Whether for a clock or a shamrock, it is time to shop!


Hey Pet Society fans! Our weekly item release has just occurred, so to buy some brand new items, sign onto Pet Society on either Facebook or MySpace now!

This week, we are introducing the Playfish Clock, which can be found in the Furniture Store! This is different to all other clocks currently in the game as it runs on Playfish time (as opposed to your local computer’s time). It is a 24 hour digital clock, so you can tell when midnight Playfish time is approaching (so you can be certain of when the new day starts for lottery, visiting and races). Playfish time is based upon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)! GMT is not affected by daylight savings, so if/when your local area changes their clocks for daylight savings, remember that this will mean your Pet Society day will reset at a different time according to your local timezone!

Playfish Clock

Also new to the Furniture Store this week is a collection of items for your kitchen and bathroom, plus one very cute looking Bulldog Doll, who we are sure you will give a loving home to!

Simple Kitchen Roll Holder

White Fridge

Simple Salt Shaker

White Toothbrush Set

White Hand Soap Dispenser

Bulldog Doll (TWS)

If your pet likes the finer things in life, make sure you check out our latest additions to the Luxury Store!

Ruby Red Jacuzzi (TWS)

Classic Chic Chaise Lounge

New in the D.I.Y. Store this week is the Old Metal Wall! Plus we are introducing the Biscuit (which really seems like the perfect food for pets) in the Food Store!

Old Metal Wall


The Clothes Store has some new items this week that are down-to-earth and some that would be useful if your pet was inclined to shoot for the stars (talk about variety)!

Blue Shirt With Vest

Pink Dress With White Jacket (TWS)

White Galactic Helmet

White Galactic Visor

To round out the brand new items this week, start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day early with the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day is March 17, but it does not hurt to bring some green and shamrocks into your pet’s home already this week!

Shamrock Wallpaper (D.I.Y. Store)

Shamrock Patch Flooring (D.I.Y. Store)

Basic Green Curtain (D.I.Y. Store)

Shamrock Pot Plant (Furniture Store)

This week we are also bringing some past This Week’s Special (TWS) items back to the various stores for another week! We hope you all enjoy them again, like we know many of you did the first time around!

From the Furniture Store:

Rubber Duck (TWS)

Biggest Brain Bust (TWS)

Chic Bonsai (TWS)

Modern Dining Chair (TWS)

Pea Green Bean Bag (TWS)

Leather Dining Chair (TWS)

From the D.I.Y. Store:

Bamboo Window (TWS)

From the Clothes Store:

Fireman Hat (TWS)

Pirate Hat (TWS)

71 Responses to “Whether for a clock or a shamrock, it is time to shop!”

  1. er Says:

    well there goes our economy. thanks for bringing RARE items back. now they’re not RARE anymore. yay. -_-;

  2. mrdoggie94 Says:

    Rubber Duck, Biggest Brain Bust, Modern Dining Chair, Leather Dining Chair, Chic Bonsai, Bamboo Window, and Pea Green Bean Bag can also be obtained from Mystery Boxes.

  3. Chibigiggles Says:

    I love all the new stuff!!!!! I can’t wait to buy it all up! Its nice you are making some of things I thought I would never get attainable. Thanks Playfish!!

  4. Isis Says:

    I noticed this question in the forums but no answer (and lots of opinions) – will the items from the mystery boxes in stores this week (and the MS Launch Collection) be taken OUT of the MB’s? Or are we still going to be able to see them and this is just a chance to buy them more efficiently? Thanks!!!

  5. Cerise Says:

    many people aren’t crazy about the old items returning ;P

  6. Speedy Says:


  7. Katie Says:

    There’s salt shaker, how about pepper shaker??

    I’m wondering will the past this week’s special appearing in mystery boxes again after it’s gone..

  8. Shruti Says:

    New items are amazing!Good to see the pirate hat and fireman hat and GMB items in store!The red jacuzzi is cute! Over all a good start to another busy week in Pet Society.Sonya thanks for your lovely updates!You are doing a fabolous job.
    Thanks Playfish 🙂

    Shruti ❤

  9. baileyabb Says:

    OOO!! I love it!!! ..But it makes me so sad I keep spending all my money, I’ve been trying for weeks to get the darn princess bed, don’t get me wrong!! Love the new stuff, just wish I wasnt such a shopaholic!!!

    Thanks again!

  10. Lady Eon Says:

    Umh really nice all, but i like see more darks clothes and furniture, like halloween o gothic.



  11. Clytia Says:

    It’s nice to see that the GMB items are in sell at the shop but I still would like to know whether those items will be taken out from GMB?

  12. v_voider Says:

    it just place the old things…just like fireman hat etc….

  13. Aice Says:

    I’m a pet society fan but today I notice that I couldn’t access it anymore (Y_Y) is there any way we can do?
    every time I click the pet society application it will redirect to google.com.ph (Y_Y)
    please help

  14. Pages tagged "loving" Says:

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  15. Rebecca Says:

    Loves the St Patrick’s stuffs! but why no St Patrick’s hat??? =( I would prefer the hat rather than the curtain! haha… =P but good work! thanks!

