What’s Preston hidden now?


Hey Pet Society fans! Our latest update, involving three new mysterious items, has just gone live! If you are currently playing, remember that you will need to save and quit and then reload to have a chance of finding these items! So sign onto Pet Society on either Facebook or MySpace now and splurge on some mystery boxes to try and find a Black Rocket Lava Lamp, a Penguin Doll and/or a Unipet Perfume Bottle!

Mysterious Items

87 Responses to “What’s Preston hidden now?”

  1. Shruti Says:

    Nice mystery items! Thanks for the uptade Sonya

  2. Mark Says:

    thanks sonya for the update! the new items look great..even though I saw them before they were released in a thread! great stuff! can’t wait to get them

  3. Margaret Says:

    Oooh I love the Penguin. I just hope I have a bit better luck this time. Still haven’t managed to snag any of the last mystery items LOL… Thx for the update – have a great weekend

  4. Shruti Says:

    I love the title of this article!
    Sonya good work! Thanks Playfish.
    Have a great weekend and an even better Monday 😉

  5. Bonny Says:

    love the items…. but i used up 3jukes and got nothing… sigh i guess it just not my luck…. lol i did get the old mb items from 2weeks ago… even tho i dont need it anymore… maybe i can trade it….

  6. Kira Says:

    Penguin Doll is awesome huh :X

  7. Anabel Says:

    The penguin looks so cute and adorable awww , <3.
    😀 Hope to get it sooooooon!

  8. Irean Says:

    I really the new items esp the PENGUIN!!
    my FAVORITE!!
    Im a big PS fans…will checkout on this blog more often~Nice!

  9. cody Says:

    are they all in Gold Mystery boxes?

  10. steffanie Says:

    OMG! thanks for this 🙂

  11. orang Says:

    hey give me a exprensive mistery box

    and you add me

    name : Nisrina Quratu Ain

    ok thank’s

  12. Candy-Licious Says:

    Wow, Penguin!! 😀

  13. SuperSourStrawberry Says:

    They are all awesome!
    I want them all!! 😀

  14. anfieldyee Says:


  15. Groovyelisa Says:

    I’ve found the penguin doll and the lava lamp!

    Still seeking for the perfume…

  16. marcos Says:

    i dont like them :S

  17. sophie Says:

    were do you find them in town or houses?

    • Sonya Says:

      Mystery boxes (which is where mysterious items may be found) can be purchased from the furniture store currently.

  18. sabrina Says:

    Are the stuff all in GMBS?

  19. MIka Says:

    No more lava lamps, there are more usefull items we need other than lava lamps…

    • Dream Says:

      You’ve got a point Mika. Lava lamps used to be fascinating, but not now anymore! 🙂 I prefer dolls or plants ^^

  20. abood Says:

    black rocket lava lamp is cool

  21. Rachel Tan Says:

    I love the penguin so much~ dun have luck wit boxx~!! >,<” i saw the picture of next week item~!!! the mayor doll is so attractive !!!! OMG~!!! saving money for that !!! arhh….

  22. Fendi Says:

    haha..i’ve just got the penguin and still need some luck to get the rocket lava lamp~

  23. SmiLe Says:

    oh my oh my the penguin is just so so cute 😀

  24. Lilinaaaa Says:

    yes the penguin doll is mine! 😀
    great update!

  25. Laura Says:

    Does anyone know if there will be a lion doll? please let me no!

  26. caryliang Says:

    That’s soooooooooooo nice!!

    I luckily got a penguin from the box and was sooooooooo happy!!!

    hope I can get the other two~~~~=D

  27. lilo1 Says:

    tnx for hearing out our ideas and suggestions!!!

  28. Collette Says:

    Wow, so adorable, especially the penguin! I want a giraffe to come out! Thanks for the information, this blog was a neat idea! Love how you put the MB icons on! It really helps.

  29. puppyluv Says:

    I’m going to the forums to buy 99 of those unipet perfumes right now!!! they’re soo erm…smelly (good way)? ^^ I have a perfume collection-im a weird person lol

  30. Miss Glamorous Says:

    The penguin is so cute! I already bought 2 expensive mystery box but no PENGUIN!
    Can someone give me a penguin doll? ^__^

  31. mandinga Says:


  32. Randa El-Adawi Says:

    I found the lava,but not the Penguin Doll yet…so cute items indeed

  33. Felicia Says:

    i wish i can get 1:)

  34. GZstudio Says:

    Love the Penguin doll,,, bought like 20+ GMB and no luck with any new item…
    Still haven’t got the Jetster Doll from few weeks before too,,, and that was like
    200 GMB or something already 😦
    guess I don’t have much luck.

    Anyway, very neat blog, Thank you for these updates.
    And do you plan to include the older news on these items someday?
    I think that’d become very handy.

