and support from my fellow players. thank you to all those who would be pained to actually say something nice to another person.

  17. Ina Says:

    I myself didn’t enter the competition ( I don’t have that kind of time to But I did browse the entries…I must say I’m disappointed with the results. Sure these have alot of detail and time taken to make them that is granted..but there were many others in my eyes that were MUCH better and just as time consuming and creative. Not to mention these are all western marks and I seen loads of ones that were not western that were way better as well. ( I’m American myself but still seems a little odd to pick only western landmarks) The last winner doesn’t even look like a noticeable landmark…you had to tell us for us to know and even then we still can’t really see the Bourbon street Balcony.

    The last post before me also has a good point.. that would be the capitol..NOT the white

    I’m not trying to upset anyone or anything like that..this is just my opinion. It should have been thought over just a tid bit more for the selection of the winners in my opinion or maybe had more than 3 places to win.

  18. Selain Says:

    They’re all nicely done, but I don’t get the criteria for judging. I saw others that are more appealing like the Golden Gate Bridge(San Francisco Bridge), Taipei 101 literally has a twist in it, et. al. Well in any case, congrats to the winners.

  19. Shruti Says:

    Congratulations to the winners! 🙂

  20. Lazo Says:

    How did they judged the landmarks? did they just put the names of the contestants in a jar and picked 1 randomly? i saw better landmarks than those 3

  21. RachelT Says:

    I like the second one^^Really great..
    the 1st one is very creative~~~

  22. TenshiTakaru Says:

    Third place might not be liked by some, but it’s pretty close to the real thing. Nice tribute to the region as it rebuilds itself even today. ❤

  23. steven Says:

    Since I can play it

  24. lalala Says:

    nice workpiece cool!

  25. allysa Says:

    congratulation to all the winners 😀

  26. daniela Says:

    wow wonderfull

  27. constanza Says:


  28. bayawak Says:

    the results are so unfair.. there are lots of nice entry..

  29. paula8 Says:


  30. datslin Says:


  31. canscer Says:

    wow pet society fun fun

  32. '-marlon jose-' Says:

    ojala y se repitieran los items pasados

  33. '-marlon jose-' Says:

    seria mejor que repitieran los items de 2004 haciaka para que nos den la oportunidad de obtener esos items

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