What’s in a box?


What’s in a box? – Well obviously that depends on what box you are talking about, but this entry is all about Mystery Boxes! (Many of you already know about Mystery Boxes, but this is primarily for those who do not!)

Mystery boxes look like:

Mystery Boxes

At first glance, they may not seem like the most appropriate thing to buy to enhance your pet’s life, but each box contains a surprise!
So when you buy one of these boxes from the store, and go home and place it on the floor of a room, your pet will open it (as if it were a present) and a random item will appear. The item could be furniture, a plant, clothes, a D.I.Y. item, a toy or even food! You are always taking a chance when buying a Mystery Box though, as the item inside could be worth the same, more, or less than the purchase price of the box and there is no guarantee you will want the item you find; but for many people, opening Mystery Boxes is a large part of their game!

There are three Mystery Boxes available, the Red Mystery Box, which costs 50 coins, the Blue Mystery Box, which costs 200 coins and the Golden Mystery Box, which costs 500 coins! Most of the time the different boxes contain different items, however there is some overlap (for example you could find a Robot in either the Blue Mystery Box or the Golden Mystery Box). In general though, you can find higher value items in the more expensive boxes.

Another thing that you should know about Mystery Boxes is that there are some items released in Pet Society that are known as ‘Mysterious Items’. These items are ones that have never been available in the normal stores, but can only be found in Mystery Boxes! Mysterious items will only appear in their allocated boxes (whether it is the Red Mystery Box, the Blue Mystery Box or the Golden Mystery Box); we will not spoil the surprise of which items can be found in which boxes, but will leave that for you to discover! Some examples of current mysterious items waiting to be found are:

Mysterious Items

59 Responses to “What’s in a box?”

  1. micaela esposto Says:

    jacuzzy pink and cars

  2. Arveja Says:

    About Mistery Boxes:

    Hate to open a GMB and found cheap clothes or Melon Hats, etc.

    I think if would be better if special clothes will be in boxes, changing every week. People going to buy them always.

  3. Afiqah Says:

    Uuh.i’ve wasted my money to buy a cheap thing-robot. which can be foung at blue and red.i’ve wasted 500 coins!:(

  4. hany Says:

    whenever I bought the GMB, most of the time I will get Tshirts and sofas. I would love to get a piano. 80% of my friends have pianos.

  5. pepi Says:


  6. Teddi Says:

    I have spent thousands of coins on GMBs and only ever get “girl” clothes and hats. My pet’s a boy! And they are usually in the shop, or else not worth but 43 coins, sometimes 166 coins but I spent 500 coins! The GMBs have been a big rip-off for me.

    Please consider putting MBs in each shop and the items you get in them depend upon the shop you purchase them from. For example MBs in the clothing shop will have clothing, MBs in the furniture shop will have furniture/toys, etc.

  7. martinko Says:

    pet society

  8. Julie Says:

    it’s true you waste a lot of money and I also always get horrible things

  9. Luis Enrique Says:

    I get a piano in a GMB!

  10. Rosario Says:

    i do not have a lot off coins so when i have 500 and get a gold box i found a things then i do not want =( and my friends found pretty things =S even in the blue box!!! why this hapenned to me???

  11. Esdee Says:

    Most of the time too … my GMBs ends up with items that cost very little. Not worth to sell … so I end up giving them away. Cries. I too want a piano. Up to this date I’ve never gotten any soft toys from the boxes.

  12. Antonio Says:

    I’ve spent like thousands on dollars trying to get the penguin but all i get are like pianos,dancing daisies,royal dining table, royal chandelier, and other fancy/expensive stuff but i want the penguin so i sell it 😥 lol. By the way im not trying to brag

  13. Secret Says:

    My cousin says that if you buy mystery boxes in bulk, you get better things. My brother is always lucky in Pet Society. Gets what he wants in the mystery boxes, betting on the right pet in the stadium. OH WELL. I was once rich… The pain of losing it all… 8->

  14. Afiqah Says:

    why i get only an ugly-little-robots?
    i want a piano!!!!!
    could preston tell me how to get a piano??

  15. yaranzabal Says:

    Hate to open GMB, cause everyday found cheap clothes or hats!!!
    I´ve spent money to get a royal chandelier or a royal dining table!!! my friends have a lot of lamps!!! I want it!!!!

  16. teich Says:

    I’ve got piano, but i wanna Squitty!!

  17. juvy Says:

    i wanna get the piano!! its nice

  18. juvy Says:

    most of my friends had the piano… i want it too!

  19. muffin Says:

    i just got a nuclur mat in the golden box and i sold it for 999 coins !! i am so happy

  20. KATERINA Says:

    please send me a classic chic chaise lounge.
    i don’t have too much money to buy it

  21. elliot Says:

    in the GMB i would think that a person would get better things than cloths..how about some more rare stuff instead.