    Thanks again for the news 🙂 keep on good work

  35. a u t u m n Says:

    oh! i bought lots of mystery box!
    But i still cant get the cute penguin doll! >.<

  36. Petra Soporova Says:

    wery wish lava lamp…

  37. judy Says:

    Oh! I bought lots of box but still cannot get the cute penguin doll, black cat doll, cute elephant doll, black pocket lava lamp and rubin. >o<

  38. Ingrid Says:

    I want the penguin and the lamp of lava u.u

  39. zuzana Says:

    i dream about pengium doll and racket lava lamp:))))

  40. deyo Says:

    yay i wish i got he lamp i get carpet once and all after i got cheap shirts xD

  41. Gery Says:

    awww i want themmmmm 3 of them are cool 🙂

  42. Marise Says:

    OMG!! i already got 2 mysterious items this week.. thanks for the update sonya..

  43. Pato Says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know about this.

    I bought two boxes yesterday and got the two new items (Penguin doll and Rocket Lava Lamp) at one go. I guess it’s just luck.

  44. Eizer Says:

    i got it!! the penguin & rocket lava lamp ! butt the parfum i can’t found it:(

  45. V_Voider Says:

    the rocket lava lamp was cool!if that can fly is better 🙂

  46. shashi Says:

    love the penguin… but everytime i bought mistery box.. i never get cute things… are there any tricks to get them ?

  47. JeSsiCa Says:

    i want chance my character

  48. Maayany :PP Says:

    hahah i loooooove tham
    i got the penguin!! :PPPPP

  49. Shauna Says:

    I want the bottle of perfume and the lava lamp rocket arggghh

  50. Lina Says:

    I need green items for St. Patrick’s dayyyy…

  51. Kool-Princess-M Says:

    wasnt expecting it at ALL! i got like, 15+ mystery boxes and no luck..then right before opening the last 1, i lost all hope on geeting anything cool… then.. THE UNIPET PERFUME BOTTLE!!! WOW!
    its the first time i EVER got lucky with mystery boxes on PS! =D

  52. Lina Says:

    pato, you are really lucky, i spent 40.000 points buying GMB and got nothing…. That’s reallllyyyy bad luck!!

  53. Kristine Says:

    I got the perfume before, but didn’t read this and sold it!
    Now I’m sad…
    New to Pet Society, what do the mystery items do?

  54. Twitter Says:

    I’ve managed to get my hands on several Penguins, but no sign of the lava lamp or perfume. Fingers crossed fingers crossed!

  55. fauziah Says:

    is there any secret how to get new item in the mystery box…

  56. berrnice Says:

    yea! i get the penguin by luck le! so cute:]
    hope more cute tinks will appear :]

  57. omar bahlawane Says:

    why there isn’t new mysterious items in the cheap mystery box 😦 … but the penguine is so cute … i’m wondering… how it cost if you sell it ? :$

  58. ido gindes Says:

    i wan an old toys. give my and i give you 10 jokeboxes.

  59. daniel Says:

    i have evreting that i have a smting dad i can give a new aoldetime the prasant

    i dont good an english so bayy from israel god blas you
    jast kining hahaha חחח

  60. Miiqii ! Says:

    I buy a boox of 200 and it came me the perfume i’m so happy !

  61. Rebecca Says:

    I can’t get the perfume!!!! =(((

  62. Blue Says:

    I do not know how to get it, please tell me =(

  63. Mahi Says:

    I got the lava lamp manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times and i sold it, i got the penguin doll it’s cute… i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the perfum can’t find it :(((

  64. Mahi Says:

    OMG… after posting my reply i got the perfum.. yupyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀
    I got them allllllllllllllllllllll

  65. Afiqah Says:

    i wanna da penguin!!!!!`

  66. Afiqah Says:

    oh my!
    i’ve wasted my money to magnolia wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. kido thess Says:

    i want a penguin doll!!!! please???

  68. Irean Says:

    Aww I really love the penguin…..its too CUTE to be true…just like Pingu’s little sister Pinga lolx…my favorite toy of all~

  69. Calm Says:

    Lollz. Cute Penguin! Prefer Elephant though haha! Feel so sad wasnt able to get the joker doll! Lol. But nvm. Wonder whats on next week! 😉

  70. Francesca Says:

    How I get mystery box? like cool stuff?? I wish I want to puppy cute and penguin!!!

    • Sonya Says:

      Mystery boxes are available to buy in the Mystery Store. What is found in them is based on luck! The bulldog doll is not a mystery box item though.

  71. büşra Says:

    please please pet society coins 9999 okk:D

  72. Simonn Says:

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to share this . Look forward to more posts from you

  73. kurt Says:

    how do u get the old trophies like invite angilest my friends got one

  74. rivia dwi nurmania (via) Says:

    i hope i can get the unipet perfume bottle soon ..
    hha 🙂

  75. unknown fan Says:

    now.. i have:
    – 1 rocket lava lamp
    – 4 penguin doll

    But still can’t find the ** perfum :@
    \m/ 😀 PET SOCIETY ROCKS 😀 \m/

  76. federico Says:


  77. Gary Arctic Says:

    You should try to make some top ten style posts or something similiar to it

  78. Paola Mccrossen Says:

    Hi there may I use some of the insight found in this entry if I link back to you?

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