  16. andy Says:

    in the lotty sould be $1000

  17. Maggie Neff Says:

    Bravo!!!!!! This is really gr8 … what about the piggy and black cat???? I am asking a very very big PLZ I love all you have done for us pet players!!! I will offer my services to you by creating new idees on all for pet society … wallpapers … clothing … jewelry … hats almost anything you want help with!!! LOL!!! I feel like a child playing pet society and that’s so gr8 … make me forget about all adult worries he he he xox

  18. malena_1309 Says:

    Is it possible for us who are in the different time zone to have the “right” clock??

    BTW, it’s great that you returned to shop some great things for us who couldn’t buy it before 🙂

    • Sonya Says:

      All of the other clocks currently in the game (Colourful Clock, Elegant Clock, Old Clock) display the time from your local PC! 😉

  19. Anni Says:

    I love all the new items this week.

    Did anyone else notice that price of the blue frdge was reduced from 1200 coins to 600 or 900 coins? I forgot what the exact amount is. Somehow I feel cheated because I paid full value for the blue fridge and then the very next week, the bigger fridge came out for the same 1200 coins. Now a few weeks later, the fridge no longer holds its value. Is depreciation part of the game?

    Please do bring back the piggy doll, black cat doll and art deco lamp. I would love to see more animated items. I was hoping the gum ball machine would be animated (i.e. gum balls would be stirred around like a snow globe). Here is a suggestion for a future item: a bath towel holder or stack of bath towels.

    Keep up with the good work. I love Pet Society!

  20. tanya Says:

    heyaa all its tanya morris and im woundering weather u can sed me all the stuff that u have got in your house. :L
    is it posible if i can have 2,000 pound every time when i singe in !!!
    ok tar very much

    😀 😀 ❤ ❤

  21. marimar Says:

    THanks playfish, they all affordable now.. Love it 😀

  22. Pippolo Says:

    I like the new items too … but when the black galactic visor and helmet … PLEASE!!! my pippolo is teasing me for them 😉

  23. blue blue blue Says:

    Why is Playfish introducing all the old items again?? Don’t they have new ideas any more??
    I’ve been playing Pet Society since Halloween, but I don’t have all the things yet. This might be a good possibility to get all the items I need & I want. I think all the newbies are happy now ’cause they don’t have to spend 10 or 20 jukes for a fireman hat in the trading forum. They can go to the shop and get it there. This is a big advatage for all those who started Playing Pet Society since Janaury 2009 (for example). 😉

    But what about all the old players (like me 😛 ) ??
    We have spend jukes and jukes for those items in this forum some weeks ago, we have saved our money for these “This week only/This week’s special” things, our pets starved just for saving money – and for what?? Now all these “This week`s special” things are back again!! We’ve starved for nothing!!! 😦 😦
    Moreover, if Playfish will go on doing this, the game will become boring! Every week I looked forward to the following “This week only” things, and I was happy to get these things which disappeared the following week. And trying to get these mystery items in the GMBs and MBs… all this made the game interesting and fun. I think this provided an attraction to all the PS players!!! 😦 😦 😦
    But now, finally, Playfish will put these items in the shop again, and (I think) the game is not interesting any more. You don’t have to worry if you didn’t get a item or something else – sooner or later, you’ll be able to get these things back!!!
    Now it’s even absurd to buy the MBs and GMBs because the items appeared in the shop!

    STOP THIS, PLAYFISH!!! If you have no new ideas, then just ask the PS-players and you’ll get enough new ideas for new items! GMBs and “This week’s special” items are useless if you’ll declare all these things for sale some months later!! 😦 😦

  24. Isis Says:

    I noticed that several other people besides myself asked whether the chairs, duckies, etc. would be removed from the Mystery boxes now, and we received no response. However there is a response to the game clock question, so obviously this is being read. I do not mind Playfish releasing old or new or cheap or expensive or even no items at all, but COMMUNICATION IS AN ESSENTIAL BUSINESS TOOL. I applaud the start of this blog because it means we are receiving information from the business itself, rather than having to sort through loads of complaints and guesses on the forum. However, I am at a loss to see why the mystery box question is not being answered. There is absolutely no strategic reason not to answer this question. People are going to buy the items regardless of whether they stay in the mystery boxes. We are simply asking so that we can PRIORITIZE our weekly purchases.

    • Sonya Says:

      I am waiting on confirmation before responding on the mystery box question. I would not want to answer it and then have to change my answer later.

  25. Janet Says:

    I too feel a bit cheated with the appearance of certain items in the shops. I bought – literally – 100s of GMBs to get two white dining chairs and now they have appeared in the shop for a mere 350 coins each! I only joined in January and therefore missed out on a few things I wish I could get hold of – the black cat, mummy doll, starry lamp, chrome toaster and black snooker table being top of my list – but I would rather they were made available via mystery boxes than put in the shops.

