Welcome to the Pet Society Blog!


Hey Pet Society fans, and welcome to the official Pet Society blog! We plan to post here as soon as practical after new items are released or the game is updated! So check back regularly for the latest in Pet Society news!

Last Thursday we had a large update of Pet Society, the most major change being we added 13 new levels to the game; the new maximum is level 47. In conjunction with this three new houses, which can be gained at level 35 (7 rooms), level 41 (8 rooms) and level 47 (9 rooms), were incorporated!

Level 35 house

Level 41 house

Level 47 house

At the same time as this update, three new mysterious items were introduced to the game! Mysterious items are only able to be found by chance in mystery boxes. The latest mystery items are the Pet Wall Scroll, Elephant Doll and Stainless Steel Small Bin!

Pet Wall

Elephant Doll

Steel Small Bin

The Pet Wall Scroll, with the characters meaning ‘Pet’ in Japanese, brought a little taste of Japan into Pet Society which was continued through to some of this week’s releases earlier today! Be sure to sign onto Pet Society on either Facebook or MySpace to check out all of this week’s new items! Remember that anything listed under ‘This Week’s Special’ (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday the 9th of March

From the Furniture Store:

Table Lamp

Fruit Pictures

Golden Fan

Basic Toilet

Black Kitchen

Steel Kitchen Bin

From the Luxury Store:

Red Toilet
Black Glamorous Bed
Princess Toilet

From the D.I.Y. Store:

Shoji Window

Shoji Door


From the Clothes Store:

Gold Trimmed
Bath Robe (TWS)

Gold Trimmed
Eye Mask (TWS)

Zip Through
Denim Dress

White Bath

White Eye Mask

103 Responses to “Welcome to the Pet Society Blog!”

  1. Shruti Says:

    Thanks for the update Sonya!

  2. Margaret Says:

    What a great post. I will be checking back regularly to see what the new items are. It sure beats searching through pages and pages in the forum. Congratulations on the first blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mary Says:

    i ll go regularly n buy all da new itemz availible!!

  4. BevPoo Says:

    Love this soo much . Very informative and easy to find the info defiantly a step forward for Pet Society thanks!!!

  5. FaRaH Says:

    at least now we now wt will b comin out i love the blog

  6. cassandra Says:

    im on this game all the time since ive added it, and i dont know how i can even buy this stuff. i even answered a survey and did not recieve my coins. and i dont have that kind of money to be buy fake money. can you find another way to help a person out with the money issues. thank you

  7. Bonny Says:

    yeah!!!!! a new blog!!!!

  8. SmiLe Says:

    WoW girl ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much hon ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ and yaaaaaaaaaaaaay I LOVE the layout and the style and the feel of it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. jan Says:

    i like

  10. Grifit Says:

    Love blogs and I already needed an official one
    so you will see me around here very often

    Amo los blog y ya necesitba uno oficial
    asi que me veran muy seguido por aqui

  11. Laura Says:

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a lion toy i really want one ๐Ÿ˜ฆ please let me know if you do ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  12. emilia Says:

    hello pet society! I am a fan of facebook but much more a fan of PET SOCIETY! I wanted to know who comes in next week: luxury, forniture, clothes ect
    good thank you very much.!

  13. Me. Says:

    Where is the white toilet? >.<

  14. Shahd Says:

    Luvvvvvvvvvvvv it

  15. nicole Says:


  16. janet Says:

    hey great new clothing. my pet norman loves his dressing gown but what about a night dress for the girls.

  17. jonathan Says:

    I would like if we can have real pets in pet society, if im not making myself clear I would like if my pet could have a dog or a cat or any kind of pet, and have a pet store so we can buy food, plates and toys.

  18. Maggie Says:

    *bookmarks* Wow this is so useful! And makes it a lot easier to keep updated! Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Kally Says:

    Any new items in the mystery boxes so far?