  22. tryheart Says:

    darn it! i always get a sofa! i have lots of them already! : )

  23. colin Says:

    i think the boxes should have a minimum limit to them as well.

    when i first started playing pet society the boxes were worth buying but over the months they just got worse and worse i think you whould put on the red boxes a price of 0 – 300 coins then the bmbs 200 – 1000 and the gold ones minimum of 500 to 3000

  24. Rebecca Says:

    argh!!!!!!!!!!! i’m always unlucky in buying boxes!! out of 10 times, 9 times are always junks.. T.T

  25. Johann Says:

    I´m get a Venetian Window

  26. Mariana Says:

    I need to buy the desk for reading but I don’t find the desk

  27. Mariana Says:

    I want to buy piano but I don’t find it

  28. jae yei Says:

    hoo.. i wanted to buy a golden mystery box.. bu sometimes it waste ours money!! =.= i bought b4, they gave me a food!!!

  29. jae yei Says:

    i wan a piano!!

  30. Cindy Says:

    pianos are really difficult to get~
    nearly all my friends has it, but i can’t get it, even.
    i spent so much, only to search for it, and i got the bad ones~
    it’s really wasting…

  31. absar khan Says:

    make more shops

  32. elite148 Says:

    I get nine things of the cost of 999$ :O

  33. elite148 Says:

    Iget the piano and mi sister get the squitty dont believe me? ok go to me house or i add all search for M.AU.VAL@hotmail.com

    Sorry for my english I am mexican

  34. elite148 Says:

    all of mi things of 999$ cost i get these things in a gold boxes wow I am lucky 😀
    *Happy face*

  35. elite148 Says:

    somebody have the samurai helmet?

  36. nonixe Says:

    i want the black cat plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. khittey Says:

    I WANT piano i have spent more than 1000 COINs forr GMB :(((((

    almost 5000 i think … 😦

  38. khittey Says:

    i bought a GMB and it has
    a gold bracelet worth 100 and sold by CHEAP !…

    almost everyone in my friends list Has Piano 😦
    they should sell electric pianos at the gadget store 😦
    or there should be a Music Store for the guitars trumpets pianos
    and acoustic guitars!!..

  39. Milkshake Says:

    i h8 finding cheap tat in the GMB when it cost so so much just 2 ave the item. Plz plz just put stuff wiv da min value of around 450 when sold coz @ least then they b worth buyin an no1 will get upset if there well crap in the box. Its just so annyoing when u get tht supided melon hat or sumfin like tht inside a box.


  40. jimy Says:

    i want A pinguin doll and squitty and princess lamp plz i want them

  41. jimy Says:

    i want the penguin doll and the squitty but i can find them in mestory boxes iam so sad

    • ella Says:

      hi! y cant u guys make many store in ps …. is in it cool??? or make a cementery in ps ….if their is a cementery in ps i think iits the coolest place of all…haha..it so coool to have a cementary in ps

  42. ella Says:

    wat mystery box color i can find the piano???

  43. LJ Says:

    Can anyone confirm if pink balloons are still in boxes or if they were EVER in the BMBs on MYSPACE? They seem to be more rare than princess lamps on MS–no one has seen one! >o<

  44. Biiamca Says:

    Hola alguno sabe como se consiguen las cacas? pero doradas

  45. wong mei ngo Says:

    all of mi things of 999$ cost i get these things in a gold boxes wow I am lucky

  46. lego Says:

    i’m box good like sun

  47. anna Says:

    i have problem in facebook i cannot play pet its 3 days my house its not in there ,they told me my friends. and its teling me my accounts its not avilabile can somebody help me pls they keep teling me but i ont know what to do

  48. Dicky Says:

    I’ve got the goods from purple mystery box and when the selling price is 999…!!!!
    i’m very lucky……………. 😀

  49. izsa Says:

    i always get lucky with mystery boxes…! i even found a laptop! :3

  50. Shane Says:

    I like buy those gold boxes.

  51. Jamil Says:

    http://i25.tinypic.com/4l3jap.jpg <–Please go here!
    I Edit this Pic and I hope you'll like it!

  52. emman Says:

    hey guys i opened 4 gmb and believed me each i opened is rare i got the piano squitty penguin and sheep doll and then i sold the squitty and sheep doll and i opened 4 gmb again and rare again i got new dolls the seed baby doll cactus doll owl doll and squitty again im so lucky like near 90% how lucky i am

  53. jerrell francie Says:

    where can i get piano??? in mystery box gold? or in luxury??? pleas give me the answer now….

    • Sirius Says:

      Unfortunately the Piano has been removed from Mystery Boxes since this Blog post. The only way to get it current is being gifted one by someone who already owns one. Sorry!

  54. Burton Daner Says:

    I agree with you, I do believe! May it be feasible to be able to get your blog post translated in to Italian? English is my own 2nd language.

    • Sirius Says:

      Unfortunately we can’t get everything translated at this time. But if you like, you can always copy and paste the url of the blog post you need into Google translate: http://translate.google.com/ and see if that helps (as it’s computer generated, it may not be completely clear, but may be okay, I don’t know).

  55. Flame Says:

    My trick on getting an expensive or a somewhat rare Item inside an expensive myster box is:
    Go to the Mystery Shop Directly and buy expensive mystery box
    Click home fast and don’t waste time
    got to your chest box directly you have to be fast
    drag the expensive mystery box to your room in front of your pet
    then click it
    YOU ALWAYS GET 75-83% of getting items that costs 999coins when you sell it
    by just doing that routine. 🙂

  56. mika Says:

    pls.. make all the items,clothes and others back again pls… starting from the very first time you’ve made a clothes,ithems and others

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