    I have lots of suggestions for new items – a desk, wardrobes, chests of drawers, white or blue bedside cabinets, microwaves – and like the idea someone else submitted of a towel rail and stacks of towels.

    Keep up the good work with the blog.

  26. Chocolat Says:

    Folks- as I play other games w/ trading and “economies”, I can see why some people would have preferred that the rare items that they already have were not made available again. But I think you’re wrong and I want to explain why, see if this makes sense.

    The only “economy” PS has is OUTSIDE of PS. There is no world beyond my own pets world. YOU have a world w/ other “pet owners” but your PET doesn’t. Your pet is what the entire thing should be about, not you.

    Its easy to prove: even for my friends, my Pet Village is different than theirs. MY pet Chocolat is the center of his own village (and universe) and so thats the only way to measure it, for him.

    SO its wonderful that your pet already has these cool and rare things – I am happy for them! But it has nothing to do with YOU. YOU saving dozens of “jukes” as cash is totally irrelevant to the PS world. Thats you, a human, doing that. Your pet should revel in what they have and can get. But why would they worry about a mythological economy that only exists in a fictional world (for them)?

  27. paola Says:

    😀 🙂 😛

  28. Darryl Says:

    I was superbly excited seeing the TWS items in the Furniture store. They certainly are worth to be bought!

  29. sally Says:

    i wish i could buy everything. lol. ha ha ha ha ha

  30. aloha Says:

    it would be nice if you can place your 20 shoes on the rack.

  31. aloha Says:

    and also, acoustic guitars… Plz…

  32. lylols Says:

    cool! 😀

  33. winnieuu Says:

    anyone know whether the astronaut helmet has appeared in the clothes shop after the weekly item changed…. i think i have seen it beside the glautic helmet……but i am not sure and i cannot c the astronaut helmet now

  34. cuernitossss Says:

    more games for pet..!!

  35. Piggyy Says:

    I wish they will put the jester and penguin doll in the shop lol. that’s the only two i missed from the toy collection 🙂

  36. ikay Says:

    it’s nice to see the items in store rather than having it be traded for a more expensive price

  37. queenine XD ( Pet's name ) Says:

    I think dat th items in pet society stores are veh qood , & there is enuff time for us to purchase . ❤

  38. Afiqah Says:

    wow! nice lounge!
    i just luv it~
    i’ll buy it….
    so cheap~

  39. Littleelle Says:

    Whats a TWS item – I know it’s the dog toy but what does TWS stand for??????? xxx

  40. nee Says:

    hi i love the idea of putting some old items back to the store because i joined pet society late and had missed the previous items before that like halloween/christmas..so am hoping that these previous items can take turns to come back to the store! thanks! 😀

  41. Afiqah Says:

    can someone buy me Classic Chic Chaise Lounge ? i really really ant it but i dont have money……

  42. FRED Says:


  43. Dylan Says:

    You can save up for the chic chaise lounge.. It will stay in the shop forever

  44. Mark Says:

    most of these items back show your lack of creativity. And already a lot of people have quit the game thanks to you guys bringing back the old hats! You have no idea how much work some people have put in to obtain those items and now you’re basically SCAMMING THE OLD PLAYERS to PLEASE THE NEWBIES. if this is the way you guys are taking this game, you should all quit and find someone with brains to run the game

  45. Mark Says:

    TWS items should not be old items brought back. There is a reason why items were “This Week Only” and you admins better keep it that week only! Players should work hard to obtain items they missed! I sure did! If you keep adding older items back please don’t do it the stupid way….add the old items but in different colors and forms….like what you did with the black toaster…that was smart on your part…please just change the colors and stuff….do not bring back the exact items!

  46. Iya Says:

    why is it that i can’t see the new stuffs sold in the clothes store? please do send a reply email message in my email address. i’ll really expect your reply. thank you so much. 😀

  47. nana geisa Says:

    need the modern dinning chair,and have disappeared this week.if somebody has.give me to plesse?

  48. nana geisa Says:

    that put again the modern dining chair.please that no all have been able to them buy.

  49. khittey Says:

    I want dog please help me send me a dog i only have 3 coins :((
    or 27 promise 😦

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  51. pedro Says:


  52. vero Says:

    very very girl

  53. enmanuel Says:

    quiero ser parte de pet society

  54. DANIELA Says:


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  56. Geri Says:

    this has been the third time i’ve seen these in the shop. yay, what fun to live in the black hole.

  57. Kurisuta Says:

    sooo…. nostalgic…

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  60. ferdie Says:

    wath your subjec

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  62. goth google Says:

    nice job but I come across this blog looking for totally other things. probably means that this page has visibility for a word that I’m sure doesn’t seem to be appropriate to the content I’m reading in your blog

  63. ingrid Says:

    yo quiciera crear uno pero no puedo

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  65. Ross Alvares Says:

    Hi, i found your website stumbling and really loved your blog. Thanks.

  66. ojje Says:

    can i buy Pirate Hat (TWS) email me please : gondjezz@yahoo.com

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