  20. Emma Says:

    i like pet society wery much : )

  21. Sushi Says:

    Very nice update. One bit that’s slightly confusing though… you say Remember that anything listed under โ€˜This Weekโ€™s Specialโ€™ (TWS) will be removed from stores at midnight GMT on Monday the 9th of March Don’t you mean Sunday 8th? Because that makes it sound like the items will be there all day Monday. Unless of course, Playfish is changing the day when new items are released.

  22. teguhiman Says:

    hi ^ _^

  23. teguhiman Says:

    hai iam salsa i like playing computer

    bye – bye

  24. SigridB Says:

    Wow, great post!! I’ll be sure to stop by regulary! ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Liz Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to leave some suggestions that I thought people would be very pleased to have in the game. It might be such a good idea to have a kind of work to do in pet society to win more coins and interact with other players. It would be nice to have our pets working. I also think that it would be nice to have at least for a week all the items of the mystery boxes available to buy them specifically without having to buy the MB, particularly because most of them are not available any more in the MB, so I think it would be very nice to be able to buy them all.
    Hope you take my suggestions into consideration, this would turn the game even more interesting than it already is.

  26. RAMA Says:

    hey all in pet society, im waiting ur pets 2 become friends of my pet “RAMA”

  27. DAN Says:

    Does anybody know where can I find the piano?????

  28. julian noceloni Says:

    hello!! ๐Ÿ™‚ my name is julian , Where the piano is obtained? . Thank you.
    Bye, bye.


  29. Jakesters Says:

    Love the idea about pets having pets – Jakesters NEEDS a cat – every dog should have a pet cat………….

  30. Chiara Says:

    haha.. i love the elephant doll. it’s cute and the mansions.. I’m still level 19 so still to far! waaa! haha

  31. yearx Says:

    i 15 lvl

  32. Chiara Says:

    oh.. i just got level up 4 hours ago! woot2.. just stopped playying for awhile coz i’m studying for our finals! haha!

  33. ornella Says:

    hi Could put pictures of landscapes? please, because I do not like that there are many pictures !

  34. Maria Says:

    Hello! My brush and my soap have stopped giving me coins and points…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Anyone knows why???

    • Sonya Says:

      If your pet is already happy and clean, you will not get more coins from brushing and cleaning them, you should get paw points and coins if they need brushing and cleaning though.

  35. Ahmed Says:


  36. kaye Says:

    i got the zip denim dress! hooray to me!!

  37. smargaras Says:

    how I can do increas quickly (evel and money)??

  38. vi Says:

    I think the update for the houses is not true, my sister is in lever 36 and hasn’t the new house & rooms mentioned above. she has the same house with me with 5 rooms. also one of my friends is on lever 37 and had 5 rooms too.

    • Sonya Says:

      At level 35, you definitely receive a seventh room. Has your friend and sister logged on since the update?

      (And prior to the update, at level 34, your friend and sister should have had 6 rooms, not 5, perhaps double-check! ;))

  39. kirthiga Says:

    jus hoping to haloween items be back in the shop next week.

  40. Matthew Says:

    I love the bulldog toy the most. More animal toys please. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Sandy Says:

    Why hi there! My pet Prim Pricklewood has an avid interest in the occult and esoteric. She is turning her new room into a study devoted to such. Sadly there is no esoteric shop in PS. Would love to see items like crystal balls, Tarrot cards; a ouija board perhaps; voodoo dolls; a nice pentagram for the wall; ancient tomes to study; little jars of bottled thingies; a raven or owl on a stand… just your average witchy paraphenalia….


  42. Sandy Says:

    … a persian magic carpet; mandalas; an assortment of crystals; Native American totem pole; African wall masks; a cauldron; herbs; a broomstick; fairy wheels; rune stones; the list is endless… maybe PS needs a new shop altogether….

  43. kido thess Says:

    oh i want en elephant doll…..

  44. pixie wop Says:

    could someone please tell me if the pet society cafe is free to join or do i have to pay? please let me know!!!! please, please, please!!!!!

  45. Connie DiNardo Says:

    Why can we not gift the mystery toys

    that would be a nice feature

    also, I bought a few and one disappeared from my shelf, it was a sail boat

    thank you

  46. Janelle tan Says:

    oh~have many egg~i love pet soceity……maketplaces have many scammer..

  47. Baby Zion Says:

    Niiiice – new shops!!! I โ™ฅ Pet Society!!!

  48. SJ Says:

    great stuff!

    Just a suggestion – maybe next time PS updates its levels, it could add rooms across rather than up…i.e. 5 rooms on one floor with 3 levels instead of 3 rooms with 4 levels?

  49. anna Says:

    how do you know what toys go with the scenes in order for them to animate…and do you collect the toys only from the eggs

  50. Jnette Says:

    The new stuff is nice. But why don’t the new store fasades match the old ones?Their too themey looking. I like the look of the simple store fronts better it suits the game.

  51. Elu Says:

    Why canโ€™t I buy any dresses for my pet, I click the dress and the money gets deducted from the account but when I reach back home there is no dress in the chest.

  52. fabulous Says:

    Cool stuff!!!!! but i m always hacked!!!!! what a bummer!!!!

  53. vi Says:

    this is not fair… I bought i box of 200 and gave me a flower of 16!!! Why??????????
    It should give me something over 200 at least!!!this game sucks…

  54. Sya Says:

    add new shop again,please..
    i like new shop in pet society now,( example : mysterious shop, and gadget..)
    pet society can make new shop..(example : cheap store, all items in this storeis no expensive)
    it is a good idea..
    and add new items, please..

  55. kurt Says:

    how do u level up quicker

  56. Rita Says:

    i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. anne Says:

    i would like to join and to have fun with my pet

  58. anne Says:

    i would like to learn to take care of my pet

  59. anne Says:


  60. anne Says:

    loveable characters

  61. anne Says:

    I would like to have fun

  62. anne Says:

    I would like to learn more about petsociety

  63. anne Says:

    i love this game!!!

  64. anne Says:

    hi i’m anne
    ilove playing computer
    bye-bye for now

  65. anne Says:

    i like to see some cool stuff’s to play with my pet

  66. anne Says:

    i new blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. anne Says:

    yippie!!!!!!!!!!i want to join the petsociety!!!!!!!!!!

  68. anne Says:


  69. anne Says:

    we love the spring season!!!!!and we go out to get our picnic basket!!!!!

  70. anne Says:

    our things is suppose to be fixed in a cabinet!!!!!!!!!!

  71. anne Says:

    hello my slippers are already destroyed and we don’t have enough money to buy a new one and my bed is missing some pillows because i only have one small pillow and we don’t have enough money to buy!!!!!

  72. ronald Says:

    son todos unos mamaguevo y cambien las cosas de pet society cada tres dias

  73. ronald Says:


  74. lego Says:

    im indi room luski end master noo fromm

  75. Klaviere Says:

    good work. keep up. thank you.

  76. federico Says:


  77. FAISAL Says:


  78. Sophie Says:

    How do I move furniture in Pet Society on Facebook. Also there’s a standing stick that’s supposed to be furniture? what do you do with that? thanks. Sophie

  79. Jimmy Says:


  80. nadhif ramadhan Says:

    i want to join petsociety but cannot

  81. Kurisuta Says:

    wow… it’s October 2009, and there’s still someone posting here…

  82. h Says:


  83. gibbelry Says:

    helo ther ayny baDy wona play howz?

  84. Free Farmville Cash Says:

    Very good post I enjoy your site keep up the amazing blog posts

  85. niharika Says:

    its a good game but how 2 join i dont know…………

  86. pancakepresley Says:

    Hi. I also have a pet society blog, you can check it out if you want(: http://petsocietyaddiction21.wordpress.com/
    By the way i love this blog, but one question, how do you know when the new item scome out. I would love to pst some on mine. thanks(:

  87. Laundry basket Says:

    Very cool! I support your view. Here you can always learn the best Laundry baskets๏ผ…

  88. a Says:


  89. alvin lau Says:

    pet society

  90. kassandra valdes Says:

    pet society es el mejor juego del face que digo del internet que digo del mundo

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